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16 Best Couch Covers for Dogs

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Published on
Wednesday 5 August 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best couch covers for dogs
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Whenever accidents, spills, and pet mess seem to be the enemy, grabbing the best couch covers for dogs can save the day. These products work like magic to protect your furniture from scratches, moisture, mold, and bugs!

Yet, when choosing a dog couch cover, which brands can be the most comfortable yet durable and most functional? Read ahead to unveil the answer!

16 Best Couch Covers for Dogs

Before this article answers your question, let us first name a few top-ranking products.

Our Best Pick:

To specify our front runner, the PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket is a versatile product with thick flannel, Sherpa fleece, and fuzzy plush fabric to guarantee comfort, warmth, durability, and water resistance in one! 

You may continue reading to know why this product tops our list of the best couch covers for pets

Product NameBest FeatureLengthMaterialDurability Scale (1-10)Rating
Waterproof Pet Blanket – Reversible Tan Throw Protects CouchVersatile yet durable pet blanket with fuzzy plush fabric for maximum comfort, sturdiness, and efficiency60”W x 50”HPolyester flannel, sherpa polyester fleece, and PU water-resistant coating84.8
gogobunny 100% Double-Sided Waterproof Dog Bed Cover100% waterproof outer coating and inner TPU waterproof membrane52″H x 82″WPolyester84.7
SUNNYTEX Waterproof & Reversible Dog Bed CoverMulti-functional dog cover with two waterproof coatings and an internal waterproof membrane30”H x 70”WMicrofiber84.7
PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa CoverTear-resistant microfiber fabric with three-layered thick poly foam for durability and comfort 35″D x 77″W x 33″HMicrofiber and polyester94.7
Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover Reversible Sofa CoverWater-resistant, colorfast, and reversible sofa slipcover with 33 color options12.6″D x 13.7″W x 5.79″HPolyester and microfiber84.7
Sofa Shield Patented Couch CoverA durable and tear-resistant patented couch cover with 29 colors and 11 size options0.5″D x 68″W x 74″HMicrofiber84.6
Furhaven Sofa Buddy Reversible Two-Tone Furniture Seating ProtectorThree-sided bolster sleeping surface for a cozy yet comfortable rest day8″D x 30″W x 26″HPolyester74.6
KozyHome Sofa Cover Reversible Quilted Moroccan Styled SlipcoverMoroccan-styled quilted slipcover for maximum elegance, durability, and softness 1″D x 124″W x 76″H Polyester and microfiber94.6
Furhaven Snuggle Spot Long Faux Fur Corner Throw Furniture Seating ProtectorVersatile L-shaped design that can fit in different sofas and sectionals69″D x 69″W x 0.25″H Polyester and plush fabric 84.6
RHF Anti-Slip Couch Cover for Dogs Leather Couch CoversSilicone rubbers with round anti-slip buckles and two extra-wide strings tied on the sofa legs to keep the cover in place36″D x 68″W x 40″H Leather74.5
16 Best Couch Covers for Dogs

1. Waterproof Pet Blanket – Reversible Tan Throw Protects Couch

Who’s up for some versatile pet blankets? This waterproof pet cover can protect furniture from pet fur, spills, and stains while guarding kennels, carriers, and car seats from pet scratches and damage.

Its 250GSM coated flannel can also repel water, and its 230GSM Sherpa fleece can absorb liquids to stop anything from seeping through the material. Moreover, its soft and fuzzy plush fabric can make pets feel comfortable, warm, and cozy.

Moreover, you can machine wash this couch cover at or below 30°C. Nonetheless, a few users report that washing it can damage the blanket, even if you have done it correctly. The waterproof feature can also become ineffective, and the threads may fall off due to poor sewing.


  • Made with 100% polyester, 250GSM flannel, and 230GSM Sherpa polyester
  • Warm, soft, and cozy
  • It safeguards furniture from stains, pet fur, and spills
  • Machine washable
  • It repels and absorbs liquid 


  • The waterproof feature can be defective in the long run
  • Dogs can tear the blanket due to threads sewn poorly
  • Washing it can damage the product, although done correctly

2. gogobunny 100% Double-Sided Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

Protecting your furniture from bite marks, scratches, and saliva is always possible with gogobunny! It also consists of a 100% waterproof coating on the outer layer and a TPU waterproof membrane on the inner, providing a double waterproof shield against liquid spills. Furthermore, match that up with its peach-touch suede material, this dog bed cover allows pets to roll over comfortably. 

In terms of elegant designs, this product has a novel plaid pattern with different colors on each side. It is also convenient to fold and carry while traveling, so you do not have to worry about bringing it outdoors! Additionally, once it gets dirty, you can wash it in the machine at or below 30°C. You can also use a mild detergent with no bleach to maintain its vibrant colors.


  • Novel quilted reversible design
  • With a 100% waterproof coating outside and TPU waterproof membrane inside
  • It can protect furniture against bite marks, scratches, and saliva
  • Machine washable
  • You can use it indoors or outdoors


  • No protective arms
  • The waterproof feature can get ineffective after several washes
  • Not slip-proof

3. SUNNYTEX Waterproof & Reversible Dog Bed Cover

If we have versatile blankets, we also have multi-functional ones! This bed cover is also suitable for shielding carriers, dog crates, whelping pads, litter mats, furniture, and rags from pet fur, dirt, and debris.

Moreover, its two waterproof coatings and internal waterproof membrane prevent most types of moisture and liquid. Furthermore, its reversible yet stylish design is warm, durable, and long-lasting.

Also, if you feel unsatisfied with the product, you can claim the 3-month warranty for replacements or returns. You can also contact the manufacturer, and their customer service will respond within 30 hours to address your concerns! They also accept suggestions and comments for improvements, so do not be afraid to inform them about the cover’s quality.


  • Various size options to fit different chairs and sofas
  • Multi-functional
  • Machine washable
  • Two waterproof coatings and an internal waterproof membrane protect furniture from liquids and moisture
  • With 3-month warranty


  • Washing it can damage the threads and outer materials
  • Not the best quality
  • Slightly unattractive

4. PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

Are you planning to transform an old seat into a phenomenal centerpiece? Hands down because this quilted sofa cover has 21 vibrant color options with attractive designs, matching any home decor style.

Besides, its stunning appearance does not sacrifice its quality, for it can protect your furniture from wear and tear, accidental spills, scratches, and other pet messes. Its tear-resistant microfiber fabric with three-layered thick poly foam filling adds softness and comfort to your furry friends. Also, its non-slip foam anchors and elastic straps guarantee it will not slip off the couch! 

Nonetheless, this product may not be your best pick if you have a leather sofa, recliner, or loveseat. It can also be slightly ineffective in protecting your furniture from pet fur because it can hold hairs.

Fortunately, since it is machine washable, you can quickly remove dirt and debris at or below 30°C, provided that you will not use bleach because it can cause discoloration. After all, if you feel dissatisfied with this couch cover, never hesitate to contact the manufacturer to claim a 6-month warranty. 


  • Non-slip foam anchors
  • 21 vibrant colors and attractive designs
  • Quilted from tear-resistant microfiber fabric with three layers of thick poly foam filling
  • Easy to put on and wash
  • With six months of warranty


  • Not suitable for leather furniture
  • Slightly ineffective for repelling pet fur
  • Using bleach is not advisable 

5. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover Reversible Sofa Cover

You can be easy going with this sofa slipcover due to its tip-top protection against wear and tear, stains, spills, pet accidents, and hair. It also has two foam pipes tucked into the grooves on two sides, keeping the cover in place.

Also, its elastic straps make the fabric tighter. Not to brag that its elegant quilted texture with thick microfiber is also water-resistant, colorfast, and reversible!

Moreover, if you are into styles, this product can provide you with a wide selection of 33 colors. It also offers 12 size options that perfectly fit chairs, loveseats, sofas, recliners, futons, L-shaped couches, and 4-seater sofas.

To avoid size inaccuracies, you must measure your furniture before buying this cover. Also, you can only use mild detergents while machine-washing at or below 30°C. 


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Machine washable
  • With elastic straps that can make the fabric tighter
  • Colorfast and water-resistant
  • Reversible elegant quilted texture


  • You will have to readjust the cover every time someone gets up
  • The straps are not of excellent quality 
  • Not suitable for leather furniture

6. Sofa Shield Patented Couch Cover

Shield your sofa with this patented couch cover that is perfect for homes with pets and kids! It possesses a durable and tear-resistant microfiber that guards your furniture against wear and tear, messes, dirt, and pet fur.

It also has long arm and back flaps that keep hidden areas clean. Additionally, its 2″ thick slip-resistant straps and sturdy hooks secure the cover from falling off the couch.

This sofa shield also offers 29 colors and 11 size options. It is stylish, soft, comfortable, and easy to install and clean! However, we do not recommend this product if you have leather furniture. It is also not water-resistant, so it is not the best product for protecting your couch against water spills and accidental liquid leakage. 


  • Machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • With 29 color options and 11 chair sizes
  • Stylish yet durable and tear-resistant microfiber cover
  • It prevents pet fur, dirt, messes, and stains from getting into the couch 


  • Not water-resistant
  • The manufacturer does not recommend this product for leather furniture
  • The loops where you hook the straps are not well attached and thin

7. Furhaven Sofa Buddy Reversible Two-Tone Furniture Seating Protector

Here comes another furniture protector dogs can snuggle into comfortably! It comes with a sleep surface made with brushed quilted fabric that gives way to a gentle yet cozy feeling.

Also, it is safe and secure due to its cushion anchors that keep the cover from sliding and shifting around the place. Its thread-free pin sonic quilted fabric with water-repellent coating also safeguards the furniture from spills and accidents. 

In addition, this sofa cover has a three-sided bolster where your furry friend can rest its head. For the cleaning procedures, you can also check the hand tag or the seam labels to know how to wash it. Lastly, you can claim the 90-day limited warranty for material defects or qualify for the 60-Day Worry-Free Program for maximum customer satisfaction. 


  • Made from thread-free pin sonic quilted fabric with water-repellent coating
  • A comfortable and warm sleep surface
  • With cushion anchors for safety and security
  • Easy to clean
  • 90-day limited coverage of warranty and 60-day Worry-Free Program


  • The zipper can get broken in the long run
  • It sheds too much
  • Some users report that there are no bolsters upon purchasing the product 

8. KozyHome Sofa Cover Reversible Quilted Moroccan Styled Slipcover

In terms of elegance and style, this Moroccan-styled slipcover has a top-quality quilted texture with thick microfiber for comfort and coziness. You can also make it more beautiful by choosing your preferred color from a wide selection of appealing colors.

Aside from the appearance, this sofa cover also has a durable three-layered fabric and tear-resistant microfiber with a polyester composition for protecting your furniture from stains and water spills. Its poly foam filling also contributes to the overall softness!

Furthermore, this product is easy to install and machine washable at or below 30°C. We recommend not using bleach and ironing it at low temperatures if needed. Nonetheless, you can struggle with keeping this cover in place because it is thin and almost has no weight. There can also be size inaccuracies.


  • Soft and comfortable to sit in 
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish and elegantly quilted
  • With a durable, tear-resistant microfiber fabric
  • It protects furniture from food and water spills


  • The material is thin and has no weight, thus fails to stay in place
  • The sizes are inaccurate
  • No other ways to secure the couch cover aside from tucking it in the couch

9. Furhaven Snuggle Spot Long Faux Fur Corner Throw Furniture Seating Protector

Do not hesitate to let your furry friend snuggle in its spot with the Furhaven Snuggle Spot! It has a versatile L-shaped design you can fit in regular sofas and sectionals.

Pair that up with plush fabric and your dog can have a comfortable yet stylish space to lie in for the rest of the day. Additionally, it comprises a waterproof interior coating between the slip-resistant backing and long fur exterior surface, protecting your furniture against moisture, debris, and accidents.

This seating protector also has anchors to attach the product securely to the couch. Moreover, if you buy it and it comes to you with defective materials, you can contact the manufacturer for a 90-day limited warranty. You can also qualify for their 60-day Worry-Free Program, but remember that they do not cover purchases from unauthorized third-party resellers.


  • Versatile L-shaped design that can match sofas and sectionals
  • Waterproof interior coating for water resistance
  • Easy to wash
  • 90-day limited coverage of warranty and 60-day Worry-Free Program
  • With plush fabric for comfort and warmth


  • The fluffy material sheds
  • Not suitable for leather furniture
  • It loses the fluff after several washes

10. RHF Anti-Slip Couch Cover for Dogs Leather Couch Covers

Having chairs of different sizes will never be a problem because this couch cover can fit small to oversized recliners, loveseats, and medium to large sofas. Since it is leather, it can protect your furniture from stains and other messes related to children and pets.

Moreover, its silicon rubbers with round anti-slip buckles prevent the cover from sliding around. Its two extra-wide strings tied on the sofa legs also help keep it in place.

If you want various colors, this product has seven color options. Cleaning is also easy because it is machine washable using cold water. Nevertheless, you can encounter conflicts due to its loose weaves, and the filling can shed too. Its anti-slip buckles can also get worn out after several washes.


  • Suitable for leather furniture
  • Machine washable
  • It does not slip around
  • It protects furniture from stains and messes 
  • Seven colors and five size options


  • The anti-slip backing can wear off after several washes
  • It can shed too much
  • The weave is slightly loose 

11. Furniture Protector Pet Cover for Dogs and Cats with Shredded Memory Foam

Are you into memory foam? This furniture protector with polyurethane shredded memory foam is for you!

It has a water-resistant bottom layer that enhances protection against stains and damage. Moreover, its soft bolster shields the furniture’s arms, seat, and back portion, while its extended front drape safeguards the front part. Considering that, you can rest and lie down without worrying about safety because everything is secure. 

This pet cover also offers trendy colors and patterns that can easily match home interior decor. Its soft, plush fabric also coordinates and accents any furniture, thus creating an aesthetically appealing yet functional look. On top of that, it is also easy to clean, for you only need to use a light vacuum to remove debris, hair, and pet fur or a damp cloth to eliminate spots and spills. 


  • With a bolstered design for comfort and coziness
  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth or light vacuum
  • It fits all dog breeds
  • Water-resistant bottom layer
  • Trendy pattern and color options


  • Not machine washable
  • Not suitable for chewer dogs because it can get chewed easily
  • It can slip off the couch

12. Gorilla Grip Original Soft Sofa Protector

Prepare for durability that’s as strong as a gorilla! This sofa protector features a thick material that can repel pet furs, crumbs, liquids, and other debris.

Its 2″ metal adjustable elastic straps also help lessen the need for readjusting the cover repeatedly. Moreover, it has a slip-resistant backing that keeps it in place on fabric or even leather furniture.

Despite its sturdiness, this product has a soft suede top layer that provides top-tier smoothness, coziness, and comfort. Aside from that, it is also easy to clean because it is machine washable.

However, you can only air dry it if necessary, and the manufacturers recommend washing it before first use. It is also best not to use it on furniture treated with cleaners, additives, and conditioners.


  • With 2″ thick metal adjustable elastic straps
  • Slip-resistant even in leather furniture
  • Machine washable
  • Made with soft luxurious suede for maximum comfort and coziness
  • It repels liquids, crumbs, and hairs


  • It can still fall off the couch
  • The waterproof feature can get ineffective after several washes
  • It can shed too much

13. U-NICE HOME Sofa Cover Reversible Couch Cover for Dogs

Everything is nice with U-NICE HOME because its high-quality quilted texture consists of three layers: one for the surface, one for the bottom, and micro cotton filling padded middle for comfort and softness. Since it is also water-repellent, it can protect your couch from accidental spills, pet fur, scratches, tear and wear, and other pet messes. Furthermore, its anti-slip elastic straps, 30″ armrest, and two foam rods keep the couch cover in place. 

In addition, this reversible couch cover offers 11 colors and six size options that can fit different furniture. Aside from being stylish and attractive, it is also machine washable at or below 30°C.

Remember not to bleach or iron it because it can get damaged. You also need extra effort to measure your couch because the sizes can be inaccurate.


  • High-quality quilted texture with three layers of fabric and cotton filling
  • Easy to put on the couch or chair
  • It safeguards furniture from pet messes, wear and tear, accidents, and spills
  • Machine washable
  • Water-repellant


  • Too light to stay in place
  • The sizes can be inaccurate
  • The fibers can get torn in the long run

14. Calming Dog Bed Fluffy Plush Dog Mat for Furniture Protector

Calm your dog with this fluffy mat with a unique curved design and soft plush fabric. It has raised edges that provide additional comfort and support for your pet’s head and neck, reducing muscle pain. Moreover, its surface fleece is durable, claw-resistant, warm, and cozy. It also has a non-slip bottom design that allows you to fix it securely on the furniture or floor!

Aside from that, this washable dog bed has a zipper at the bottom, enabling you to easily remove it whenever you want to wash it using a machine or bare hands. Lastly, you can also roll it up and take it on an exciting outdoor trip!


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable and claw-resistant
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors comfortably 
  • With non-slip bottom to let the cover stay in place
  • You can wash it using your hands or a machine 


  • The largest size can still be small for large breeds
  • Not as fluffy as expected
  • The back pillow can be flimsy

15. Dekeyoo Pet Couch Protector

Like the previous product, this couch protector has a raised-edge design that supports your pet’s head and neck while protecting the sofa’s armrest and backrest. Its material, made from durable nylon and luxurious faux fur, also gives warmth and safety. Furthermore, it contains eco-friendly fiber stuffing for comfort, breathability, and joint or muscle relief.

On top of that, this couch cover has a non-slip backing to ensure it remains in place. Its cushion anchors also help prevent sliding or shifting around the couch. Finally, in terms of cleaning, you only need to unzip the zippers and remove the inner bolster to machine wash the product! 


  • Non-slip points
  • You can disassemble it for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for all types of furniture, such as sofas, beds, recliners, or even on the floor
  • Machine washable
  • With eco-friendly fiber stuffing for softness, comfort, and breathability


  • The sizes can be inaccurate
  • It does not stay on the couch
  • The stuffing can come out of the cover 

16. PureFit Water Resistant Reversible Sofa Covers for Reclining Sofa

This reversible sofa cover will work wonders if you love our top-ranking product, but this one has a three-cushion couch. It consists of a tear-resistant microfiber fabric with a polyester composition.

Also, it has three layers of different materials and a thick poly foam filling to increase comfort and softness. Since it is a durable furniture protector, it can guard your reclining sofa from wear and tear, pet fur, scratches, dog messes, and accidental spills.

Aside from that, its reversible design also contains non-slip buckles, elastic bands, loops, and straps to keep the cover in place. It is also easy to put on, and you can see the installation instructions on the package.

Lastly, this sofa cover is machine washable at or below 30°C. Just do not use bleach when washing it to avoid damage, and iron it at a low temperature if necessary.


  • With non-slip buckles, elastic straps, and bands
  • Water-resistant
  • Effectively protects furniture from wear and tear, pet fur, scratches, and other spills
  • Machine washable
  • Three-layered fabric with thick poly foam filling for softness and comfort


  • More expensive than other options
  • The actual size can be smaller than what’s in the description
  • The elastic bands and buckles can get removed

What are Couch Covers for Dogs?

As its name clearly implies, they are special covers used to protect couches, sofas, and other types of furniture from your dogs, because they can scratch and damage them. Therefore, they are different from normal couch covers in key aspects:

  • They are made from special materials such as highly-resistant fabric, polyester blends, and microfiber, to ensure that the claws of your dog cannot damage your furniture
  • They cover all the problematic areas like corners and seams, which pups tend to chew on
  • They protect your couch and furniture from shed hair and dirt, and hence, they keep your couch cleaner

Therefore, dog couch covers solve the main problems that owners face, especially if we talk about breeds that are prone to destructive behavior such as the Great Dane, Chihuahuas, and Bulldogs, which can do serious damage to furniture with their claws and teeth.

We have considered all of these factors when selecting the best couch covers for dogs, to ensure that they truly protect your furniture, no matter how destructive your pup can be.

what are couch covers for dogs
Protect your sofa with a dog couch cover to prevent it from getting scratches.

Things to Consider When Buying a Couch Cover for Dogs

Selecting a couch cover for dogs does not only encompass searching for attractive brands with descriptions that are too good to be true. You will also need to check different factors to ensure that a product perfectly satisfies your furniture and dog’s needs.

To help you with that, here are the things to consider when choosing sofa covers!   


The first thing you can notice in a couch cover is its material. You can encounter ones made with suede, Sherpa, microfiber, leather, polyester, or quilted from different fabrics. Furthermore, some products can also possess various features, such as anti-slip points for the couch cover to remain in place, spandex for stretchability, or poly foams for softness.


Durability is a crucial characteristic when looking for a couch cover for dogs. It will help you ensure that the manufacturers have sewn the threads correctly, the buckles and straps are well attached, and the fabric will not become torn apart in the long run. If such brands are not sturdy enough, your money will get wasted on buying a non-functional item.


You can come across products with different sizes ranging from small to extra large. When selecting your best match, we advise calculating the measurements correctly to ensure that it will fit your dog and the furniture. If you accidentally purchase one smaller or bigger than needed, your pup can be uncomfortable with it, or the product can slip off the couch in no time. 


Water and pet spills are not uncommon in sofas. So, in these cases, choosing water-resistant dog covers for couches can solve the problem. They will also help prevent moisture, stains, and mold from wet furniture. Also, you will not want to sit or lie on something watery and soaked with unpleasant liquids!

Easy to Clean

Once your furry friend accidentally urinates or spills liquid on your couch cover, you will not want to struggle and take forever to clean it. Thus, you can consider the washability of each brand. If you check the product descriptions, you will see if it is washable using a machine, bare hands, damp cloth, or vacuum. 

dog couch cover color
Pick a color that matches the decorative theme of your living area.

Benefits of Using a Couch Cover

Aside from the fact that dogs can create pet messes on your sofa, there are numerous reasons why you should get a couch cover as soon as possible. They can protect your furniture, reduce allergens, save money, and lessen the struggles with cleaning.

Here are the benefits of using sofa covers for pets!

Protects Furniture

You can use a couch cover as a repellent for water, accidents, pet fur, scratches, messes, debris, and other factors that can damage your furniture. Besides, it can prevent stains, fleas, and bugs from entering your upholstery. With that said, your furniture’s life can get extended while staying fresh and clean. 

Fewer Allergens

You can say thanks to couch covers if you and your dog often struggle with allergies! They reduce allergens by averting dust and pet danders from going inside the cushion and upholstery. Moreover, fleas and bugs can also lose their way from getting into the couch, thus eliminating the possibility of pest infestations.

Saves Money

Since couch covers extend the lives of your furniture, prevent allergies, and protect sofas from damage, you can avoid paying hundreds of pennies for furniture repairs and replacements. Furthermore, you will no longer need to purchase medicines for your allergies. Not to mention that washing these covers does not require too much detergent because they are easy to clean!

Easier to Clean Furniture

As mentioned earlier, couch covers only require easy cleaning procedures. Some can be machine washable, while some need handwashing, vacuuming, or spot cleaning. Nonetheless, they can lessen your workload because you no longer need to clean the entire furniture. Washing the cover is enough to make things fresher and more presentable! 

design and color of the dog couch cover
Choose a cover that goes well with the theme of your living room.

Couch Covers for Dogs: FAQs

While purchasing a couch cover is slightly expensive, we understand that it may take too much time and many considerations before you decide which brand to pick. If you have further inquiries about choosing the best sofa cover for dogs, you can read the following frequently asked questions.

How can I protect my couch from my dog?

One of the best ways to secure your couch from any damage caused by your dog is to have the best pet couch covers. They will prevent your furry friend from scratching or putting saliva on the sofa. Also, you can trim its nails, train it with the correct behavior, and give it a nearby, separate resting space. 

What can I put on my couch to protect it from dog pee?

You can drape waterproof couch covers for dogs to protect your furniture from dog pee and other pet messes. If you do not have the budget to purchase one, you can use a regular blanket or towel. Nevertheless, doing so will require you to monitor it to avoid leakage into the couch. 

What is the best pet sofa cover?

PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover is a top-ranking product for the best sofa covers for dogs. It consists of tear-resistant microfiber fabric with a polyester composition and three layers of polyfoam filling for comfort and softness. Also, it has non-slip foam anchors and elastic straps to keep the cover in place. 

What is the best material for a couch with dogs?

Leather is the best for couches and sofas if you have dogs at home. Aside from being the easiest to clean among all materials, your pup cannot easily scratch it due to its sturdiness. Alternatively, microfibers also make durable couches. They are also hard to rip and effortless to clean.

Is it OK to let your dog on the couch?

You can let your dog snuggle around the couch without worrying about possible damage, provided that it does not have destructive behaviors. While canines love resting near their pet parents, you may also want to give them a comfortable and warm space to stay. You will only need to be alert of accidental spills and pet messes.

Bid farewells to furniture damage, pet messes, dog fur, and accidental spills as you grab the best couch covers for dogs. Finally, you can safeguard your couch while giving maximum comfort and warmth to your furry friend.

If you are still doubtful about what to buy, you can freely re-read this article to re-check each product and get tips from the buying guide!

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