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10 Best Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Thursday 5 November 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best christmas sweaters for dogs
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Christmas cocoa and lazy mornings. It is that time of the year again when everyone is asking the same question: where do I get my hand on those cute Christmas dog sweaters!

While this year is all about celebration, you wouldn’t want your dog to catch a cold. The market is full of sweaters for dogs, but how to choose the best for your furry friend? Well, fret not my friend, this buying guide contains the Best Christmas sweaters for dogs and why you should buy them this year.

These perfect second layers would not only protect your beloved companion from the cold but would also bring it into the spirit of Christmas!

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1. Blueberry Pet Christmas Clothes

Composed entirely of synthetic fibers, the Patterned Sweatshirt by Blueberry is a timeless classic for dogs. The material is warm and soft which keeps your dog cozy. There is a leash/harness hole which makes it convenient to attach any collar or harness. This means you can easily walk your pooch when going out to meet your family and friends or for last-minute visits to the grocery store.

You can also twin with your beloved companion by wearing matching sweaters (sold separately) which means great family photos for your Christmas card. There’s just something about color coordinating outfits that really ties everything together.

Some customers, however, have complained about the fit. Blueberry sweatshirts are known to run small (i.e. ideal for Chihuahuas!). It is thus recommended to either follow the size chart given. You may also go a size up than what your pup usually wears.

2. BOBIBI Pet Cartoon Sweater

Rocking an adorable reindeer on its back, the Bobibi Christmas Dog Sweater is sure to turn eyes when you take your dog out during this festive season. This lightweight sweater is soft and comfortable. It also makes for great Christmas pictures due to its bright festive colors of red and white. Due to its lightweight fabric, it is recommended to only adorn your pooch with this sweater indoors. When going out, we recommend adding an extra layer underneath.

Bobibi has a helpful size chart on the product page to guide you in measuring your pooch. Many users have recommended going a size bigger than what your dog usually wears since the sizes run small. It is also important to note that considering the low price point of these sweaters, the stitching isn’t of the highest quality.

Some users have even complained about the edges fraying and the stitching coming loose. In a nutshell, this sweater is perfect for the aesthetics but as far as the longevity of the product is concerned, there are better options.

3. NACOCO Dog Snow Sweaters

No matter how much your dog grows in size, it would always be your cute little friend running around the house wagging its cute little tail. The fact that its cute little body is stuffed into a cute little Christmas dog sweater with a cute little snowman woven into it makes the situation even more adorable. We thus bring to you this Nacoco dog sweater that is just perfect for actualizing this scenario.

It boasts bright colors and a cute design stitched together with premium materials that wash well. Nacoco has even given washing and drying instructions on the product page to ensure the longevity of this winter sweater. The elastic design offers stretch which provides a dimension of comfort to the garment and makes it easy to put on. The acrylic yarn is warm and will keep your pooch cozy. The sizes, however, are known to run small thus it is recommended to go a size bigger than what your pup usually wears.

4. BOBIBI Dog Sweaters

This Bobibi Dog Sweater is made of the highest quality acrylic yarn woven into a cute little outfit for your pup to snuggle in during these cold wintry days. The thick second layer has an adorable reindeer knitted on its back. The adorable design is sure to bring your dog into the spirit of Christmas.

This sweater can surely stand the test of time since it is sturdy and durable. This means it won’t go out of shape after repeated washes or fray at the edges. The design also has a little stretch which further upscales the premium feel.

Some users have noted, however, that the sizes run a bit small. Although you can use their size chart as a guide. We still recommend going one size up when making the ultimate decision.

5. Moorfowl Cute Reindeer Knitted Sweater

Dog body shape varies widely from one breed to another. This means that an article of clothing that fits one dog perfectly would be a little small or big for another pup of the same height and weight. However, we finally present a sweater in this list that runs as true to size as possible. The Moorfowl Reindeer Knitted Sweater fits most dog breeds phenomenally.

The sweater is beautifully stitched with an adorable reindeer patchwork woven onto the back. The heavy knit blend means the sweater is sufficient to keep your dog warm in these cold days. The intricate blend of bright festive colors makes for amazing festive pictures too.

The neck hole, as reviewed by some users, can be a little loose for some dog breeds. We thus recommend taking your pooch’s measurements according to the detailed size chart on the product page that comes with guidelines as to how to measure your pooch. All in all, this is a great option if you’re looking for well-fitted dog clothes.

6. Lanyar Dog Reindeer Sweater

For dog owners looking for a sweater to keep their pooch extra-warm, this Christmas season should look no further than the Lanyar Dog Sweater. This extra-thick sweater will be the perfect second layer for dogs who are unable to generate enough body heat during the cold days.

The thick fibers are beautifully woven into cute little reindeers that spiral around the waist. The bright colors are sure to bring your pooch into the spirit of Christmas and would make for adorable photos.

Users have particularly praised the high-quality stitching and the premium feel of the sweater. This Lanyar Dog Sweater also leaves enough space at the bottom for your dog to pee without dirtying itself.

We recommend prospective buyers to consult the sizing chart provided on the product page. The sweaters do, however, size on the small side. We recommend going a size up.

7. BINGPET Turtleneck Dog Sweater

The Bingpet Turtleneck Dog Sweater comes in an exquisite cream color. The leather paw pattern woven on the back gives the jumper an adorable and premium feel.

Composed entirely of acrylic materials, the sweater will keep your pooch warm and comfortable. The ribbed hemming makes the jumper easy to put on. It also reinforces the edges thus they do not fray after repeated washes.

Bingpet’s Christmas dog turtleneck does, however, run a tad big. We recommend going a size smaller than what your pup usually wears. Otherwise, these can be used as pet pajamas too!

best christmas sweaters for dogs
Acrylic sweaters keep your dog warm during the cold winter!

8. PAWCHIE Dog Christmas Sweater

Want to up your dog’s style game? Look no further than the hip and classy Pawchie Dog Sweater. The brilliant blue color of the jumper is laced with festive patterns of snowflakes and an adorable snowman. The bright red hemming provides a beautiful contrast and makes it easy to put on.

Users have lauded the premium quality and stitching. The design also has stretch which provides longevity and comfort to the sweater. Pawchie has also added a leash hole to the design. When u take your dog out on walks in this sweater, it is sure to turn some eyes.

It is important to note, however, that some buyers have criticized the fit. We thus recommend measuring your pooch with the help of the informative size chart provided.

9. Mihachi Christmas Dog Sweater

The Mihachi Dog Sweater is composed entirely of polyester which gives it resistance to fading, shrinkage, and wrinkles. The sweater thus holds up well to repeated washing and wearing. Because polyester is less absorbent than cotton, it is also less susceptible to stains.

This Christmas sweater for dogs is dyed in rich colors of red, green, and orange. The words “Merry Christmas”, snowflake patterns, and orderly stripe sequences adorn the jumper and give it a lovely outlook. The Mihachi Dog Sweater is sure to bring your pooch into the festive spirit and makes for great family photos.

The elasticity in the design along with the ribbed hems provides comfort and makes it easy to put on. There is also a leash hole so that you don’t have to take off the sweater in order to put on the pulling rope. The only lament, as per some buyers, is that the sizes run a little too big. Nothing going a size down can’t fix!

10. WORDERFUL Dog Winter Coat

Possessing the most unique design in this list, the Worderful Dog Coat is the perfect winter apparel for your pooch. The magic tape enclosure makes it easy to put on. The fact that your pup would be dressed as a Christmas tree is sure to turn eyes at Christmas parties. It would also make for aesthetic pictures and bring your dog into the festive spirit.

Users have lauded the fit of the outfit and the premium feel of it. The Worderful Dog Coat also boasts 100% polyester composition which means heat retention, durable fibers, and stretch.

It is important to note, however, that the design includes little balls. These fragile ornaments may fall off after repeated washing.

So those were our top picks for Christmas dog sweaters. We’ve tried to find and review the trendiest one for this year and hope we’ve done well at that! Before you buy, remember that fitting is undoubtedly the most important aspect of style. Just like in our case, a perfectly fitted wardrobe would help your pooch stand out. Fabric quality comes next. Sweaters made from premium materials would stand the test of time. They also hold the dye better which means the colors won’t fade. These bright colors along with the patterns and designs are the aesthetic aspect of style.

If fit and longevity of the product is what you’re looking for then we recommend either the Lanyar Dog Sweater or the Reindeer Knitted Sweater by Moorfowl. If, however, the purpose of this purchase of yours is solely for the pictures and aesthetics, then look we recommend Bobibi Christmas Dog Sweater or the unique Christmas tree look of the Worderful Dog Coat.

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