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Best Sofa Covers for Dogs – Reviews, Installation Guide & FAQs

Written by Jawad
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Published on
Friday 3 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best sofa covers for dogs
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If you’re a pet owner, you need sofa covers for dogs to keep your furniture from getting ruined. This happens because dogs leave their hair, jump on sofas with muddy paws, and even claw or chew the fabric.

If you are also facing such a debacle, then look no further. We will be discussing the best couch covers for dogs available in the market right now. These sofa covers act as a protective layer between the sofa and your dog.

What To Look For In Dog Sofa Covers

A good quality dog sofa cover has to have a few key features. It needs to be durable and last a long time while still being easy to wash and dry. In addition, it should also be the right fit for your couch, and match with your living room’s decor. Let’s talk about these factors in detail.


Always select a cover that is can be washed and cleaned easily. Additionally, choose a durable material over a fancy linen cover, for obvious reasons. Durability is essential for dog sofa covers as their sole purpose is to prevent your furniture from getting damaged and keeping it clean. While getting a durable cover certainly helps, it is also a good idea to address the root cause of your pet’s destructive behavior. Here are a few tips that might help you diagnose and curb your pet’s destructive behavior.

We recommend fabrics such as denim, polyester, wool, fabric, cotton, and microfiber. These materials can also be blended to create a more robust dog sofa cover. It’s also worth checking out some of the pet-proof fabrics. A word of advice: Always steer clear of loose weave fabric for your sofa. Fabrics with open weaves easily unravel and trap your pet’s hair. This makes the cleaning process even more difficult. Also, do no go for any expensive fabrics like silk or velvet for daily use, as these covers are bound to get ripped up quickly.

sofa covers for dogs
Avoid getting scratches on your furniture with a sofa cover.


Pet couch covers that stay in place can be hard to find. Adjusting your cover every time your dog jumps on it gets frustrating. Therefore, look for covers that come with straps that use velcro or buckles to stay in place. Make sure that the attachment method of your cover helps the fitting process.

A great tip while measuring the sofa’s dimensions is to include the armrests in the measurement. You can also ensure good cover fitting by measuring the vertical height of the sofa. A well-fitted cover will not only protect your furniture, but it’ll be more comfortable for you as well. This in-depth guide goes over how to measure your whole couch in order to get a perfect fitting stretch sofa slipover.

Ease of Cleaning

Another essential aspect is the ease of cleaning of the dog sofa cover. Look for covers that are machine washable. There are few covers that are too delicate for the machine. Therefore, definitely avoid spending your money on them.

Apart from machine washing, you can also clean your sofa with a damp cloth with certain sofa fabrics. Leather, for instance, is a favorite among dog owners, due to its durability, aesthetics, and ease of cleaning. A few wipes are all you need to clean up the sofa. You can also select tightly weaved fabrics like denim and choose darker colors. Choosing dark colors with such fabrics makes hair and dirt less prominent.

Properly cleaning a sofa cover is a lengthy process that can wary depending on how stubborn the stain is. Go through this detailed guide to learn more about the process. Finally, do not choose covers made from materials that make cleaning wet spots difficult.

Matching the Décor

Aesthetics are important. Therefore, along with the sofa, make sure that the cover matches the rest of your décor as well. A great tip would be selecting dog covers for sofas with neutral colors. These colors easily fit in with multiple décors without any issue. You can find a huge variety of pet couch covers on Amazon. In addition, these covers come in a variety of patterns as well so do check them out too.

Additionally, you can also find double-sided sofa covers that have complimenting colors on each side. These covers let you flip the cover over and add variety to the room.

color of dog sofa cover
It is more preferable to choose a neutral-colored sofa cover.

10 Best Sofa Covers For Dogs

You can find some of the best sofa covers online. Let’s review some of the best ones we’ve picked for you.

1. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

This dog sofa cover by Easy-Going comes in a number of different sizes. You can choose covers for chairs, loveseat, sofas and even recliners. It is made from premium stretchy fabric that is also soft and comfortable. The material composition also includes 20% spandex. Furthermore, this stretch sofa slipcover for dogs is available in various colors.

The cover’s durable fabric ensures that your sofas are protected from scratches, wear, and stains. Additionally, the material contains anti-slip foams to prevent consistent sliding. It has an elastic bottom as well to give your furniture complete protection. Moving on, the cover is machine washable which makes the cleaning process all the more convenient.

While this sofa cover is elegant, the fabric used to manufacture is too thin. Therefore, dogs that tend to chew a lot or claw the furniture may tear through it with relative ease.

2. Sofa Shield Original Reversible Large Sofa Protector

Starting off with the distinguishing factors, this dog sofa cover has a thick 2′ strap with a strong hook. The hook is adjustable as well, making it a “perfect fit” pet couch cover. The cover is thick, durable, and double-sided. These covers can fit a variety of sofa sizes and are have a higher thread count for added comfort.

This double-sided cover gives users the advantage of buying two colors for the price of one. Moreover, the cover is filled with comfortable fillings available. In addition, Sofa Shield provides a lifetime warranty for their products.

However, it must be noted that the cover is not waterproof. Fluids may seep through this cover and stain your furniture.

3. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector

This one is known for its aesthetics as well as being a durable dog sofa cover. The cover has an amazing texture and can be used with either side on top. You can buy the sofa covers in multiple sizes like the large size for a 70” seat width or a small one for 62” seat width. Furthermore, the cover comes with an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit.

Moreover, this pet sofa cover is mess resistant and it protects your couch from everyday stains and spills. Superior protection from stains and dirt keeps your furniture good as new for longer. Mighty Monkey also strongly recommends measuring your own furniture beforehand.

The cover, however, is not completely waterproof so it is better to clean the spills immediately. Another precaution would be that the cover is not ideal for leather sofas.

4. Brilliant Sunshine Rose and Toile Patchwork, Reversible Large Sofa Protector

Brilliant Sunshine’s dog sofa cover has a classic pattern design featuring vintage rose patchwork. Additionally, the material of the sofa cover consists of high-quality microfiber and extra soft fill. This cover is also reversible for pet owners who love variety. The great thing about this cover is that even the reversible side of the cover carries a beautiful design.

This design not only improves the overall look of your décor but the extra soft fill also enhances your dog’s comfort. Owners have not reported any problems of slipping cover, thanks to the adjustable strap it comes with. Moreover, the strap is the same shade as the cover so it does stand out like a sore thumb.

While this cover surely looks impressive, it’s not made to last long. A few customers complained that the cover came apart just a few weeks after the purchase.

5. Argstar Jacquard Sofa Slipcover

Argstar sofa cover for dogs is designed with delicate edges for extended use and the stretchy fabric makes for a perfect fit. The material is also highly breathable and extra soft for enhanced comfort. The material composition is 15% spandex and 85% polyester. Moreover, this dog sofa cover is machine friendly.

This cover comes with clear instructions that make installation easier and allows you to get the best possible fit. Moreover, the cover is manufactured using eco-friendly but durable materials don’t fade out.

However, you should beware of possible color transfer when buying this product because a few customers actually had their furniture ruined because of this.

6. Turquoize 100% Waterproof Couch Cover Quilted Sofa Protector

While most dog sofa covers are not waterproof, this one is. The manufacturer claims this cover has superior absorption capabilities that prevent fluids from seeping through. This is due to the high-quality craftwork and the latest technology that adheres to premium quilting standards. The sofa cover has improved anti-slipping features as well thanks to the silicon rubber printing on its back. Moving on, it is made from faux suede fabric, PP cotton, non-woven fabrics, and a waterproof TPU.

Additionally, this is one of the best pet furniture covers for leather sofas. It provides excellent protection from pet hair, dirt, and stains and helps maintain the fresh look of your décor. However, this sofa cover for dogs is not reversible due to its non-slip backing.

The dog sofa cover is waterproof but has other complications. First, the cover is very slippery. Secondly, some people have complained that the cover was no longer waterproof after they washed it.

7. Chiara Rose Couch Covers for Dogs

Chiara rose’s sofa cover is made from 220 gsm polyester fabric that protects against tears and debris on your sofa. It has a thick texture due to which no dirt or spill can penetrate the furniture. Also, this cover is manufactured using ultrasonic laser cut technology that keeps the edges from folding up. Additionally, these covers come in numerous colors and patterns, enhancing your décor look.

Due to its aesthetic appeal, you don’t have to remove it every time someone comes over as. Moreover, the back of the cover is made from the plastic drop design that creates an anti-slip effect. The cover is very practical and fits amazingly. It can easily be put on and taken off, while the extra fabric can be tucked into the gaps for a refined look. This ensures that your pet couch cover stays in its place even after a dog constantly jumps on it.

While the plush fabric gives off an exquisite feel, the cover is penetrable and dog hair pass right through it onto your couch.

8. H.VERSAILTEX High Stretch Sofa Cover

Another cost-effective way to guard your sofa and upgrade your décor would be to get this sofa cover. This pet couch cover available on amazon for dogs uses eco-friendly materials and has an elastic cord bottom for a better fit. Furthermore, these sofa covers are available in a number of different sizes for different types of sofas.

The cover is practical and makes for a great fit. Plus, you can just tuck the extra fabric into the gaps and still get a refined look. In addition, there are foam sticks on the edges making this cover an ideal non-slipcover for leather sofas. Lastly, the installation instructions provided are straightforward and easy to follow.

On the flip side, the foam sticks used to hold the cover in place are flimsy. If you have a hyperactive dog or even a child that likes to jump on the couch, these foam holders will easily come off. If you also face this problem, take a look at this blog for a few tips on keeping the sofa covers from slipping.

9. Gorilla Grip Original Slip-Resistant Large Sofa Protector

This “Amazon’s Choice” non-slip sofa cover for dogs is manufactured by Gorilla Grip – a brand renowned for its slip-resistant designs. The soft suede cover has multiple sizes to ensure that you can find a perfect fit. The sofa comes with two straps, one around the back and another that goes under the couch.

Due to the double straps, this cover fits great on all sofas and doesn’t come off easily. Moreover, the hair and stain-resistant materials make cleaning and maintenance super easy. Cleaning this cover is a breeze – just put this cover in a cold cycle with mild detergent for a refreshed look in no time.

While this cover ticks quite a few squares, it suffers from quality control issues. Many customers have complained about poor stitching and loose threads.

10. Binztec Original Patent Pending Sofa Slipcover

The sofa is fashion for your home, as it comes in various colors, prints, and patterns. The affordable price also allows you to not grow tired of the same look of the lounge. Furthermore, similar to other covers, this too comes in multiple sizes. Therefore, make sure to measure your sofa before ordering one for yourself.

This fabric is strong and offers protection against sharp dog nails. However, consider training your dogs to not scratch or claw your décor is a great start to ensure overall protection and longevity. This will not only provide you some peace of mind but will also strengthen your bond with your pet. Take a look at our in-depth buying guide + reviews of dog nail clippers available for purchase.

Even though this cover offers adequate protection for your sofa, it lacks a key feature: waterproofing.

Sofa Covers For Dogs – FAQs

Apart from product reviews, many pet owners have queries regarding protecting their furniture from dogs. This section aims to address some of those concerns.

How can I Protect my Couch From my Dog?

We have already discussed in detail the necessity of cover to protect your couches from dogs. Another aspect you should focus on is grooming your dog regularly. Bathing and brushing your dog can cut down extra fur falling on the couch. We have a thorough blog post related to dog grooming and its many benefits that you can check out.

You should also trim your dog’s nails every once in a while so your furniture doesn’t get scratched easily. Moreover, you also consider investing in a comfortable dog bed. Having a comfortable spot of its will reduce the chances of the dog jumping on the couch. We’ve also prepared a list of excellent dog beds that you should take a look at.

a comfortable spot for your dog
Invest in a comfortable dog bed to prevent your dog from jumping on the couch.

How to make a Dog Repellant for Furniture?

Repellants are an effective way of keeping dogs off the furniture, moreover, these repellants can easily be made at home. You can easily make a spray using vinegar, ammonia, lemon juice, and some alcohol. The Benebone Blog contains an excellent tutorial for a DIY natural dog deterrent spray.

The mixture creates an unpleasant scent for dogs that keeps them away from the furniture. You can also try cinnamon, sour apple, and eucalyptus as these smells repel dogs away too. Just make sure that the spray does not stain your furniture.

How do I Protect my Sofa from Dog Urine?

As soon as you notice the stain, grab a paper towel to absorb most of the urine. Use another piece of cloth to dab the area to soak up as much urine as possible. After you are done absorbing and cleaning the urine, lay some folded towels on the spot for a while. This will help remove the pee stain from your couch. Use air fresheners to get rid of the lingering bad odor.

The odor of your pet’s urine can be seriously off-putting, especially when it’s soaked into a piece of your furniture. The smell can easily penetrate deep into the fibers of your cover as well. But the damage can be reduced if you take swift action.

Does Aluminum Foil Protect my Sofa From Dogs?

Aluminum foil is great for a number of things, one of being keeping your dogs away from your sofa. Dogs are not fond of reflective surfaces, the feel or the sound of shiny aluminum foil. You can use this tool to train your dog in staying away from the furniture, but the foil would ruin the beauty of your décor.

You can use the foil by laying it all over your sofa. Alternatively, you can use aluminum layered cans and tray to act as a deterrent when your dog tries to jump on the sofa. These tricks would help in startling the dog and giving it a signal that it is best to avoid this furniture. However, its recommended to not use take this approach with noise-sensitive dogs.

If you want to keep your sofa protected, buying one of the listed best sofa covers for dogs is your best bet. From stains to shedding hair, your sofa will remain spotless.

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