Weighted Vests for Dogs – What Are They, Uses, Top Reviews & FAQ

Weighted Vests for Dogs – What Are They, Uses, Top Reviews & FAQ
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Dogs take on an essential role in the lives of millions of people around the world. They embody the title “man’s best friend” in all means imaginable. What better way to repay these loving animals than to protect their health and well-being? With help from weighted dog vests, you can do precisely that.

Weighted dog vests are more than just nice-looking gears for dogs. These vests help keep dogs in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. They enhance muscular and cardiovascular conditions, help control unwanted behavior, and lessen tension and anxiety. On the other hand, these can also bring severe and long-term damage. With misinformation and improper handling, a weighted vest can impede the development of a young dog. Let’s dive deeper and learn more.

What Are Weighted Vests for Dogs?

A weighted dog vest is a backpack-like garment that hugs a dog’s body. It has straps across the upper chest and below the belly and the abdomen of the canine. The vest has weight pockets attached along its sides. It also comes in all sizes for different breeds – small, medium, and large.

This gear is well-known in the dog training field. However, it may be unfamiliar, especially to dog owners that do not commit to professional training for their pets. But even your sweet dog can harbor intense energy and emotions at home. This thing for dogs can be of great help. There is a good deal of benefits a weighted vest can offer. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages in the physical aspect first. This vest helps overweight dogs drop some excess weight. It also aids in the enhancement of muscle strength. Moreover, managing your pet’s weight results in improved cardiovascular health.

A dog’s mental and emotional welfare is also the focus of this product. A weighted vest boosts an apprehensive and aggressive dog’s self-esteem. The weights in each pocket lay pressure on the dog’s body, making it more calm, self-assured, and susceptive to obedience and behavior training.

weighted dog vests
Weighted vests are great for getting your dog in shape!

How To Choose A Weighted Vest for Dogs?

Convinced that a weighted vest for your canine companion is something that will give them the care they so truly deserve? You are in luck! We got you covered. Find out in this section what factors you will need to consider before getting them one.


To determine the perfect and most comfortable vest size, you will have to measure the width of the broadest part of your dog’s rib cage. When we say “size,” it does not only refer to the tightness or looseness of the gear on your pet.

You have to ensure that the vest will not hurt the spinal column and the ribs. At the same time, it is supposed to fit nicely on your dog to be able to maximize its potential. Taking note of your pet’s weight is also additional helpful information.


A dog is in its developing stage if it is younger than two years. Most dogs take 6 to 18 months to grow, while some larger breeds take up to 24 months. The age factor is undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider. A dog weighted vest can injure and distress any dog at an early age.

The weights that come with the vest can hinder your pet’s bones and muscles to naturally mature and strengthen as required. To avoid possible impediments, it is also advisable to slowly introduce the vest even when your dog is two years old or older. Slowly but surely is vital.


Anything new and unknown to your dog can cause uneasiness. A weight vest, for example. It is essential to choose the product that has sufficient padding to help your dog adjust to the feeling of the vest across its chest to its back.

Aside from comfortability, paddings can also protect your dog’s bones, organs, and skin from lacerations and injuries caused by tight and unbearable clothing. But remember, too much of everything is unpleasant, too! So make sure there is just enough to keep your beloved pet safe and cozy.

dog weighted vests padding
Choose a dog vest with enough padding.

Extra Pockets

The pockets around a weighted vest for dogs create a considerable impact on their comfort and health. The secret is to establish what purpose the vest should serve. Weights carried in each pocket adds load onto your pet’s backs and bellies. Therefore, they should only be holding what they need.

Some trainers prefer more pockets for dogs that need to lose a lot of weight. Additional pockets are also used for canines that call for behavioral correction and anxiety management. It all boils down to the level of training or help a certain dog needs. If the physical or psychological matter is relatively minor, there is no reason to look for a dog weight vest with more pockets.

Now, why don’t we peek at 5 of the top-rated weighted vests for dogs? Who knows, you might see one that catches your attention!

5 Best Weighted Vests for Dogs

We would not leave you hanging. Here you will find the five most recommended dog weighted vests and why we’re endorsing them to you. We hope that this list will assist you in finding only the foremost vest for your sweet pet.

1. OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest

The OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest is made of 1000D nylon to withstand water, dirt, and wearing away. It comes with three multifunction pouches for carrying essentials such as medical kits, water, dog food, and more. This vest also takes pride in its double grab handles for maximum control of your canine companion.

For starters, the delivery of this vest is quick and secure. Most people had theirs delivered within two to three days. The vest also extends to the back end of the dog and makes it easier to keep track of its whereabouts. Its heavy-duty pouches are also well-liked, especially by constant travelers.

On the contrary, the OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest’s belly straps can be a bit tricky. When the bands fit perfectly standing up, they are too tight on the dog when it sits, and vice versa. This vest could also use some more paddings in the chest area to prevent sores on dogs that use the gear often.

2. Xdog Weight & Fitness Vest for Dogs

Are you looking for a weighted dog vest that follows the shape of your dog’s body even with weights? The Xdog Weight & Fitness Vest for Dogs is the gear for that. This vest’s pockets hold sand or pellets as weights, shying away from the usual metal weights that can be dangerous for your pet. Get this, and it is also waterproof!

There have been no known injuries by this vest. Thanks to its famous body-molding feature! Traveling and moving around a lot has been more manageable as well because the weights do not tend to carry a dog’s body down. Owners who have used this on their dogs also agree that their pets’ stamina has been amazing ever since!

But, the Xdog Weight & Fitness Vest could use some more durable material to lengthen the life span of the product. Some owners found their dog’s vest ripped and slightly torn after a few runs and rolls on the ground. The zippers and the belly strap could use some improvement, as well.

3. ZELUS Weighted Vest

The ZELUS Weighted Vest is ideal for the athletic type. It has adjustable buckle straps to hug the body according to your liking. It has built-in durable pockets for your essentials, and double stitches to prevent leaks and quick wearing away.

Its shoulder-clasping ability is something to applaud. The ZELUS Weighted Vest is also a great match for bulkier and taller body types.

That said, this vest would appeal more to customers if it had more sizing options. It does not fit well for smaller customers. Therefore, causing the vest to unnecessarily shift positions whole working out. It can be helpful to look into catering all body types, forms, and height.

4. Canine Weight Set Full Body Weighted Dog Vest

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Comfort and results – this is what Canine Weight Set Full Body Weighted Dog Vest takes great pleasure in. This product comes with built-in paddings under its weight pockets to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort while gaining strength. Its pockets are also located on the outside to promote balance and coordination.

The vest’s straps are easily adjustable to give your dog the proper fit. The material of the vest is also durable and easy to clean. As a bonus, this weighted dog vest will arrive at your doorstep with sand packs for weights!

Although the material and the results are excellent and competitive, the Canine Weight Set Full Body Dog Weighted Vest can still upgrade one thing – its straps or belts. Several owners have noticed the vest tilting to one side quite a few times. That is something to enhance. But overall, it works!

5. RUFFWEAR – Approach Pack

The RUFFWEAR – Approach pack is a saddlebag-inspired dog weighted vest. It has padded handles and an integrated harness for flawless control of your furry friend, and pouches that can conveniently carry essentials for a more enjoyable training and travels for both the dog and human.

To add to that, in low visibility areas, worry no more! This vest’s reflective trim allows owners to keep an eye on their dogs easily. The zippers and pouches on this backpack-inspired vest are reliable for hiking and long walks, as well. The product has also proven itself long-lasting, even after a year of regular use.

Be careful with the sizing, though. You have to carefully take note of your canine companion’s exact measurements before placing that order. Some customers have had problems with the extra small size not fitting well on their dogs.

are weighted vests good for dogs
Weighted vests are beneficial to dogs.

Weighted Vests for Dogs – FAQs

We do know that all you want is to be a hundred percent certain about the things you use on your furry family members. We are very happy to include a list of the frequently asked questions about dog weighted vests to help you decide. Ready to read more? Let’s go!

Are Weighted Vests Good for Dogs?

Weighted vests are excellent training and fitness gear for your dog, with the right mindset and execution, of course. There are numerous areas a dog can be better at with a weighted dog vest, such as weight management, trigger response control, and muscle endurance.

It is an exceptional tool in keeping your pet in shape and amazingly sharp. Put together a perfectly sized vest, the right amount of weights and padding, a dog that is ready to learn and play, and a human that wants nothing but the best for their companion, and you will have great results.

Are Weighted Vests Worth It?

The worth of a weighted vest depends on how you look at the situation. Some owners believe that they can give their pets everything this vest provides, and that is commendable. There are dog parents that are more comfortable and reasonably capable of being their dog’s trainer and teacher.

Meanwhile, some people do not have enough time to spend getting their dogs to exercise and learn better behavior. In this case, a weighted backpack can be a good investment. The bottom line is, whether you think you do or don’t need one, your pet’s overall health is a priority.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Dog Vest be?

Weighted dog vests vary in size and heaviness, there is no “one size fits all.” The weight should be based primarily on how big your dog is, and how broad their chest is. These vests do not usually come with pocket weights, as well. Pocket weights are added or reduced depending on the severity of an issue.

Let us use two dogs as an example. Both dogs are above the normal weight recommended for their breed. The first dog is twice its normal weight, and the other is thrice its recommended weight. Who needs more pocket weights in this situation? Yes, the second dog needs more to lose more!

What are Weighted Dog Vests Filled with?

Several different things can fill a weighted vest for dogs. Most vests are filled with paddings to help a dog adjust to it. Paddings are like little pillows designed to help put dogs at ease with the gear and guarded against probable injuries.

Also, sand, miniature weight plates, and the like, can load up a weighted dog vest. The intention is to put more pressure onto the canine’s body for muscular and psychological gains.

Both the paddings and weights are alterable to the trainer or the owner’s liking. A dog’s overall health necessity may change over time. Thus, the weighted vest allowing modifications along the way.

This part is where we give you the power to choose. The to-know checklist before getting a vest for your dog and our most recommended dog weighted vests, are yours for the taking. No matter what you decide, what counts most is the love and care you give, so your dog can live a happier and healthier life. Well then, good luck!