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Raw Dog Food Delivery – Services and Cost

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Published on
Wednesday 6 November 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
raw dog food delivery services (review)
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Raw dog food is a healthy and safe option for your dog’s everyday meals. Store-bought kibble is not as healthy. They are full of additives and preservatives that can take a toll on your dog’s health in the long run. However, raw dog food delivery services make lives easier for dog owners.

Food delivery services are not limited to us humans anymore. You can order homemade, fresh meals for your pup as well. This can be a healthy option for your dog and gives you the ease of having high-quality food at your doorstep.

The fresh food keeps your dog healthier and happier. You don’t have to worry about stocking up and can instantly get proper meal plans each day. Delivery services for raw dog food also source their raw materials from fresh and organic suppliers.

What is Raw Dog Food Delivery Service?

Raw dog food delivery services involve an e-commerce platform for ordering a range of different meals for your dog. This is an excellent option for your dog. You can order whole meals, snacks, or even treats.

Companies like Ollie, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Pet Plate provide premium services and top-quality homemade food for dogs. Some meal plans involve chicken, sausages, and pork while some days, freshly baked vegetables are on the menu.

The meals are designed to create a balanced diet for your dog, which is not only healthy but something they can enjoy. What is great about them, is the added convenience of delivery. These fresh meals are prepared on order and brought right to you.

This eliminates the hassle of going to the store, getting heavy bags of kibble and hoping that they suit your dog’s taste. Store-bought kibble contains many preservatives to give it a long shelf life. They also involve artificial colors and flavors.

A delivery service for raw dog food replaces store-bought kibble. You can order it whenever you need and can pre-plan meal plans for the week or month. This way you don’t need to order it every day, the meal plan comes to you accordingly!

Consumers can also save a lot more money on pre-planned meal options. Another great option is, if you don’t want to have a month’s supply, you have the option of ordering a meal individually as a treat.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food Delivery

Raw dog food is always an excellent option for your dog. It is healthy and a great alternative to off-the-rack processed dog food. Delivery service for raw dog food is an added benefit as well.

Many raw dog food delivery services offer a variety in their menus. They consist of a balanced meal plan. You are to find vegetables, meats, and a healthy dessert. The meals provide your dog with the nutrients they require.

You will find a fair share of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates present on the plate. Moreover, this gives your dog exciting options to explore from every day. In addition to that, they don’t have to eat the same store-bought kibble every day.

Users appreciate the variety these platforms provide with. One of the user’s states “We loved everything from the ordering process and shipment (including funny marketing materials on every box) to the high quality and tasty recipes.”

Flexible Delivery Time

The great thing about delivery services for raw dog food is the delivery time. It offers a hassle-free delivery option where you can order in advance of your dog’s lunch or dinner time. The food comes to you in an hours’ time.

Moreover, you do not have to stock up on store-bought food for the month either. You have the convenient option of ordering online and getting fresh homemade food delivered right on your doorstep.

You Can Plan Ahead

Another great service delivery service for dogs offers is schedules delivery and monthly subscriptions. It allows dog owners to order food well in advance and not have to worry about arranging fresh food every day.

Moreover, if you plan to travel and are worried about your dog’s meals, then getting a weekly or monthly subscription plan is ideal for you. It allows you to plan ahead and saves you’re the time and effort of arranging food every day.

Guaranteed Fresh

Delivery services for dog food prepare you to order when you place it. Similar to how most restaurant services operate. Hence, this way they ensure that the food is made fresh and there is no wastage involved in the process.

The ingredient batches usually arrive daily in the morning and these companies do not stock up on food inventory for weeks ahead. This ensures that the food is healthy and safe for your dog to consume.

Their many users who express their satisfaction regarding the freshness of ingredients. One satisfied user states, “The food is delivered to my doorstep, the instructions for each recipe are easy to follow, and the meals are healthy for us.”

Dogs enjoy fresh and clean ingredients much more than store-bought kibble. Furthermore, it is healthy for the dog’s immune system, coat, and teeth. Kibble tends to dehydrate the animal often. Fresh raw food is an excellent alternative to it.

Vet Sara Dodd, who is a dog owner herself commented on how the freshness of homemade dog food is unbeatable. “My dog’s energy level is amazing, his coat is gorgeous, and he ALWAYS cleans his bowl.”

Evidently, dogs enjoy the delicious flavors of the freshly prepared recipes. It provides them with nutritional and good health!

Saves Time & Effort

One of the most compelling benefits that come along with a delivery service for raw dog food is how much time, and effort is saved. Dog owners can enjoy a hassle-free experience of arranging fresh and organic food for their dogs.

There is no need to visit your local supermart or stock up bags of kibble that are not only unhealthy for your dog but do not beat the freshness and taste of organic raw dog food. Delivery services also offer services like everyday meal plans and monthly subscriptions.

In addition to this, you can subscribe for the month and have your food delivered to you daily. It saves money and gives the best your dog deserves. Moreover, there are nutritional guides and calories counts with every meal.

It can help keep track of what your dogs eat and whether or not they are getting their required nutritional intake. There is no need to choose, prepare, or pack food for your dog.

Moreover, it is also a convenient option for when you are traveling or are out of town. You can pre-arrange fresh food for your dog’s caretake. So, they get the best even in your absence.

price and convenience of raw dog food delivery services
Raw dog food being delivered to your door, weekly or monthly, is kind of a dream. But it comes at a high price tag.


Delivery services for raw dog food can vary in terms of the pricing options offered. They have plans that allow you to purchase food individually (for the day) or weekly and monthly pre subscription plans that will enable you to get automatic deliveries accordingly.

Moreover, weekly plans can range anywhere around $30 to $60. Some of them offer vegetarian options with three different recipes each week. While recipes containing meat are more on the pricier side, that can cost anywhere around $60 to $90 for a weekly supply.

One of the best dog food delivery services, Blue apron, costs $95 for three different recipes and a food supply for one week. The delivery service NomNomNow creates a meal plan for your dog for as low as $30 a week as well.

Common Issues with Raw Dog Food Delivery Services

While the meals provided by pet food delivery services are of much higher quality, they are not void of problems. Mostly three problems will quickly arise: cost, storage, and the transition.



One of the common issues with raw dog food delivery services is that it is pricier than store-bought food. Most dog owners go for kibble because it is a cheaper option. However, raw dog food delivery can cost anywhere around $30 to $100.

A week’s worth of supply can even get expensive if you have multiple dogs around the house. Another con is how these delivery services mostly offer frozen meals. These meals can lack nutritional value, and they are packaged in heavy plastic wrapping.


Delivered meals require a lot of storage and might take up a lot of space in your freezer. Most times, the plastic packaging is not just tricky to store but not eco-friendly either. You might find yourself opening and discarding plastic boxes and covers every week.

Beyond storability, convenience is taking a hit. Do you want to receive the delivery weekly or monthly? Can you keep all of that fresh? What about the expiry dates? It is a lot more logistics to consider – but the quality is higher, indeed!


Needless to say, the transition from kibble to organic raw food is difficult and may take time to get used to the process. Depending on what your dog was originally fed (perhaps for years), they may find it difficult to switch to a new diet.

If you are receiving frozen raw meals for dogs, expect some upset stomachs, diarrhea, and vomiting. Gradually increase the new food’s quantity, and decrease the old food’s quantity. That way, your dog’s digestive system transitions slowly but safely. If you notice a lot of side effects and sickness, slow the process down or even stop it completely and check with a vet.

This advice is not specific to dog food delivery services, but to any switch in your dog’s food.

To conclude, raw dog food delivery services are an ideal option for dog owners who are desperately looking to replace kibble in their dog’s diet. It might be a little more costly, although it is worth the fresh, organic ingredients that maintain your dog’s diet.

Lastly, this fresh food allows them to have a balance of nutrition through natural ingredients and enjoy the deliciousness of fresh homemade raw dog food.

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