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8 Fresh Dog Food Delivery – Services, Costs, Benefits, Drawbacks & FAQs

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Published on
Saturday 29 August 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
fresh dog food delivery
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A fresh dog food delivery can be ordered just like a grocery shop. The ease of getting fresh dog food delivered straight to your house can be incredibly useful for multiple reasons.

If you are elderly and struggle to get to the shops for your pup, then this easy delivery saves you the hassle and prevents a worry. Maybe you work long hours and don’t have time to pick up good quality dog food. Or perhaps you just want high-quality product delivered fresh and regularly? Regardless of your motivation, there are so many benefits about fresh food deliveries for dogs for you to consider.

Why Choose Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services?

The main influence of purchasing fresh dog food is the quality of the ingredients. There are growing concerns with online and pet shop sold dog food because of their ingredients and contents. Whether it be the worry of meat from low-quality sources or unnecessary and even harmful percentages of different nutrients, it plays on our minds. When ordering fresh dog food deliveries, you know that the ingredients are of the highest quality for your pup. Furthermore, the fresher the ingredients, the more tasty and moist for your dog!

If the brilliant contents and health benefits from these products don’t convince you, then consider the benefits for you. No longer will you have to worry about running to the store just before closing time because you have run out of dog food. These services can be scheduled for weekly or monthly deliveries depending on what you need. This means you decide and know exactly when your delivery will arrive. So you can order it just before you run out of the previous delivery. This tied with the convenience for those that struggle to leave the house or do so during opening store times allows many different owners to benefit from this service.

8 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Here are the top eight delivery services for fresh dog food to consider. Check out their recipes, prices, and ingredients.

best fresh dog food delivery
There are many fresh dog food delivery services you can choose from!

1. Pet Plate

With personalized meals for your dog’s needs, Pet Plate truly puts your pup’s health and needs first. With the influence of Dr. Renee Streeter as the local vet nutritionist, you can be sure that the ingredients are sourced ethically. Not only this, but the percentage of each food group will be properly calculated.

These mixes are stacked full of vitamins and minerals with the AAFCO supported nutrition profiles for dogs of different life stages. This means that whether you own a puppy or an elderly pooch, Pet Plate will craft a perfectly tailored meal for your dog.

Many reviews adore this service. Owners brag how even their pickiest pooch licks the bowl clean with every pet plate meal. Furthermore, buyers have mentioned noticing positive changes in their pet’s energy and health from increased mobility to healthier stools. However, some say that the price is a little too much for the smaller quantities provided though.

2. Nom Nom Now

Nom Nom Now is a food provision service for both dogs and cats. They advertise that every single meal is developed by Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM along with their influence over portion control for each pup. Not only do they make tailored meals, but also treats, and supplements! This site has everything your dog could need for a good digestive system.

There are four main meals to choose from: Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Port Potluck, and Turkey Fare. So if your dog has a protein allergy to a specific meat type, don’t fret, there are options to choose from. With their in-depth research on gut health and controlling obesity, these mixes have considered everything.

The reviews for Nom Nom Now are exceedingly positive. From social media presentations of videos and comments to posted reviews, every source recommends this brand. However, no negative reviews have been visibly published on the website, so we cannot evaluate it for pros and cons.

3. Ollie

The US-made brand Ollie has a delivery time of just two days with free delivery as well! Each dog has a personalized plan based on their ” age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight”, these contributing factors allow a healthy, tasty, and appropriate portion of dog food for your pup to thrive.

The ingredients provided are high-quality and human-grade. You don’t have to worry about your dog not getting their required nutrients or having unhealthy by-products with this site. With the combinations of fruit, vegetables, and superfoods, your dog is sure to gain coat and energy benefits in no time.

Ollie offers healthy alternatives that reviews adore. With owners bragging that their dogs have benefited in their health and energy levels. However, multiple users have commented that their dog has not enjoyed the taste. Therefore, you may need to know your dog’s taste preferences before making an order.

4. The Farmer’s Dog

The farmer’s dog describes it’s products as smarter, healthier dog food. With its vet-approved and human-grade food, it’s no wonder dogs adore this mix. As this mix is made fresh, no nutrients are compromised and the food is rich in health benefits for all areas of the dog’s well being.

These personalized plans allow the farmer’s dog to eliminate any allergens or unnecessarily increased percentages of dog food groups. The quality of this food is so high, they actually test it on humans! The calorie intake for each packet sent out is different, so it can be properly tailored for the needs of every dog.

With over ten million meals served, we have a lot of reviews to evaluate. However, nearly every review is positive and boasts of health benefits, money-saving from fewer vet bills, and a dog that adores their meals! A noted negative of this site is that there is not a current option to mark down any allergens your dog may have.

5. Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango have a proprietary algorithm to determine the perfect meal plan for your dog. These meals are delivered straight to your door and just require you to defrost them. With no preservatives, artificial
additives, or fillers, this mix truly is a health boost.

Their mixes are all made from twelve ingredients with no additives, nothing else! Their fresh recipes include: Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, and Lamb & Brown Rice. You may also want to consider their unkibble recipes: Duck & Salmon, Beef & Barley, and Chicken & Brown Rice.

Their reviews show confirmed buyers nearly all giving this site five stars. Whether your dog is picky, old, or has allergic reactions, Spot & Tango have a delicious meal option for them. However, this brand is a bit more expensive than some of the others on our list, but you really do get what you pay for.

6. Evermore

A site created in 2009, Evermore boasts that its products go beyond human-grade. They are very careful with their ingredients and avoid ‘meat meals, cheap by-products, fillers, additives like salt or sugar, and common allergens such as corn, wheat, and soy.’ This is truly one of the best sites for your dog if they have common dog food ingredient allergens.

There is a section on their website dedicated to the sourcing of their products, which is a great add on. You can discover that meat is only derived from animals that have been raised completely humanely. Furthermore, they are GMO and antibiotic free to offer a completely natural diet.

On evermore has a rating of five full stars! From the health benefits that the produced has show evidence towards inducing to the price. However, some users are upset with the packaging and shipping times. Packaging is not as strong as some would have liked it and the shipping time can take half a week, which is longer than some other companies.

7. Grocery Pup

Crafted by vets, Grocery Pup offers healthy alternatives to store bought meals. Not only that, but they aim to make their meals more delicious than the competition. Through human and dog tests for palatability, these foods are not only good for your dog, but your dog adores them too.

These mixes are sous-vide cooked for nearly two whole hours, this helps to retain all the nutrients in the meat and veg for your dog. They also freeze their food into patties so they can easily be stored in the freezer, taking up minimal room. It also means you can use them without the worry of a quick expiration date.

They have a review section on their page that also allows up and downvotes from other buyers. Buyers love the dog food almost as much as their pups do! Negative signs are mostly targeted towards the packaging, it is not the most attractive nor the strongest, which can cause the product to fall out.

8. I and Love and You

I and Love and You is the ultimate brand for choice. When making a purchase simply choose your options concerning: the type of dog food, product lines, flavors, allergies, and life stages. This can allow you to tailor the dog food to your individual and give you the comfort that your dog is receiving the ideal product for them.

This site also comes with an ingredient glossary that allows you to browse through every single ingredient included in these mixes. It lets you check out the vitamins and minerals supplemented from each ingredient. This can allow you to find all the benefits a mix offers your dog.

These allergy avoidant dog foods are wonderful for your sensitive pup. These mixes are sure to help an upset stomach and get your dog feeling better in no time. However, the price has risen dramatically recently and this can be quite a downside for many users.

Benefits of Using Dog Food Delivery Services

Although so many benefits come from using fresh dog food, we have summarized the main free for you to look at.


It cannot be denied that dog food deliveries add convenience to your life. You can schedule a delivery date as frequently or irregularly as you want. Therefore you can make sure you are never running out of dog food because you have a regular dog food delivery on the way. This is especially convenient for those that are elderly, don’t drive, or work long shifts. All individuals that may have a tougher time going to the store to get dog food.

You also have to appreciate the quick deliveries and how it prevents interruption to your schedule. Some orders do next day deliveries, some take three to four days, regardless, this is not a long time to wait. Especially if you schedule your deliveries so you always have enough dog food. It also means you do not have to detour while out on a shopping trip if a shop is out of your pet’s dog food. You have a guarantee to receive your pet’s ideal food when they need it.

fresh dog food delivery service schedule
Fresh dog food delivery services are very convenient.

Better Content

Although this is debatable, what we can all agree on is that dog food deliveries are often high-quality and fresh dog food. This is certainly a great content for your pup and will hold a lot more nutrients and benefits than some other dog food. But without comparing, let’s evaluate the obvious benefits of fresh dog food deliveries.

Dog food deliveries do not come with the preservatives that many dog foods on the shelf come with. As they don’t need them because they are delivered fresh. This means there are so many more nutrients in these mixes, all of which can benefit your dog’s health in a number of ways. High-quality dog food will aid your dog’s skin and coat, reducing dandruff, itching, and leading to a shiny coat. A great add on for a show-quality dog! Other benefits include energy boosts, the better quality a mix, the more a dog can digest thoroughly and use as energy.

Dogs Love the Taste

Fresher mixes are often more palatable. Also, as they are fresh, the ingredients are often tastier and dogs are far more interested! From meaty morsels covered in gravy to fresh veg, there are so many different food combinations for your pup to be interested in. From the crunchy, similar tasting packs you can buy from the shops, these can soon be boring. Whereas fresh food, as we know, is exciting and delicious.

Picky dogs are not that uncommon. It can be worrying to try to encourage your dog to eat when they are losing weight. Not only can dog deliveries target the food percentages towards your dog’s needs, such as weight gain. But they can also tailor towards your dog’s taste and allergy preferences. Eliminate any elements your dog may be allergic to whilst also adding in their favorite food. With fresh and tailored meal plans, even the pickiest dog will find these a treat.

Drawbacks of Getting Your Dog Food Delivered

Like with everything, there are drawbacks here. In order to decide if fresh dog food deliveries are for you, you need to consider the negatives and evaluate the service as a whole.


With the high-quality and human-grade ingredients, it is not a surprise that this service is more expensive. The costs go towards the tailor made plans, high-quality ingredients, shipping, and delivery costs. Therefore, they can tally up quite quickly. This can be quite a downside for those that are looking for a cheaper brand of dog food.

Delivery Wait

Unlike going to the store, you cannot get fresh dog food delivered on the same day, most take two days minimum for delivery. Therefore, if you have just run out of dog food, this can be quite inconvenient as you may have to substitute your dog with a different dog food until it arrives. Furthermore, this can cause illness and symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy. Therefore, it is up to you to monitor how regularly you need to order or update your subscription. This may take a few adjustments until you know when best to have a delivery, which can be a little frustrating.

fresh dog food delivery wait
You can’t have fresh dog food services delivered on the same day.

Fresh Dog Food Delivery – FAQs

We want to make sure that you feel confident in your new found knowledge of fresh dog food deliveries. Therefore, we have found the most answered questions on the topic and given our thoughts below.

What is the Best Fresh Food for Dogs?

This depends on your dog’s tastes, allergies, health, and life stage.

  • Taste: It is important for your dog to enjoy their food and want to eat it. If they don’t want to eat it, then what is the point?
  • Allergies: Make sure to avoid ingredients that cause an allergic reaction in your dog. This can range from hair loss to rashes on your dog’s skin
  • Health: If your dog is underweight, then you may want to consider a high-fat brand. Whereas if your dog is having loose stool, consider a high-fiber mix
  • Life stage: The percentages of different dog nutrients required by dogs varies depending on their age. Puppies require higher contents of protein and fat whereas elderly dogs often require lower. It all depends
  • Breed: The larger the dog, the more muscular, and their energy levels all influence their nutrient percentages

Is Fresh Food Really Better for Dogs?

Fresh dog food does hold a lot of benefits that many other dog foods don’t. High-quality ingredients, often human-grade, great taste, and general palatability. This increases the chance of your dog enjoying their food, benefiting from better health changes, and are less likely to get bored. The fresher the food, the more minerals, and vitamins a food is able to contain and pass to your dog. Those who can help their energy, teeth, skin, coat, and more.

What is the Best Dog Food Delivery Service?

The best dog food delivery service cannot be named because each hold their own seasoned nutritionists and professionals and care about their cause to help dog health. We have narrowed it down to the eight sites on our list, but the best service is one who puts the dog’s health first and considers all the individual’s preferences and health factors. Generalized dog foods can be harmful to those vulnerable, the more tailored and fresh a food plan is, the more a dog will benefit.

the best dog food delivery service
Every dog food delivery service has its own pros and cons.

Can I Get Dog Food Delivered?

Anyone can get dog food delivered! You just need to make sure that the site you are looking at delivers to your area. Some may be specific to certain states, whereas others have multiple branches and spread across the country. Check where each site delivers and go from there. Some even offer delivery to stores, which if you adore the product more than the ease of delivery, is definitely an option.

Compare the pros and cons of your current dog food to fresh dog food deliveries and decide what is best for you and your dog.

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