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Review: Ollie Dog Food, the Bespoke Delivery Service

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Published on
Saturday 7 March 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Ollie Dog Food Review
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Are you looking for a serious Ollie dog food review? Then you are in the right place, because we have analyzed it, weighed down the pros and cons and put everything together in a straightforward way to see if the service is what you need and expect.

Our review of Ollie’s dog food delivery service will let you know about the benefits of their food, what ingredients they use, the meal options, their best recipes, the pricing, and what other dog owners have to say about it (ratings and reviews).

Now that everything is clear, let us begin! Please note that we may get a commission from qualifying purchases.

The Story Behind Ollie

The creators of Ollie had the same concerns with their dog that many owners also share, which is their diet because if you read a typical dog food label, you will find several strange ingredients and problematic fillers like soy, which can damage your pet.

It played against their desire to make their pet live for as long as humanly and canine-ly possible because a dog needs complete, optimal nutrition to live a long and healthy life.

Therefore, they decided to make their own dog food that was also practical to store for convenience.

It was possible thanks to their work in conjunction with specialist canine nutritionists, who helped Ollie to develop state of the art cooking methods and formulas to make it easy and practical to make nutritious dog food.

That is how Ollie began, as the perfect solution for us dog owners, who want to bring their pets the best quality of life possible, whilst keeping it easy and practical.

Benefits of Ollie Dog Food

To understand why you should consider using their service, it is important to check out their unique benefits. Below, find all the advantages offered by Ollie Dog Food.

Meal Delivery Service

Ollie makes it practical to bring your dog a nutritious diet because they deliver your bespoke meal directly to your home. You can set up your own schedule, so you always receive the right diet for your dog without any effort from your end.

You will receive the meals on a flexible, regular schedule so you do not have to worry about it. It makes it easy and convenient to give your dog a nutritious diet that will make it healthy, happy and live for much longer.

Human-Grade Ingredients

With Ollie, your dogs will receive food made with the best ingredients, to bring them the highest quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Completely free from fillers such as soy, wheat, and soy, or strange ingredients that could harm the health of your dog. Such a human-grade dog food could technically be eaten by you, too.

From fresh meat sourced from family-run farms from the USA and AU to delicious veggies and fruits, along with superfoods such as chia seeds, as well as vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E.

Therefore, their food retains the natural flavor of the ingredients they use, bringing your dog a meal that is as tasty as it is nutritious.

High-Quality Proteins

This benefit deserved its own section because when compared to similar services, Ollie brings you the widest selection of high-quality proteins:

  • Beef
  • Organs meats (Beef)
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey

You should know that protein is extremely important for your dog, and therefore, it must come from the best sources, and Ollie does an excellent job here.

Bespoke Recipes

Ollie will design bespoke recipes based on the age, height, breed, weight, allergies and other factors of your dog. They will help you to choose the best sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as the optimal superfoods for your pet.

Every dog is different, and therefore, each one will have a different distribution of macronutrients and micronutrients, and Ollie handles it perfectly by bringing your dog a totally customized meal plan.

Thanks to the profile they elaborate, your dog will be able to meet all of its nutritional requirements to feel full of energy.

Made to Be Delicious

Another huge advantage of ordering from Ollie is that their food tastes amazing. Which, in turn, means your dog will eat it in no time. It all comes thanks to the human-grade ingredients they use, which make the meals tasty from beginning to end.

Furthermore, since the meals are customized to your dog, Ollie will help you to choose that the breed of your dog likes the most, which will make the experience even better.

Therefore, you will have no waste, because chances are that your dog will eat every single bit, and that is what dog owners report.

Full Disclosure

They let you know exactly what they have added to every meal, and therefore, they all include a complete AAFCO nutrient profile, so you can check the ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as all the ingredients they have used when preparing the recipe.

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Price & Cost

As you can see, it is different from your average dog food. Ollie takes things way further by bringing your dog bespoke, convenient and high-quality nutrition. Below, find all the details about the costs.

Subscription Fee

The Ollie dog food cost will vary depending on the size of your dog and portions you would like to feed it. For example, for small dogs like the Pug and the Chihuahua, the prices start at $2 dollars per day, whereas bigger dogs will have to pay more, being the average $6 dollars per day.

Therefore, your subscription fee will vary depending on the requirements of your pet.

For example, if you have a 55-pound dog subscribed to the All Ollie plan, which consists of 14 meals a week, it will cost you between $59 and $66 USD, which equals to $9 to $10 USD a day.

Alternatively, a smaller dog like a Cocker Spaniel that can weigh as little as 15 pounds, will cost you between $28 to $32 USD per week, which translates to $4 to $5 USD a day.

It is not necessarily cheap, but for the amount and quality of nutrition they bring you, the price is quite fair.

Now that you have an idea of how much it will cost you, you should go ahead and visit their website to receive a personalized plan, so you can receive a quotation for your dog.

Shipping Fee

Fortunately, Ollie ships your dog food for free. You will receive your meals on time without an additional charge because everything is already included in the cost of your subscription. Furthermore, they deliver right to your food, making it extremely convenient.

Ollie Dog Food Coupons

My Ollie subscription allows you to get 50% off your very first box of dog food.

Ollie Pet Food – FAQ

ollie dog food delivery service (guide and FAQ)
Ollie’s dog food delivery service – our guide and FAQ!

The answers to the most common questions dog lovers are asking about Ollie’s fresh dog food delivery service.

Is ollie dog food raw?

Ollie dog food is not raw because they cook it at low heat to converse the flavor and nutritional value of their human-grade ingredients. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will receive dog food that has already been cooked under high-quality standards and with methods developed by expert canine nutritionists.

Is Ollie dog food organic?

Ollie sources their ingredients from family-run farms, and therefore, they are organic, natural and full of nutritional value. For example, their chicken is hormone-free and their lamb comes from free-farms in the USA and Australia. They hold the same standards for their sources of beef and turkey.

Regarding vegetables and fruits, they also ensure it to obtain them from the best sources. Nonetheless, their primary focus is on the meat, because it is the primary source of nutrition for your pet.

Where is ollie dog food prepared?

The Ollie food good is prepared in a USDA-regulated center in Pennsylvania, where they also take care of cooking it at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients. Furthermore, they hold the highest standards of quality in their center.

To ensure the high quality of their meals, and differentiate themselves from conventional dog food, they prepare and cook their food in small batches.

Are Ollie dog food recipes grain-free?

Ollie brings you the option to receive grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes, which they will help you to choose based on the needs and alimentary sensitivities and allergies of your dog. Nonetheless, grains are rather a complement in the recipes that include them, because the main focus is on high-quality meat.

You will be able to choose grain-free recipes when personalizing the meal plan for your dog, to bring it the best nutrition possible.

What types of ingredients does Ollie use in their recipes?

Their main focus is on high-quality protein and they bring you four options: beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken. They source it from the free-range farms in the United States and Australia, to bring your dog the best quality of this macronutrient.

Regarding vegetables and fruits, they put at your disposal blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, etc. Furthermore, they also include superfoods such as chia seeds and cod liver oil.

Is Ollie dog food approved by the USDA and FDA?

Ollie dog food is approved by the USDA and FDA because their facilities meet all the standards for fabricating dog food that pass all sanitary regulations. Therefore, you can rest assured that they prepare their food under the most strict regulations and highest standards.

Can I buy Ollie’s dog food in stores?

No, you cannot buy Ollie dog food in stores because the only place where you can get it is from their official website when you get a subscription. The same goes for their snacking options, they are solely available to buy from their online store.

It is due to their standards to bring you fresh, nutritious food that is free from noxious additives that normal store dog food brands include.

How to contact Ollie’s customer service?

If you need to contact Ollie’s customer service, you can visit their Canine Support Center, which is their knowledgebase portal where you can find answers to most of your questions in a fast, practical way.

Alternatively, you can send them an email to [email protected] with your questions/concerns or give them a call to the following number: +1-844-886-5543 (from 9 AM to 7 PM ET).

How to cancel Ollie’s dog meal delivery subscription?

If you want to cancel your Ollie’s dog meal delivery subscription completely, then you only need to send them an email to [email protected] or give them a call to +1-844-886-5543.

Ollie’s Canine Care Team will take care of your request and proceed to shut down your subscription. It is rather easy, as they will only ask you a few questions and then continue to complete your cancellation.

Is Ollie dog food suitable for weight loss?

Ollie dog food is suitable for weight loss because your dog will receive the appropriate distribution of macronutrients and micronutrients, and the ideal amount of calories it needs according to its height, weight and activity level.

Furthermore, as it is free from fillers, your dog will receive the exact nutrition it needs to shed off excess body fat, retain and strengthen muscle mass and keep its energy at optimal levels, which will allow your dog to exercise more, and hence, lose even more weight.

ollie pet food deal
Ollie Pet Food Discount Deal

Ollie vs PetPlate

Now, it is time to compare Ollie against another big player in the industry, PetPlate. Below, find our entire comparison, so we can help you to pick the service that better meets your needs and expectations.


In a nutshell, Ollie starts at $2/day whereas PetPlate starts at $5/day. Therefore, you can easily tell which the most affordable option is. Furthermore, Ollie remains the winner in terms of pricing in all senses, even if your dog is as big and heavy as a Newfoundland.

One could easily say that PetPlate is more expensive because it offers higher quality, but we have to tell you that they come close in every single aspect, except for packaging, where PetPlate wins.

Therefore, from here we can tell you that Ollie wins in this aspect and in the overall value aspect as well because they bring you all the options to bring your dog a nutritious diet. However, let us show it point by point.

Variety of Recipes

Both offer you four sources of protein: Beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey. Nonetheless, Ollie brings you a wider variety of recipes because they bring you more options when it comes to secondary ingredients such as vegetables and fruits.

In addition to their main meals, Ollie also brings you the option to order snacks, something that PetPlate lacks. They will help you to add diversity in the diet of your dog and to supplement its nutrition. Here are some of the options at your disposal:

  • Savory Beef Strips
  • Sweet Potato Slices
  • Tasty Chicken Strips
  • Trusty Turkey Strips

Therefore, the winner in terms of variety is Ollie, which brings you excellent advantages because you will be able to pick the combinations that your pet likes the most, and thanks to the snacks, now you can bring your dog complete and delicious nutrition.

Quality of Ingredients

We would call it a draw because of both sourcing their meat, vegetables, and fruits from high-quality sources. Therefore, whether you order from Ollie or PetPlate, you can rest assured that you are bringing your dog a nutritious meal.

Furthermore, both companies are approved by the USDA, which ensures that they use high-quality methods to process their food.

Transition Options

Getting your dog to eat a new kind of food can be challenging, and therefore, you need to transition your pet to its new food. Ollie makes it easy by allowing you to order plans that range from 15% to 100% Ollie, to make the transition smooth for your dog.

Unfortunately, PetPlate does not offer such plans. It is either 100% or nothing, which is not a big obstacle at all, but it’d be helpful if they included the same plans as Ollie.

Therefore, the clear winner here is Ollie, because it makes the transition smooth and easy.


Both offer high-quality, recyclable packaging that protects the food and helps to preserve its flavor and moisture. Nonetheless, the winner here is PetPlate because their packaging is easier to reseal, so you can store the food with ease. Ollie offers it as well, but PetPlate has made it much easier.


Unless the packaging and more specifically the resealing is a huge concern for you, you can easily see that Ollie is a much better deal in terms of price, quality, variety and transition options.

Therefore, our verdict is clear, you should choose Ollie pet food because they are an excellent-value option that will help you to take the nutrition of your pet to the next level.

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