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Talking With Von Ruelmann Rottweilers About Their Dog Breeding

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Published on
Wednesday 13 May 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Interviewing Von Ruelmann Rottweilers
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Von Ruelmann Rottweilers is a respected name in the history of top quality Rottweilers breeding. We ask Bob Bolognesi some questions about his vision of modern dog breeding and the direction Rottweiler breeding is evolving towards.

Please introduce yourself and your dog breeding.

Bob & Suzie Bolognesi, four decades of German Rottweiler breeding excellence respected worldwide. Our rottweiler puppy breeding program is based on superior german breeding techniques over 100 years old. Utilizing these techniques allows us to produce superior rottweiler puppies for the home, show or sport.

Generations of our Rottweiler bloodlines can be seen in pedigrees around the world. Our world champion stud force is unmatched in the world, together with our top breeding females we produce the ultimate German Rottweiler puppy.


We are one of the most experienced import, show and breeding Rottweiler kennels in america. Our accomplishments speak for themselves in the American Kennel Club, Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub, United States Rottweiler Club and Fédération Cynologique Internationale venues around the world. We are the innovators of the German Rottweiler breeding technique in America.

Why did you want to breed dogs in the first place? Is it a hobby, a business?

We fell in love with the magnificent breed from the moment we saw them. It has been our passion ever since. We consider it both a hobby and a business due to the shear expense of maintaining high quality and the expense involved in importing some of Germany’s most renowned breeding, show and working dogs.

Is it your only source of income or do you have another job?

We are both very involved in the 24-hour care it takes to maintain our standard of excellence. Especially with our litters, they require 24hr care, between general maintenance for health and lots and lots of socialization. Preparing for shows and everyday exercise is a full time job 24/7, 365 days a year.

We do not control our spendings — no expense is ever spared. If it needs to get done, it does. That is just part of the financial commitment you make as a breeder.

Why Rottweilers over any other breed?

Loyalty. Beauty. Intelligence. We love a dog that can be a loyal guardian of the family and be your best friend and also have so many workability traits.


Rottweilers do scare some people off, is it easy to be a breed such a controversial breed?

It is not hard as long as people are properly educated about the breed. Education is first and foremost with everyone we talk to. We spend many hours of conversation with each and every person that has questions about owning this wonderful breed.

One of the biggest misconceptions other breeders and owners have is probably that they are an aggressive breed. Not understanding, like all other breeds, that when bred and socialized properly they are the most wonderful breed to own.

Any medical conditions affecting Rottweilers?

The health issues are not different than any others breeds we all have them, that is why quality breeders should do proper health testing before they breed their dogs.

Daily exercise whether running around the yard playing ball, going for walks or hiking. They are a working breed and they love stimulation. Carting, herding and schutzhund are just a few of the activities you can do with your Rottweiler.

Rottweiler exercising and working.
Rottweiler exercising and working.

We also prepare our own quality food to insure our dogs maintain the best optimum health, most people should do the same to prevent their dogs from having to cope with the consequences of an unhealthy diet.

What do you tell those who say dog breeding should become ultra-regulated to empty dog rescue shelters?

Rottweiler Dog From Von Ruelmann Bob Bolognesi
Stunning Rottweiler From VR Rottweilers

We are finding that education of the public on breeding purebred rottweilers is very important. Money hungry breeders that breed poor quality dogs and puppy mills still exist. Animal shelters will always exist and we have a lot of very awesome people who work in rescue. The problem is slowly getting fixed as the public is a lot more and better education on not making their purchase from these people.

Many shelters warn about breeding an over-muscular Rottweiler…

A quality breeder will breed within the standard of the breed, the standard helps to ensure a healthy dog.

How did you find your first puppy owners, and how is your marketing now?

Word of mouth and referrals at first, back in the day before the internet magazine advertisements were another way.

Always answer your phone, customer service is #1. We encourage all of our buyers to please call us no matter what the reason. Breeder support 24/7 is what we offer as part of what people get when they purchase a rottweiler from us.

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers Banner
Banner of Von Ruelmann Rottweilers Breeder

Nowadays, we are present on several Rottweiler forums and groups to promote the breed. It is 100% important because it allows people to do proper research before making a purchase of their next family member they may have for up to 15 years.

Any advice you would give to newcomers in the dog breeding indsutry?

Make sure you have the proper amount of time it takes to raise and breed these dogs and be prepared for whatever may come along financially. Staying close to a mentor is a must.

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