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Dachshund Interview w/ Doreen Biasi From AKC Dachshund NY

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Published on
Sunday 1 May 2016
Last updated on
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Dachshund Interview Doreen Biasi From AKCDachshundNY
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We have received over email a note and we thought we should include it here as this interview was published almost a decade ago.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office


February 8th, 2023

Davenport, NY- Today, Sheriff Craig S. DuMond announced the arrest of two Davenport, NY women following an investigation into reports of animal neglect. On December 30th, 2022 Delaware County Sheriff Deputies, received a complaint of a possible animal abuse/neglect involving several dogs, in the Town of Davenport. The information that was provided to the Deputies was that numerous dogs in a kennel/breeding facility were not being properly cared for to include a lack of sanitary conditions. During the course of the investigation, Deputies were provided with photographs of the conditions from within inside the residence that appeared to be consistent with a lack of care for the animals at that residence. Based on the information that was provided to the Deputies during the investigation it was determined that the neglect/ abuse allegations of these animals took place during the spring/summer of 2022.

On January 23rd, 2023 Deputies along with the Town of Davenport Dog Control Officer and Davenport Code Enforcement Officer attempted to interview/inspect the residence where the complaint took place but were denied access to the residence by the property owner.

On February 3rd, 2023 members of the Criminal Investigation’s Division made a second attempt to interview/inspect the residence where the neglect took place and were allowed access to the residence and other buildings on the property where animals were being cared for. Upon the completion and inspection there was no evidence on that day of animal abuse or neglect.
On the afternoon of February 6th, 2023 Delaware County Sheriff Deputies, arrested Doreen Biasi age 47 for one count of animal neglect a class (A) misdemeanor in violation of New York State Agriculture and Markets Law section 353 –Overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance.

On the afternoon of February 7, 2023 Delaware County Sheriff Deputies, arrested Ashley Biasi age 24 at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office for one count of animal neglect a class (A) misdemeanor in violation of New York State Agriculture and Markets Law section 353 –Overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance.
In accordance with NYS Bail Reform Legislation, Doreen and Ashley Biasi were both released on appearance tickets and are scheduled to appear at the Town of Davenport Court at a later date to answer the charges.

Speaking on the arrest, Sheriff Craig S. DuMond remarked, “everyone knows that the Sheriff’s Office takes animal neglect and/or abuse cases very seriously. We work tirelessly to protect the most vulnerable in our communities, to include defenseless animals. In regard to this particular case, if the photos taken during the spring and summer of 2022 were provided immediately, additional charges could have been filed. The public is always encouraged to notify us of these cases immediately so that we may take immediate and appropriate action”.

Doreen Biasi, along with her daughter currently studying to be a vet tech, and her sons who help tremendously—breeds standard and miniature Dachshunds.

With over a decade of experience with Dachshund breeding, AKCDachshundNY teaches you about color, coat, training, food, health care, and the breed in itself. Doreen is always happy to pick up your call and discuss the breed and even sometimes change your opinion on getting a mix.

Let’s dive into this great interview and learn some valuable pieces of information throughout!

doreen biasi dachshund breeder
Doreen Biasi with one of her Dachshunds.

Please introduce yourself and how you fell in love with breeding Dachshunds.

My name is Doreen Biasi. I started AKCDachshundNY about a decade ago. I fell in love with the Dachshund breed as a child and when I wanted my own puppy there were only pet stores that sold them. I didn’t want to get a puppy mill dog. I wanted to meet the parents, see the pedigrees, etc.

So I decided to start my own breeding program for dachshund lovers like me. It took a while and a whole lot of reading and learning about the breed to choose my dogs. I wanted to be able to answer any question someone might ask. I wanted to be an expert in my field…

This is very difficult but every day I connect with excellent breeders and learn more and more. I found a reputable dachshund breeders and puppies for sale group on Facebook for this purpose: to push out the competitive cut-throat money-hungry breeders, and start an educational group to learn from and sell to. It’s been wonderfully successful.

Basset Hound vs Dachshund, what are the major differences?

You are dealing with 2 entirely different breeds here. The Basset Hound is much larger and slower in my opinion, although grooming needs aren’t very demanding, exercise to stay healthy is.

The Basset is also much more stubborn and harder to train whereas the dachshund is easily adaptable. The Basset has a much lower energy level. The look of the dog is completely different. Aside from the long spine and hound group I don’t see them at all similar, however, the Basset is not my specialty, the Dachshund is. So I can’t be confident in my analysis without further research. I am basing this solely on the ones I have met.

What are Dachshunds bred for (in the past, and in today’s world)?

Dachshund means badger dog in German and that is what they were originally bred to do. Hunt badgers.

Today people use them for duck hunting as well. But mostly they purchase a Dachshund for its ever-popular comical personality. The size, the look, and the loyalty of this breed, plus the fact that it comes in so many color and coat varieties makes it very easy to fall in love with.

People are often bragging about the fact that you cannot own just one. They are addictive little creatures who steal your heart at first glance.

dachshund puppy
How can you resist that little Dachshund puppy?

What’s your opinion on Dachshunds bred to an ever-shrinking size to answer the public’s demand for “smaller dogs”?

The idea of shrinking the breed is hotly controversial.

On one hand, with the emphasis being placed on spinal cord injuries, a smaller dog to carry up the stairs and on your furniture is a plus. However, the personality of the elegant and almost durable standard is unparalleled. Give me a long coat female standard over a mini smooth any day of the week!

But everyone has their own judgment, preference, and taste. I do believe going under 5 lbs grown to attempt to create a toy is really an insult to the breed!

How do you plan upcoming breeding and find the right matching mating partners?

When I plan to breed, I take into account several factors.

  1. Pedigree — this is the most important tool in any respectable dog breeding program! You must know what the possibilities are before you produce!
  2. Complementarity — what do I need to do to produce my perfect puppy? Do I need a stud with a better head for a certain female? For example a female with shorter legs to correct this… Are there any recessive colors that may produce?
  3. Weight — I always want to avoid a costly and painful C-section that could retire my bitch early so the weight does matter a lot.
  4. Color & Pattern — what is it my program is lacking that I can produce myself with my own trusted lines?
  5. Demand — what is in demand at the moment for maximum rehoming potential?


Personally, I refuse to line breed dogs: to me, it is the equivalent of dog inbreeding. This is difficult again if you don’t read and truly understand your pedigrees.

Many chocolate and cream Dachshunds come from one very popular background, Longdox’s Plum Crazy For Your Love. It is the same thing with the English Creams, it seems like Sniffentells Cream Of The Crop dropped his semen on every doorstep in America at one point.

How important and credible are USDA, Human Society, AKC, and Vet inspections of breeding facilities? Many argue these are the same rules that allow large-scale breeding facilities?

Inspections are important but I think it’s the inspectors that we need to examine.

Yes, there are larger facilities, and with proper help and attention, that’s okay. But places like Missouri and Texas that breed more than 1 type of dog and have over 100 over them, that’s when it’s more of a factory, and certainly not a responsible breeding program.

The USDA should limit this. No more than 20 bitches at any given time period! No more than 2 separate breeds at any given time… This would protect the consumer and more importantly the breed itself. It’s the inspector’s discretion that really needs to be examined and trained further.

How can dog breeders keep on breeding dogs responsibly while not losing money, is it even possible?

It’s very possible, we raise our prices to absorb the costs of a responsible program. The problem with this I think is that in today’s economy, with so many unlicensed breeders being overlooked and unpenalized, it makes sales difficult unless like me you have built an amazing reputation. With over 19 pages of happy homes, we have an excellent reputation with 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Word of mouth and education about the breed are always our finest assets. That’s why we must protect them at all costs by committing to produce only the best and standing by our sales. It’s the backyard breeders that give us all a bad name.

People will pay for quality if you educate them on the importance of it. Just because you don’t plan on breeding or showing your pet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the quality and bloodlines of one that can. Usually, the more you spend in the beginning (disregarding pet stores and color factories who mix), the healthier your companion and the less you spend on vet bills later on. Invest in the best.

russian dachshund stud
A Russian import stud-to-be to ensure new external blood and better future lines.

What decides you between two amazing potential homes for your last puppy available? What makes you really tick?

When deciding between homes, I assess the home…

Children, pets, experience, and whether they are close so I can keep in contact. I want to know my puppy will be safe. That you are committed. That you have time for him or her, and that she will not be in any danger when she leaves me. I want to know you will send photos and updates. You have a solid marriage so the puppy isn’t going to be craigslisted in a divorce.

I want to know you understand everything you need to know about your puppy should you decide later on to breed. I want to know that you have no second thoughts or regrets. And that you are the right fit for my puppies’ personality.

What are the mistakes most Dachshund breeders do today and how they can fix them?

The biggest mistake I see in dachshund breeders is mixing patterns. Every time I see a dapple piebald, I want to scream. If you cannot register it correctly it should not be bred. So many dishonest puppy mills try to pass off a double dapple as a dapple pie to hide the health issues…

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And now the latest fad of blues and blue-based that is causing an insane amount of alopecia in Isabella-colored and chocolate Dachshunds because of this. They are not being honest with the buyer in explaining the risks. They continue to breed these colors knowing the risk. It saddens me greatly that newbies are more interested in producing what they think as “rare” for the top dollar rather than quality.

All of that, without any consequence from these inspectors. I’m sorry but if the USDA visits and sees your blue bitch is bald, they should have the right to order a spay! Same thing if you are breeding double dapples, they should find you.

Another mistake has to do with breeders claiming CKC and APRI are as good as the American Kennel Club. And of course cross-breeding! Cookies for example, what is the basis for this when a wire Dachshund is already hypoallergenic? Are we trying to increase liver shunt and seizures with a new unimproved hybrid?

AKCDachshundNY Award
“We have won many contests.” Doreen Biasi

What are the common medical issues affecting Dachshunds and how to screen them?

Well, the double dapples are prone to blindness and deafness, and many are being born without eyes! The aforementioned coat colors have alopecia and constant dry skin.

Some dachshunds have progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which you can test for in advance to avoid early blindness. There is the issue of spinal injuries due to the size and shape of the beloved dachshund. A liver shunt is higher in wire coats.

Lastly, what decides you between two amazing potential homes for your last puppy available? What makes you really tick?

When deciding between homes, I assess the home…

Children, pets, experience, if they are near so I can keep in contact. I want to know my puppy will be safe. That you are committed. That you have time for him or her, and that she will not be in any danger when she leaves me. I want to know you will send photos and updates. You have a solid marriage so the puppy isn’t going to be craigslisted in a divorce.

I want to know you understand everything you need to know about your puppy should you decide later on to breed. I want to know that you have no second thoughts or regrets. And that you are the right fit for my puppies’ personality.

We love to talk to Dachshund and educate you so call anytime whether you are a new breeder who needs a midwife or a client.

22 comments on “Dachshund Interview w/ Doreen Biasi From AKC Dachshund NY”

  1. Amanda Chara

    As someone who has met Doreen Biasi in person, I can vouch for this breeder. She truly loves her dogs and takes very good care of them. I would never buy a dog from anyone else. When you know the best why settle for the rest?

    1. I love you Amanda! You are a great animal lover! I am so flattered. Thank you

  2. Gerry Rosone

    How much does a miniature long hair cost? Don’t know if it feasible for us. Would d o a rescue but th e y seem to all be bred with other breeds. Had two mini doxies. Love them.

  3. I’m so impressed with your interview. Your comment about breeding down to mini-mini size is right on. I’m in love with the standard short hair — Have always had one in our home for 40 years, and just recently lost my beloved Juri, a standard with glossy red coat. He looked just like the Russian stud-to-be you’ve pictured. (Seriously !)

    I’m searching for a standard shorthair. You offer hope that they are still available in NY. I’ve been very unlucky so far.

      1. ginny johnson

        I have had doxies in my home since I was a child.I love the breed my last long hair only passed over the rainbow a year and a half and I miss him so much. His name was Farley

    1. I have standard smooths but he is black and cream Beverly but call me

  4. Laura1968

    Myself & my Family have purchased 3 Dachshunds from akcdachshundny over the years. They are so addicting. I am so happy to see Doreen get some recognition for the outstanding job she does, With every puppy we received a “to die for” puppy kit! fully loaded and a healthy well mannered puppy. Bella we bought in 2009 and she was housebroken within 3 days! at only 8 weeks old!. Domino we purchased within the year for the discount and we were nervous about a male but Doreen held our hand throughout the entire process. And to our delight he too was trained within a week. Struddel, My sister bought and she too was so satisfied. Esp getting a discount just for knowing us and that was 2 years later. All of them are complimented on wherever we go. They love children and other dogs at the park. They rarely bark which is important because my husband and I live in an apt in NYC, Our vet is so impressed with how beautiful they are. He thinks I should show them. I have to stop in and get some cards to hand out. This is who every breeder should strive to be. This is a woman who KNOWS what customer satisfaction is.So worth the added expense going to a reputable breeder & having full faith and security.I would never purchase from anyone else. I hope You are still Breeding in 15 yrs when these babies cross over so we can come back to you. God bless you Doreen, and thank you for bringing so many families together.

    1. Such a beautiful message Laura. I made sure she reads it asap. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with Doreen. Best wishes with your doggies! :)


  5. I am so touched guys! You are so sweet.give the doggies kisses from their first mommy. This is why you meet your breeder and don’t buy online and ship. So u can stay apart of each other’s hearts. Thank you

  6. Patricia

    I had searched all over for a Breeder and found that in NYS Doreen Truly is the ONLY state licensed Dachshund Breeder who can show you their license. This was very important to me because the security in buying from a licensed breeder is important.My beloved late Daisy was from a breeder who claimed to be licensed so you can imagine that when my puppy got liver shunt at 12 weeks and had to be putdown I was devestated. The breeder I wont name is from upstate. I traveled 3 hours from NYC to get my puppy. When I called in tears she was nasty and told me that her health guarantee does not cover liver shunt its not congentical. I paid $1500 for a puppy I only had 3 weeks. and another $1000 at the er vet. Well it was after the 14 day NYS lemon law but I took her to small claims court and she did not show. I won but ill never see a dime. I have no way to enforce it. That was in 2013. Still no money. I found Doreen at akcdachshundny through a referral. I was devestated. it was only days since she had passed. She told me to report her. I explained that she lied about a license and thats when Doreen educated me on how the License legally must appear in all ads and websites Had she been licensed NYS could have helped me and she would have had something to lose..Now I know.
    Doreen could not believe she did not even offer me a replacement puppy.. She and I spoke for about 3 hours. She was so angry that this happened to me that she offered me one of her pups half off as long as I promised to send pictures.. And I still do. When I heard about her cancer I was devestated for her last year. But when you look..Its the same people on her forever homes website photos that donated to help keep the business and house alive while she fought for her life. I think that says alot right there about the bonds she forms with her clients. I sent gift cards to help. When I was browsing her page I saw this blog, and what people had written and I was compelled to sit down and tell my story. She deserves to be nominated for most caring honest breeder. I have looked around for a yorkie to play with my Dachshund Chilli, and if I dont see a license on the website I dont care how cute or cheap, I move on. Take it from me. Doreen is worth the wait. I want to just get another doxie instead of a yorkie.But the Hubby wants one.
    Doreen if you see this you are still in my prayers and I’ll be sure to put a review up on your page. God bless you and your family, I know you blessed ours!

    1. Wow, I forwarded your input to Doreen so she can see it. Encouragements are what drive many many many breeders!

    2. Always my pleasure to help!

  7. Ann Mahoney

    I cannot express how wonderful Doreen is,not only honest and ethical as a breeder but once she welcomes you into her dachshund family she becomes your friend. I purchased my puppy from Doreen in 2005. He was 8 weeks old.not my first dog but my first dachshund.Doreen educated me about the breed for hours on the phone helping me decide the right fit. I had buddy for a month when my son left our back deck gate open and Buddy accidentally fell down the stair and broke his leg in 3 places. I called Doreen from the emergency vet hospital here in Scranton, Pa. It was late on a Friday night in the summer. Before I knew it 2 hours later Doreen was there! With her 2 children and her newborn. I was so relieved to see her. I was hysterical. She held my hand and told me single moms need each other. I could not afford the vet bill. It was $8000. So Doreen vouched for me.if she had not done that I would have had to put him down and my kids would have hated me. But Doreen would not let that happen. She worked out a payment plan with the vet and I was able to pay it off over a few payments and then when my tax check came that spring. Doreen was so happy that I did the right thing that she gave my parents a puppy later that year. She told me anyone that loves animals as much as we do deserves to someone to love. And she said since I spent $8000, actually she negotiated it down to about $7200 I deserved another pup. This is the type of person she is.our puppies are now 11 years old. And they have been the best dogs in the world. I know vet prices have gone up and the cost of a purebred has gone up so I am saving my money for when the time comes to add another to our family. My kids are now off to college and it is just me and my fur babies.
    I can tell you I would NEVER even consider a puppy from another breeder.You will NEVER find one who cares as much as Doreen Does. She is worth every Penny!! I would rather spend more now then more later. She promised me to always be here for my dog and she has kept that promise. No other breeder would have done what she has done.

  8. elizabeth benson

    Doreen, I just spent a n hour on your website enjoying all the beautiful doxies!!!! I dont know if you remember me, but i am Elizabeth Benson. I bought a wheaten wire from you about twelve years ago. Pippin is a lovely lovely puppy and our joy. A short while ( two years) later, I purchased Madigan, a red wire piebald that you had called me about. She is the clown of our family!!! We love her so much!! I cannot believe it hasb een this long. And our oldest doxie, Keeley will be thirteen this fall!!! You are the best ever and we will be sure to come to you again for our next fur baby. Congratulations for all of your acheivements and bless you for the care and love you give to your pups.

  9. Perry Griffith

    My wife & I are looking for a miniature brown dapple male. I have had dachshunds my entire life. Currently have a 13 1/2 year old male silver dapple. I think he needs a companion in his golden years. Where are you located?

  10. elizabeth J Dana

    I lost both my babies Oscar at 16 in September and Molly to Cushing’s at about 12 in February.

    I need to talk to someone who can help me find a long-haired baby or retired adult.

    Please if you can call me 315-882-1484 I am a widow at 64 alone at home don’t work and have 10 acres in upstate…

    I cry all night to sleep……..

  11. Kelly Le

    My experience with AKC Dachshund NY and the owner, Doreen, was HORRIBLE! I recognize that there’s a contract signed, but there seems to be no empathy and just cares about the dollars.

    Back in March 2022, my brother, who has a mental disability, had reached out to Doreen to purchase a Dachshund without my knowledge. I learned later that he had also signed a Contract that indicated the sale was nonrefundable with additional strict terms, however, noted that we could give back the puppy if we are unable to care for it. Because he spent over $3000-4000 to buy this – sadly, we tried our hardest to care for this puppy to the best of our ability but the responsibility and costs to care for a puppy was not in our reach after further research.

    We want the puppy to have the right home, but since we were not allowed to resell it or giveaway per the contract, we had reached out via text to Doreen’s assistant, Ashley, person my brother had met to pick up the dog to explain my brother’s disabilities, that he doesn’t understand the major responsibilities of caring for a dog and that the money was taken from the family funds, and due to financial hardships we asked for partial refund with understanding that we had the dog for 2-DAYS and they may have to quarantine the puppy before reselling.

    My brother and I went together to meet up with Ashley later in the day, as she was in town nearby for a Dog Show to hand over the precious pup. She mentioned that Doreen would consider our situation. We also emailed Doreen before we dropped the dog off to let her know. We never received any response or a call from Doreen – my brother confirmed she never messaged or called him back either. I sent her 1 follow-up a few days later, but no response back.

    Today, 3-months after my last follow-up, I reached out once more for consideration, she responded immediately but the utter response from Doreen was gross, unkind, hurtful and just nasty – no sense of empathy, I was SHOCKED! I have been nothing but respectful via texts and emails to her and Ashley. The email went on to call us liars and threatened with lawyers if we contacted again.

    Doreen did no proper vetting of the buyer – no checking of income and no video chats to see the home conditions. Even pet shelters have an extensive vetting process before giving their animals up for adoption. If she had done the proper vetting, she would see that my sweet brother does not have the means to care for an animal.

    At the end of the day, I understand there is no refund and a contract was signed. But the lack of empathy from this woman shows the kind of business she runs and the care she provides to her dogs and customers. I truly am not the type of person to write any kind of review but this really hits home as it’s a company that took advantage of a person I care about with a disability – it’s NOT OKAY!

    1. Sarah

      Hey please check out exposing akc dachshund ny

    2. Jaime Carnes

      Doreen has been on a personal witch hunt by Tammy, Chelsey and Ryan. Ryan and Chelsey got caught not doing their job and took video to prove nothing but they could not do their job. The kennels that Doreen has in those videos are NOT against the law, the condition that Chelsey and Ryan left the kennel is was horrible. Doreen was blamed for it because they called after they were FIRED.

      You are complaining about a contract you signed, did you read it? So buyers remorse entitles you to what? Nothing, because if you wanted a puppy to “try out” then you should have gone with a cheaper breeder and one without a contract. Doreen’s contract are solid and Doreen is not a shelter. Why does she need to tell you if you are stable enough to have a dog, if your home is okay to have a dog? Why are your feelings important at this point? Doreen does not “Adopt” out her dogs, they are sold with a contract.

      So many have loved and taken on her dogs as owners and guardians. Hundreds if not thousands love her dogs and companies want them in commercials and celebrities want them in their home. So, why is she so horrible? That’s right because you people are not getting your way! You can put her away because she’s doing nothing illegal…. You can’t defame her because you are 1 of thousands of have her dogs.

      Again this with hunt is crazy and Doreen will go after each and everyone of these people for slander, liable, and defamation of character.

  12. Jaime Carnes

    Doreen has recently (as of June 2023) been licensed with the State of New York. A vet has come in and checked all her dogs and her Kennels have been cleaned and redone. The problem with the amendment is that the whole story is not there… Chelsey and Ryan were hired to take care of Doreen’s kennels as she was delivering and showing her dogs. But more over as she was fighting cancer these 2 did not do their job and videoed the day they were FIRED for allowing the dogs to live in that filth. As soon as Doreen FIRED them she made sure her Kennels were finished (Ryan had been working on them for over a year) and they were cleaned up.

    Ryan also physically assaulted Doreen and Ashley. The case is going to go no where because the state has all ready come in and vindicated her and gave her, her license. Please do not muddy up her reputation because of a true witch hunt.

    Tammy’s story with radar is a sham and got the dog back under false pretenses. She’s a breeder herself and did not abide by Doreen’s contract so she had to give the dog back. A bunch of suckers raised money with GO FUND ME to get her dog back and falsify the adoption papers. Started a website with Ryan and Chelsy to try and discredit Doreen.

    Yet there are worse people out there… I have see Doreen’s place and she’s been hit because they got fired.

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