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Review: Funny Fuzzy Pet Products

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Published on
Monday 7 February 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
funny fuzzy review
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Every pet owner wants the best for their fur buddies – that’s a fact. Whether there’s a special occasion or just an ordinary day, we all want to make sure that we give proper care and attention to our dogs.

If you’re a pet owner like me, it’s certain that there are instances that we want to spoil our fur buddies so we can somehow give back all the love and loyalty that they’ve given us every single day. And for that, we have gathered all the must-have FunnyFuzzy pet products that your dogs will surely love!

These products will not just give you a quality design but will also serve their purpose and help you maintain your dog’s health. So with further ado, let’s check these FunnyFuzzy’s top pet products that you must purchase for your dogs.

About FunnyFuzzy

funny fuzzy logo

FunnyFuzzy is a known pet product manufacturer that aims to produce high-quality pet needs with a purpose. They aim to make it simple and spend more time creating products that your pets will feel comfortable and safe. 

The brand practices practical principles for years and puts all things into one. They also value design aesthetics and make extraordinary designs that can perfectly match you and your dog’s characteristics for a more connection for the both of you. 

Quality is also important for them since it reflects their responsibility and reliability. In fact, they have set a high-level manufacturing standard to maintain the excellent quality of each product. Another important thing for FunnyFuzzy is their love for pets. They understand that even if our pets don’t speak a language, they want to show affection through their actions. And as a pet owner, this one really made me want to purchase all their products!

Like, seriously, this kind of pet product manufacturer is one of a kind since they show their care through making quality and pet-friendly items. When it comes to shipping, they offer regular and express delivery, serving countries across the world such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

You can check their unique and cute pet products on Instagram, Facebook, and even on Tiktok.

Top FunnyFuzzy Pet Products

Now that we already know about FunnyFuzzy – and how they aim to produce quality items for our fur buddies – it’s time to review their top pet products that you’ll surely love!

Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

funny fuzzy leaf shaped dog bed
A bestseller – the Funny Fuzzy Leaf-Shaped Dog Bed!

Wintertime is coming and you’re wondering how can you ensure that your dog will still feel warm and cozy? No worries, because this leaf-shaped dog blanket by FunnyFuzzy got you covered!

Dogs need blankets during winter and even in summer for comfort, warmth, and a sense of security. Whatever your dog size is and their coat thickness, as owners, you need to make sure that they have the best and most relaxing sleep every night. This Leaf Shape Dog Blanket can act as a mat or a blanket and features a 100% cotton soft touch. It has quality fabrication and has a detailed designed sewing line that stays in shape while washing.

It’s available in four design and colors – Elm green (107*143cm / 42*56″), Anthurium pink (120*110cm / 47*43″), Ginkgo yellow (127*115cm / 50*45″), and Pinecone gray (98*123cm / 38*48″) – that will perfectly blend in with your home decor.

When it comes to maintaining this dog blanket, you must wash it under 30℃ and don’t use any bleach. After washing, you can dry it flat to preserve the quality of the product. 

Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

funny fuzzy reflective all-weather waterproof dog rain coat
Does your dog love outdoor adventures? Try out this Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat!

Perfect protection for your dogs during early morning walks, evening jog, during winter trips, and hiking trips. This astonishing reflective raincoat will shine brightly whenever there’s a coming vehicle headlight for your dog’s safety.

It’s waterproof, dirt-proof, windproof, and has a UV-isolation layer perfect for any weather. It also has a waterproof hood if you get caught up in the rain while walking, and a collar or harness attachment opening to make sure that your dog will stay close to you. It also features an anti-hair-pulling and seamless zipper to ensure that your dog’s fur will not be pulled when you try to put them on.

This dog raincoat will perfectly fit dogs in all sizes since it has an ankle-tied design to assure that it will not get loose even when walking or running. It also has a pee-easy design, no need to remove the whole raincoat if your dog needs to have a bathroom break. It has changeable velcro emblems that will make your dog look more unique and special. It’s also very easy to maintain since it’s washable – wash up to 30°C.

Apart from its useful design, this all-weather dog raincoat features a sleek fashionable gray color that’s perfect for your dog’s daily #OOTD on your social media feed! The main material for this dog raincoat is a  measure the length – measure the distance between the base of their tail and shoulder blades. For the chest, you can measure the widest chest part of your dog – behind its front legs. It’s available in five sizes (S, M, L,  XL, and XXL).

Dog Bed Car Seat & Sofa Cover

funny fuzzy dog bed car seat
A hybrid dog bed car seat and sofa cover!

Love traveling with your pets but still want to keep your dog booster seat clean from any dog fur? This hybrid dog bed and car seat cover is the best solution for your problem. The FunnyFuzzy dog bed car seat is very easy to install and is made of durable material that will still give comfort to your dogs.

And for your dog’s safety, it has an anti-slip bottom and anti-slip anchor – you can tuck the anti-slip tube into the gap of your car seat. When placed in your car seat, you can still use your seat belts since it has a safety seat belt pocket and adjustable clips for a perfect fit and protection. To avoid any mess, this dog bed car seat is also waterproof and features a four-layer quality material – Oxford 600D with Pu waterproof coating, PP cotton, Oxford 210D with Pa waterproof coating, and the non-slip rubber backing. It’s machine washable and will surely save your time and energy from cleaning.

And to make sure that your dog is comfortable it has a bouncy cushion that can serve as a barrier or a soft pillow when they decide to sleep during your travels. The product’s width is 36.25″ (92cm) and has a length size of 50.25″ (127.6cm). It’s available in two colors – cream khaki and black. 

FunnyFuzzy Pet: FAQ

Does FunnyFuzzy deliver worldwide?

FunnyFuzzy offers express delivery in countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Switzerland.

Once your order is confirmed, you will then receive a notification email with your tracking number once your order has shipped out. Usually, their shipping time is within 7 to 15 business days, as stated in the company’s shipping policy.

What is the return policy of FunnyFuzzy?

If you encounter a problem with the product that you received you can contact FunnyFuzzy within 30 calendar days of delivery or send them an email through [email protected]. Their return or replacement policy only lasts for 30 days and once it’s done, you can’t offer any refund or exchange so better double-check the item after receiving it.

If you’re planning to return an item, make sure that it’s unused and in the same conduction that you received it. Also, it should be in the original packaging.

Where can I track my FunnyFuzzy package?

If you have a purchased product that is already shipped, you can track your package in their FunnyFuzzy’s track order status. You need to have the order number or tracking number for you to determine the status of your parcel and to know the estimated delivery time.

Where can I check all the products of FunnyFuzzy?

FunnyFuzzy is all over the social media platforms! You can check their awesome pet accessories and products on their website, They also have an active Facebook page if you want to be updated about their products and promos.

You can also follow their Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok accounts to discover more about their products!

3 comments on “Review: Funny Fuzzy Pet Products”

  1. Teresa

    Well, I just placed an order about a week ago and the tracking reveals that this company is actually in China. Everything is shipping from China. I don’t like that. I should have researched better before I placed an order. Also, their “About Us” section doesn’t work. Basically, it’s now obvious that they are pretending to be local when they’re not. I find that sketchy.

  2. Leah D

    Totally agree. They claim to be based in New York or the UK. But the language on their website is really wonky ‘Got dirty? No matter what, easy cleaning. Give you and your dog a clean car environment’ and you can scroll down to the ‘More Informations’ area. The “about us” section doesn’t work. This is a Chinese company trying to pretend they are not. Deceptive.

  3. Kerry Erisman

    Warning – avoid this company. I never received the bed I ordered, have repeatedly contacted them, received several different tracking numbers from them that show the bed was delivered hundreds of miles from my house, and they will not refund the purchase price. Unprofessional!

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