15 Best Calming Dog Beds – Calm, Relaxing & Soothing

15 Best Calming Dog Beds – Calm, Relaxing & Soothing

If dogs could talk, ‘I’ll have one calming dog bed please’ would be their first sentence. And we don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a bed that takes your sleep to the next level? Along with calming pills, anxiety vests, and hemp supplements, calming dog beds can also be used to soothe a dog’s anxiety.

What makes calming dog beds different from regular dog beds? Everything has to do with the sense of security and comfort these beds offer over their regular counterparts. This is why it is a shame that most people don’t know about them. This article is aimed at people who are looking for calming beds for their dogs. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are Calming Dog Beds?

Calming dog beds are beds that provide a sense of security to your dog. Dogs, by their nature, are anxious. This is because they are always scanning their surroundings for threats. Therefore, they are always looking for a safe place to rest. A place where they can remain safe from attacks. Calming dog beds also called ‘anxiety beds’, appeal to this need for security.

Most such beds have raised edges, giving a dog the sense of protection he craves. Most of these beds are also extremely soft and comfortable through the use of soft fabrics. In short, these beds provide dogs a safe, warm, and comfy place to rest.

Choose a bed that will bring a sense of security to your dog.

15 Best Calming Dog Beds

Now, when you’re in the store, you’ll wanna look into the following options, you’ll know why in a minute:

1. Friends Forever Donut Bed

The Friends Forever Donut Bed is, as the name suggests, is a donut-style dog bed with raised edges. It has plush, suede fur and a warm, comfortable filling. And because the edges are raised, your dog sinks in the bed and supports itself against the edges for an anxiety-reducing effect.

The bed comes in three sizes for dogs of all ages. First, for pups weighing up to 25lbs, there is a 23×23 inches bed. Second, for a dog weighing up to 45lbs, there is a 30×30 inches bed. Finally, for giant dogs weighing up to 100lbs, Friends Forever has a 36×36 inches model.

Needless to say, the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. People love that it is warm, provides a sense of security, and is made from non-toxic materials.

2. AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Small Dog Bed

Don’t read the word ‘cat’ in the title and think the bed sucks for dogs. On the contrary, the AmazinglyCat Cat Bed is great for small dogs.

Measuring 23 inches, the donut-shaped bed is made out of polyester, fleece, and cotton. It is soft, plush, and provides plenty of support for small dogs and pups. It also has a non-slip bottom to keep your dog from pushing it around. Furthermore, it is machine-washable, so you can just toss it into the machine on a gentle cycle.

All in all, the quality of AmainglyCat Cat Bed is perhaps the only thing that dogs, cats, and people can agree on. On everything else, there is always going to be a disagreement between dogs and cats (and their admirers).

3. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Bed

The standard for calming dog beds, the Original Calming Dog Bed is a testament to the quality of Best Friends by Sheri’s products.

The bed is durable nylon with a premium polyester filling. Combined, the materials give the beds its signature soft, warm, and snuggly look. It comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Include raised edges, water and dirt resistant bottom, and machine-washability, and you can see why so many people swear by this bed. In short, it is the de-facto standard for a reason.

4. Nononfish Calming Bed

Faux fur, anti-slip, waterproof bottom, machine-washable, and extremely soft are the premier qualities of the Nononfish Calming Dog Bed. The bed comes in three sizes:

  • 19 inches (outer diameter), for dogs weighing up to 20lbs
  • 30 inches (outer diameter), for dogs weighing up to 45lbs
  • 39 inches (outer diameter), for dogs weighing more than 45lbs

Finally, the overall quality of the bed is nice. It is warm, soft, and provides anxiety-free sleep. In other words, it does what it says.

5. The Dog's Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

One of the highest-rated dog beds on the market, the Dog’s Bed Donut Dog Bed is as good as its name is bad.

From soft, vegan fur to a solid base, the donut bed under question packs in all the features that a donut-style bed should have. It is snuggly, cozy, soft, and has machine-washable covers.

Moving on, the bed comes in five different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large. And it is one of the only few calming beds that come as an XXL dog bed. So, large dog owners rejoice. Long story short, it is a quality bed that customers love.

6. FOCUSPET Dog Bed Donut

The FOCUSPET Dog Bed is a superb calming donut bed no matter how you look at it.

Polyester, Nylon, and Plush synthetic fur give the bed its signature softness and warmth. Combine these with the donut shapes, you can picture your dog snuggling with the raised sides and drifting off to an anxiety-free sleep.

And to make sure all dogs drift into an anxiety-free sleep regardless of size, the bed comes in five sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large. Rounding off this package is the mold-proof, damp-proof bottom. The reviews of the bed are stellar across the board. People love it for what it does, at the price it does it at.

7. Coohom Oval Calming Donut Cuddler

The Coohom Cuddler Dog Bed has all the qualities of a great dog bed. It is made of faux fur and has a shaggy look.

The shaggy look isn’t only for show, as the shaggy fur helps calm your pet down. Pair this with an anti-slip bottom and the bed stays comfy and stays in place no matter how much your dog rolls around. Aside from all the qualities, there is one peculiarity here: The sizes run a bit small.

For instance, the large is smaller than the large of other brands. For reference, the large is 30″x24″x7″, and the extra-large is 36″x27″x7″. So, if you pay attention to the size of the bed before placing your order, you’ll have yourself an awesome calming dog bed.

8. OQQ Calming Dog Bed

The OQQ Calming Dog Bed is a top-notch product worth buying. So, what makes this bed a product worth buying? First, the faux fur is soft, fuzzy, and warm, due to which your dog will happily cuddle in the bed.

Second, the bed has a non-slip and dirt-resistant bottom. And because dogs love to push things around, this feature is a great addition to the product.

Finally, it comes in five different sizes, and owners of the OQQ Calming Bed bed love it.

9. Neekor Soft Plush Donut Pet Bedding

4cm high walls, PP cotton filling, and a waterproof oxford bottom are the standout features of the Neekor Soft Donut Bedding. You can also wash the bed in a machine.

Now, for the odd part. There is a slight gap between the walls and the bed. While it is not a deal-breaker, some people don’t like it. That said, the softness of the fur and the support of the PP cotton filling provides more than makess up for it.

Suffice to say, if you choose one of the three sizes, M, L, and XL, you will be getting a bed that is well worth its asking price.

10. JOEJOY Calming Beds Donut Cuddler

From a distance, the JOEJOY Calming Dog Bed is like every other donut-style dog bed out there, but when you move a bit closer, you can start to appreciate the details.

For instance, the faux fur material is just a tiny bit plusher and shaggier than the competition. Similarly, the raised edges are just a bit sturdier to provide noticeable improvements. Combine these improvements with a non-slip bottom, and you can see how good of a product the JOEJOY Calming Bed really is.

Summing it all up, all four variants of the bed, XS, S, M, and L, are highly recommend both by us and the customers who’ve already bought them.

11. PETLIBRO Calming Dog Donut

On the surface, the PETLIBRO Calming Dog Bed is anything but a standout product. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there is a memory foam inner inside the bed. This makes the PETLIBRO Dog Bed one of the few calming beds that are truly orthopedic.

Aside from the memory foam, the bed has all the usual niceties like plush, synthetic fur, and polyester fabric. There is also an anti-slip bottom built into the bed.

All in all, both the 25” and 30” dog beds are great products for medium-sized dogs.

12. ANWA Washable Dog Round Bed

Someone described this bed as ‘basic and standard’, and we can’t help but agree. But there is nothing wrong with being basic, especially if it means quality for less.

The ANWA Dog Bed is a plush fabric that provides a soft, and warm feeling surface to sleep on. Furthermore, the bottom is waterproof and anti-slip.

In short, all beds, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 42”, are well worth the asking price.

13. HACHIKITTY Dog Beds Donut Cuddler

The biggest draw of the HACHIKITTY Dog Bed is that it has a detachable bed that you can use as a dog mat. In other words, you are getting two products for the price of one.

Everything else is pretty standard, i.e. the faux fur, the cotton filling, and the raised edges.

It comes in 3 sizes, M, L, and XL. Moreover, all three are detachable, all three are loved by dozens.

14. Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Donut Cuddler

Barkbox makes great dog toys. So, seeing them take a swing on a dog bed invoked all the positive feelings that we’ve come to associate with the brand.

The bed does not disappoint. It is made of vegan fur with a memory foam inner. Put simply, the bed is non-toxic, soft, and supports the joints of your dog.

Finally, it comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. All three work great and have garnered positive reviews across the board.

15. PUPPBUDD Calming Bed

Plush, synthetic fur, and PP cotton create a combination that works great for dogs of all sizes. And we mean ‘all sizes’ because the PUPPBUDD Calming Bed comes in four sizes, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. The bed is warm, soft, and helps in relieving your dog’s anxiety. All in all, a really nice product the quality which speaks for itself.

Best Calming Dog Beds – FAQs

Few things put as wide a smile on our faces as answering some frequently asked questions. The following are some questions we thought best to answer.

What are the benefits of calming dog beds?

The two key benefits of calming dog beds are:

The sense of safety they induce in your dog: Dogs like to be safe from threats when they sleep. Walls and raised surfaces are perfect for them to take cover behind. Calming beds for dogs have raised edges, reducing anxiety

The comfort they offer: Anxiety-reducing beds are soft and comfortable. Furthermore, they need to be because dogs can’t be truly anxiety-free if they are not comfortable. A combination of soft fabrics, a snuggly feel, and warmth make these beds the perfect getaway for dog

Do calming dog beds really work?

Calming dog beds work if you choose the right one. For a calming bed to work, it must have:

Short faux fur to give the dogs a sense of belonging. Growing up, dogs always had littermates and their mommy to snuggle up to. This childhood snuggling is deeply etched in every dog’s mind and is a source of comfort for them. Faux fur mimics the feel of snuggling with littermates, and dogs love it

Comfortable and warm filling to relieve them of stress and pain, in case of old dogs

How do I clean calming dog beds?

Quality calming dog beds are not hard to clean. Check to see if the dog bed you have is machine washable or not. If it is, just toss it in the machine.

Otherwise, you can clean any dog bed by following this procedure:

– Rinse with lukewarm water. Use soap or detergent to clean any stains
– Air dry and stay away from using a dryer

And while you are washing the bed, don’t use any fabric softener, and bleach.

What are the different types of calming dog beds?

Calming dog beds come in many forms like an orthopedic, self-warming, donut, bolstered, and cave-style. However, the main ‘calming’ beds are orthopedic and donut.

Orthopedic dog beds have a memory foam filling that adapts to the shape of your dog. The result is a bed that supports your dog’s joints and bones like no other, relieving pain.

Donut-style dog beds, on the other hand, don’t pack in memory foam but have the shape of a donut. The sides of such beds are raised to provide your dog with surfaces to snuggle up against. This reduces anxiety in dogs and gives them a sense of security.

Apart from calming beds, what other things can I use to reduce my pooch’s anxiety?

You can reduce your dog’s anxiety by:

– Playing fetch or taking him on a walk
– Massaging him
– Playing soft musing like classical or a harp
– Aromatherapy

Calming dog beds go a long way in reducing your dog’s anxiety. These beds give your dog a safe, comfy place to sleep. And when dogs feel safe, they drift off into sleep like there is no tomorrow. So, if you have an anxious dog, consider buying a calming bed for him.