10 Best Dog Eye Wipes – Ingredients, Prices, Use Cases & Reviews

10 Best Dog Eye Wipes – Ingredients, Prices, Use Cases & Reviews
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How often does your heart melt at the sight of your doggo’s sad, droopy eyes? Even though those eyes might look cute, the tear stains which follow are a risk to your doggo’s health. Crud from tears builds a thick crust, which impacts the eyesight of your dog. So, how can you deal with these tear stains? Use dog eye wipes.

Dog eye wipes are the one-stop solution to cleaning any dog’s eyes and stains. Your dog might be teary because of sensitive eyes, or a much serious concern like epiphora. Here are a few reasons why your pooch might be tearing up:

  • Your pup has sensitive eyes
  • Conjunctivitis or glaucoma – which might need treatment
  • Your dog has debris stuck in his eyes
  • An allergy

Removing the buildup of tears is essential so your dog doesn’t contract infections from the bacteria or suffer from skin irritation. Although tear stains might be more visible in lightly furred or white dogs, they are incredibly harmful to dogs of all coat colors.

At times, tear stains aren’t immediately visible, especially if you own a dark furry pup. However, notice if your dog squints quite often as it is an indicator that he’s tearing excessively. You may also smell your dog as tear stains generally introduce an odor in them.

So, let’s take a look at how dog eye wipes actually cater to your doggo’s tear buildup and ensure good health in the process.

What are Dog Eye Wipes?

Dog eye wipes are pre-moistened strips or sheets which are made with gentle, soothing formulas. A careful wipe around your pup’s eyes stops the tearing, cleans the buildup, and removes the stains right away.

Since these pet wipes are directly in contact with the eyes, you might want to take a look at a few different options to see which suits your dog best. However, most of the dog eye wipes are made from organic ingredients and are great at removing dog tear stains.

For dogs that tear up easily, these wipes will be a blessing. So, removing tear stains and crust will help your doggo see better and ultimately prove to be a healthy decision.

Why Should I Clean My Dog's Eyes?

Now, dog eye wipes are great at what they do. But why should you be cleaning your dog’s eyes in the first place?

Hygiene is one of the most important factors of a dog’s health. Here are a few reasons why you should clean your dog’s eyes:

  • For avoiding bacterial infections in your dog’s eyes
  • To prevent the smelly odor from tear stains
  • As a remedy to remove the crust from his tears
  • To soothe any irritation your dog might be subject to
  • For ensuring good eyesight
  • To remove eye boogers

So, to keep your dog out of harm’s way, you should clean its eyes periodically with dog eye wipes. Also, eye infections can be avoided by impeding bacterial growth through the use of organic pet wipes.

eye wipes for dogs
Dog eye wipes keep your dog’s eyes tear-free and stain-free.

How To Pick The Right Dog Eye Wipes?

For you to pick the best wipes for dog eyes, you need to understand the variables involved in making this decision. In other words, let us help you know a little more about the factors which vary from one pet wipe to another.

Active Compounds

The most important factor (and the most controversial one) is the ingredients list of the eye wipes. So, picking a product with great reviews but toxic materials is a mistake. If you do, then you’re putting your dog’s health at risk.

Eco-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, plant oils, and extracts from herbs are the best ingredients. With these ingredients, you effectively clean your pet’s eyes, while keeping the safety of your pet ensured.

Also, if your dog’s allergic to some chemicals or allergens, you should consider checking the product’s ingredients first. Otherwise, you should consult your vet whenever confused.

Price & Quality

Affordability and the quality of the product are two of the driving factors that make people buy them. Although there’s often a tradeoff between quality and quantity; some products offer both.

In short, good wipes for dog eyes would be one that helps you remove crud buildup, clean tear stains, and reduce foul smell. If a product doesn’t do all of the above, then it’s not worth your money.

So, if you’re on a tight budget and want the best dog eye wipes, you should definitely consider brands that offer quality as well as quantity. Being expensive doesn’t guarantee that the product is a high-quality one. So, Pricier brands are not the perfect option in every case.


You can apply most dog eye wipes to your dog’s paws, coat, face, and skin. However, some wipes are specific for the eyes and ears. So, if you’re looking for something for cleaning a dog’s face and eyes as well as general use, you should see the product description to better understand its usage.

It’s important to know that most dog eye wipes can’t be directly exposed to the eyes of your dog. Rather, you should apply a small portion of the wipe to the exterior of your dog’s eyes. So this way, you can easily clean the goop and remove the stains under them.


Dog eye wipes are available in several different sizes. If your doggo is fairly large or if he tears up excessively, you might be requiring larger wipes.

However, if your pet doesn’t tear as often or doesn’t have stubborn tear stains, then normal-sized tear stain remover wipes will also work. Choosing a product, in the end, depends on your dog and the treatment he requires.


Larger boxes are not portable, which makes them an inappropriate option for travel enthusiasts. Your dog will usually require a cleanup once every day or two, at max. So, if you’re unable to carry the wipes with you, they serve no purpose.

Rather, a good option would be to buy travel-sized portable eye wipes for dogs, so your dog’s health is never in the balance.

10 Best Dog Eye Wipes (Reviews)

Not all wipes for dog eyes are the same and picking the right product can be quite taxing. Now, to ease the process for you, we’ve listed the best dog eye wipes to date so you can pick the finest option for your pup.

Without a minute’s wait, let’s get to it with our dog eye wipes reviews!

1. Arava Pet Eye Wipes

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to cloth and dry wipes, then these amazing pet eye wipes are all you need. A single pack contains 100 moist wipes, all made with the same hypoallergenic formula. Now, a concern with most wipes is the usage of toxic ingredients and chemicals. However, these dog eye wipes use purely organic and herbal ingredients in their manufacturing.

Many pet owners saw significant improvement in their dog’s eye stains with this dog tear stain remover, and that too, within a day or two. For large-sized dogs, these wipes might prove to be a bit small but their owners resorted to using two wipes for optimal results. Pet lovers also rave about how these wipes are an excellent alternative to medication.

Despite the positives, pet lovers complain that these wipes are a bit dry which can lead to the usage of more wipes. Other than that, the product is one of the safest and healthiest options available.

2. John Paul Pet Ear & Eye Pet Wipes

These best wipes for dog tear stains from John Paul ensures proper cleaning, removal of crust, tear stains, and other buildups. Also, with a convenient canister of 45 wipes, you can easily carry them around anywhere. These wipes are also infused with aloe vera which is excellent for your pup’s skin and makes it smoother around the eyes.

Users loved the design of the canister and how easily it dispenses the wipes. The canister undoubtedly proves to be an added advantage alongside the optimum quality of these wipes. Many pet owners were also impressed with the size of these wipes as they easily cover the eyes of both a small and a large doggo.

A small negative with these wipes (definitely not enough to rule them out), is that the wipes lose their moisture or become dry. In the case of a mishap, the manufacturer normally refunds or ships another piece.

3. Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes

Worried about your dog contracting an infection from the tear stains? Not anymore as these wipes for dog eyes can be your go-to solution for all skin problems. With 50 antiseptic and antifungal wipes in a single packet, your doggo’s health won’t ever be in the bargain as these wipes effectively remove all bacteria.

As per reviews, dogs that were either suffering from yeast infections or other fungal diseases showed quick signs of improvement by the daily application of this dog eye cleaner. Also, customers raved about the size of these wipes, which allows easy usage. Often, customers didn’t have to use more than a single wipe in a day.

However, preservative methylisothiazolinone, known as an allergen, is a part of these tear stain remover wipes. So, you should use these wipes only on the affected areas, or after a consultation with your veterinarian.

4. Angel's Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes

Although placed at the end of our top eye wipes for dogs, Angel’s eye wipes are still a great option if you want to soften mucus from the exterior of your doggo’s eyes. A single piece contains 100 wipes in total, all of which are presoaked in tear removal solutions and rounded to the perfect length so each wipe can be used to effectively clean one eye.

Although the wipes do not magically reduce the foul odor from the dog, they’re effective cleaners for dogs of all coat colors. So, unless you’re especially looking for wipes that reduce smell, these wipes are an excellent option.

However, some customers claim the product to be ineffective on their pets as it doesn’t remove the foul smells from the tear stains. But, with consistently cleaning the crud, this issue might be resolved.

5. Chlorhexidine Wipes for Dogs by Strawfield Pets

In search of the best-medicated wipes to relieve your pup from a fungal infection? If yes, then these eye wipes for dogs are an excellent option. What’s more, Aloe vera and Ketoconazole are the two active ingredients in these wipes which are helpful in treating various skin problems like acne and dermatitis. Also, a packet contains 50 wipes soaked in an alcohol-free solution which makes it a perfect option for sensitive pups.

Health-conscious pet owners were quite relieved with the quality of these wipes. However, for optimal dog eye care, many users suggested using the wipes two times a day as it helped in the crud buildup, tear stains, and the smelly odor.

Conclusively, some pet owners complained about the size of the wipes being slightly smaller than their liking.

6. Medicated Dog Wipes by Nootie

So, does your pup often squint to look ahead? If yes, then Nootie has just the right dog eye stain remover for you! Be it an infection or irritation on the skin, these wipes are effective and show quick progress. A single pack contains 60 wipes which are justifiable at the price at which they are available. Also, the wipes contain chlorhexidine which helps clean the areas without causing further irritation.

The product has proven quite helpful in relieving dogs from their pains and eventually lightening their moods. So, for sensitive dogs, these dog eye stain cleaners are a blessing from heaven as they effectively clean the crud while causing no pain.

However, these tear stain wipes are slightly scented which throws some pet lovers off as the scent might affect a sensitive dog.

7. SofiesSecret XL Pet Wipes

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Looking for eco-friendly natural dog eye wipes that are effective as well? Look no further. This dog eye stain cleaner contains active ingredients like chamomile, aloe leaf, cinnamon oil, and lemongrass oil. With 50 extra-large wipes in a single, reusable tub, you can keep the moist nature of the wipes alive.

You can use this dog eye cleaner on other parts of your dog, especially the coat, skin, and paws. Owners who began using these wipes also noticed nourishment in their pups’ skin and reduction of tear buildup. Moreover, these wipes come in an extra-large size which is amazing for larger dogs.

Although the product is advertised to be fragrance-free, many pet owners complained that the lemongrass oil (an active ingredient) leaves a strong odor that is not loved by their pets.

8. PetPost Tear Stain Remover Wipes

So, are you wondering which dog eye cleaner is affordable and exalts proper dog hygiene? If you are, then PetPost wipes are just the product you’re looking for. These wipes for dog eyes are delivered in a pack of 100 which is an appropriate amount considering the price. A mixture of coconut oil and juniper berry oil makes your doggo’s skin smooth and the cleaning process incredibly soothing.

In addition to all its fantastic features, the one which impressed me the most was the number of wipes available in a single packet. In fact, the wipes showed great progress in the removal of tear stains and buildup in dogs of all breeds. The wipes aren’t dry or irritating, which is comforting for your dog at all times.

However, some users claim the product to be inadequate for removing tear stains and buildup in white or light furred dogs.

9. Miracle Care Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash

With 90 wipes in a single packet at an economical price, these wipes are a must-have for your dog’s eye care. Also, with the infusion of the best ingredients, the Miracle care wipes are effective against all sorts of skin problems. In addition, these wipes are soaked in an exclusive formula that effectively treats all skin issues and removes buildup in the process.

Customers loved how easy it was to use these wipes and how effective they were against buildup, discolorations, and stains. The wipes are a little flimsy, but using two in a single session does the job just fine. Nonetheless, for many customers, the wipes quickly became their go-to product because of the long list of positives.

Some users complained that the product wasn’t received as advertised or it was broken. In case of such incidents, the manufacturer normally ships a new piece in.

10. Wahl Pet Refresh Cleaning Wipes

Tired of wipes turning out incredibly dry? With Wahl’s dog eye wipes, you can safely let go of all such fears. With ingredients directly extracted from herbs and plants, these wipes are free from all harmful toxins. A single pack contains 50 wipes which are also scented with a lavender chamomile fragrance.

User reviews for this product showed a consensus that a single swipe across the affected area removed the unappealing tear stains right away. Unlike products that are heavily scented and cause irritation, these wipes are loved by pet owners and their dogs alike because of the perfect amount of fragrance.

However, some customers complain that the wipes are quite thin. Also, for dogs that are sensitive to scents, the wipes might not be the best option available.

A dog that smells or has dark tear stains would not receive the love it deserves as people around it would feel repulsed. If you have tried homemade dog eye wipes and got disappointed, you may prefer the recommended products above. So, as a pet owner, you should never hold back from dog eye care which involves buying the best eye wipes if your pooch has a tearing problem.

As always, prevention is better than cure. But having quality wipes for dog eyes at hand is essential in ensuring that you can always tend to teary eyes. If your dog tears aggressively, you should undoubtedly consult a vet.