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Wrinkly Dog Breeds

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Published on
Friday 8 July 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
wrinkly dog breeds
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Wrinkly dogs are great as pets as much as any other type of breed. Most wrinkly dog breeds are born with wrinkles, while some grow them out as they age. They may need a different method of grooming and care because of their wrinkles and rolled skin. Wrinkly dog breeds also need special attention and care for their precious wrinkles. 

A good understanding of how to take care of your dog’s wrinkles is important to avoid fatal skin problems. So you should know how to look after them properly before you plan to bring a cute wrinkly dog home. Here is a list of wrinkly dog breeds and how to take care of them. This will help you maintain your wrinkly dog’s skin and overall health condition.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Wrinkly Dog Breeds

Here are wrinkly dog breeds you should check out:

Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei is considered the kings and queens of wrinkly dogs. No breed can surpass how wavy and wrinkly they are. Every inch of their precious skin is covered in wrinkles – from nose to toes. This wrinkly dog does not shed, but you do have to clean their fur every once a month and check their rolled skin. 

Chinese Shar Peis are independent, loyal, and calm dogs. However, training and socialization are important if you want them to be your guardian. They tend to be more domineering adult dogs without proper training. Once you train them during their early ages, they become regal and strong guardians.

There are some specific rare health problems that they might experience for the Chinese Shar-Pei breed as they age. The eyes are one of their main issues. These eye disorders you should keep in mind for this wrinkly dog breed include: 

  • Entropion
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal dysplasia
chinese sharpei dog breed
The Shar-Pei was traditionally kept as a watchdog and property guardian


Pugs are known as one of the oldest domesticated dogs worldwide. Families worldwide love the breed and form strong bonds with them as a part of the family. Most pug owners say that they are the most ideal house dog. 

Pugs can be naughty, charming, and very loving dogs with wrinkles. This wrinkly dog sheds and can get the doggy odor faster than other breeds. They adapt well in the city or in the countryside. They are also great with kids and even with the elderly. 

However, Pugs need special care as well. Just like any flat-faced breed, Pugs may suffer in harsh weather conditions. They may experience difficulty breathing during hot and humid weather. As a Pug owner, you will need to take care of their folds by lightly wiping and dabbing – especially the face where they may be snot build-up. 

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a large head with cute wrinkles and showcases expressive faces. They have the largest head proportional-wise. They also have large necks that are loose with wrinkles and rolls. 

Dogues can be sweet and loyal if trained properly. They can be domineering and stubborn if not trained properly during their puppyhood. It is essential to be patient and constantly train your Dogue. To avoid aggression towards other animals and unwarranted assaults against strangers, early and extensive socializing is needed.

They can get along with children quite well, but make sure that small children are careful. Giant dogs don’t always know how big they are. Overall, suppose you want a great dog that will be a wonderful guard and companion. In that case, Dogue de Bordeaux is an excellent choice.

On a side note, this breed is known for its drooling rate, and the facial wrinkles need to be kept clean and dry at least weekly. And a serious issue about the Dogue de Bordeaux is that they bloat or have gastric dilatation and volvulus.


Bullmastiffs are known to be gentle giants. Despite their large size, they are still great for families with children. They are loyal, affectionate, and brave enough to guard their owners. Even with no guard training, they will respond if they sense that their owner is in danger. Bullmastiffs need a strict master who can teach them how to handle their strength and size.

You will need to ensure that they won’t have dry or oily skin. The Bullmastiff has a short coat that only requires a minimal effort of grooming.  Moreover, the ears and facial skin folds of the Bullmastiff should be kept clean and dry regularly. This breed is also a drooler, so be ready when it is shaking its head. This can be linked to the weather, their diet, and allergies. 

But for all the qualities of a Bullmastiff as a dedicated companion, he shares the heartache of a shorter life span with several other large breeds (7 to 9 years). 


The Bloodhound is a great pet that can be friendly and fun to raise. They have floppy jowls and fur so soft. You won’t resist not petting them. 

However, their most known feature is their loose, wrinkled face which showcases a solemn expression. Yet this feature may harm them in the future if owners won’t check and maintain them regularly. Just check and clean in between folds and wrinkles for any dry or oily patches.

They also have a great sense of smell which hunters use to bring on their hunt. Keep in mind not to let this wrinkly dog out of the leash except in an enclosed environment. Any scent that will intrigue them will trigger the bloodhound to run off in the direction of the scent.

Nowadays, Bloodhounds are supporting police enforcement and rescue teams. They are capable of having trial search to gather evidence.

bloodhound dog breed
Originally bred for hunting deer, and wild boar, and for tracking people.

Wrinkly Dog Breed Care

Here’s what you should take note of if you want to take care of wrinkly dog breeds properly:

Common Wrinkle Issues and Risks

Wrinkles for dogs can be a problem when they’re not cleaned regularly. Wrinkles can be easily infected since they can be moist and dark in between folds. This makes it a perfect place for bacteria to develop. Moisture, dirt, and debris could settle in between and can cause:

  • Irritation – Of course, dirt and moisture can irritate the dog’s skin. It will appear red or inflamed when not cleaned. Any part of the body, from their faces down to the wrinkle of their tail, can have irritation.
  • Itching – It will become itchy for your dog if you don’t clean their wrinkled skin.
  • Bad odor – Dirt build and yeast or bacterial infections can make your dog produce a bad odor. If your dog has an infection, you will usually see changes in the skin. But you can also smell a bad odor if you can’t see anything in your dog’s skin folds.

Proper Health Care and Grooming

Wrinkly dog breeds are among the most lovable dog breeds in the world. However, the same wrinkles and folds that make the dog so nice can carry moisture, yeast, and bacteria. This makes not just a stinky face but can also cause infection and itchiness for the dog

Keep Them Clean and Dry

The essential part of preventing any infection from happening in short-nosed dogs is to keep the wrinkles and folds clean and dry. Aside from bathing your dogs, you can use hypoallergenic wipes containing chlorhexidine. Dry them well using cotton balls will help yeast and bacteria stop growing.

cleaning dog importance
It will have the same refreshing feeling that you experience after taking a shower.

Nourish the Skin From the Outside

Owners of wrinkly dog breeds should invest in plant extract mineral oils such as:

  • Emu
  • Avocado
  • Argan 

Oils like this will help rejuvenate any cracked, dry skin. Just use a cotton ball and wipe or dab onto the wrinkles and folds. 

Nourish From the Inside

Your dog’s diet can also affect their skin condition. This involves the condition of a wrinkly dog’s skin fold. Consult your veterinarian to aid you in maintaining your dog’s healthy skin and coat through supplements and a proper diet. This will develop healthy skin because of the supply of vitamins and minerals.

Regular Bathing

Having wrinkly dog breeds take a bath regularly is a fast and easy way to ensure that their skin remains clean and infectious. Always ensure that their skin does not dry out using a gentle organic dog shampoo

While you’re bathing them, make sure to get in between those wrinkles and folds carefully. Thoroughly wash out any shampoo since this can also cause irritation and itching if not washed out. Dry your dog towel properly, especially in between folds. A great tip is that using paper towels for their wrinkles absorbs more moisture than a regular bath towel

Find out how often you should wash your dog’s breed and talk to a groomer specializing in dogs with wrinkles.

Wrinkly Dog Breeds: FAQ

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions about wrinkly dogs.

Do puppies outgrow wrinkles?

Wrinkly dog breeds during puppyhood tend to have much excess skin, so your dog gets less wrinkling as it gets older. However, these dogs normally keep some of their wrinkles around the face and neck. 

What’s the wrinkliest dog?

The Chinese Shar-Pei is titled the wrinkliest dog ever in the world. This breed is the number one on everyone’s wrinkly dog breed list since its wrinkles extend far past their faces to all of their faces. In addition to their wrinkles, their thick, large snout and their short, rough fur are their most distinguishing feature. Shar-Pei also translates to “sandpaper skin.”

What is the extra skin on a dog neck called?

The extra skin on a dog’s neck is called scruff. If you ever saw a mother dog walking too far, you probably saw her pick them up by the scruff. She knows how to take them to avoid any pain or harm. There are also wrinkly dog types that have some extra sagging skin on their lower jaw or neck. This extra skin is called a dewlap. 

This feature can be desirable for some breeds. Here’s why:

1. The loose skin has a layer of fats that protects the trachea and delicate lung tissue from damage in above freezing temperatures.

2. The dewlap helps to trap smells for breeds that have a strong sense of smell.

How do I get rid of my dog’s infected wrinkles?

The first thing you have to do if your dog’s wrinkles appear infected is to visit the vet. Other than that, clean your dog’s wrinkles multiple times per day. In particular, right after eating or drinking, using a moist towel or wet wipes (safe for dogs). 

After that, run over the wrinkles again with a dry towel to remove moisture. Do not forget to clean their water dish and food bowls every day. Bacteria that could lead to infected or irritated wrinkles are quickly developed in food and water bowls.

What is a skin fold dermatitis in dogs?

Yeast and bacteria live on the skin of your dog naturally, but it can be a major health issue if they overgrow. The crevices in between folds provide an excellent environment for the growth and development of bacteria and yeast. Skinfold dermatitis usually occurs in the tail, nose, and vulva.

Clean and dry the skin of your dog regularly to prevent the infection from spreading. Use cotton wool pads soaked in saltwater, and then dry the skin completely afterward. Do not put anything on your dog’s skin unless your veterinarian recommended it.

Wrinkly dog breeds need special care. That’s why you need to do your research first before getting a wrinkly dog. The flaps and wrinkles of their skin may seem adorable. Still, they are also a good breeding ground for bacterial and yeast infections. Infections can occur if your dog’s wrinkles and skin folds appear irritated, reddened, or omits a bad odor.

It is essential to clean the wrinkles of your dog. This also depends on the frequency of interaction between your dog and other animals. The trick is to clean their wrinkles with a hypoallergenic wipe or a wipe made specifically for them. 

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