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Dog Dental Sticks – Benefits, Risks, Efficiency, Top Products & FAQs

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Sunday 21 February 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog dental sticks
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Caring for your dog’s well-being means taking care of its oral hygiene too. Regular visits to the vet are essential, and so is routine teeth brushing with a toothpaste formula for dogs. And, you can even add to the mouth care regime with the dental sticks for dogs that keep your furry friend’s teeth and gums healthy.

With the right size and flavor, your dog will learn to enjoy tooth care with dog-dental sticks. And, your task will become effortless. It cannot surpass brushing your dog’s teeth, but it’s better to give your canine some care than no care at all. At this point, you may be wondering what dog dental sticks are and what choices do you get? Read on to find out more.

What Are Dog Dental Sticks?

Research shows that most pet owners do not take yearly professional cleanings seriously. Conversely, most pet parents do not give their pets daily oral cleansing. Hence, the introduction of dental dog sticks, both edible or non-edible, that keep your dog’s mouth clean.

The concept behind these chewy treats is simple. As your dog chews the snack, the stalky texture of the dental sticks allows maximum tooth contact through mechanical abrasion. The repeated action results in better dental care for your pets. If you are concerned that your dog would not relish a specific flavor, you need not worry. The market is full of vet-recommended dog dental chews, available in various flavors. Also, you can get different-sized chews that are suitable for large, medium-sized, or small dogs.

Moreover, formulated and patented designs assure that the crunch in the treats guarantees the utmost buccal efficacy. You will find dental sticks with bristles around the edges for deeper bites, notched shape for abrasive cleaning, and even X-shape sticks for flexible grip.

Benefits of Dog Dental Sticks

Many dog parents find it difficult to keep the breath of their pooches smelling good and maintaining its periodontal health. Also, controlling tartar and plaque build-up means your pet is safe from periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are a contributing factor to life-threatening conditions in dogs such as liver, heart, or kidney diseases. You see, if your dog has diseased gums, then the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and attack the vital organs.

On the flip side, your dog may even experience loss of appetite, chewing problems, undergo severe pain and stress due to broken or lost teeth, and infected gums. The best dental dog sticks are scientifically proven to reduce plaque, tartar build-up, help maintain healthier gums, and reduce oral malodor. In fact, many pet guardians have claimed to find a noticeable improvement in their pet’s breath through regular use of dental chewies. Some edible dental chews include vitamins and minerals too, and that helps in the overall wellness of the furry friends.

Moreover, the physical exertion that dogs use to chew on these dental sticks is healthful for your canine’s facial muscles. And, if you happen to be the proud keeper of a pup who loves to chew on your furniture or designer shoes, then you may even want to give your dog healthier options.

Dog dental chews with enzymes come with beef rawhide that is the perfect alternative to your moccasins. It’s very stringy, and the blend of enzymes helps maintain the natural salivary system, fights off toxins, and boosts digestion. And it keeps your buddy busy for hours while distracting your pet from using its chewing prowess on your household furniture.

benefits of dog dental sticks
Dog dental sticks are beneficial to your dog’s dental health.

Risks of Dental Sticks for Dogs

When it comes to the welfare of your dog, consult with a vet if you feel your dog is suffering from bad breath, swollen gums, or even a scraped tooth.

Even if the vet approves a specific brand of dental dog sticks, you should be careful. Keep a wary eye on your dog to see its reaction to the treat. Dogs tend to react almost immediately to something that displeases them. If you offer them a snack that does not appeal to them, it’s smart to just let it be. Don’t try to force your canine in any way. Go through the following risks of dental sticks for dogs to avoid any mishaps.

Weight Gain

If your dog reacts positively to a new chewy treat, even then, you need to keep a mental track of how the dog’s body responds to the recent addition to the diet. Some canines put on weight with particular brands. And, there are brands that offer completely organic options.

But if the dental sticks are digestible, then the caloric intake of your doggy can increase, and lead to weight gain. Consequently, you need to be particular about the snack you offer your pet if you are watching your hound’s waistline.

Breaking Apart

If the dental stick is non-edible, then you need to be around your pet when they chew on the treats. Generally, non-edible dental chews are sturdy and able to withstand constant pressure. However, accidents can happen at any time. Thus, non-edible dental treats ought to be given only under human supervision to avoid choking hazards.

Allergic Reactions

Another problem associated with dental sticks is that some pets can be allergic to certain ingredients. As a reaction to particular allergies, your doggy may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, or even severe lethargy. If your pet can’t tolerate grains or chemicals such as highly processed oils, then it’s better to go for 100% natural dental sticks.

dog dental stick allergy
Keep an eye out for allergy symptoms!

7 Best Dog Dental Sticks

Making a decision about dog dental sticks can be a little intimidating for some pet parents. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to compile a terrific list of all the viable options on the market. All the products on our list are high-quality and favored by many pet parents for their lovable pooches.

1. Dingo Dental Sticks

Dingo Dental Sticks Tartar Control Dog Treats are great for your young pup or an older dog. As a matter of fact, they’re great for dogs that need dental care as well as a formula that is gentle on the tummy.

These chews are a perfect blend of baking soda, chlorophyll, and parsley seed. Not only are these snacks completely digestible, but a great combo of premium rawhide with chicken jerky – so your dog will love to munch on it, too.

This nominally priced dog treats pack contains 48 chewy sticks that improve your pet’s breath and reduce the chances of gum diseases or toothaches. And, you can be sure that any tartar or plaque issues will be under control.

2. Authority Puppy Dental Treats

Authority Dental Treats are perfect for pups up to 50 pounds, with love for yummy snacks and food sensitivities.

The combination of mint and parsley is ideal for fresh breath, and the use of Authority’s Ora Shield System is epic for reduced tartar and plaque. Moreover, these treats are grain-free and gluten-free. And they also contain DHA from fish oil. The Omega 3 fatty acid in the blend supports brain and eye development.

They’re made in the US and recommended by the Healthy Pet Advisory Council. So, rest assured that you are giving your pet the very best of treats for buccal care, engineered by the brightest veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and researchers.

3. Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree is a popular name when it comes to top-quality, nutritious meals that your pets deserve. The Dentastix Original Large Dog Treats are clinically proven to beat down tartar and plaque. Dentastix’s patented ‘X’ design and ingredients guarantee great flavor for your pets.

Aside from all that, the treats are available in four different flavors that your canine will truly adore. You can also take advantage of the fact that Pedigree’s Dentastix comes in four packaging sizes.

4. Probios Dental Sticks

Probios Dental Sticks protect your furry friends from dental problems. Moreover, it provides prebiotic as well as probiotic support for proper digestion. It also assists in maintaining gut balance and normal body function.

The fact that it’s super beneficial and nutritious for your dog doesn’t affect its taste in any way. The treat is made with real yogurt and comes in a scrumptious chicken flavor.

Just remember that these yummy bites are for dogs and puppies, more than five pounds in weight. And, the distinct shape of the dental stick is for better grip, so your hairy friend has no issues chomping at its yum-yum goodies.

5. Waggletooth Premium Antler Sticks

If you take the passion of a vet and the professionalism of a dentist, you get a stellar combo of ingredients to provide optimal oral healthcare. The attention to detail in these treats is astounding. They’re gluten-free, without added sugars, colors, or preservatives. Oh, and did we mention they don’t contain corn or soy?

Moreover, Antler Sticks are perfectly safe for pooches with delicate tummies because they’re hypoallergenic. Each chew contains over a billion CFUs of targeted oral probiotics. And, the killer mix of neem, peppermint, and green tea ensures fresh breath every time your doggy grabs these cute antler-shaped snacks.

Lastly, these antler-shaped snacks provide a firm grip. So, your fluffballs can have the time of their lives, gnawing away at these scrummy nibbles.

6. Tropiclean Dental Sticks

If you’re looking to enjoy your pup’s kisses with a clean breath, you need to get a pack of TropiClean Fresh Breath Small Advanced Dental Dog Sticks. The unique T-shaped sticks with bristles act as your pet’s toothbrush and as a yummy munchy, all at once.

There’s no need to worry about allergies or intolerance, as all the ingredients are 100% natural, gluten-free, and grain-free. The combination of natural products includes coconut oil, green tea, and fresh vanilla-mint flavor. All this makes TropiClean great for your fluffy friends and for breaking up tartar and plaque.

It’s recommended by vets and made in the USA. But, be sure that your doggy is more than six months of age and always has fresh drinking water available while chewing on its delicious snacks.

7. Project Paws Dental Sticks

There’s no better treat for your canine companion than Project Paws Grain-Free Triple Enzyme Dog Dental Sticks. These sticks are fully digestible and work to make your canine’s buccal hygiene perfect. And, the triple-cleaning enzyme mix of lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase ensures that your pet’s health remains top-notch.

Lysozyme works to prevent bacterial infections and aids digestion. Whereas, lactoferrin has antioxidant properties and protects the body from toxins. And, the lactoperoxidase enzyme is known for the control of tartar. The antimicrobial feature of these sticks, is further improved by the addition of peppermint. That’s because peppermint provides natural abrasion for your doggo.

You even get anti-inflammatory properties from the turmeric. Biting on these dog dental chews, once daily, will go a long way in making your pooch’s chompers disease-free. Moreover, the whey protein ingredient contains nine essential amino acids that are beneficial for dogs of all ages. And, to top it all up, these tasty delights are available in chicken liver flavor – a favorite amongst most dogs.

Dog Dental Sticks – FAQs

Now that you’ve taken the time to go over our fantastically comprehensive list of dental sticks for dogs, try out our FAQ section.

We’re about to shed some more light on the doggy dental sticks, and you definitely want to stick around for this.

Do dental sticks for dogs really work?

Dental sticks for dogs really do work. Most pet keepers find it hard to take time out for brushing their pet’s teeth. It’s a task that requires effort and time. So, instead of neglecting the duty completely, dental sticks for dogs were introduced to lend a helping hand to those parents who genuinely care for their furry buddies’ oral hygiene.

These treats work to control plaque and tartar and improve the pet’s breath. Furthermore, prebiotics and probiotics, natural ingredients, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are just some of the various options available in these snacks.

Just a look at the positive customer reviews will clear up any misconceptions you may have about the dental sticks. And, if you’re still unsatisfied, then you have dental treats for dogs that are certified by world-renowned veterinarians.

How often should you give a dog dental sticks?

Most vets would recommend you to make dog dental sticks a part of the pet’s daily buccal routine. Dental sticks serve the dual purpose of acting as a treat and helping keep plaque and tartar in check.

So, even if you happen to brush your dog’s teeth on a particular day, you can still give your woofer its snack, as they serve to provide positive reinforcement for your dog that teeth cleaning is good. And, your fluffball will get its daily dose of minerals and vitamins, too.

What is the best teeth cleaning product for dogs?

Apart from the annual teeth cleaning done by the vet, your dog needs to have a toothpaste that is specifically made for canines. And, the more organic your dog’s oral hygiene products are, the better it is for its health. You can also rely on dog dental sticks to supplement your pup’s dental care routine.

Dental sticks for canines are more likely to help you in keeping your dog’s teeth and breath healthy. This is mainly because apart from containing ingredients that are helpful in keeping your pet’s teeth clean, dental sticks also come in a variety of flavors.

But, despite investing in oral cleaning products, we advise you to go one step further and consult with your doggy’s vet to give you a professional opinion about what would be most suitable for your pet.

Do vets recommend bully sticks?

Before we tell you whether or not vets recommend bully sticks, we need to explain to you what bully sticks are. A bully stick is a bull’s penis. Yes, you read that right. Bully sticks are animal by-products that come in dried, raw, or cooked form. And, yes, it is safe to give your dog pizzle sticks. Even the American Kennel Club recommends it. Unlike other dog treats or dog dental sticks, bully sticks do not splinter. So, the chances of choking hazards are minimal.

However, research has shown that bully sticks can carry bacteria and contaminants that can harm your pet’s health as well as yours. If your dog loves bully sticks and can tolerate them, then look around for the best and the most reputable product on the market. Don’t take a chance with your pet’s health, because doing so can result in gastrointestinal problems, as well as chipped teeth.

Always remember to wash your hand thoroughly after handling these treats. If the bacteria from the sticks somehow finds its way into your system, you can fall ill too. That’s why, in a nutshell, vets practice restrained approval when it comes to bully sticks. They don’t advise against them, but they also recommend exercising caution.

How long do dog dental sticks last?

Most canines love their chewing time. You’ll notice that their dental dog treats finish in the blink of an eye. However, on average, a decent-sized dental stick can go on for about an hour.

It isn’t a wonder that your dog will wolf down the dental stick as soon as it gets the chance. These treats have delicious flavors to make it more appealing for your dog. But, you have to train your pet to chew on its dental stick rather than gulp it all down in one go.

You see, the purpose of the dental stick is to provide mechanical abrasion that will clear up the plaque and tartar build-up. Therefore, if it’s swallowed promptly, it defeats the purpose. That’s why, you have to take the time out to see that your pet gnaws, chews, and nibbles on it as much as possible.

Dog dental sticks offer so many benefits, why not purchase your dog one today?

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