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Do Dogs Get Bored Of The Same Walk

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Published on
Thursday 3 November 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Do Dogs Get Bored Of The Same Walk
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Like humans, dogs have a knack for adventure. Canines are all up for a walk in the park or hike in the wilderness. We wonder whether dogs enjoy the same spots every time we take them out.

For our furry companions, walking is a part of their daily routine. Yet, sometimes we notice a drop in dog energy during walks. So, do dogs get bored of the same walk? Let’s find out in this article.     

Do Dogs Get Tired of Walking The Same Routes

Dogs can also be victims of boredom. Marty Becker, DVM from Vet Street, said that going for walks excites dogs. But, pet owners should try different routes. In that way, dogs eliminate boredom when they explore their new surroundings.

Some dogs feel that it gets boring to walk the same route.  For instance, hunting breeds like Terriers and Beagles love to sniff and search. Thus, they don’t feel excited when you walk them in the same spot daily.

Canines share the same neurochemicals as humans. Just like humans who don’t like going to the same place every time, dogs can also feel bored of the same walking route. Walking in the same area is not enough. Exercises such as running or biking with your dog stimulate good responses. 

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Bored of the Same Walk

Dogs love exploring new sights with their keen senses. Yet, their excitement can go down if they’ve only been to the same locations. Here are the possible signs that your dog gets tired of the same walk.

Frequent Stopping

If your dog stops during walks, it’s time to change directions. Dr. Stanley Coren, a Psychologist, stated that dogs need mental stimulation and canines need to experience new places. Like their relative, the wolf, dogs too love investigating things. So, when they’re already familiar with the place’s scent, there’s a possibility that dogs are getting bored of their walks.

Meanwhile, frequent stops on the way back indicate that dogs want more playtime. The American Kennel Club stated that a 10-minute exercise could be boring to dogs. They added that energetic dogs like Border Collies need plenty of running or walking time.


According to Reader’s Digest, boredom causes destructive posture.  Slouching or lazy dogs are a way to show fatigue. Dogs get bored of walks when their owners don’t provide engagement. Sometimes, letting your dog choose where to go motivates its senses.

Slouching or cowering of the tail between the legs is a position that shows sadness. Yet, slouching doesn’t always mean boredom. Other times, it pertains to medical conditions such as arthritis.

Not Excited

Same as humans, dogs can feel uninterested too. Well, that usually happens when they already know where to go during walks. When dogs are not excited, try changing the walking routes. Plus, you may want to add encouraging games for your dog. 

Owners should plan trips if dogs get tired of walking. Activities like going to the park or the ice cream shop might cheer dogs up.

How to Keep Your Dog Excited For Walks

Aside from being hunters, dogs are sociable animals. They also love going out to meet new people and see other animals. Here are some tips on how to excite your dogs for daily walks.

Change Route

Walking is a low-maintenance exercise for dogs. Dogs love sniffing new scents in another environment. It’s healthy for dogs and their owners to take a daily walk to stimulate them physically and mentally.

Little routine changes are beneficial. Allowing your dog to take the lead sometimes while walking can create good behavior.

Change The Pace

Dogs will not get bored walking the same routes if they start slowly for five to ten minutes. In that way, canines will take time to sniff and explore the ground. Moreover, Academy Animal Hospital suggested that the pacing varies with dog breeds.

Small dogs like Shih Tzu love 20 to 30 minutes of slow walking. Also, Sighthounds like Wolfhounds like to walk and sprint for 30 to 45 minutes daily. Further, hunters like Retrievers prefer short walks and long runs of 60 to 120 minutes per day. If you have time, you can divide these hours throughout the day. For example, you can walk for 15-20 minutes in the morning and another 20-30 minutes at night.

Walk With Some Family Members

A dog walk should be both functional and recreational. It meets the dog’s physical needs and, at the same time, promotes recreational activity for the owner.

Dogs form the strongest bond with the one who always pets, walks, and gives them treats. Moreover, having family members help do those tasks creates variations. Since many people are there during walks, dogs won’t get bored of walking anymore.

Along the way, the dog and some family members can play games like fetch. Also, family dog walks don’t only motivate your pet but also reduce canine aggression.

Walk With a Friend

Another way to motivate your dog not to get bored of walks is to invite your friends. Well, it will also be extra fun if your friends will bring their dogs with them too. In that way, your pet can play, sniff, and socialize with its other doggie friends.

According to Jessica Peralta, writer and pet owner from The Honest Kitchen, having another canine over is a proven and tested way to inspire your dog. Dogs, even domesticated ones, lived in packs before. So, they just love meeting someone of their kind because it’s their nature. 

Walk a Little Farther

Walking a little farther is ideal to ensure that the same walks don’t get boring for dogs. There’s no restriction on how far dogs should walk as long as they do not have any medical conditions. Yet, as owners, we need to make sure they’re comfortable during those times.

On the contrary, a dog’s walking distance depends on factors like age, weight, and breed. Some dogs could manage a 5 km walk, while others handle 25 km. Also, it is important to consider temperature since double-coated breeds like Chow Chows are prone to heat strokes.

Do Other Activities or Training

Walking encourages a dog’s obedience and also soothes anxiety. Yet, sometimes dogs get bored of walking the same routes because they lack stimulation.

Activities and training during walks involve giving away treats. As pet owners, we can test our dog’s agility by making him locate certain objects. For instance, if you say the word “bench,” your dog would run towards it.

Further, you can also teach obedience commands. It’s only simple. Teach your dog the words “up,” “stay,” or “run.” Then, if he did it right, don’t forget to give him treats as a reward. 

Allow Safe Free Walks

Long line leashes of at least 6 feet provide better engagement and security to dogs. That’s because they can roam more and still be safe.

Also, walking the same routes won’t get boring for dogs if they’re leash-free. Still, you must first check the surroundings. Dogs with anxiety prefer quieter areas, whereas regular dogs prefer hiking trails or exploring beaches.

Unfortunately, letting your pet roam freely has some downsides. For instance, bigger animals can harm your dog. Dr. Pam Reid, an animal behaviorist, stated that the safest place to let your dog roam is in your backyard.

Have a Photoshoot

Another way to ensure that dogs’ same walks don’t get boring is to keep them entertained. But, before anything else, ensure it’s the right temperature to go out. Remember that 20° C is appropriate and anything above that is simply too hot.

As you take your dog out for a walk, make occasional stops for a photoshoot. Also, be sure to choose safe spots. Plus, this is the perfect time to practice obedience commands as well. Just say “stop” or “sit,” and then you can finally take a picture when your dog does that.

Bring Some Toys

Bring your dog’s favorite toy along and invite your dog to play. Keep in mind that dogs are natural hunters. So, if you don’t bring toys, they will likely hunt for sticks they can play with. Antoinette Martin, DVM, stated that sticks are nature’s dog toys. But dogs should avoid sticks since they have splinters that injure a dog’s mouth.

The same affairs every day can get tiring for dogs. So, for dogs not to get bored of walking the same routes, you need a couple of variations. As owners, we should keep in mind that dogs need constant motivation. Thus, we must look for activities or toys stimulating their eagerness.  

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