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20 Original Christmas Cards With Dogs

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Wednesday 2 December 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
original christmas cards with dogs
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Christmas is a magical time, but for enthusiasts, Yuletide also means dedicated decorations. Not to mention, there’s always Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. But, what if there’s a way to make your holidays even more special? Just look up Christmas cards with dogs, and you’ll know what we mean.

If you haven’t heard of them before, then you’re in for a surprise. Dog Christmas cards are the latest trend that’s taking the internet by storm. And it’s easy to see why. These seasonal greeting cards feature the most angelic canine faces that will certainly bring a smile to your face. All you have to do is scroll through our list of 20 Christmas cards and pick the one that you like best.

There is hardly a better way for dog parents to express their love for their adorable pooch than Christmas cards with dog pictures. Who wouldn’t love a Xmas card that features some of the cutest canines the world has ever seen? That’s why we’ve decided to make your life easier by compiling a list of some of the best pet Christmas card designs, and here’s what they are.


If you’re a fan of doggy puns, then we’ve got just the card for you. The Furever Friend design carries a joyful ‘Happy Pawlidays’ message, and it’s available in classic and premium cardstock. Oh, and did we mention, this particular card features a loveable sable Frenchie in all its glory.

The card is also available in eight attractive shapes, a few of which are: petal, scallops, and geo. But, our favorite is the vintage deco shape that’s sure to bring some classiness to your seasons’ greetings. But, there’s also something else that’ll make your day. The Furever Friend xmas dog card is not only reasonably priced but also offers a solid discount at 50 cards.

2. Santa Puppy Christmas Cards

We know you’ve probably seen every variation of Santa’s outfit on a greeting card. But, what about a precious golden Labrador Retriever puppy wearing a fire-engine red Santa Claus hat? Now, that’s a sight you don’t see often.

These Santa Puppy Christmas Cards are set out in landscape layout and read, ‘Happy Holidays’ in the front. Whereas, the inside of the card reads, ‘Wishing you a warm and cuddly Christmas‘. If you’re a minimalist at heart with a fierce love of Retrievers, then this is the card for you.

3. Christmas White Labrador Retriever Card

White Labradors are the doggy equivalent of white elephants. What we mean is white Labs are exceedingly rare and enchantingly beautiful. And that’s why the Christmas White Labrador Retriever Card has made its way on our list. One look at the card’s composition and almost angelic canine model, and you’ll understand too.

Not only does the card have some terrific reviews from other happy shoppers, but it also features a ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’ message on the inside. The greeting card is available in a glossy and matte finish, and it’s bound to resonate with modern minimalists.

4. Pug Dog Angel Holiday Card

Have you ever seen something so cute that you just had to have it? Well, we know that’s what you’ll feel about the Pug Dog Angel Holiday Card. Featuring a cherubic Pug complete with satiny wings and shiny halo – this card is not short of a canine masterpiece. Not to mention, the white background with white puffy clouds adds a quality of doggy humor.

However, what we really appreciate is the fact that the card is available in landscape and portrait layout, which means you can decide what suits you best. Apart from that, it has a bright white, semi-gloss finish and plenty of space to add a personalized greeting on the inside.

5. Yellow Lab Dog Christmas Card

Our next selection is available on Amazon, so you don’t have to worry about easy availability. The Yellow Lab Christmas Card by Embellished by Jackie is a handmade wonder that’ll thrill any dog lover. Made from Kraft colored cardstock, the card features a die-cut silhouette of a British Labrador sporting a sparkly Santa hat.

The front of the card reads ‘Happy Holidays’, while the inside states ‘Wishing you a Season of Special Treats!’. The card also includes a matching Kraft brown envelope to complete the look. If you’re a papercraft enthusiast with a special love of die-cutting, then this card is definitely for you.


What do you get when you cross a Yorkie with a humorous message? A great Christmas card, that’s what. Available on the Simply To Impress website, the Christmas Mischief card lives up to its playful name. Available in two different sizes, the card’s star is a white and disarming Yorkshire Terrier. But, what really elevates the card is the fact that it reads, ‘ Dear Santa, exactly how ‘Good’ are we talking?’

There’s also plenty of choices when it comes to card shapes. Additionally, you have the option of choosing between three terrific finishes. Suffice it to say this is one of the best Christmas cards with dogs on them that we’ve come across.

7. Happy Holidays Dogs and Mistletoe Card

The Greeting Card Universe website includes the Happy Holidays Dogs and Mistletoe Card, and we’re super happy about that. That’s because this card is just too delightful to miss. The star of the greeting card is a picture that features two doggies kissing (or licking) under a mistletoe.

While there is no message on the front of the card, the inside reads ‘Happy Holidays!’. However, if you feel that message isn’t up to par, you also have the option of including a customized message on the inside.

christmas cards with dogs
There are plenty of Christmas cards with dogs to choose from!

8. Christmas Bulldogs in Sweaters Greeting Card

No original Christmas cards with dogs list can ever be complete without Bulldogs wearing cute winter clothes. By the way, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out our list of the cutest winter dog clothes. As far as composition goes, the Christmas Bulldogs in Sweaters Greeting Card is in a class of its own. It presents two Bulldogs in Christmas sweaters, seated in a kissy pose.

But, it gets even better because the message inside the card reads ‘Merry Kissmas’. Cute! How appealing is that? And the best part is that the card is printed on recycled cardstock. This way, you can save the environment while making your loved ones smile.

9. Naughty Corgi Holiday Card

Did you know that according to a Welsh legend, Corgi’s are an enchanted breed of dog because fairies ride them? However, the Corgi featured on the Naughty Corgi Holiday Card is a bit more exuberant. The charming depiction on the card presents a Corgi licking a peppermint stick along with the message, ‘ I licked it, so it’s mine.’ What’s not to love about that?

The inside of the card carries a ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting, and it comes along with an attractive red envelope. This card from NobleWorks is made from thick cardstock so you don’t have to worry about minimizing your environmental impact.

10. Merry Christmas From Atta-Boy Holiday Postcard

The Atta-Boy Holiday Postcard features a charming design from the Anderson Design Group. If you’re a fan of the by-gone years with a love of old-feel advertising, then this card will be right up your alley.

The composition features a jet-black Yorkie with a funny message that reads, ‘Good dogs wait for Santa’. The blank space behind the postcard has enough space for a personalized message, along with a designated spot for a stamp.


The Tied With A Bone greeting card is another one of favorites on the Simply To Impress website. It features a cutesy pooch in several poses along with a ‘Happy Howlidays’ message upfront.

The card is available in single-sided, double-sided, and folded options. Additionally, it comes in various card shapes and two popular sizes. It’s certainly a must-have for all dog lovers.

12. Shih Tzu in Santa Hat

Another winner from the Greeting Card Universe shows up at number 11. This Cute Christmas Card includes a Shih Tzu in Santa Hat and reads ‘Merry and Bright’ in the front. Whereas the inside text states, ‘Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season’.

The card also features glittery red and silver embellishments, which only add to the card’s appeal. All in all, this card is a great seasonal greeting option for all Shih Tzu lovers out there.

13. Baby Jesus and German Shepherd in the Manger

If you’re old school when it comes to your Christmas cards, and decorations then, boy, do we have the card for you. Putting an innovative spin on the Nativity story, this Christmas card features a German Shepherd as well. Accurately named Baby Jesus and German Shepherd in the Manger.

The card is made from acid-free cardstock paper and can include any personalized message you want. It also comes along with a bright white, no-lick envelope.

14. Puppies in a Truck Dog Christmas Card Set

Calling all puppy fans! This card is sure to be a hit with dog lovers the world over. How could it not be? It not only features an attractive cherry-red truck, but also five extremely gorgeous pups that are sure to melt your heart. Check out this set of Puppies in a Truck Christmas Cards!

The card measures 4.75 x 6.5 inches in size and reads, ‘Wishing you all the love your heart can hold. Merry Christmas’. Printed in the USA, this greeting card is also environmentally friendly, with 35% recycled fiber.

15. Cute Bulldog Christmas Card

What’s better than a doggy-themed Christmas card – a card that features a Bulldog dressed up as a reindeer. And that’s exactly why the Cute Bulldog Christmas Card gets a place of honor on our list. What’s even better is that the Bulldog featured on this card comes along with a bright-red bulb nose.

The front of the card reads ‘Merry Christmas’, and the message inside states, ‘That’s all the holiday cheer you get from me till you get this stupid costume off’. As far as snark and humor go, this card takes the cake.

16. HOWL-I-DAYS Card

We find we’re very partial to white doggies with droopy ears that wear red reindeer horns. And, if you share the same passion, then the HOWL-I-DAYS card will surely give a good laugh. But, what’s to commended is the expression on the canine model’s face that all but screams boredom.

Available in 4″ x 5.5″ and 5″ x 7″ size variations, this card carries the message ‘Happiest Howlidays’ on the cover. As with all cards available on the Simply To Impress website, this card is also available in various shapes and offers multiple finishes. So get on with your selections in 1, 2, and 3.

17. Merry Christmas Cute Yorkie Card

Our next pick includes more shenanigans with the infamous mistletoe. The Merry Christmas Cute Yorkie With Mistletoe Humor card features a pint-sized Yorkie sporting a Santa hat while dangling a mistletoe from its paw. We give this card full marks for doggy-esque humor.

It also has a plain green background and an inside message that reads, ‘Sending you love & kisses and wishes for a very Merry Christmas!‘. Made from high-quality Kodak duplex cardstock and measuring 5 x 7 inches, this highly reasonable greeting card is a winner.

18. Great Papers! Holiday Greeting Card

It seems to us that Labradors are just as famous in the dog-themed greeting card world as they are in real life. That’s because this next selection of ours also happens to feature a bonny Lab with a Santa cap. Made by Masterpiece Studio, Great Papers! Holiday Greeting Card is available on Amazon in a set of 18 cards and envelopes.

The message inside the card lies on a light pick background and reads, ‘Wishing you a warm and cuddly Christmas’. Each card measures 7.87″ x 5.62″ and makes for a perfect seasonal greeting.

19. Puppies Hanging in Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are an essential decoration, be it your home or greeting card. But, when you add puppies to Christmas stockings, the whole scene just becomes magical. And, that’s exactly how we’d describe the Puppies Hanging in Christmas Cards set by Avanti Press.

Made from high-quality recycled cardstock, this card set is a must-have for environmentally conscious dog lovers who’d like to wish all their family and friends a Merry Christmas and warm and cozy holidays. Just in case you’re still not sure, we’d like to inform you that one of the puppies in the stockings is placed upside down. It makes everything even more hilarious.

puppies hanging in christmas stocking
These Christmas cards are great for environmentally conscious dog owners!

20. Cute Dog Popping from Box Card

Imagine a card that depicts a puppy popping out from a gift box – that sounds pretty exciting, right? That’s exactly what our show-stopper card, a Cute Dog Popping from a Box, portrays for your delight. As far as compositions go, the one features on this card is simple but effective. And the front also reads ‘Merry Christmas’ in an elegant script.

The inside text reads, ‘Wishing you all the magic of the season! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.’ The card is made from thick quality cardstock and is available in a glossy and matte finish.

That’s it, fellow dog-lovers. Alas, we’re at the end of our greeting card journey, and like all good things, it too must come to an end. Investing in Christmas cards with dogs and cats themes is a great way to bring some warmth and cheer to your holiday season.

Even if you aren’t a dog parent, Christmas cards with dogs are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, that’ll no doubt make you something of a legend amongst your loved ones. So, try not to waste any more time and put in an order for the card of your choice today! Till next time, furr-well.

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