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14 Best Under Couch Blockers For Cats

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Cat blockers for under beds prevent pets from bringing toys under the bed and keep the space free from dust and dirt.
  • DIY options for couch blockers include using storage boxes or leftover insulation.
  • Size, durability, material, portability, adjustability, and length are important factors to consider when buying a couch blocker for cats.
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Published on
Wednesday 22 February 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
14 Best Under Couch Blockers For Cats
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Cat blockers for under beds are designed for all pet parents. They protect the area beneath the bed from pets, preventing your cat from bringing cat toys underneath the bed, and keep the under-bed space free from dust and dirt. These cat blockers are extra important knowing that cats love to stay underneath couches and other types of furniture. 

With that, we prepared a list of the best under-couch blockers for cats. We will also talk about the factors you need to consider in buying one, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions about under-couch blockers.

14 Best Under Couch Blockers for Cats

If you are looking for an under-couch blocker for your cat but do not know where to start, then this list is perfect for you! Below, we listed down the best couch blockers for cats that are available in the marker. 

Our overall best pick:

The Mohold Under Couch Blocker for Pets is our best pick for this category! This couch blocker is a waterproof, high-quality PVC toy blocker for under the couch is also constructed without BPA has rounded corners and lasts a long time!

Product NameBest FeatureMaterialDurability Scale (1-10)Rating
Mohold Under Couch BlockerThis toy blocker can cling firmly to hard surfaces including marble, tiles, vinyl, and hardwood floors.Polyvinyl Chloride94.2
BOWERBIRD Clear Toy BlockersThe blocks are detachable and machine washable thanks to non-residue tape technology.Vinyl94.2
HFYZZ Clear Under Couch Pet BlockerComes with rounded edges design that makes it safe for everyone.PVC74
QIYIHOME Gap BumperThis gap barrier for couches may be firmly attached to a hard surface.PVC with adhesive73.9
BESTLUBE Under Bed Blocker for PetsToy blocker for the couch made of secure waterproof PVC. There are no burrs or sharp edges on either end of the bed blocks.Polyvinyl Chloride83.9
Under Bed Blocker for PetsSimple to adapt to any fixed bed frame layout.Corrugated Cardboard73.8
Maitys Under Couch BlockerResin, which is secure and durable enough for you to use for a long time, is used to make the sofa toy blocker.Resin83.7
BRULVVR Under Bed BlockerWaterproof, dustproof, detachable, simple to put together and take apart, and doesn’t harm your floor.Resin83.5
Trajihye 32.8 Toy Blocker This under-couch blocker is self-sticking and simple to install or take out of service.PVC and fabric with glue/adhesive mounting tape73.5
Treela PET Baffle BoardComes with powerful adhesive that is built into the design and can securely stick to any hard surface.PVC83.4
14 Best Under Couch Blockers For Cats

1. Mohold Under Couch Blocker for Pets

Toys, garbage, pets, and dust is not going to enter the spaces between couches and beds by the Mohold toy blocker. To clean and organize, you can stand upright. You simply need to follow five simple steps to install it, and you don’t require any extra equipment. Moreover, it has a strong stickiness that protects the floor. The toy blocker for beneath the sofa is also made of BPA-free waterproof high-quality PVC material, has rounded corners, and has a longer lifespan.

But, the problem with this product is that dust accumulation might, later on, weaken the adhesive used. In addition, some cats can still easily knock it over. 


  • Prevents cats and their toys from going underneath the couch
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Made with high-quality PVC and waterproof


  • Possible dust accumulation that can weaken the adhesive
  • Some cats knock it over 

2. BOWERBIRD Clear Toy Blockers for Furniture

With its distinctive shape, the Bowerbird dog and cat under-the-bed blocker barrier help prevent your cat from sneaking beneath furniture and under beds, couches, and cupboards. The glass, sturdy panel prevents pets from entering under furniture, under beds, couches, and cabinets. Its reversible design enables usage with wood, tile, or laminate floors. You may use it to support furniture below wood or tile surfaces by fastening covers over the panel’s fasteners. When not in use, it may be rolled up, kept in a compact area, and is simple to clean.

However, the downside of this product is, it can also accumulate dust that can, later on, weaken the adhesive. Moreover, some customers complained about receiving a product that did not fit their couch. 


  • It offers a durable grip on the floor Provides a firm grip on the floor for those with reduced mobility
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Adjustable features 


  • Possible dust accumulation that can weaken the adhesive
  • Inappropriate size

3. HFYZZ 5 Pieces Clear Under Couch Blocker for Pets

The toy blocker from HFYZZ is constructed of strong, difficult-to-break waterproof PVC that is free of BPA. Your children and cats are safe because of the rounded corners. Also, this sofa gap blocker may cling firmly to surfaces with hard surfaces, such as wood, marble, tile, and vinyl. It is a fantastic gap stopper for under furniture and may be used on TV sets, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture in addition to being applied to beds and couches.

However, there are reports from buyers that their cats can knock the barrier over. Plus, there are also statements that say the size is not appropriate for their couches. 


  • High-quality and safe materials used
  • Applicable to different floor types
  • Comes with rounded corners


  • Cats sometimes knock the barrier over
  • Inappropriate size

4. QIYIHOME Gap Bumper for Under Furniture

The QIYIHOME Gap Bumper is constructed of BPA-free, safe, waterproof PVC with an incredibly powerful adhesive. When applied to the floor, it is maintained simple and attractive. Moreover, it is quickly and readily washable. Furthermore, this sofa gap blocker may securely cling to a variety of hard surfaces, including wood, marble, tile, vinyl, and more. 

On another hand, this product might not be applicable for larger cats that can break down things easily. In addition, the adhesive also weakens over time


  • Offers protection from cat claw marks
  • Prevents dirt and dust from going under furniture
  • Easy to clean and assemble


  • It may not be enough for larger cats that can break things easily 
  • Adhesive weakens over time

5. BESTLUBE Under Bed Blocker for Pets

With the help of this sofa block from BESTLUBE, you can stop your cat from getting pet balls or toys caught beneath the couch or bed. With this, getting items that roll under furniture no longer requires bending over or kneeling down. Another benefit is that installation doesn’t require any special tools. Just clean the surface so that the under-the-sofa blocker can easily adhere to it. Toy blockers may be fixed to various hard surface surfaces, including hardwood, marble, tile, and vinyl.

However, it does not remove well since it comes with a strong adhesive. In addition, some customers complained about receiving an inappropriate-sized blocker. 


  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Prevents cats, toys, and dust from going underneath
  • Applicable to various floor types


  • Does not remove well
  • Inappropriate size

6. Under Bed Blocker for Pets

No products found.

This kit from Under Bed Blocker provides a tailored solution for your unique bed height, support bars, legs, etc, blocking bed to floor and corner to corner. Also, this blocker attaches to three sides of the bed frame so that nothing ever gets misplaced or caught beneath the mattress again. You can effortlessly wander your cats away from your sofa with the help of this block.

On the other hand, this might not be applicable to be used on carpets. It is also prone to paw scratches


  • Comes with double-sided adhesive
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Applicable to different floors like hardwood, marble, and more. 


  • Might not be applicable to carpets
  • Prone to paw scratches

7. Maitys Under Couch Blocker

The Maitys sofa toy blocker is constructed of resin, which is safe and durable enough to use for a long time. Additionally, these under-bed barriers are simple to erect without additional tools; all you have to do is join partitions with these connecting buckles before positioning the under-couch blockers in the proper location beneath the sofa or bed needs to be blocked, saving you both time and effort.

It also has a splicing design, allowing you to use the area beneath the bed for storage without removing the full toy blocker. The detachable design keeps dogs and cats apart and stops toys from going under the bed.

On the other hand, some customers complained that it is too flimsy and their cats can easily knock it over. 


  • Made of safe and high-quality materials
  • Durable
  • Detachable and easy to install


  • Too flimsy
  • Can be knocked over by some cats

8. BRULVVR Gap Bumper for Under Furniture

Steel frames and panels made of environmentally friendly resin are used to strengthen and extend the life of the under-bed blocker from BRULVVR. Also, this product is damage-free to your floor and is waterproof, dustproof, simple to clean, detachable, and quick to install and dismantle. Moreover, BRULVVR offers one-of-a-kind goods with a simple 45-day return policy.

Meanwhile, some customers state that they cannot use this product with recliners. In addition, there are statements saying that their cats can also knock it over. 


  • Prevents cats and toys small from getting under the couches
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Features a non-slip material design


  • This product cannot be used with recliners
  • Can be knocked over

9. Trajihye 32.8 Feet Toy Blocker for Under Couch

Trajihye’s under-couch blocker is self-sticking and simple to install or take down when not in use. The toy blocker strap may be directly linked to the adhesive strap, used frequently, and quickly dismantled in order to make it easier to observe or move the furniture. The adhesive strap fixes two furniture legs.

The toy blocker strap also lacks any harsh edges or surfaces that might cut your cat. Last but not least, the cloth used to make this item is of a high caliber, is elastic, and is difficult to tear or distort. It creates a sturdy and effective barrier that won’t harm your floor and may be used again.

But, the problem with this product is, some customers complained about its weak adhesive power


  • Self-sticking adhesive
  • Prevents cats and toys from going underneath
  • Easy to clean and assemble


  • Weak adhesive

10. Treela PET Baffle Board with Strong Adhesive Adjustable Bumper

These toy blocks by Treela PET are constructed of PVC plastic with strong adhesive at the bottom. Also, it does not deteriorate or fade, so you may use it for prolonged uses. These under-bed blockers for cats are available for various surfaces, including the couch, bed, and counter, and they have helpful bumper functions. They may prevent your pets from getting under the bed and toys or other objects from rolling into the sofa.

Also, you can easily clean these toy blockers for furniture by removing them and wiping them down with a soft cloth. Additionally, because they are stackable, you can store them when they are not in use without taking up much space.

However, buyers state that this product does not last that long. Moreover, there are also comments that the adhesive is not that strong 


  • Constructed from safe materials
  • Easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble
  • Saves space when stored
  • Applicable to different floor types


  • Does not last that long
  • Does not stick

11. Penxua Toy Blocker for Under Couch

This Penxua product stops toys or other things from sliding beneath couches, sectionals, or other furniture. It may successfully stop toys or other small objects from going under the couch or bed, so you no longer have to battle to uncover anything buried behind the sofa.

Also, this sofa under the blocker has an integrated design. It uses a large, robust buckle and strong seat belt material that was difficult to break or distort. Last but not least, this toy blocker may be used under other pieces of furniture as well, including beds, tables, cabinets, and more.

Meanwhile, there are sentiments that the product is too small for their couches. With that, the blocker does not completely block cats and toys from entering under the couch. 


  • Durable material and buckle
  • Integrated design
  • Can be used for various furniture 


  • Can be too small
  • Does not completely block toys

12. Boao Under Couch Guard for Cat

Good flexibility may be found in the Boao Under Couch Guard for Cats. Also, this toy blocker for under the bed can be used under various pieces of furniture, including couches, tables, cabinets, and more; you no longer need to fumble around under furniture with these handy items.

On the other hand, some cats and their toys can still pass through it. In addition, it also does not fit properly for some couches. 


  • Good flexibility
  • Applicable to different furniture
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Portable


  • Some toys still make it under
  • Does not fit properly

13. ECOHomes Under Couch Blocker Toy Blocker

With ECOHomes Under Couch Blocker, no more toys or stuff will fall or roll beneath your couch, sofa or sectionals. The barrier created by the textile fabric is robust and effective without endangering your floor.

The sofa blocker works with all kinds of sofas and floors. You don’t need to be concerned about hurting your floor when removing it because it won’t adhere to your furniture or floor. The Gap Bumper Filler may also be utilized beneath various pieces of furniture, including beds, loveseats, tables, cabinets, and cupboards.

But, the downside of this product is, it does not work for some cat owners. Meaning, their cats can still pass through it. There are also comments about how the size does not fit their furniture properly. 


  • Durable and safe
  • Applicable to most furniture and surfaces
  • Easy to assemble and wash


  • Does not work for some 
  • Inappropriate size

14. Nowtry Under Couch Toy Blocker

No products found.

This sofa toy blocker from Nowtry can address your problems and efficiently stop the toy from entering the sofa if you are still concerned about the toys under the couch. The product also has an updated couch design and soft, smooth, high-quality PVC materials that successfully deter pet hair from clinging to it. The intensity is high enough to make an impression and keep pets and toys from digging under the sofa.

Also, the couch pad underneath the sofa has a self-stick design that may be utilized on smooth, hard surfaces like hardwood, marble, and tiles that are solid and difficult to remove. They are simple to disassemble and won’t harm your floor.

However, expert reviews say that it does not completely block toys. In addition, there are instances where the size does not match the couch’s size. 


  • Prevents cats and toys from going under the sofa
  • Easy to arrange and disassemble
  • Made with high-quality and safe materials 


  • Inappropriate size 
  • Does not completely block toys

Things to Consider When Buying a Couch Blocker for Cats 

In buying the best couch blocker for cats, there are crucial factors we need to consider. These factors will help us find which product will suit our pet the most. 


The size of your pet comes first. Ensure the blocker is substantial enough to prevent your pet from climbing beneath the bed. In addition, ensure to choose a blocker that will fit the gap of your couch. Since some couches have thinner gaps, double-check whether the blocker will fit there. 


Of course, you must check whether the product is durable enough to last long in your house. Some products are cheaply made, which makes them easily destroyed by pets. With this, you are also able to save money and resources. 


Linked to durability, some materials are more durable than others. For example, even though the resin is unprocessed and durable, the final plastic material is still known to be stronger and sturdier. 

We’ve asked Brenda Vitorino, an expert pet writer who wrote about under-couch blockers, for his opinion on the best materials when using under-couch blockers for pets.

Plastic under blocks are excellent options for those who like discretion, as they can be found in different formats and colors and blend in with wood, tile, and laminate. Despite being a great option to keep toys from going under the sofa, plastic blockers are lightweight, and some larger dogs can quickly push them. Therefore, adhesives should be used to fix them on the floor better. The adhesives must be changed regularly, as the accumulation of dust and hair can make them lose their efficiency.

Wooden blockers can even be made at home and are suitable for those with furniture of different sizes, as you can make it the best size and shape for your couch or bed. This blocker type tends to be heavier than the plastic ones and doesn’t need adhesives to fix them under the sofa. 

Foam-type under-couch blockers are fascinating because when you place them under the sofa, they will mold themselves in the shape of the gap. Therefore, you won’t have to worry if it is in the right place or not because it remains in that shape. It is an excellent option for those who have dogs and cats that like to hide under the sofa.

Brenda Vitorino,


If you occasionally change the position of your couch, finding a portable couch blocker is a good choice. With that, you do not need to worry about transferring your couch barrier every time you move your types of furniture. 


Since some standard-sized barriers might not perfectly it your couch, looking for an adjustable barrier will allow you to have a couch blocker that accurately fits your couch. It also allows you to customize it based on your preference,


Similar to size, ensure that the length of your couch blocker will completely close the gap. Because otherwise, it will not do its job of preventing your cat from going underneath, their toys from going under the couch, and more.

Can You Make a DIY Couch Blocker for Cats?

If you want to try the couch blocker for cats, but you do not want to spend money, then worry less as you can also create a DIY version

For this do-it-yourself version, you can use different types of materials that can be easily found in your homes. One example is to use of storage boxes. If there is room to crawl under the bed, pets will only want to hide there. Plastic storage boxes may be used to close the gap, which is an easy and inexpensive solution to the issue. Also, it provides a handy location to keep items like Christmas paper tubes that might otherwise clutter up your home.

Reusing leftover insulation to make an under-the-bed barrier for cats is another do-it-yourself option. This is the perfect answer since it adapts readily to the opening size you need to close. Use Ziploc ties to secure the insulation once you have cut it to the proper length.

The only downside to this method is that it would not work for nibblers who are very aggressive or risk-takers. A cat with enough determination can and will find a way to get past insulation, and when they do, you can have a big mess to clean up.

Under Couch Blockers For Cats: FAQ

Before we officially end this article, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about best under-couch blockers for cats and dogs:

Do cat barriers work?

Yes, cat barriers do work. Your cat won’t be able to fit under your bed since it will completely surround the area. One of the greatest methods to prevent them from entering restricted locations like the space under your couch or bed is to do this. You could occasionally have a bigger gap where the bed blocker won’t fit. In this case, we advise blocking the gap with a piece of furniture the same height as the opening.

Do couch blockers damage the floor?

No, couch blockers do not damage the floor. Many sorts of hard surfaces, including linoleum, tile, and wood flooring, can be used with the blocker. If you utilize it as intended, your floor won’t be harmed. If you are unsure, most product labels showcase information about which type of floor their product works well. 

Can I cut the blocker to fit smaller gaps?

Unluckily, certain blockers are not made to accommodate tiny spaces. We advise utilizing a piece of furniture the same height as the gap, or another item, to hide small openings entirely. To ensure a suitable fit, carefully check the dimensions before purchasing.

In conclusion, there are various best under-couch blockers for cats. With that, knowing the factors you need to consider in buying one is important. These factors are durability, size, material, length, and adjustability. Thus, you can ensure you choose the product that suits your cat the most. 

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