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Top 9 Best Dog Water Bottles For Travel

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Published on
Thursday 23 November 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Water Bottles
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Whether you are going on a trip abroad or just to your local vet, owning one of the best dog water bottles will come in handy. Dog shows and handlers are also loving them.

Dog water bottles are very straightforward to use and do not involve any complicated manufacturing process. Therefore, they generally last you for plenty of years. Just make sure you keep them clean!

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Water Bottles

The only function a pet water bottle is meant to perform is to provide drinkable water to the dog while on the go. When deciding on which water bottle for dogs to get, you will normally encounter three types of products.

  1. the cheap plastic water bottle ($10) — does the job, but you will probably have to replace it every year.
  2. the sturdier PVC model ($15) — lasts for a very long time and is very practical.
  3. the fancy pet water bottle ($20+) — generally with a beautiful design and ingenious features.

Obviously, dog water bottles should all have a water bowl attached or screwed to them so your dog can directly drink the freshwater from the bottle. However, the whole design will change depending on the water bottle’s use case. Remember, there are dog water bottles for crates, for kennels, for cars, for walking, for camping, for puppies, etc. Not all pet water bottles are created equal!

dog water bottles for travel
Dog owners who enjoy dog shows, camping or short trips, all love their dog water bottles!

Leak-Free Design

The cheapest products may have a few leaks reported by customer feedback, while more premium products tend to be better put together. A leak means a big mess so it’s not recommended to buy the least expensive product you will find in our situation.

Plus, price differences are very small so it’s worth spending the extra ten-dollar note. Depending on how often you will use yours, it may make sense to spend the extra $10 or $15 to buy a creme de la creme dog water bottle rather than the $6 alternative.


Some pet water bottles are priced very low, even below $10, but they are small. Perhaps too small for normal use. Be careful since most pictures on e-commerce websites aren’t really showing much of a scale so you may be deceived thinking it is a one-liter dog water bottle when, in reality, it only contains 250ml.

If you are using a dog water bottle for a crate, you will need to be sure it contains enough water for a full day of your being at work. If you are just using it for vet visits or for a dog show, you can afford to buy a much smaller bottle since you will refill it as you go. Camping and hiking also require a larger volume since the next water source is never completely known (you can always store extra water in a dog backpack.)

Different Types of Water Bottle for Pets

The last important feature when buying a water bottle for pets is the holding or standing mechanism:

  • Handheld — cheapest but requires you to actively hold the bottle upright while your dog drinks
  • Standing — simply place it on the floor and it magically works thanks to gravity (they can but knocked over!)
  • Attached — these are dog water bottles attached to crates and kennels using hooks or velcro (small volume generally)

There is no best system here, it simply depends where and when the bottle will be used. The size of your dog also matters: crate water bottles have a metal sipper tube that doesn’t suit large dogs who need to drink a lot, often.

dog water bottle stand
A stand for a dog water bottle rarely stands up for long: dogs can easily knock them over. Prefer a bottle that is hooked to the crate, or a bowl that directly sits on the floor.

Top 9 Best Dog Water Bottles

Now that we know what features do matter, we’ve studied all the water bottles available today for dogs and handpicked the ones that offer all that a dog owner would expect, and more. We know some of our readers prefer low-priced items while others only get the top products, so we put the best of both worlds!

Here are our favorite dog water bottles you can get today:

1. H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl

Arguably the best handheld dog water bottle you can find with a beautiful stainless steel design. Both parts are BPA-free and you can even drink from it if you want. The top travel lid is ergonomically curved so your dog can effortlessly drink from it. Although the design is incredibly eye-catching, there are no complex pieces or special mechanisms involved, it’s a simple twist lid that screws itself onto the bottle. Nothing can break or leak.

The volume is 25-ounce (or 740ml) which is very reasonable and should be more than enough for short trips. If you are traveling by car, simply load a couple of regular bottles of water to refill the H2O4K9 when it’s empty. It also comes in six colors: pure stainless steel, jet black, denim blue, racecar red, baby pink, and treefrog green.Thanks to its easy-to-clean materials, both the top lid and the main bottle can be rinsed or disinfected within seconds using dishwashing soap for example.

2. Gulpy Water Dispenser for Dogs

Far from being a fancy or premium water bottle for dogs, the Gulpy Water Dispenser is a very cheaply-priced product just managing to do the job just fine. Don’t get me wrong, this dog water bottle with a bowl attached does feel flimsy and probably won’t last you more than a year, but it’s alright at this price. More worrying about this dog travel water bottle, though, is that there is no mention that it is BPA-free so I assume it is not.

Volume is 20 oz (or 590ml) so it’s not a lot, but more than enough for a few drinking sessions. Do I recommend it? Yes, but only for those very short round trips to the vet or to the local pet store where you might not even need to use it. I haven’t witnessed or read about many leaks which is always a plus for a cheap product.

Lastly, this is a good candidate for small dog breeds but will generally be a fail with medium and larger adult dogs (such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, Great Danes, and similar.)

3. Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

The Lixit Waterboy is the perfect example of a self-standing dog water bottle with an integrated water bowl. It is BPA-free and has been designed to be used on dogs of all shapes and sizes: from small lazy dogs all the way to large active dogs. The shape has been engineered to be a dog water bottle that is spill-free, making it a lifesaving device in a crate or with very active pets.

This travel dog bowl has many selling points and differentiators when compared to other pet water bottles:

  • won’t spill liquid even if it gets flipped (how awesome is that?)
  • the volume held is half a gallon (equivalent to 1.9 liters) which is huge
  • a reasonable size of 8in x 12in x 3in to have it somewhat compact
  • it is made in the USA

So far, this is the best hybrid of a travel water bowl and a dog water bottle, but there is one issue… It does hold a lot of water which makes it rather travel-unfriendly. If you are on the go in a car, this is a dream product, and buy it now. If you are just with a backpack or going on a walk, it is a little too big to be a realistic and convenient option.

If you are looking for a dog travel bowl or a bottle for crates, the Lixit Travel Water Bowl is perfect.

4. Highwave AutoDogMug

Another pet water bottle with a bowl attached that holds 20 ounces of water. The Highwave AutoDogMug is also BPA-free and designed to be leak-tight. It fits on most cup holders which makes it easy to bring when on the go.

Forget about gravity, using this water bottle is a matter of squeezing! To fill the water bowl, just give it a good squeeze and hold it while your dog is drinking. If your dog is done, release the squeeze to allow the water back into the bottle. Make sure to change the water regularly to avoid any bacteria spreading and growing inside the bottle.

Available in five bright colors (smoke, green, pink, purple, and red), the manufacturers insist that there might be a few drops leaked so take that into consideration before buying this product!

5. Petmate Replendish Microban Gravity Waterer

More of a water dispenser than a dog travel water bottle, the Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer comes in five different sizes (0.5, 1, 2.5, or 4 gallons) and five discreet colors. The volume held (even with the smallest size) is rather big so you would only want to buy this product to use it at home or in a temporary location such as your camping spot. For those who really mind cheap China imports, this product is made in the USA!

To block bacteria, bad odors, and parasites, this travel water dispenser for dogs is boasting the Microban® Antimicrobial Protection technology. That makes it a great product when you cannot clean it up daily. With over 5,000 positive reviews online, the Petmate Gravity Waterer is a people pleaser with a proven track record. It suits toy breeds as well as giant dogs, and thanks to its big bottle, it become so heavy that it should not be flipped anytime soon.

6. LESOTC Foldable Pet Travel Bottle

A lovely can-sized dog travel bottle that is perfect for small dogs during short walks, journeys, and trips. It is certainly lightweight and compact but also durable, safe, and leak-free. On the flip side, you won’t have water for long so it is almost useful for longer journeys unless you have a sure way to refill the water often.

Not clearly given, the volume contained in either are to my estimates as follows:

  • The small bottle is 6 oz (i.e. 175ml)
  • Medium bottle is 13.5 oz (i.e. 400ml)

Not dishwasher friendly, you need to rinse it by hand with soap regularly. The silicone used tends to prevent quick growth and spread of bacteria and fungi so no need to panic and clean it hourly. The smell of the plastic is quite strong after you first unpack and unwrap it — wash it several times to get rid of the smell and residues!

To sum it up, this foldable dog water bottle is ideal for walks or short journeys but too small for anything longer!

7. FATPET Dog Water Bottle

Well-rated and popular dog crate water bottle for small breeds and puppies, this product hold 16 oz of water (i.e. 470ml) and is ideal for small pets. It attaches easily to crates and travel carriers thanks to hooks that straightforwardly sit on the cage’s horizontal bars.

Built to ensure no leakage, this crate water dispenser is lightweight and uses non-smelling materials. The bottle, frame, and hooks are made of high-quality plastic materials while the drinking tube is made of drip-proof stainless steel. All materials used are engineered and designed to avoid leaks even when the bottle is full for a very long time.

Cleaning is easy AND required! Unhook the water bottle from the kennel or crate, disassemble all the parts (top lid, tube, bottle) and rinse them with soap separately. Leave them to air-dry or use a clean towel to do it immediately. Keep the stainless steel ball and valve clean and free of any debris. Hair, sand, excess dust in the tube would cause dripping over time.

8. Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

Keep your pets happy and hydrated with Tuff Pupper’s pup flask bottle. This portable water bottle is made of durable steel and eco-friendly materials that are 100% non-toxic, odorless, and safe for your fur buddies. It has a leak-proof seal and a waterproof lock to prevent water drips while carrying.

For easier use, it has a quick-release button and a hand-strap so you can carry it conveniently. This pet travel water bottle features an extra-wide opening if you’re planning to place some ice cubes for a cooler drink and a foldable water cup for your dogs to drink comfortably without any inconvenience.

It’s available in two stylish colors: quetzal green and nebulas blue, and has two sizes: 27 oz and 40 oz. You can also purchase their accessories like their insulated bottle holders that can keep your dog’s water cooler for a longer period of time. Tuff Pupper also offers an essential bundle set that features a traveling bow, pup flask water bottle, and a traverse retractable leash.

9. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

This portable dog water bottle is perfect for people who have small dog breeds. It has a leak-proof silica gel seal ring to ensure that your dog’s water will not be wasted or leaked everywhere.

Its big trough is food-grade ABS and it’s totally safe for your pets while its cup is made of high-quality food-grade material and has PC complied with FDA. It’s available in two sizes; 19oz, and 12oz, that’s enough for your dog’s daily walk, hiking, and traveling. And since it’s in a compact size, you can easily place them inside your bag or carry the water bottle by hand using its attached strap.

MalsiPree’s pet water dispenser bottle is loved by its customers because it’s easy and simple to use. You just need to press the water key to fill the trough with water and release it to stop. It also has a one-key lock to make sure that the water won’t spill – slide left: lock and slide right: open.

Dog Water Bottles — FAQ

Before I let you go, I wanted to answer a few questions we received about portable dog travel water bottles. This type of product is not rocket science so make sure you first understand what you want to use the travel bottle for, to then purchase the right product based on your needs.

Again, do not go for a super cheap (i.e. less than $10) or you are heading towards leaks and breaks head first!

What is the best dog crate water bottle?

The most suitable dog water bottle for a crate really depends on the size of your dog and how large the crate is. If you own a large dog, you need a water bottle that will resist the movement of a dog, and generally, this will lead you to buy a standing water dispenser such as the Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl. If you own a smaller dog or a toy breed, you may easily get by with a drip-free hanging water bottle with a drinking valve.
Regardless of the product type, make sure it can withstand a little agitation and cannot spill easily! Imagine your pour pup laying down in a crate full of water.

Do I need a dog water bottle stand?

Only useful for suspended and hanging dog water bottles, stands are not recommended for dogs. Indeed, puppies and adult dogs move a lot and they would knock the stand within a handful of minutes. Instead, you should either use a floor water dispenser or a hooked crate water bottle; both will resist agitated dogs and should not spill easily. So the general consensus is to avoid stands and prefer regular floor dog bowls or crate water bottles.

How to clean a dog water bottle?

Although it is very tempting to put dog water bottles in the dishwasher, I want to warn you that most of these products are not dishwasher-safe. Therefore, take five minutes to delicately disassemble all the bottle’s parts and wash them individually with care. Do not use burning hot water as it may loosen the materials, which would often result in leaks and dripping.

Use regular dish soap. Clean the bottle every day you use it after your dog has used it. Avoid using strong disinfectants or dangerous stronger chemicals or you must use a heavy rinse to make sure you get rid of any potentially toxic compounds before using the dog water bottle again.

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