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The Best Dog Toys For Old Dogs

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Older dogs still enjoy playing and need enrichment activities to keep their minds and bodies active.
  • Senior dog toys should be soft, flexible, lightweight, and safe for their weak bones.
  • Stuffed puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys are great options for aging dogs.
  • Older dogs need toys for enrichment and to keep them sharp and responsive. Interaction and active playtime make senior dogs happy.
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Published on
Wednesday 26 July 2023
Last updated on
Wednesday 26 July 2023
13 Best Dog Toys For Senior Dogs
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Contrary to the common belief that seniors don’t like playing, in reality, they’re just like any other dog. Moreover, since they’re old, they need enrichment activities to keep their minds active and bodies moving. As pet owners, the best way to do that is to buy the best senior dog toys

13 Best Toys For Old Dogs 

Are you looking for old dog toys that will motivate your senior canine to be active? Well, you’re in the proper place. Just keep scrolling below and you’ll find the top 13 best dog toys for older dogs.

The people’s choice and also the highly recommended chew toy for older dogs is this Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel plush toy. This is a stimulating dog toy that rouses a dog’s prey drive and natural burrowing behavior. Also, it’s warm, comfy, and most of all, ideal for dogs that like cuddling.  

However, the process of buying aging dog toys still depends on your canine’s preference. Moreover, to help you pick out the best toy for your old dog, check out the top 13 list of best toys this article prepared for you. 

Product NameBest FeatureTypeMaterialDurability Rating
Outward Hound Plush Hide-A-SquirrelIt’s plush, comfy, and comes in different animal designs. Plush dog toyFabric34.6
KONG Senior Gentle Dog ToyThis serves as both a treats dispenser and a chew toy.Rubber chew toyNatural Rubber44.6
ZippyPaws Skinny PeltzIt’s non-stuff so dogs won’t destroy it. Animal non-stuff toyFabric34.5
BestPetSupplies Crinkle Dog ToyThis is soft, comforting, and mentally stimulating for dogs. Duck crinkle toyFabric34.5
Multipet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy with SqueakerIt has a soft and plush texture that eases anxiety, stress, and boredom. Lamb plush toyFabric34.5
13 Best Dog Toys For Senior Dogs

1. Outward Hound Plush Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Dog Toy

The first on our list is none other than a product from the renowned Outward Hound company. Founded in 1998, this company produced so many high-quality, durable, and pet-friendly old dog toys in the market. Moreover, one of them is this Hide-A-Squirrel plushie. Well, dogs are predatory creatures, and one of their most sought-after prey is squirrels. With that said, pet owners won’t have any problems motivating their senior dogs with this toy since they naturally love squirrels. 

Meanwhile, this also comes in various designs that pet owners can choose from. Plus, every style has a built-in squeaker function which makes it more interesting for dogs. In addition, this also mimics the way canines burrow in the ground as they search for food. 

On the contrary, despite this product’s good reviews, still, a few of the customers weren’t convinced. Unfortunately, since this is made of fabric, this toy isn’t durable. Also, its fiber fillings are dangerous for dogs to ingest. 


  • It comes in different stylish designs. 
  • This is a 2-in-1 stimulating plush toy. 
  • It’s comforting, interactive, and cost-effective.
  • Perfect for dogs that like burrowing objects. 
  • It comes with 6 small plush toys with squeakers. 


  • Sizes are not reliable. 
  • It’s not suitable for aggressive dogs. 
  • The fiber fillings are choking hazards.

2. KONG – Senior Gentle Dog Toy Natural Rubber

The next in line is our 2nd contender which is the Kong gentle dog toy for seniors. This company started selling its trademark durable rubber toys as early as 1976. With that in mind, surely, this product is high-quality that can last for a long time. Moreover, this is also multi-purpose as it can be filled with treats while playing. Plus, this prevents dogs from choking with its built-in slow-feeding technology

If you’re looking for durability, then this one is for you. In addition, this one is also easy to clean. Just toss this senior dog toy in the washer and you’re good to go. Yet, like any other dog toy in the market, this one has loopholes too. Apparently, some customers complained that this rubber toy melted and its colors smudged. Also, the opening for treats is quite small and senior dogs find it difficult to eat. 


  • It’s durable and can be filled with treats. 
  • This is also easy to clean and washer compatible. 
  • Promotes a dog’s slow-eating behavior. 
  • The idea for stimulating mental responses from dogs. 
  • It’s also ideal for fetching and any outdoor games.


  • The rubber melted and its dye stained. 
  • It has a small opening. 

3. ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz Squeaky No-Filling Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws is also among those brands that provide the world with the best toys for senior dogs. This is cost-effective and comes in a 3-in-1 purchase. At the same time, this is stylish and has an adorable squeaker function that dogs just can’t resist. Also, the most unique feature of all, this doesn’t have fillings yet it still remained plush enough to comfort dogs during anxiety attacks. 

Moreover, since this doesn’t have any stuffing, this only means one thing – no mess. Well, canines, regardless of their ages, like to dig and destroy toys. That behavior is a result of their predatory instincts called prey drive. As a result, they destroy toys thinking they’re prey and the only thing that could stop that behavior is by getting them a no-stuffing crinkle toy. 

On the contrary, there are minor disadvantages concerning this product. First, since this came from fabric, meaning this isn’t durable. Lastly, some customers reported that its squeaker broke upon a few uses. 


  • Promotes a zero-mess playtime session. 
  • A single purchase comes in a 3-pack animal toy.
  • It’s also non-stuff and yet plush.
  • Provides additional fun and comfort to dogs. 
  • This is stylish and also comes with a built-in squeaker.


  • This isn’t ideal for heavy chewer dogs. 
  • The squeaker gets broken easily. 

4. Best Pet Supplies Crinkle Dog Toy

Now we’re down on the 4th highly recommended old dog toy from the company Best Pet Supplies. Well, if you’re precious canine is fond of duck toys, then this could be the one you’re looking for. Also, as stylish as this is, this comes in different vibrant colors as well. Plus, this is affordable and effective in stimulating dogs’ minds out of boredom. Moreover, this is also warm and comfy and, at the same time, helps ease anxiety and boredom. 

In addition, this includes an interactive squeaker speaker to rouse dogs’ curiosity. Besides, this is a non-stuff dog toy that’s guaranteed safe from canines’ claws. However, this is also among the products that have minor design flaws. According to a few of the reviews, the fabric material is not ideal for heavy chewers. Lastly, this toy isn’t completely stuffing-free as its head and feet contain fiber fillings. 


  • It’s cost-effective and comes in different colors. 
  • It has a plush structure yet it doesn’t have fiber fillings. 
  • Perfect for fun indoor games. 
  • It also has a built-in stimulating squeaker.
  • It’s gentle and helps ease boredom and anxiety. 


  • It’s not that durable. 
  • This isn’t entirely stuffing-free. 

5. Multipet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy with Squeaker

Another brand that produces one of the best toys for old dogs is Multipet. Well, among the other toys on our list, this one has a unique lamb design. In addition, the design is actually a genius concept since dogs like cuddling with plush toys. Moreover, this toy is quite large and resembles a puppy due to its size. Hence, older dogs will most likely have their nurturing instincts kick in and they will start caring for the plush toy as their own. 

Further, this is a good product that most pets and their owners adore. Aside from its irresistible design, this also helps relieve stress and anxiety in dogs. It also comes in various sizes that pet owners can choose from. However, nothing is perfect and neither is this plush toy. Based on some customers’ reviews, this product isn’t suited for aggressive chewers. Also, the seams are quite unstable and some of them broke inside the washer. 


  • It has a stylish and irresistible lamb design.
  • This is a 10’’ plush toy with a built-in squeaker.
  • It’s warm and comforting for dogs with anxiety issues. 
  • It’s also adorable and rouses the interest of dogs for hours.
  • This comes in 4 different sizes ideal for most dogs. 


  • This doesn’t work for heavy chewers. 
  • The seams cut loose in the washing machine. 

6. Multipet Gumby Plush Filled Dog Toy

If you’re a fan of classic TV shows from the 1950s then you should probably give this old dog toy a shot. To start with, the best thing about this product is its official license from the actual Gumby franchise. Plus, another best feature is that this toy has flexible body parts that are ideal for moderate tugging and tossing. 

Moreover, this also measures a good 9’’ in length which only makes this an ideal toy for small to medium-sized dogs. On the contrary, this toy is quite small when paired with large to extra-large dog breeds. Further, since this is also made of fabric, this toy isn’t that durable and easily torn by heavy chewers. Lastly, torn fabric parts can cause serious blockage in dogs. 


  • This has the official license from the Gumby franchise.
  • It’s also nostalgic for pet owners who liked the TV show. 
  • It has flexible body parts for tugging.
  • This is 9’’ and ideal for small dog sizes. 
  • It’s a good cuddle buddy that eases anxiety.


  • It’s not for aggressive dogs. 
  • This is quite small and can be a choking hazard. 

7. Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Our 7th placer and another Outward Hound product is the interactive puzzle treat dispenser for dogs. Well, seeing as this brand topped our list twice means only one thing: stability. Moreover, as its name implies, this combines an interactive feeder and a puzzle toy. Hence, this is a one-of-a-kind senior dog toy that stimulates canines’ minds and sharpens their cognitive skills

Besides, this toy is available in various sizes and levels, perfect for dogs of all ages. In addition, this feeder includes plastic tiles and containers, so they’re easy to clean and store. Just run them down in the water and add some soap. Scrub thoroughly the food leftovers, dry them out, and you’re done. 

Further, despite this one being a good product, this still has some negative reviews on the pet store. According to a few of the customers, the plastic tiles have sharp edges that can injure canines’ tongues. Also, the plastic tiles are quite small, so they don’t fit their puzzle board. 


  • It’s a feeder that stimulates dogs’ mental responses. 
  • Easy to clean and safe for dogs to lick.
  • It also lessens boredom and anxiety.
  • This motivates positive play time from dogs.
  • It comes in different styles and 4 various levels. 


  • The plastic puzzle pieces have sharp edges. 
  • Puzzle tiles don’t fit the toy.

8. Multipet Duckworth Plush Dog Toy

Our 8th in line and also one of the best toys for senior dogs from the Multipet company is this Duckworth plush toy. Like any other Multipet toy, this one also has a built-in squeaker that helps rouse dogs’ interest. Plus, this also has ample amounts of poly fiber fillings for a plush and comfy look. Other than that, this also helps lessens stress, anxiety, and boredom in senior dogs. 

It also comes in various vibrant colors that are highly visible from dark and far areas. Besides, this toy is ideal for any outdoor or indoor games. However, there are two things that you need to be aware of before buying this. Well, a little disclaimer, this toy has seams that get torn easily. Also, this has a strong chemical scent that doesn’t go away even after a few washes. 


  • It’s a large duck toy that comes in various colors. 
  • This also has an interesting built-in squeaker. 
  • It contains poly fiber filling for a plush effect.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor games. 
  • It’s warm and comforting for dogs with anxiety issues.


  • The seams break easily. 
  • It has a strong bad scent. 

9. Nylabone Silver Collection Chew Toy for Senior Dogs

When it comes to durability, it’s undeniable that Nylabone is one of our top contenders for the best dog toy for senior dogs. Well, in terms of the level of sturdiness, this ranked level 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, this has lots of wonderful features jampacked in a single purchase. For instance, it has a stylish x design for canines’ better grip. Plus, this also has raised surface bumps that help promote healthy teeth and gums. 

Moreover, its best feature is its built-in turkey and sweet potato flavor that’s irresistible to senior dogs. Besides, this is also ideal for indoor or outdoor games since this is both flexible and bouncy. However, there’s one thing that every pet owner should know upon buying this and that’s the fact that this toy is not for large dogs. 


  • It has a unique x design for easy grip.
  • The raised bumps help remove plaques and tartars. 
  • This is a gentle yet durable chew toy.
  • It also rouses dogs’ positive responses. 
  • This has a built-in sweet potato and turkey flavor.
  • It’s flexible and also bouncy. 


  • This is only ideal for small-sized breeds. 

10. Dr. Catch Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

Dr. Catch is also another brand that provides the best toys for senior dogs. Well, if you still haven’t found the best toy that suits your senior’s needs, then you should give this one a chance. Old dogs need the proper enrichment activities to keep their minds active, and hence, by choosing this puzzle feeder, you’re helping your canine enrich his mental capacity. Plus, this also promotes slow feeding that prevents choking and vomiting. 

Overall, this is a good product that stimulates dogs’ minds so boredom will unlikely occur. Yet, one of its main disadvantages is its plastic parts. Unfortunately, some customers complained that its puzzle pieces are too small and can be choking hazards. 


  • This is fun and interactive for dogs of all ages. 
  • It promotes slow feeding to prevent accidental choking. 
  • This also helps train dogs’ mental capacities.
  • It rouses dogs’ interests and prevents boredom. 
  • It’s suitable for dogs of all ages.


  • Small plastic parts can be choking hazards.
  • The puzzle is a bit small and flimsy. 

11. Booda Tail – Spin Flyer

If you want another type of older dog toy that’s neither plush nor rubbery, then go for this one. Senior dogs can still run and enjoy a short fetching session in the yard. With that said, this spin flyer could be the one you’re looking for. This flexible, lightweight, and multi-purpose frisbee toy is perfect for all occasions. Besides the fact that it glides in the air, this also floats perfectly in pools. Also, its best feature is its dual function as a frisbee and water dish. 

On the other hand, before buying this frisbee toy, there are some factors that pet owners need to consider. Firstly, the outer rim is too hard and dogs can’t grip it properly. Next, its inner fabric may be waterproof, but it gets easily punctured when dogs try to grip it. 


  • It’s a fun and interactive frisbee toy.
  • This is lightweight, flexible, and perfect for outdoor games. 
  • It glides swiftly in the air and floats in water too. 
  • The frisbee also doubles as a water dish. 
  • It has rubber edges for stability. 


  • The outer rubber rim is too hard. 
  • Its inner fabric is not that durable. 

12. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

AWOOF pet snuffle mat is also another senior dog toy that’s a must-have by every pet owner. Other than the fact that it’s cost-effective, this item is also interactive and well-designed based on dogs’ instincts. To be precise, this recreates the grass-grazing behavior most dogs have before they were domesticated. Plus, the grass-like felt fabric is easy to clean and safe for dogs to play with. 

Moreover, this is also unique in a way that the snuffle mat is transformable into a bowl. Hence, when dogs get tired of playing, they can use this as their feeding station. However, this product also has some things that can be quite a disadvantage to buyers. To be precise, the felt fabric isn’t durable and senior dogs can ingest it.   


  • It’s an interactive feeding snuffle mat for dogs.
  • This mimics the grass grazing experience in dogs. 
  • It’s also easy to clean and pet-friendly. 
  • When done playing, this can turn into a bowl. 
  • This is portable and has a non-slip bottom.  


  • It’s made of fabric so it’s not sturdy. 
  • Dogs can accidentally ingest torn fabric. 

13. Playology Silver Dental Chew Dog Toy

Our finalist and also one of the best toys for senior dogs is the Playology dental chew toy. As its name implies, this is a chew toy that helps remove plaques and tartars. Well, other than that, its raised surface bumps also soothe gum aches for teething dogs. Moreover, this also has a multi-purpose soft rubber surface that’s ideal for senior chewers. With that said, this is also engaging and comes in various sizes and flavors. 

In general, this is a good product that most canines adore and pet owners commend. Yet, not all dogs are the same because some are moderate chewers while others are quite aggressive. Thus, if that’s the case, then this product is not ideal for heavy chewers since the rubber is too soft and they can ingest it. 


  • It comes in many sizes and various flavors. 
  • This has a soft material that’s specifically built for seniors. 
  • It’s easy to clean and also safe for dogs to chew. 
  • This also has raised bumps that promote dental health.
  • It’s engaging and keeps dogs out of boredom. 


  • Rubber is too soft and it can be a choking hazard. 

What Games and Toys Are Appropriate for Senior Dogs? 

Despite their slow reflexes, senior dogs still love to play. However, things aren’t the same for them anymore. Well, their bones aren’t that tough like they’re used to and they’re prone to injuries when playing. Hence, the solution to that is for pet owners to get their old furry friends some senior dog toys. 

Moreover, what makes senior dog chew toys different from regular dog toys?  According to research, old dogs need enrichment activities such as puzzles. But, their bones are weak so they can’t go running and play fetch anymore. As a result, they need soft, flexible, and lightweight toys that won’t harm their bones and muscles. 

In addition, there are still many games and activities suitable for your senior dog. For instance, a stuffed puzzle toy is one of the best senior dog toys. Aside from being interesting, it’s also plush, warm, and soft for old dogs’ joints and muscles. 

Other than that, old dogs also enjoy treat-dispensing toys. They like the feel of soft rubber in their mouths and love the taste of treats from those toys. Also, treat dispensing toys stimulates the mind, and at the same time, helps promote slow eating behavior in old dogs. 

Further, even the best toys for senior dogs won’t be fun and interactive if pet owners won’t involve themselves with their dogs’ playtime sessions. Overall, active engagement is important because it strengthens bonds, promotes dogs’ mental health, and also keeps their body alert. 

What to Look for in Dog Toys for Senior Dogs 

Senior dogs like to play too but only not as active as when they’re younger. Moreover, it’s a must to encourage dogs of all ages, even older ones, to have enrichment exercises that will keep their minds and bodies healthy. Hence, without further ado, here are the factors pet owners should consider in buying the best toys for older dogs. 


It’s in a dog’s nature to love variety. Whether it’s in terms of food, clothing, or toys, dogs can be picky creatures as well. Moreover, upon choosing dog toys for senior dogs take note of their preferences regarding textures. Well, some dogs prefer tugging on ropes while others like the rigid surface of the rubber


As a pet owner, toys for older dogs must also be considered. Note that very small chew toys may be swallowed whole and cause obstruction. Also, a good rule of thumb is that if a toy can’t fit in a dog’s mouth, it’s considered too big. Further, if a dog can swallow it whole, then the toy is too small and hazardous. 


When it comes to choosing the right material regarding toys for old dogs, it’s best to choose long-lasting and durable ones. Moreover, if your senior likes to chew on things for hours, then choosing a rubber toy is better. Yet, if your canine prefers to have something to cuddle with, then a plush fabric toy will keep him warm and ease his anxiety. 

Activity Level

The activity level is also worth considering upon buying the best old dog toys. With that said, if your canine is an active chewer, don’t buy him fabric toys since he can destroy them, instead, opt for rubber ones. Also, if your dog looks bored all the time, then better get him an interactive puzzle toy that will boost his mood

Dog Toys For Senior Dogs: FAQs 

Are you still confused as to what toys old canines like? Well, here are some frequently asked questions you need to take note of before buying dog toys for older dogs. Read them below. 

Do senior dogs need toys?

Yes, of course. Canines, especially seniors need to have enrichment exercises. That’s because staying passive makes their minds and bodies weaker. With that in mind, pet owners must buy their old furry friends the best dog toys for old dogs to keep them sharp and responsive.

How can I keep my senior dog entertained?

There are many ways to keep your senior dog entertained. For starters, you can take him out for a short walk so he can breathe fresh air. Also, you may buy him some of the best toys for senior dogs that will enrich his cognitive skills and keep his body active. 

What do old dogs like to play with?

Old dogs are pretty much like their young counterparts. With only an exception though. Well, they’re not as agile in terms of their mental and physical well-being. However, science states that they like learning new stuff as well especially toys for senior dogs

How do you stimulate a senior dog?

Sometimes, a senior dog may act uninterested in daily activities. Yet, that doesn’t mean his sick because he could only be lacking mental stimulation. Moreover, to keep your old furry companion in a happy mood, arouse his interest by giving him old dog toys such as interactive puzzle toys

What makes senior dogs happy?

The main factor that makes dogs of all ages, especially seniors, happy is interaction. Well, providing the proper exercise and motivation for dogs alters their moods. To be precise, it makes them happy since active playtime encourages the release of the happy hormone called endorphin

Senior dogs may only look old, but they’re young at heart. In addition, they need recreational games that can strengthen their minds and help them exercise their weak muscles. With that said, buying the best toys for senior dogs will certainly help them to rouse their interests and enrich their cognitive skills. 

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