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10 Best Dog Thanksgiving Outfits – Cool Thanksgiving Sweaters, Bandanas & More

Written by Larese
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Published on
Thursday 24 September 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog thanksgiving outfits
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For most pet parents, dressing their pooches with the cutest and best dog thanksgiving outfits is more than fulfilling. Nothing beats the feeling of looking at those captured moments during the holidays with your family, friends, and your furry companion dressed in match clothing.

Whether you want to give a warm jacket, football shirts, or you want to dress your pooch like a turkey; dog thanksgiving costumes are something that every dog owner would enjoy doing. So, after you complete your dinner menu for a holiday, it is time to check out some adorable thanksgiving clothes for dogs. Just remember, pick something comfortable to wear all day.

Searching for the best dog thanksgiving outfits can be a challenge, especially not all dogs have the same body fit. You must choose for something comfortable because too tight clothing and costumes will restrict your furry pal’s range of motion and may lead to difficulty breathing. On the other hand, too loose clothes can get your pet hurt. So, no need to visit several stores because we will be giving you awesome dog Thanksgiving outfits for different dog breeds and sizes.

1. Puppe Love Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Costume

Turkeys are the symbol of Thanksgiving. Let your furry pal play this role by wearing this adorable Puppe Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Costume. Nope, it doesn’t mean you will eat your dog, but you feast your eyes with cuteness overload because this dog costume will be a hit this holiday. This Thanksgiving dog shirt also comes with foam inside to make your pet’s body look stuffed, like a real turkey, while keeping it warm and avoid hypothermia.

The traditional holiday colors and unique attention to detail are perfect to match the looks of a real turkey. So, there is no reason for you not to want to gobble up on this costume for your canine. From the flared tail, side wings, to the hood with a beak – it is a look that will let your dog be the star of the night.

Moreover, it is available in size three that fits a back length of 10.75 inches, a girth of 14 to 16 inches, and a neck of 8.75 to 10.5 inches. Is your dog a perfect match for its size? If yes, don’t hesitate, order it now and get ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving party.

2. Petitebella Thanksgiving Turkey Puppy Clothes

If you want something cool and simple, the Petitebella Thanksgiving Turkey Puppy Clothes is another best option. It is one of the best dog thanksgiving outfits for Chihuahuas. Everyone at your party will definitely feel affection once your pet starts wearing this little dog shirt.

The Petitebella Thanksgiving Turkey Puppy Clothes are also suitable for some toy breeds like Shih Tzus. It is thick enough to provide warmth during a cold night celebration. However, you may still need a coat when you go out for a drive with your pooch because this shirt doesn’t have sleeves.

This Thanksgiving dog shirt is mainly made from cotton for more durability and comfort. It also comes in different sizes to match the body built of different dog breeds. However, some dog owners said that the proportions are too small. So, to be sure, “size up a size” when choosing the right dimensions.

3. Puppe Love Pilgrim Boy Costume for Dogs

Thanksgiving will never be this cute with Puppe Love Pilgrim Boy Costume for Dogs. It comes with a large white collar and cuffs, snaps closures with real metal buckle details, and a matching hat. Just the thought of wearing these dog thanksgiving outfits will make the holidays cool and more exciting. If your canine has a back length of 9.25 inches, chest of 12 to 14 inches, and a neck of 7.5 to 8.75 inches, this Thanksgiving cloth is a perfect match.

If you and your pooch love to go on a long-distance journey, a traveler, or a wanderer, this black Pilgrim costume is ideal for wearing for this coming Thanksgiving. Make it simple, unique, and comfortable. Your dog will love to wear it all day long. Aside from adorable looks, the costume also gives warmth during cold seasons. It can be a costume and a coat at the same time.

4. Rubie’s Turkey Dog Costume

Let your pup be the center of Thanksgiving with Rubie’s Turkey Dog Costume. Since 1950 the costume manufacturer Rubies has introduced costumes and accessories to the world. So, you can rely on its quality and adorable looks. This Thanksgiving dog costume includes a jacket with an attached tail, paw covers, and headpiece with a beak. So, start dressing up your pup in fun with comfort and style.

Rubie’s Turkey Dog Costume may look too tight, but it is a perfect fit if you pick the right size for your canine. Moreover, the thick foam and cotton will give warmth and solace to your canine during the winter.

5. Thanksgiving Over the Collar Bandana

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Top off your dog’s costume with this Thanksgiving Over-the-Collar Bandana. It is a unique bandana that you can put on your canine by inserting the dog collar into the top seam instead of tying it. Hence, it avoids choking of the pooch or accidental falling when tied improperly.

The custom-designed and hand-printed details come with a full variety of colorful pictures that will make your pooch a head-turner on Thanksgiving. Constructed with durable yet pliable materials giving a bright and fun message when you put it on your pet.

Some dogs feel relaxed when wearing a bandana, but some don’t feel comfortable wearing one. So, make sure that your pooch doesn’t feel irritated when you put it on to avoid being stressed or upset, leading to uneasy feelings. Never force your canine to wear a bandana, and don’t leave it unattended when you put one.

6. Top Performance Seasonal Dog Bandanna

Here’s another eye-catching Thanksgiving dog bandanna that features festive prints that will give your pooch a unique and memorable fashion statement. While dog clothes and sweaters are cute, they can also be hard to put on and uncomfortable to wear for your pup. The best thanksgiving dog bandanas, on the other hand, are easy to put on and comfortable to wear for Fido.

Choose between acorns and pumpkin designs, whichever you think is suitable for a holiday party. The Top Performance Seasonal Dog Bandanna is a combination of cotton and polyester that ensure comfort and durability. If your dog measures 22 inches long and width, it is a perfect outfit.

Thanks to the high-quality cotton blend, bandanas are machine-washable. So, no need to worry about frequent washing because you can do it with ease. If you don’t want to be too fancy this coming Thanksgiving for your dog’s costume, then try out the Top Performance Seasonal Dog Bandanna. It is simple yet always perfect for any occasion.

7. Frisco Striped Dog & Cat Polo Shirt

How about make your dog more handsome on Thanksgiving with this Frisco Striped Dog & Cat Polo Shirt? It may look like a smart summer style for pets, but it is one of the simplest and the best dog thanksgiving clothes.

Made with breathable and lightweight cotton-polyester, your canine will look cool while feeling the warmth while wearing it. The most distinct style of this dog clothing is the stylish stripes with collar and buttons that are suitable for all occasions.

What makes the Frisco Striped Dog & Cat Polo Shirt unique is the built-in leash hole that will let you put a collar underneath the polo. Moreover, the pull-over design makes it more convenient to put the cloth on and off your pup. It is available in different sizes, but don’t forget to measure your pup’s body to get the perfect match.

8. Fitwarm Elegant Lace Plaid Dog Dress

Make your girl pooch even cuter with the Fitwarm Elegant Lace Plaid Dog Dress. This Thanksgiving outfit for dogs is soft and comfy to wear, thanks to its fabric material. Even after Thanksgiving, you can still wear it to your pet during holidays and even everyday wear, and make it feel like a princess. Moreover, the elastic waist makes sure that your pooch will feel pleasant all day long.

The Fitwarm Elegant Lace Plaid Dog Dress is available in various styles and sizes. Each design will make your pet more attractive with more touch of cuteness. Overall, it is one of the best dog Thanksgiving outfits with excellent quality and vibrant colors. This coming Thanksgiving, don’t forget to beautify your female pooch.

9. Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Thanksgiving Dog Collar

No sweater, no dresses, no costumes this Thanksgiving? No problem. Your pooch can still stay on trend during the holiday with the Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Thanksgiving Dog Collar. If you don’t feel like giving Thanksgiving costumes and clothes for your Fido this year, you can never go wrong with a Thanksgiving collar.

The Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Dog Collar is from high-density polyester and nickel-free hardware with eco-friendly plastic buckles. It ensures comfort, style, and uniqueness during Thanksgiving and even for everyday walking. Let your canine be in charge of the upcoming Thanksgiving by wearing this festive fall collar design.

Dressing your dog up for the holidays is always fun, and dog collars are a perfect way to do so in an understated manner. This Thanksgiving collar comes with different designs even for Halloween, daily walks, and other holidays. The collar has a simple buckle clasp which easily clips onto the neck of any small dog and a metallic loop to connect a dog leash.

10. Thanksgiving Over-the-Collar Bandana

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If you don’t want too fancy pilgrim costumes for your canine, well, this Thanksgiving Over the Collar Bandana will simplify it for you. It comes from washable fabric so that you won’t have a hard time cleaning it. Moreover, the vibrant colors make it more attractive when you put it on your dog.

The best feature of Thanksgiving Over the Collar Bandana is that it comes with adjustable buckles so that you don’t have to tie it on your dog’s neck. Hence, it eliminates the possibility of choking for as long as you adjust the buckle right. Moreover, manufacturers did an excellent job in designing and constructing this collar bandana with durable yet pliable materials. It ensures a bright and fun message as your pup wears it.

dog thanksgiving outfit
Make sure the dog thanksgiving outfit is comfortable!

It is always fun to dress up your pet in cute costumes and clothes with attractive designs and vibrant colors. However, it is essential that they don’t feel irritated wearing it by making sure that the materials used in manufacturing the clothes offer maximum comfort. If you want to make the holiday more special, the best dog Thanksgiving outfits on our list will never fail you in having a good time.

Whether you want cool turkey costumes, smart clothes, or just simple and fun accessories, the choice is yours. Don’t forget; your dog has a say on it. From the design to comfort, Thanksgiving clothes for dogs should always make your pooch feel at ease and confident whenever you put it on. During the celebration, know what you can and should not feed with your fido. Finally, don’t forget to charge your cameras and smartphones to capture those adorable moments when your dog starts walking, running, and enjoying its Thanksgiving costume.

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