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Thanksgiving for Dogs

Breeding Business Thursday 5 November 2020
thanksgiving for dogs

Thanksgiving is a time of the year to give thanks and share time and great food with the ones we love. So why not include all of your family members in it and find a way to involve your dog. We have fun, safe, cute, and creative suggestions to help you make a fun Thanksgiving that includes your furry friend and make it a thanksgiving for dogs.

There is a lot of thanksgiving food that is worrying for dogs. Therefore to make a dog-friendly thanksgiving, you may need a bit of help! Well, this year we have created over ten different articles to help you make the perfect doggy thanksgiving dinner. Not only that, but they also help cover ingredients which aren’t safe, outfits, and even toys perfect for the occasion.

Your Dog’s Own Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s be honest, what is a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog, than a Thanksgiving dinner for your dog? But where do you start? The first step is ensuring that all the foods you are giving your dog are entirely safe for them to eat. Some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods can not only upset your dog’s tummy but also lead to severe consequences. Some ingredients or common Thanksgivings foods can actually lead to poisoning and even lethal results. Therefore, check out all the possible dangerous Thanksgiving foods before composing your dog’s own dinner.

If you’re a bit nervous about creating a dog-friendly Thanksgiving recipe by yourself, don’t fret! There are many different homemade recipes for the perfect dog Thanksgiving dinner. Browse through them to not only find the one that you will most enjoy cooking, but also the meal with the flavors your dog will enjoy the most. Maybe you think that a whole dinner is too much for your dog. Instead, consider a thanksgiving treat for your dog. It is a smaller portion of something that is just as tasty! It also means that you don’t have to worry about your dog if they are currently watching their weight or health.

Thanksgiving Foods With Worrying Reputations

There are a lot of ingredients in our traditional Thanksgiving dinner that can be a huge problem for our dog’s health if they consume any. So if you are the type of owner to give a little bit of your Thanksgiving dinner to your dog, be careful! But which foods and ingredients are worrisome? Well, these are the types with the most concerning reputations:

thanksgiving turkey bone treats for dogs
You can give your dog turkey bones as treats.

Some of these ingredients are fatal, whereas others may only be problematic when other foods or spices are added. Be careful of toxic vegetables that are often added to thanksgiving dinners, so a normal and tasty food such as gravy, can make our pups quite ill. Sometimes it can even be the portion that is the problem.

Dogs may be able to have a little portion of some foods, but only in moderation, as large portions can be unhealthy. For example, some gravies are very high in fat and owners may want to avoid this content percentage. This is why it is important to regulate the food your dog is ingesting as well as the contents.

Fun Things to do With Your Dog at Thanksgiving

Don’t limit the fun you can have with your dog at Thanksgiving to just food and recipes. You should also consider some amazing Thanksgiving outfits for your dogs! From cute turkey outfits to fall-themed bandanas, there’s a whole lot to choose from. There are a few factors you need to consider though. Firstly, think about the coat your dog has. If they are very furry and the temperature outside isn’t too cold where you are yet, be sure the outfits will not cause them to overheat. You should also think about if the outfits may cause your dog stress, as some dogs are more tolerant and even enjoy the clothing.

We all want to share our thanks with our loved ones at Christmas, but it is not always appropriate to give our dogs food the food from our plates or homemade similar meals. For pups that are on diets for weight loss, or have food allergies, these gifts may not be appropriate. The alternative is to consider giving your dog some thanksgiving toys! There is such a wide array of toys with a wonderful Thanksgiving theme. Firstly, check any toys you are considering that they are completely suitable and safe for your dog. If they have strong jaws and love to chew, then look for a strong and reinforced toy. However, if you own a little puppy then you can consider purchasing a soft and very cute toy. But regardless of your dog’s needs, there will be a Thanksgivings toy that will be right for them.

thanksgiving toys for dogs
Don’t forget to buy a Thanksgiving toy for your pet!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year, and involving all members of our family into the occasion. Our dogs can be involved in multiple ways to help us celebrate, so why not take a look now?