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11 Best Crinkle Dog Toys

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Dogs have sensitive hearing and love playing with toys that make noise, especially crinkle dog toys.
  • Crinkle dog toys activate a dog’s prey drive, encouraging them to be active and reducing anxiety and boredom.
  • When choosing a crinkle dog toy, consider size, material, durability, and sound.
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Published on
Friday 3 February 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
11 Best Crinkle Dog Toys
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Playtime is essential to dogs. It nourishes their minds and also helps build their motor skills. Dogs will most likely play with anything they can get their hands into, especially if it makes noise. With that said, it’s only right that pet owners get their dogs the best crinkle dog toys on the market.  

Top 11 Best Crinkle Toys for Dogs

As a pet owner, you may have seen your dog play with grocery bags plenty of times. Well, one thing is for sure, though it’s not the paper they like, rather it’s the rustling sound they’re after.

Moreover, if you can’t choose which one to pick, this article covers you. Our top choice and most recommended by customers is the Nickelodeon Rugrats crinkle plush toy. This is a toy inspired by the classic Nickelodeon cartoon series. Aside from its stylish look, this is also comforting, interactive, and safe for dogs. 

Check out these highly recommended crinkle dog toys below.

1. Nickelodeon Rugrats Plush Dog Toys

The reason why dogs like crinkle toys so much are because of their crisp, rustling sound effects. For dogs, crinkling sounds are not only fun, but they also help them remember their old hunting ways. In short, crinkle toys are ideal for keeping your furry friend motivated and active. 

If you want one to entertain your dog with, choose this Nickelodeon Rugrats crinkle plush toy. Plus, this toy’s best feature is its official Nickelodeon license. Other than that, this is safe and suitable for most dog breeds. Also, although this doesn’t have fiber stuffings, this remained plush enough to comfort dogs and prevent anxiety attacks. 

This is an effective product that dogs really like. Yet, for some reason, this also has disadvantages. Some customers complained that the fabric is quite thin. Further, the worst part is that some of the items arrived defective and used. 


  • It’s original and contains an official license from Nickelodeon. 
  • It doesn’t have stuffing yet it remains cuddly. 
  • Provides a sense of comfort for dogs.
  • This is a classic-looking toy for all dog breeds. 
  • It’s also affordable and entertaining. 


  • The fabric is not that durable. 
  • Some products arrived defective. 

2. Harry Potter Crinkle Dog Toy

Next product on our list is this Harry Potter crinkle pet toy. This is also an official Harry Potter license holder, which makes this toy cool, not only for pets but for their owners as well. Moreover, this is ideal for gift-giving seasons such as Christmas or thanksgiving holidays. In addition, this comes in various themes that you can choose from. 

Besides that, this is ink-free and only has detailed embroidery that’s safe for dogs. This is multisensory and can hold a dog’s attention for long hours. However, all good things have minor downfalls. Some customers reported that this product is not ideal for aggressive dogs. Also, this toy arrived with defective and missing pieces. 


  • It comes in different themes and sizes.
  • This has cool, detailed embroidered prints.
  • It also has multisensory effects.
  • Perfect for Harry Potter fans
  • Contains an official license from the Harry Potter franchise. 


  • Not for aggressive and heavy chewers. 
  • The toy also arrived with missing pieces. 

3. ZippyPaws Crinkles Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws company is also a home for the most popular crinkle dog toys in the world. It provides pets of all ages with the most unique, stylish, and plush dog toy. It’s also effective in entertaining and preventing dogs from suffering anxiety. In addition, this has a built-in round speaker that, aside from crinkles, squeaks upon biting. Plus, it has a soft exterior that is perfect for puppies. 

On the contrary, a few reviews claimed that this product’s main downside is its durability. Apparently, this toy doesn’t have that, as it broke upon minor dog chews. Also, this has an exterior filled with faux fur that sheds and may cause obstruction to dogs when ingested. 


  • It has a unique dragonfly design.
  • This includes a squeaker for extra fun.
  • Durable enough to withstand teething puppies. 
  • It’s stretchy and mentally stimulating. 
  • This is also cute, thick, and comforting. 


  • The fur sheds and can be ingested by dogs.
  • Its quality doesn’t last that long.

4. Petlou Stuffingless Floppy Plush Dog Toys

This Petlou floppy dog toy is a lovely stimulating toy for pooches. If you’re tired of cleaning up after your canine’s messy breaking of toys, then you should probably give this brand a shot. In addition, this Petlou toy doesn’t have stuffing, so your furry friend won’t be interested in destroying it. 

Moreover, this is handy and interactive, so you can bring it anywhere and entertain your dog for hours. Also, its best features are its floppiness which enables dogs to have an easy grip and its warranty which protects customers from damages and scams. 

On a side note, there are a few product glitches to note. The first complaint is its not so-durable seams that get damaged after a few uses. Lastly, the fabric is thin, which makes this not suitable for powerful chewers. 


  • Soft, comforting, and entertaining. 
  • This is plush and yet without messy stuffing. 
  • It’s also lightweight, handy, and has a squeaker. 
  • The product is floppy and easy to grip for dogs. 
  • It’s cost-effective and has a refundable warranty. 


  • The seams break open easily. 
  • The toy is not ideal for aggressive dogs. 

5. Star Wars for Pets Plush Yoda Figure Dog Toy

Another officially licensed dog toy from the movies is this Star Wars Yoda plush toy. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, then no question you should get this one asap. Also, despite being referenced by a famous movie character, this plush crinkle toy is one of the most effective and comforting crinkle dog toys on the pet market. 

This has a moderate crinkle noise that’s soft yet irresistible to a dog’s ear. Moreover, the company also guarantees that this toy is safe and doesn’t have any sharp edges that will injure dogs. Further, this is portable and lightweight, so pet owners can bring and use it anywhere with their dogs. 

In addition, the were some customers who gave unsatisfied reviews. According to a few of them, the toy is not durable. It’s made of thin fabric that dogs easily tear when they’re excited or anxious. 


  • This is perfect for Star Wars fan pet owners. 
  • The Cartoon Yoda toy has a Star Wars official license. 
  • It makes an entertaining crinkle noise.
  • It’s safe for pets without any sharp parts. 
  • Toy is lightweight and also comforting. 


  • The toy is quite thin and also easily damaged. 

6. SPOT by Ethical Products Skinneeez Crinklers

SPOT crinkle toy is also one of the best crinkle dog toys in town. It doesn’t have stuffing and yet it remained plush enough for dogs with anxiety issues. Also, this is perfect for training and stimulating good behavioral responses from dogs. Other than that, this has an exciting built-in squeaker speaker that creates irresistible crinkle sounds. Moreover, pet owners can also use this toy to motivate their dogs to exercise. 

Well, this crinkle toy is indeed a worthwhile product to try. Yet, like other pet products, this one also has some bad reviews. According to some of the customers, this crinkle toy is quite thin. Also, other items arrived with broken crinkles and defective squeakers. 


  • It’s good for stimulating dog responses.
  • It comes in many animal variations.
  • This is stuffingless and mess-free. 
  • It crinkles and squeaks upon gripping. 
  • This is also affordable and machine washable. 


  • It’s thin and not that durable. 
  • The product arrived with broken crinkles. 
  • Its squeaker broke on the first day. 

7. HGB Squeaky Crinkle Plush Dog Toy

If you’re looking for unique crinkle dog toys, then be sure to pick HGB pet products. Plus, unlike other pet stuffies that come in conventional animal characters, this one has a stylish octopus design. Well, this one promotes more fun and interaction, since it has many arms that dogs can tug or grip. It also comes in vibrant colors that provide high visibility during nighttime. 

In general, this is a good crinkle plush toy that can provide long-lasting entertainment to canines. However, there are two things to consider before availing of this one. Well, keep in mind that all fabric materials are not that durable, hence this octopus stuffie is not that indestructible either. Further, it contains small plastic bags that can cause choking hazards to dogs. 


  • It has a unique octopus design. 
  • This also comes in different vibrant colors.
  • It includes a built-in squeaker and crinkle paper. 
  • It’s interactive and mentally stimulating. 
  • Helps ease boredom and anxiety. 


  • The leg part contains plastic bags. 
  • It’s quite thin and also easily broken. 

8. Zenapoki Squeaky Dog Toys

Zenapoki is another trustworthy brand that has been selling quality dog products. Well, among the other crinkle dog toys on our list, this one is the most unique of all. With that said, this is the only one that has a 2-layer structure. It has a tearable exterior that gives way to the most exciting part, the spikey rubber squeaker inside. 

Moreover, its built-in rubber spike toy is both interactive and hygienic. In addition, it helps motivate dogs to be active, and at the same time, helps clean plaques and tartars. Also, this helps dogs overcome stages of anxiety and boredom. 

Meanwhile, despite its many cool features, still customers reported some complaints about it. According to the reviews, the surprise rubber spikey toy is nice, but sadly, it’s not durable. Also, the squeaker toy easily breaks after a few uses.  


  • It comes in a unique tearable exterior. 
  • This also has a squeaky rubber spike toy inside.
  • It’s interactive and helps promote healthy gums. 
  • It also comes in various styles and colors. 
  • It’s entertaining and helps ease boredom. 


  • The rubber spikey toy is thin. 
  • Its squeaker broke after a few uses. 

9. SPOT Ethical Pets Crinkle Pet Toys

This is the second SPOT product on our list. Well, since this other one also reached the top 9 of the best crinkle dog toys in the world, this only proved that SPOT is a worthy brand to invest your money with. 

Moreover, this is the ideal crinkle toy for dogs with anxiety issues since this has aromatherapeutic properties. To be precise, this has an induced lavender scent that attracts and calms dogs during stressful moments. Further, this is also portable, easy to clean, and comes in assorted colors. 

Aside from its nice design and capacity, it’s undeniable that all products, even this one, have flaws. For starters, some pet owners reported that its speaker isn’t that loud. Also, the fabric is not that durable since dogs can tear it apart and break the crinkle paper inside. Lastly, it has small scent beads that can be choking hazards. 


  • It has calming lavender aromatherapeutic properties. 
  • This relieves boredom and anxiety levels. 
  • It comes in a stylish tiled design and assorted colors. 
  • This is also lightweight, handy, and machine washable.


  • It doesn’t squeak that much. 
  • The crinkle paper breaks easily. 
  • The scent beads are choking hazards. 

10. Stuffless Crinkle Squeaky Dog Chew Toys

Next stop is this stuffless crinkle squeaker toy. With its unique knotted legs, this is indeed one of the most sought-after crinkle dog toys on the market. In addition, as its name implies, this one doesn’t have stuffing, hence you won’t have to worry about messy cotton fibers erupting everywhere. Also, there are minimal risks of choking hazards since canines don’t like tearing floppy toys. 

On the contrary, a few of the reviews stated that this product gets broken easily upon simple dog gripping. Further, the stitches aren’t that stable since some of them arrived already loose and damaged. 


  • It’s easy to grip and machine washable. 
  • It has rope knots as legs. 
  • This has bright colors for better visibility. 
  • It doesn’t have stuffing, so it’s mess-free. 
  • The toy also includes a squeaky speaker inside. 


  • The fabric is not durable and gets easily broken. 
  • Stitches are also quite loose. 

11. Kooltail Dinosaur Puppy Dispenser Crinkle Chew Toys

The last product that completes our top 11 list of the best crinkle dog toys is none other than the Kooltail treat dispensing toy. This has a unique combination of a plushie and a treat dispenser in the middle. It helps prevent dogs from choking because of its slow-feeding technology. Also, this helps entertain and comfort canines during boredom and anxiety moments. 

Moreover, the company guarantees that this crinkle toy is safe for most dog breeds. Yet, you may want to know two things upon buying this product. First off, like most fabrics, this one is also not indestructible. Lastly, the rope arms can get quite messy since it always untangles even with light tugging and playing. 


  • It’s an entertaining knotted dinosaur-designed toy. 
  • It has a treat dispenser in the middle. 
  • It’s non-toxic and safe for pets to bite.
  • This is also soft and comforting for dogs. 
  • It helps promote slow feeding and oral health.


  • Rope arms are easy to untangle.
  • This isn’t for heavy chewers. 

What Are Crinkle Dog Toys?

Dogs are little hunting machines. They have sensitive ears that can hear even inaudible sounds. Science Focus said that canines could hear the lowest sounds ranging from -10 dB to -15 dB. Moreover, they can also tolerate the highest frequencies up to 45kHz, making them super hearings among the animal kingdom. 

On top of that, dogs also love various sounds, especially those from crinkle dog toys. Meanwhile, that’s not only the reason why dogs love sounds so much. Their fondness for that started when they also started developing prey drives. 

To explain further, prey drive is a canine’s extinct to hunt for survival. Additionally, since dogs became domesticated, they no longer hunt for food. Instead, they turn their interests to every squeaking sound they hear. Hence, this is where crinkle toys come into context. 

In addition, a crinkle toy is an interactive, multisensory toy that stimulates a dog’s response. It can also be made up of different materials ranging from crinkle papers or plastic films to DIYs such as plastic bottles. Thus, that toy was designed to make a noise upon gripping or biting. 

Plus, dogs love chasing and tearing something up. That’s their prey drive speaking, and that’s also mainly the reason they love hearing the crinkle sound upon biting their toys. For them, the crinkle or squeak represents the squeal from hunted animals

Crinkle dog toys activate dormant prey drives and motivate dogs to become active. The sound arouses dogs’ interest and keeps them preoccupied. Further, it also helps ease canine anxiety and boredom. 

How to Choose the Best Crinkle Dog Toy 

If you want to entertain your furry friend for a long time, then you should get them interesting crinkle toys for dogs. But how do you pick one despite having many choices in the market? It’s simple. Just keep scrolling below. 


The first thing to consider in buying the best crinkle dog toys is the size, so buy one that provides just the right grip for your dog. However, there’s no precise size for a perfect crinkle toy. Take note, a toy that’s too small can be swallowed, and something too big is heavy. Hence, a good rule of thumb states that every toy should be large enough for dogs to have a good bite on it. 


When buying a plush crinkle dog toy, ensure its material sheds the least. Moreover, the shedding of synthetic fabric fibers is dangerous to dogs, especially when ingested. Fiber threads, also known as microfibers, can build up in the stomach and cause obstruction or poisoning. Further, it’s better to choose natural cotton and linen than synthetic polyester. 


Regarding durability, there are many fabric varieties to choose from. Most pet owners recommend buying crinkle dog toys with canvas as their primary fabric. In addition, canvas is a material that comes from cotton. Although it’s not entirely indestructible, the canvas is durable when used in supervised pet plays. 


Sound is also one of the factors that attract animals, especially dogs. The crisp sound of crinkle dog toys entertains canines and keeps them away from boredom and anxiety. Moreover, it also reminds them of their hunting instincts and keeps them alert during playtime. 

Crinkle Dog Toys: FAQs 

Crinkle toys are one of the best options to entertain dogs. However, there are a few factors to consider when buying one.

Do dogs like crinkle toys?

Yes, they do. The crinkle sound reminds them of their predation ways. To be precise, it also imitates the sound of bones breaking, bush rustling, and prey squealing. For dogs, to be reminded of their hunter nature is irresistible. Hence, that’s mainly the reason they like crinkle dog toys. 

What do they use to make crinkle dog toys?

Big companies use layers of thin crinkle paper or film to make dog toys crinkle. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can create one for your canine. Just pick an empty plastic water bottle and place it inside a sock. Then, it’s good to go. 

What is the squeakiest dog toy?

The squeakiest dog toy is none other than our top choice, the Nickelodeon Rugrats crinkle toy. Although it’s made of fabric, still it’s thin and has layers of crinkle film inside of it. Thus, making this product the squeakiest and crinkliest toy ever to exist. 

Do puppies like crinkle toys?

Yes, absolutely. Like older dogs, puppies also exhibit the exact likeness to crinkle toys. Well, it’s not just because of prey drives, though. Instead, puppies are just curious little beings. They like anything that sound because it catches their attention and helps prevent boredom. 

What age is crinkle toys for?

Crinkle dog toys don’t have an accurate age range since it works for dogs of all ages. Whether puppies, adults, or senior dogs, crinkle toys don’t disappoint. Moreover, regardless of age, dogs love to play. Hence, it’s safe to say that crinkle toys are for everyone as long as its under supervision. 

Dogs, without the proper stimulation, get bored fast. Moreover, they’re among the creatures in the animal kingdom that are prone to experiencing anxiety and stress. Thus, to prevent that, pet owners must research how to entertain their dogs. Or, better yet, they should buy the best crinkle dog toys that can encourage positive behavior from their furry friends. 

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