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Why Are Labradoodles So Popular?

Written by Elliot DeLacey
Elliot DeLacey is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
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Published on
Sunday 28 March 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
why are labradoodles so popular
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This Labrador and Poodle crossbreed has been loved since its creation. But what makes Labradoodles so popular? In this article, we’ve broken down the reasons that people said they loved Labradoodles! We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions to help you understand the breed more!

In this article, we’ve gone into depth about the different factors that make Labradoodles the loved breed that they are. We addressed Labradoodle facts, information, and why and when they were bred! If you have a love for this furry friend, just want to know more, or are even thinking about getting your own Labradoodle, keep reading to find out more!

So, what actually makes this beautiful breed so loved? Is it the different coat colors they come in? Or the different textures of their fur? What makes people want to spend up to $6000 on this playful pup? We’ve addressed some of the most common reasons that people say they love Labradoodles. We’ve broken it down into four categories; service and therapy dogs, versatile, great family dogs, and the fact they don’t shed!

Service & Therapy Dogs

The first reason that Labradoodles are so popular is that they make great service dogs! The Labradoodle was actually originally bred to be a service dog for a blind woman whose husband was allergic to dogs! The traits of their parent breeds, the Poodle and Labrador were both desirable. So they bred the Labradoodle, the perfect mix of both dogs!

They are a gentle breed which makes them great for people with families as well! Labradoodles also live to please which makes them great to train. They are caring, loving, and want to do whatever they can to help their human friends!


Labradoodles are so popular because they also come in many different sizes and coat colors. While certain sizes or coat colors may raise their price, if money is not a concern then there are many different varieties for you to choose from. Not only do they come in many different coat colors but they also have a wide variety of coat textures. There are 14 known coat colors for you to choose from. These include; caramel, chocolate. cream, gold, parchment, and red!

The three coat types to choose from for Labradoodles include wool, fleece, and hair. It’s important to do your research about the Labradoodles coat type in regards to what kind of climate you live in. You want to make sure that your Labradoodle will be comfortable with your living places temperatures and weather.

Don’t Shed

So, this statement may not be entirely accurate. All dogs shed to some level. The Labradoodle, with exception to those with a hair coat type, sheds far less than certain breeds which is where this statement comes from. The amount of shed they produce comes from what kind of coat they have inherited from their parent breeds.

The shed that this dog produces can be handled like any other breed. This is done by brushing regularly, vacuuming, and other forms of grooming. If you are looking to get a Labradoodle but have someone in your home who is sensitive to dog hair, make sure you do research on your new puppy’s coat type.

Great Family Dogs

Like we mentioned earlier, the Labradoodle makes a great family dog because of how loving and caring they are. This is part of the reason Labradoodles are so popular! They love to spend time with their family and cuddle up on the sofa with you. However, Labradoodles can be quite a rambunctious breed so training is essential. This is especially true in a house with younger children.

When you first get your Labradoodle you should make sure that the children in your home know how to approach and treat a dog. Your new puppy may be just as nervous about coming into a new home as your children are to meet them.

Why are Labradoodles so Expensive?

What actually makes the Labradoodle so expensive? If you have looked into getting a Labradoodle, you’ll know that these dogs can cost upwards of $2000 each. One of the first factors that make these dogs so pricey is that they are a mixed breed of two purebred dogs. This means it will be much more expensive for the breeder to breed them. The breeder must also pay to check that both dogs are healthy and fit and have the traits people want. This is to ensure the puppies will meet the breed standard.

Labradoodles also have high health risks which means that the breeder must put out a considerable amount of money to care for the new puppies and get a vet to check their health. With a litter of multiple puppies, the vet bills are going to continue to grow until the puppies are ready for their forever home at twelve weeks. So, in order for the breeder to make a profit, the price of the puppies must reflect this.

Overall, Labradoodles are an expensive breed because of how much the breeder must pay to not only breed them but to take care of and feed them for the first few weeks of their lives. So, after the breeder has racked up a few thousand in order to breed and raise these puppies, they must up the price of the dog in order to get the money back. The price may also become higher due to the demand there is for the dog itself.

why labradoodles are expensive
There are several factors why Labradoodles are expensive.

How Much do Labradoodles Cost?

Labradoodles, like most doodle breeds, can cost quite a hefty amount. But what exactly do these dogs cost? And are there any cheaper options? A recent survey done said that the average person looking at a normal Labradoodle would pay $1500. The price of this dog can increase dramatically however if you are looking for a different coat type of size. Labradoodles come in three different coat types and also come as toy-sized which can increase their price. This price also increases if you are wanting a special coat color.

There is always the option of adopting instead of shopping. If you do research and find reputable shelters, you may be able to find a Labradoodle for just a simple adoption price. This varies from shelter to shelter but usually, you are looking at about $100 – $500 at shelters. You may also then have to pay an additional price for vaccinations or neutering depending on what the shelter has done or if the dog’s previous owner did it for them.

Labradoodles FAQ

We’ve broken down and answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this loving family dog.

When did Labradoodles become popular?

Both Labradors and Poodles had traits perfect for this family but others they couldn’t have, thus was born the Labradoodle. So, this breed rose to fame in 1990’s as a guide or service dog for families with dog allergies. The Labradoodle quickly became very popular after it offered more traits than people knew they could get in a dog of this type.

Labradoodles were originally bred in Australia around 1989. This was done as an attempt to provide a guide dog for a woman in Hawaii whose husband had dog allergies.

At what age do Labradoodles calm down?

This sweet breed tends to calm down more as they get older. On average, they’ll be calm by 3-4 years of age. However, this is not all Labradoodles. Some of these dogs will be just as active in their older years. These playful dogs will need lots of time to run around and play while they are growing up in order to use up their high-energy levels.

Are the Labradoodles high maintenance?

So, we know how long our furry friends can stay active and energetic. But how high maintenance are these furry friends? Overall, these dogs are moderate when it comes to the amount of care that they need. This intelligent breed is eager to make you happy which can make it easier to train than some other dog breeds.

They are sociable, outgoing, and loving. They can be prone to high anxiety which makes separation anxiety very probable. Their anxiety and grooming needs are mainly what classes them as a moderate maintenance level.

Why are Australian Labradoodles so expensive?

One of the main reasons these dogs are so expensive is because authentic Australian Labradoodle bloodlines are very rare. They are not a common breed of dog. There are also lots of strict standards in place that mean breeders have to do lots of health testing in order to maintain the integrity of the breed.

Labradoodles are an expensive breed on their own, so what else makes their Australian brothers so much more expensive? Australian Labradoodle breeders not only have to take into account how much they pay for breeding, raising, and caring for the puppies and parents but other costs as well.

Do Labradoodles eat a lot?

Labradoodles don’t have special feeding requirements as a breed, but individuals may. If you are worried about your dog’s eating habits, make sure you get in contact with your dog’s vet. Your Labradoodle should be eating 1 to two and a half cups of dry food a day.

If anything in your dog’s appetite dramatically changes, make sure to book an appointment with your vet as something may be upsetting their stomach. Labradoodles are not typically picky eaters and they will eat about anything they can get their paws on.

Labradoodles are wonderful dogs with desirable traits. It is no surprise they are so highly sought after. What’s your opinion of this breed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Robert Barnett

    Very intelligent. Plays with other dogs so well that you can see gestures and movement of limbs almost human like, sometimes turning on a dime and patting their playful friend as they fly by.😁

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