What Are Bully Sticks Made Of

What Are Bully Sticks Made Of

When our dog is in the mood to chew, we want to find them the best thing to do so with. There are so many different products on the market for your dog to chew that encompass safety, texture, and flavor. One of the front runners includes the bully stick. However, before making a purchase many potential buyers ask what are Bully sticks made of? You want to ensure your dog is not going to suffer from any food allergies, potential injuries, and even choking hazards. Hence why this question is so important.

We will be looking into why Bully sticks are so important as well as Bully stick ingredients. This is so you can gather all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about purchasing a Bully stick for your precious hound. Furthermore, it depends on the kind of chewer your dog is whether this is suitable for them or not. For example, if they chew a lot of have a strong jaw. So let’s take a look.

What are Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a natural chew stick for your dog. It can be a little confusing as the term Bully stick is just one of its many names. Others include the bull pizzle, steer stick, and pizzle stick. Each name is pretty self-explanatory. They are actually bull penises which workers dry out to form a hard, chewy material for your dog. Bully sticks come from steers that have been slaughtered so the meat origin and processes are known from the get-go. They are naturally occurring and therefore are a healthy alternative to many chew products on the market. Furthermore, it has a limited ingredient list to minimize allergic reactions from dogs.

You can purchase them in different sizes from a few inches to many more depending on your dog’s size or if you would rather cut them into the perfect size at home. Due to the hard texture, it is long-lasting and will keep even heavy chewers busy for a while.

Main Ingredients

Not only is this product completely natural, but it is also made of one ingredient, a bull penis. To achieve the texture and taste loved by dogs the producer will cook it in their own way such as smoking or baking them. Some of the products may have added flavoring but many are smoked for that flavor which dogs adore. This is an animal by-product, meaning that the steer was not killed for this, but came from a steer that was already going to slaughter. This means fewer parts of the bull are wasted and put the pizzle stick to good use.

When checking the ingredients of a Bully stick, take a look at the added flavoring or salt content. These elements are added for taste but can lead to increasing the sodium, fat, and carbohydrates in your dog’s diet. These sticks are very healthy but it is best to double-check each brand. As calories can increase if you give these treats regularly. Don’t worry, these treats can smell a bit though so do be aware. Only added ingredients may give a Bully stick a fragrance which is uncommon. Every brand is different but the general process is the same for each Bully stick.

Benefits of Bully Sticks

There are many benefits to providing your dog with a Bully stick including their shelf life, strength, and even health benefits. Indeed, bully sticks often reach top positions in rankings of the healthiest chews for dogs and puppies.

Firstly Bully sticks are very healthy for your dog, especially as dental chews. They are high in protein due to their meat content but also completely natural. Due to only consisting of one ingredient, it is free from many harmful chemicals and additives that can cause side effects from your dog eating them.

Furthermore, their health benefits extend to your dog’s mental health and teeth. Regular chewing helps to clear your dog’s teeth of plaque and keep them healthy and cavity-free. The hard structure allows dogs to chew it for a while and help their teeth stay clean. Furthermore, this great gift helps your dog to feel less frustrated because of the enrichment it provides through natural chewing behavior.

Also, unlike many wet dog treats or regular toys, this treat can last for a very long time. Basically, until your dog has finished chewing it. Just ensure it does not get too small so it could become a choking hazard. Furthermore, they are amino acids that help your dog’s coat be shiny and new. So with all these benefits, why not take a look?

bully sticks for intense chewers
Bully sticks are a great way to redirect your dog’s intense chewing from furniture and belongings.

Bully Stick Ingredients: FAQ

More questions on Bully sticks? Look at our handy FAQs below.

Are bulls killed for Bully sticks?

Bulls are never killed for Bully sticks. They are gathered from bulls who have already been slaughtered for meat. This ensures that there is minimal wastage of the bull. It is taken from the bull after slaughter and is then removed. Then it is given to the Bully stick company in ties with that slaughterhouse.

Why do Bully sticks stink?

The smell of the Bully stick may be due to the manufacturing process or if the cooking has not taken long enough. For example, if the pizzle stick has been smoked as its cooking process, then it will have been smoked in its juices and therefore the scent will be heightened. Although it may be a little unpleasant for us, dogs love this. Their ability to smell is their strongest sense and therefore by stimulating it, it is a strong form of enrichment.

Why are Bully sticks so expensive?

Like with any product, the higher quality it is and the more benefits, the more expensive it is. The better quality of the Bully stick means that it may be healthier, last longer, and even smell-less depending on what you are looking for. Some may have enhanced smell and taste for pickier dogs. But the higher the cost often means the higher quality stick.

Furthermore, Bully sticks can be quite large in size. This means that they are more expensive than small treats you can purchase at the store. However, if you look at different pet stores they may be able to offer smaller sizes for better prices. Just be sure that this is an appropriate size for your dog.

How long do Bully sticks last?

This depends on your dog and the size of the Bully stick. The longer the stick the longer it will last. This is the same with dog size as the smaller the dog the longer it will last. This is because of smaller jaws and teeth with less strength to destroy the stick quickly. Furthermore, the cooking method can influence strength as well. Your best bet is to compare the products available and go from there. The product also has a great shelf life so it can last around three years before opening.

How often should I give my dog a Bully stick?

A Bully stick should be given as a treat and should only be given once in a while. Once a week is enough depending on your dog’s size and the size of the treat. Often it is recommended for a dog to have a maximum of 10% treats in their whole diet. So if you work out this amount you can work out the exact amount of Bully stick you can give. Any concerns and ask your vet or a pet nutritionist for their advice.

A Bully Stick is a great treat that offers a lot of health benefits to your dog. Given occasionally can enrich their lives and help to keep them stimulated. Be careful to ensure that the Bully stick is never too small and that your dog could choke on the remaining piece. Furthermore, ensure that it remains as a treat and you do not give it too often as it would improperly balance your dog’s diet and nutrition.