Hemp For Dogs – Guide, Safety, Benefits & Reviews

Hemp For Dogs – Guide, Safety, Benefits & Reviews

Hemp for dogs is becoming as popular as it is for people. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is infamous for producing the cannabis drug or marijuana. However, while hemp and cannabis drugs derive from the same source, they have different chemical components.

Indeed, this distinction is what makes people get a “high” out of cannabis but not out of hemp. In fact, the latter is used for many industries including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics and even paint. Hemp is also used in food in the form of milk, juice, and sprouts. It grows in relatively colder regions and is produced in about 15 countries across the world. An interesting tidbit – hemp was one of the first trees to be used by man for fiber, 10,000 years ago!

The health benefits of hemp for dogs were discovered a few years ago and are currently gaining quick traction.

Hemp VS CBD for Dogs

The reason why most people confuse hemp oil and CBD oil is that they both come from the same source, the hemp plant. Dogs have something called endocannabinoids in their bodies. These react with CBD to produce soothing and calming effects in the body. However, CBD oil is concentrated cannabidiol with traces of high-inducing chemicals to treat anxiety in dogs while hemp oil is used to treat physical ailments.

Hemp VS Marijuana for Dogs

Marijuana causes dogs to get high and can make them lethargic, lose balance and even get low blood pressure. In excessive dosage, marijuana is likely to cause death too. Some researches do state that in smaller amounts, marijuana increases the lifespan of dogs, but the cons are more indicative than the pros. Hemp for dogs, on the other hand, has no such side effects. Ingesting hemp will also not cause the dog any major problems.

Different Hemp Products for Dogs

Due to its many health benefits for dogs, hemp has been declined in a wide range of off-the-shelf products. Below is a list of each hemp product type for dogs and their most common use cases.

Hemp Oil

The application of hemp oil for dogs helps in managing arthritis and physical inflammations. It also helps manage weight, reduces skin problems and is known to have anti-cancer properties. Apart from being an anti-oxidant, hemp oil also strengthens the bones, eyes, liver, kidneys, heart and immune system in dogs. It is a more effective alternative to fish oil and aids in digestion for dogs too.

Hemp Capsules

Hemp oil capsules for dogs have all the benefits of oil, in an easy to use soft gel capsule. If your dog refuses to eat his oil, capsules are a great way to administer the oil to them. They need no refrigeration and also have a longer shelf life as compared to hemp oil. These are perfect substitutes for the oil when you’re on the go.

Hemp Treats

These come in delicious flavors and are the easiest to feed your dog. While they think they are getting a reward, they are actually getting supplements for their overall health. These hemp treats can be bought as chews or reward treats and can be given when the dog is feeling uneasy, nauseous or is in pain. These are safe to give every day, as per dosage. Ensure that you read the packet instructions before you start giving them out to your dog.

cannabis plants for dogs
The different cannabis plants.

Benefits of Hemp for Dogs

Dogs, like every other mammal, embed endocannabinoids in their body that react with external cannabidiol or CBD and provide soothing effects within the body as a result.

Hemp contains very little traces of CBD, just enough to work on the problem areas. This factor allows hemp oil to work magic on a number of health issues that dogs face, including epileptic fits, seizures, nausea, anxiety, inflammation, and even digestive disorders.

A small amount of hemp, either put under the dog’s tongue or administered externally on the body can cure many diseases in one go. Or, at least, relieve some of the symptoms.

Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety

Hemp oil contains small traces of CBD, which reacts with a mammal’s body, through various receptors inside the brain. These receptors communicate with each other and send calming signals, thus relieving the dog from the tension. It also calms anxiety symptoms like shivering and trembling.

Hemp oil is best used for situational anxiety. It can be given right before the dog’s anxiety trigger (e.g.: a car ride). Anxiety in dogs can be a little tricky, but you have to keep observing for triggers. The slightest change in the sound of barking or the smallest tremble should be taken seriously.

Hemp Oil for Dog Seizures

CBD is known to be an excellent anticonvulsant to treat seizures in dogs. Found in the right amounts in hemp oil, this CBD, administered under the dog’s tongue can help prevent seizures by almost 50%. Seizures in dogs range from mild to severe – from the twitching of the muscles to a full-blown epileptic attack, these can be very distressing, for the animal as well as the owner.

The great thing about hemp is that it works well with all mammals and so even humans can use these. If you see your dog’s eyes twitching more than usual or notice him barking in the hallway at the wall, it is time to reconsider that missed appointment at the vet’s clinic.

Hemp Oil for Pains and Aches

Hemp oil is highly recommended for dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pains. It soothes the inflammation of the joints, putting an end to the aching and pain. Hemp oil for dogs with arthritis is also beneficial because it prevents the pain from returning. And why just older dogs, hemp is beneficial even for younger dogs who go slightly overboard with their roughhousing and wound up with injuries. Hemp oil is excellent for faster cure and relief as it is for painful joints.

Hemp Oil for Canine Cancer

There is nothing worse than knowing that your pet has cancer. But with hemp oil, you can make the pain slightly more tolerable than it is! Hemp oil works at reducing metastasis and slows down the growth of cancer in dogs, especially in the liver and the brain. It is highly beneficial to prevent cancer in dogs, if not cure it completely.

Hemp, for dogs suffering from cancer, is also useful in decreasing pain and stimulating appetite.

Other Benefits

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, hemp oil is highly recommended for a dog’s overall good health. It helps younger dogs and puppies recover from injuries faster, provides relief to elderly dogs who struggle with joint pains, fight cancerous growth and make the pain tolerable in dogs overall. It works as a great appetite builder for dogs who are depressed or have lost the will to eat for whatever reason.

Hemp oil is highly recommended for dogs suffering from internal or external inflammation. It also aids in easing digestive issues and calming over-excitement in dogs.

benefits hemp for dogs
Benefits of hemp supplements for dogs. (credits: trueleafpet.ca)

5 Best Hemp Oil Supplements for Dogs

Although hemp is a great product overall, do not let yourself tricked into believing it is a magic pill that will cure all problems your dogs may have. In fact, the benefits of dog hemp oil are real but limited.

Here’s a lowdown on what we think are the top five hemp oil supplements currently sold online.

1. House of Healing Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

House of Hemp brings to you pure extract, obtained from 100% organic hemp home-grown in Colorado. This unflavoured hemp oil has no GMO, herbicides or pesticides or even a trace of chemical fertilizers, making it completely natural. This oil from House of Healing also comes loaded with a bag full of essential nutrients. It contains terpenoids, vitamins A and D, flavonoids, trace minerals, phytochemicals, omega 6, omega 3 and a horde of essential oils for the overall wellbeing of your dog. another great thing about this product is that it is made with full plant extract – leaving out no bits of the hemp. This is what makes it so nutrient-packed.

User reviews indicate that most pet owners are more than happy with the product. It has shown effectiveness in calming anxiety and relieving joint stiffness and pain. A lot of users have given positive feedback as to how fast the effects were in older dogs who could barely stand up. However, some users also suggest that it gave their dogs a mildly upset stomach and they had to stop giving it to their dogs for a while.

All in all, House of Healing has a winning product, with its organic origins and careful packaging.

2. Premium Care Hemp Oil Infused Soft Chews

Premium Care Soft Chews are made with natural hemp oil and are made to taste like treats for dogs. They come in a delicious duck flavor so that your dog doesn’t feel like he’s being given medicine. This product especially targets anxiety issues in dogs and promises to relieve the dogs off any stress and tension they might be feeling. It also has traces of herbal infusions like chamomile, passionflower, organic ginger, valerian root, and l-tryptophan – all of which aid in stress relief. These are highly effective for situational and separation anxieties in dogs. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

A lot of users who tried this product to cure and manage anxiety symptoms in their dogs seemed happy with it. Most users have indicated that the product is highly effective in controlling symptoms like pacing and withdrawal. This product has shown excellent progress in shelter and rescue dogs even who usually come with severe anxiety and fear. Many have given optimistic feedback for the product as they believe that Premium Care Soft Chews are easy to administer and their effect is fast and long-lasting too – lasting through the night even. The only problem with these is that some users feel that the dosage in these chews is lower than usual. Which means you have to give the dog more chews to see some effect.

3. Fur Goodness Sake Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

The manufacturers of this amazing Fur Goodness Sake Organic Hemp Oil, like to call it “calm in a bottle”. Made with pure hemp seed extract, this oil is derived from organically and locally grown hemp.

Not just that, the makers are so confident of their product they give you a money-back guarantee and have had it tested from a third-party source. They also believe that the product can help your dogs gain the same kind of confidence that they have in their product. Specially formulated for quick anxiety and pain relief, this product is known to work wonders on dogs with situational anxiety. Administering a dose right before a thunderstorm or a visit to the vet works wonders on the dog.

Users with large and medium-sized old dogs have also been in awe of this product as it has worked for them. Some claim that the oil has been crucial in helping their dogs walk again while for others, it helped a lot in dealing with separation anxiety – even when the dogs were put in daycare! The product has also worked beautifully for smaller dogs with epilepsy and seizures.

The only downside of this hemp oil is that it has very low CBD content. So if you’re looking for concentrated CBD and not hemp – you might want to buy CBD oil for dogs.

4. Logic Remedy Organic Hempseed Oil

This product is 100% vegan and used only USDA certified ingredients for good measure. It is non-GMO and paraben-free, putting all your chemical woes at rest. Logic Remedy Natural Hemp Extract is manufactured using a new and advanced technology called the CO2 extraction method. This process makes use of pressurized carbon dioxide to extract oils, making the final product nutrient-rich and easily digestible.

This product aims to make your dog’s life easier by relieving stress and anxiety symptoms, promoting healthy and supple skin and also providing relief from hip and joint pains. This product can also be applied directly to the skin or be mixed with the dog’s diet.

A lot of users were mighty impressed by how effective this product was. A lot of them felt that the outcome of administering the Logic Remedy’s Hemp Extract was better than they had expected it to be. This brand of oil worked, not just on anxiety and stress but also helped many dogs calm their excitement without any side effects. It showed positive results in large and small dogs alike, helping them with their mobility issues and making them more active and playful. The downside here, stated by some users, was a strong smell.

5. Cold Pressed Hemp Oil by Zatural

One of the few hemp oil products to be available in different sizes, this is a good choice of product, if you want to just do a small trial. Hemp Oil by Zatural is a high-quality grade oil that is actually made for human consumption. But it works wonderfully well on dogs too. This virgin extract made with zero preservatives, additives and flavorings are good to apply on the skin as well as for dietary consumption. As it comes in a bigger size bottle, you could order one large bottle for you and your dog and save some cash too! This product aims to offer speedy and effective solutions to treat anxiety and inflammation in pets while giving them relief from skin conditions too.

Users who have administered this product on dogs as old as 18 years of age have also recommended it, saying that it has helped with the dog’s mobility issues to a great extent. Not just that, some users even claimed that it aided in the digestive processes of the dogs without giving them an upset stomach or as much as lethargy or drowsiness, which are known side effects of hemp.

Side Effects & Dangers

Undoubtedly, the benefits of hemp surpass the side effects it has on dogs. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug, which means it does not contain any traces of the chemical that causes dogs to get high or even sick. In fact, it counters sickness.

However, you must be prepared for some minor drawbacks of using hemp for your dog. The worst that they can do is maybe give your dog low blood pressure, for which you will have to take appropriate measures. These side effects are not serious, but they can surely cause some discomfort.


Owing to its ability to treat anxiety and panic attacks, the CBD in hemp also causes dogs to get lethargic and sleepy. While not serious, you may want to make sure your dog is comfortable during this time.

Increased Thirst

Intake of hemp may cause your dog to have a dry mouth because it interferes with the production of saliva. This is what causes your dogs to become very thirsty very frequently. Simply ensure that your dog has access to a bowl full of fresh drinking water at all times after you give them hemp or CBD.

Decreased Activity of Liver Enzymes

If your dog is on any medication, you may want to take with your vet before administering CBD in any form. Liver enzymes help metabolize prescription drugs. So if these enzymes get affected, it might interfere with the medication.

Getting High

This is NOT a side effect. CBD oil or any form of hemp does not get your dogs high because it does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a chemical present in marijuana. Concentrated CBD oil may contain very little traces of it, but not enough to do any harm.


It is important to know how much hemp oil is enough. A very high dosage can result in a lot of serious health issues for the dog, including vomiting, urinary incontinence and even cause them to become recumbent.

Dosage for CBD usually depends upon the size of the dog and the condition they are treated for. As a basic rule, CBD oil is administered in drops. CBD capsules contain anywhere between 5-20 mg of CBD, so you need to determine the dosage from a vet. The dosage for CBD treats is tricky because every brand contains a different quantity and concentration. You must check the package for instructions, before giving your dog these treats.

An important tip: always observe your dog for reactions after giving CBD, the first few times. It will help you adjust and determine the dosage.

hemp oil vs marijuana (cannabis)
Despite being derived from the same plant as Marijuana, hemp does not induce a “high” in dogs.

Hemp for Dogs – FAQ

Since hemp is a very hot topic, a lot of dog owners have very simple questions about it. So, it is only logical for us to offer a handful of answers to your most frequently asked questions about hemp for pets.

Is hemp safe for dogs?

Hemp is safe and beneficial for all mammals including dogs. It contains no traces of the high-inducing chemicals found in marijuana, making it harmless. On the other hand, hemp boasts significant health properties that treat several illnesses, pains and even anxiety and depression.

Can dogs overdose on hemp oil?

Hemp oil is given to dogs by putting a few drops under their tongue. So it is unlikely that they will overdose on it. However, if your dog enjoys hemp treats, that may lead to an overdose. Hemp overdose won’t have any serious side effects, but it could lead to your dog feeling lethargic and nauseous.

Do hemp oil supplements for dogs really work?

Yes, hemp oil supplements work very well for dogs. Apart from being highly effective in managing and preventing illnesses, hemp oil is also a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These are not produced by the dog’s bodies and need to be supplemented externally.

Will hemp oil affect my dog's liver?

Hemp oil may decrease or slow down the function of the liver enzymes, but they do not directly affect the liver in any way. The only time that this is hazardous is of your dog is on prescriptive medicines.

How to administer CBD capsules for dogs?

The key is to start gradually and level up the dosage as time passes. Start mixing the contents of the capsules in your dog’s food or pack it in a treat and feed him the whole thing.

How to choose the right CBD oil supplement?

This depends on how you want to administer it. CBD oil capsules are best when traveling or on-the-go. If your dog has a fear of tablets and capsules, give him drops of oil. Choose your CBD oil according to how it is processed – cold pressed; virgin extraction from organic hemp is the best.

For picky dogs, CBD treats are the easiest to give.

Best Hemp For Dogs – The Guide!
Best Hemp For Dogs – The Guide!