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7 Dog Socks That Stay On

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Tuesday 29 June 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
socks for dogs that stay on
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The secret to indoor paw protection? Dog socks that stay on and live strong through everyday wear-and-tear. See, we believe that dog booties and socks are unlike most canine apparel. They’re more than style; they have a functionality – keep your pup’s feet warm and protected.

With a tsunami of shapes and sizes, you might be wondering if you should buy any pair of dog socks on Amazon that has excellent reviews. While it’s not a bad strategy altogether, you still might end up purchasing the wrong pairs. In this guide, we’ll compare the seven best socks for dogs in the market and will help you pick the right one for you. Let’s get right into it!

Dog socks are excellent at keeping paws from getting cold. Judge the following products based on your situation and pick the pair you see fit.

1. PUPTECK Anti-Slip Dog Socks

Cute as they come, PUPTECK’s brown socks with a wide paw print anti-slip grip provide pups with excellent traction on hardwood floors. They have a detachable Velcro strap that ensures the socks stay on no matter the havoc your canine wreaks.

Made from high-quality cotton in four sizes (S, M, L, & XL), you’re more than likely to find the one that’s comfortable and fits well. The small size measures 2.16” (Paw), 5.50” (Length), and 1.6” (Grip).

Though impressive overall, it would’ve been better had the design been different for the rear paws as they’ve different contours. Still, most buyers love this product due to its hazelnut color that looks too pretty on their puppy!

2. RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

Not only do RC Pet Products’ PAWKs dog socks protect paws, but also your hardwood floor against claw-marks – what an essential investment for fur-parents!

These 95% cotton and 5% spandex dog socks increase traction on slippery surfaces while looking cuter than they should – these come in nineteen different designs!

These designs are available in 6 sizes (XXS to XL), small ones measuring 3.63” (Length) and 2.00” (Paw). Though stylish, these socks are without a lock or Velcro strap, so they’re best suited to couch potatoes or indoor pups. With top reviews, this is an Amazon’s Choice product. If you find the right design and size, these are the socks to go for!

3. SCENEREAL Dog Socks Anti Slip with Straps Traction

Black and red plaid pattern socks? SCENEREAL has created a Real Scene here. Extravagant traction and firm Velcro straps, these anti-slip socks are classy, lovable, and comfortable.

These socks have an anti-skid design that protects your dog from slipping and provides the confidence they need. Though first-timer pooches will be a bit hesitant with the socks, it doesn’t mean that the product is uncomfortable or problematic. They’ll get used to it eventually. Three different sizes (S, M, L) make it conveniently available for most dogs. The small size measures 1.10” (Grip), 5.6” (Length), and 2.20” (Paw).

While a great product in general, buyers did mention a slight misfitting for the rear paws due to their different shapes. Perhaps it’s an area some other product can cover?

4. EXPAWLORER Dog Socks Traction

With silicone gel printed soles like paws, these EXPAWLORER dog socks should be your go-to paw-wear this season. Designed to keep your dog’s paws and your indoors clean, these anti-slip socks come in two designs (grey and red) and five sizes (x-small to x-large).

The smallest size (extra or x-small) measures 4.30” (Length) and 1.77” (Paw Width), making these socks available for canines of all sizes. Along with excellent traction in general, these EXPAWLORER socks provide warmth in winters and coolness in summers. This feature helps you maintain your dog’s average body temperature throughout the year.

Though these are some of the bestselling socks that stay on in the market, they don’t have Velcro straps, so you might have to get one additionally for extra grip.

importance of dog socks
Contrary to popular belief, dog socks aren’t just for style but to keep your wooden tiles scratch free, and your dog’s paws splinter proof.

5. EXPAWLORER Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks

With the unique ability to prevent most dog paw injuries, EXPAWLORER brings the best dog socks that stay on, on this list. The highly soft socks are durable and designed with an elastic black loop fastener around the wrist area to ensure they stay on.

But not staying on isn’t the only problem; what about putting these on? EXPAWLORER has installed anti-slip pigments on both sides to ensure these socks are smooth as butter to put on. With two colors (black and brown), these socks come in three sizes, varying from small to medium to large. The small size measures 5.70” (Length), 1.57” (Grip Width), 2.00” (Paw Width).

Being one of the best-rated products that we’re reviewing, these dog socks have fantastic customer satisfaction, with buyers returning for more pairs for their fur babies!

6. Sakasa Anti Slip Dog Socks/Dog Shoes

A top product by Sakasa, you can use these multipurpose anti-slip dog socks for both indoor and outdoor paw protection. Made of breathable cotton and silicone, these socks are printed to help style up your puppy as well.

Additionally, these waterproof socks provide an impressive defense against cold. With firm Velcro straps around the wrists, they also offer a unique grip on the paw.

Available in three sizes, the base size measures 3.96” (Length), 1.36-1.56” (Paw Width), 1.56-1.76” (Paw Length). Sakasa has made sure you get any size you need and don’t leave empty-handed.

7. Kyeese Anti-Skid Dog Socks

Best Christmas gift for your dog? We’re pretty sure that the fur-baby at your place is going to love Kyeese’s Christmas dog socks that save your dog from skating on hardwood floors while staying in fashion for the holiday.

The designers have cleverly made the Velcro strap a part of the design, so it’s both fashionable and offers good grip. Imagine your pup wearing these anti-slip socks when guests are around – they’ll never doubt your styling sense again!

By the way, Kyeese is offering three variants in this Christmas dog paw-wear – you can get all your fur babies their pairs. All in all, excellent design, usability, comfort, and paw protection for winters.

Enjoyed the read but have questions? We’ve got you covered.

Can my dog wear socks all day?

Your dog can wear socks all the time, but we don’t recommend it. It would be better to take them off in the evening when there’s no more playing or activity scheduled for the day.

One of the cons of these socks is that if your dog wears them all day, it may also cause unwanted odor and even fungal infections, both of which are not hygienic. 

When should I use the dog socks?

You can use dog socks on slippery indoors (hardwood floors) and in cold weather to keep the paws warm. Dog socks can be worn outside too, but we recommend booties as their rubber soles are better suited to the roads and pavements.

Socks with silicone gel printing on both sides are better options to go with as they last longer. Once one side is worn down, you can switch to the other, elongating your investment’s life!

Why are dog shoes and socks very important?

Paw protection makes dog shoes and socks very important. With injured paws (either due to hot pavements or sharp materials on the roads), your pup will be in excruciating pain, which no fur parent wants.

Some additional benefits of dog shoes and socks are:

– Provide traction on slippery surfaces
– Prevent paws from getting dirty
– Keep your house indoors clean
– Comfort older dogs

Along with these, pet parents see dog shoes and socks as a style and fashion statement.

Aside from dog socks, what can I use to keep my dog’s paws from slipping?

Dog shoes are an excellent alternative to dog socks. Not only do booties work excellently indoors, but they are the perfect remedy against hot pavements outside. However, your dog still might not like having either of these on its paws.

Here are other dog socks alternatives you can go with:

– Dog toe treads that prevent your dog from slipping using toenails
– Paw wax help increase traction and moisturize the paws
– Anti-slip paw sprays to increase friction between feet and floors
– Paw pads that are a highly breathable anti-slip solution
– Matting your floors, which would also add a new look to your place

All of these provide paw protection to a reasonable extent.

How do I measure my dog’s sock size?

To measure your dog’s sock size perfectly, start by spreading the paw on a white sheet and tracing its outline using a pen or pencil. Once done, measure the widest points horizontally and vertically along the tracing.

Alternatively, you can also wet your dog’s paws and get an imprint on a white sheet. Again, like in the tracing method, measure the widest points, and you’re good to go.

However, it’s important to note that you should add at least half an inch to both measurements (horizontal and vertical) to ensure the socks fit your canine perfectly.

Putting socks on your dog’s paws is one of the best ways to protect its paws. Not only does paw protection comfort your dog, but it’s also extremely hygienic. And did we mention that dog socks look great on the paws, as well?

Though the competition is tough, we believe EXPAWLORER’s Double-Sided Anti-Slip Dog Socks are the best all-round ones. They come with adjustable straps, are double-sided, have a Velcro band, and above all, are an affordable investment to make. Be sure to size the paw correctly, however. Due to buyers’ inaccurate measurements, they buy the wrong size, which causes them trouble. Just follow our guidelines, and it will be perfect!

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