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Dog Breeds Originating In England

Written by Viena
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Published on
Saturday 23 July 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog breeds originated in England
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There are so many dog breeds out there. You might think they’re all the same. Well, you thought wrong. Many amazing dog breeds have originated from England, like the English Bulldog and the queen’s favorite fluffy companion, the Welsh Corgi!

In England, you will usually find dogs that were used in hunting and sports.  There are at least thirty dog breeds that have originated here. Maybe your pet has roots from the land of the rose as well? 

Well then, let’s find out if your pet is one of them!

Top 19 Dog Breeds Originating in England

Today, we listed the top dog breeds originating in England. Most of these canine breeds have their own characteristic and behavior that makes them unique compared to other dogs.

1. Corgi

Now, originating from the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, this cute fluffy dog may be short, but you will find it very energetic and playful! Although it might sometimes be a little hard-headed, you will have a loyal companion by your side. 

There is no such thing as a bad day when you have a Corgi. They are the perfect breed for those looking for a lap dog.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You might know this dog for being named after King Charles II. These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate in nature and are popular in England. And they come from a long line of pets and hunting Spaniels because these dogs have been around for centuries.

There’s nothing like having a lifetime companion who loves you unconditionally. Cavaliers are known for making great family pets, which are great for everyone. They need to be socialized from a young age to enjoy the company of people of all ages. A dog’s home is its castle, so make sure your pet has somewhere to go to relax.

3. Airedale Terrier

Coming from the valley of the River Aire in Yorkshire, This dog carries elegance like a billboard. Also, you can usually find them very playful and will sometimes do their own thing. Just keep them away from other dogs, or you’ll have a very angry dog on your hands.

If you’re looking for a highly intelligent dog with plenty of personalities, the Airedale Terrier is your perfect match. Airedales are gentle with children and love to romp and play, making them great family pets.

4. Beagle

If you’re looking for a dog that’s active and energetic, look no further than the Beagle. Beagles were developed in the 1830s in Great Britain to hunt hares known as beagling. These dogs are playful and fun-loving but can also be stubborn and require creative training techniques.

Their noses guide them through life, so they never seem happier than when following an interesting scent. They were originally bred as hounds to track small game, mostly rabbits and hare.

Beagles are the ideal pet for small families because of their loving, sweet, gentle temperament. These dogs are good with children and are known for their intelligence. They are also good apartment dogs so long as they get proper exercise while taking daily walks.

5. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed by Parson John Russell in the mid-1800s in Southern England. This small-sized dog is perfect for you! Jack Russell Terriers are strong, sturdy, and brave. They have a flat head, flattened between the ears, a well-defined stop, and a black nose.

Their almond-shaped eyes are medium-sized and dark, with triangular ears that they love to play with. This breed loves kids and is loyal to the family! Jack Russell Terriers are so loving and affectionate! They’re always up for a good game of fetch as they are one of the high jumping dog breeds.

They love to be around older children who can interact with them. They’re not so well suited for homes with small children, but you’ll find that out when you get one.

6. Curly Coated Retriever

The Curly-Coated Retriever originated in England in the 1700s. They were originally bred to be working game dogs. The Curly-Coated Retriever is a large dog, but they are intelligent, jolly, and noisy. They are obedient to their owner and great with children as long as they don’t bother them.

This breed is cautious with strangers but accepts other dogs or animals in the household. Curly Coated Retrievers make great family dogs. They are very gentle, loving, and fun to be around. They’re also known for being the best at handling being alone throughout the day. Just make sure to provide toys to keep them stimulated!

7. Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier was bred in the city of Manchester, England breeding center in 1860. Not until the 1920s, it was called the Black-and-Tan Terrier. This handsome little guy is eager to learn and brave. His long, narrow head gives him a regal look, but he’s cautious around strangers. He also loves children and can be aggressive with smaller domestic animals.

Manchester Terriers make the perfect family pet. They love people and are very loyal, so they can’t wait to be by your side as you have a family. The best part is that they love to exercise, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting them into a routine with walks and runs.

8. Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniels were bred in the 1700s to be hunters. This beautiful dog is medium in size and massive with very short legs. It is courageous, tenacious, friendly to those close to it, well-balanced, quiet with good memory and noble character.

It is very loyal to its owner. Also, they are intelligent and easy to train. They make great family dogs and are playful with children and other pets.

9. Bedlington Terrier

In Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England, the Bedlington Terrier was born. It is a medium-sized, strong and agile dog that takes pride in its agility and enthusiasm. This breed doesn’t require much maintenance and prefers to spend most of its time playing with you instead of other dogs.

Some people might call them stubborn or independent, but they are loyal to their owners and only want to spend time with their family members. If you’re looking for a new friend for your busy life, we recommend the Bedlington Terrier!

They love company, they love to be outside, and can make great companions. Plus, their unique lamb-like appearance is sure to win some hearts.

Bedlington Terrier breed that originated in England
Bedlington Terrier is a strong and agile dog that takes pride in its agility and enthusiasm.

10. English Bulldog

Back in the 5th century in England, English Bulldog, also known as Alaunt was also bred to help butchers control livestock. This little guy has a lot going for him. He’s sweet, gentle, dependable, and predictable.

He is a great family pet who loves children and is very attention-seeking and loyal to his owner. But this little guy can get aggressive when he meets an unfamiliar dog! While English Bulldogs are the most loving and gentle dogs on the planet,  this can lead to aggression and biting if you’re not careful.

If you want to be sure that your Bulldog is a gentle and calm adult, then start by properly socializing him from a young age.

11. English Foxhound

English Foxhound was bred in Great Britain in the 16th century to hunt deer. The English Foxhound is a stouter dog than its American Foxhound relative, with a short and glossy coat. It has brown eyes and a long tail held up straight, making it easy to see from a distance.

This breed is friendly, active, and athletic. It doesn’t do well in closed spaces like apartments but loves to have plenty of room to run. Are you looking for a show dog but not exactly ready to commit to a pet? Well, what you need is a field-bred English foxhound.

These dogs are bred for working in the field, making them excellent companions for the right family.

12. Bloodhound

This large dog is known for its dignified, mournful expression. Its long floppy ears are wrinkly, and its jowls are sunken. It has a gentle, patient temperament that makes it good with children. It is very tolerant of other animals, so it’s recommended for families with pets. On the other hand, this dog can be independent and has a mind of its own.

“There’s no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners.” Who said that? You guessed it! It was no other than the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. But there is truth to what she says. A bloodhound is an energetic breed that needs lots of exercise, especially as a puppy.

13. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers originated in England in the 19th century. The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized, hard, powerful, and agile dog. With its egg-shaped head and conical tail, the Bull Terrier is a unique breed that is brave and bold. It can be very stubborn and largely independent.

With proper socialization and training, Bull Terriers make great family pets. However, they probably are not good for novice dog owners, households with other pets, or little children.

14. Labrador Retriever

In a Lab, you’ll find a dog that is strong and bulky. With its friendly personality and outgoing nature, this breed will be your best friend. It can work hard to please its owner and is patient with children and strangers. Plus, it loves the company of other dogs or animals.

Labrador retrievers are usually great family dogs with sweet faces, big brown eyes, and happy nature. They make good friends with other dogs, other animals, and children. However, if you’re planning to teach them commands or want to keep them from running around too much in your home, start by taking them for plenty of walks and train them gently.

15. English Cocker Spaniel

You’re in for a treat if you have an English Cocker Spaniel near you! These dogs are small to medium-sized, strong, agile, and very resistant. Their well-shaped heads and a prominent stop make them easy to identify, while their lively nature and jolly nature make them a delight for everyone.

If you’re looking for a family dog that’s easy to train, is good with kids, and has a lot of energy, then an English Cocker Spaniel may be the perfect pet for you. English Cockers also have a gentle demeanor.

16. Basset Hound

Now, this dog’s a real star! The Basset Hound is a medium-sized, friendly, calm, and playful dog with a strong sense of smell. It has an independent character but is loyal to its owner and active with children. It is also friendly with strangers. And only barks when it senses danger.

The Basset Hounds are a gentle and laid-back breed that won’t let you down. They’re loyal to their family, and they’re always happy to be around people.

17. Newfoundland

Meet the Newfoundland dog! Originating from Newfoundland Island, this friendly, gentle giant is a large-sized, strong, and vigorous breed with a docile temper. It is intelligent, social, and confident. Loyal and loving towards its owner and family. Protective and friendly to children. It has a mild temperament with other dogs as long as they don’t have bad intentions.

Newfoundlands are friendly, intelligent, and big dogs who love to be close to their owners. They need attention just like any other dog, but they’re also prone to drooling on your clothes or furniture. Don’t worry, though! Grooming is easy for this breed, so take care of them.

18. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is one of the largest breeds of dogs. This massive, powerful breed is calm and makes a good companion. It’s just not suitable for smaller children because of its size. The Bull Mastiff tends to be suspicious of strangers.

With a powerful build, Bullmastiffs guard their territory and protect their family from brutality. The breed has been around for hundreds of years and has found its way into the country’s hearts as one of the most loving and lovable dogs in existence.

Bullmastiff is one of the largest dog breeds.
Bullmastiffs are a massive and powerful breed that is calm and makes a good companion

19. Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terriers will never surrender. The Sealyham Terrier is a unique breed of Welsh Terrier that originated in Wales as a working dog—bred in the mid-to-late-19th century by Captain John Edwardes at Sealyham House Pembrokeshire.

These sturdy but powerful dogs are tough, ready to take on the world, and always up for a fight. This sturdy yet active dog is sensible and energetic when outdoors but keeps quiet indoors. It is loyal and attached to its family and tolerant with children but will become cautious with strangers.

Why Is Learning About Your Dog’s Breed So Important?

Knowing about what breed your dog is will make things easier for you. Like the English Bulldog, this dog is one of a kind and has a muscular appearance. Although it is a stubborn dog breed, it is also sweet and gentle. Now, what makes you think you can handle this pup without knowing its character?

Some dog breeds that originated in England have needs that you have to meet to keep them happy.

Dog Breeds Originating In England: FAQ

Feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

What dogs are common in England?

With so many dog breeds existing in England, You may be curious as to which dogs are the most common. According to Statista, the most common dogs in England are:

1. Labrador Retriever — Around forty thousand
2. French Bulldog — Around thirty-nine thousand
3. Cocker Spaniel — Around twenty-five thousand
4. Bulldog — Around eleven thousand
5. Miniature, smooth-haired Dachshunds — Around ten thousand

How many breeds of dogs are there in the UK? 

There are over thirty breeds that originated in England: hunting dogs, companion dogs, guard dogs, and sheepdogs. You name it. They have it. The English Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds globally, actually ranking number five. This breed has been associated with Winston Churchill and appeared in many cartoons.

What is the most expensive dog in England?

As you know, dog breeds originating in England like the Dachshund and English Bulldog are expensive compared to other less-known dog breeds. And some popular ones have also had an increase in price because of higher demands. But which is the most costly?

According to, the Chow chow is currently the most expensive dog in Britain today, it costs £1,812, and the English Bulldog is just behind it, which has a price tag of £1,804. And the Bernese Mountain Dog was placed third with a price of £1,587.

Does dog breed affect personality?

Yes, It’s true! Breeds of dogs have a personality that is determined by the task they were bred to do. So, if you’re wondering what your pup’s character will be like, all you have to do is take a look at his breed.

Are dogs native to the UK?

No, while several popular dog breeds have origins in the UK, specifically England,  only thirty dogs originated there. These dog breeds were developed for their working skills, including hunting, retrieving, and pest extermination. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, bred to excel at their intended jobs. 

Knowing about your dog’s breed can help remind you of your pet’s everyday habits and health concerns. It may also help a lot to breeders, but before you breed at least get a license first.

Some dog breeds originating in England have special traits and ways to care that may or may not be useful to your pet. You can make your dog feel very special by treating them as an individual. Take the time to get to know your dog better. Make your pet feel loved and cared for. Only that way you’ll learn to love them.

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