DIY Dog Beds – 3 Methods to Build One at Home

DIY Dog Beds – 3 Methods to Build One at Home

Isn’t doing something yourself not fulfilling? DIY especially when making useful things for our friendly pets creates a feeling of concern and care. The non-daunting process involved gets fun as you do your craft. Our lovely friends never get bothered by our skills as long as they get a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

This article will help you learn how to make a dog bed at home – DIY dog bed. Using ordinary household objects to create your dog a bed saves you money and qualifies you as an outstanding green citizen. If your dog is somewhat of an intensive chewer, you may prefer to directly buy a chewproof dog bed or an indestructible dog bed.

Non-Green Dog Bed

For those dog beds made from renewable or organic materials in clean conditions, we highly congratulate and recommend their use. However, chemically treated materials get used a lot in creating dog beds in a bid to make them resistant to stains and water.

Different kind of dyes used in fabrics that make dog beds contains chemicals. I know they match our décor, and the attractive fun colors catch our eyes, but they harm our dogs. The toxic from the chemicals in the dye affect our dogs when they chew or lick on the material. Imported dog beds mostly don’t get subjected to the earth-friendly process. But not to worry, there’s good news. With a few simple items, you will take a very short time to make your dog bed.

Top 3 Earth-Friendly DIY Dog Beds

When you have the will to do it yourself, nothing will get more earth-friendly than collecting all the items you have thrown away as rubbish and waste and convert them into a beautiful bed for your lovely little friend. To us, something may appear out of proportion and messy, but to the dog, it’s a cozy bed. So, the result of what you make should not worry you.

Old clothes, bed sheet or a pillowcase

Dogs love jumping and sleeping on to our clean and neat pile of clothes. Ever wondered why? They enjoy the residual heat from the dryer.

Items Required:

  • An old and soft pillowcase for the small dogs. A towel or an old bed sheet will do for average or big dogs.
  • A pile of garments that you no longer need.
  • A sewing needle.
  • A strong household thread.


  1. Cut the garments into shreds. Make them lose and big. It doesn’t matter whether from sweaters, trousers, shorts, jeans, or socks. All clothes qualify. The type and size don’t matter. Measurements shouldn’t bother you as you don’t require neat shreds. Continue sniping until they pile to an armful size.
  2. Take the shreds and stuff them into the pillowcase. For bigger dogs, fold the towel or bed sheet into two and sew up the two sides. Put the shreds inside the case.
  3. After you have reasonably filled the case with shreds, use the basic whip stitch to close the open side. Do not sew it up if the shreds are few. Look for more garments to add.
  4. After sewing it up, place on the floor. Introduce your dog to its new bed and allow it to enjoy it. The place should be airy, quiet, hygienic, and comfortable to the dog. Suppress the center of the stuffed case with your hands to create a hollow that your dog will use as a nest. But this shouldn’t bother you much as your dog will dig and come up with a nest of its preference.
diy dog bed from a pillow case
Cute DIY dog bed made from a pillowcase!

Bed Sheet and Old Mattress Toppers

Though foam and egg crates do not last long, many people still prefer them to top their mattresses. Instead of burning or throwing them away, keep them well and reserve them for making a true deluxe bed for your dog.

Items Required:

  • An old egg crate or large flexible foam.
  • A permanent marker.
  • A sewing needle.
  • A bed sheet.
  • Quality household thread.
  • Tape measure.
  • A pair of strong scissors, a serrated blade and an electric carving knife.


  1. First, determine the size of your dog bed. The following should guide you:
    • The available space.
    • Your dog’s size.
    • Your dog’s preferred way of sleep. Some prefer to curl up while sleeping while others stretch out.
    • A circle or a two-foot square works out well for dogs that weigh 20kgs.
  2. Spread the foam. Use a tape measure to get the size estimate. Mark with a permanent marker. Your dog will not notice the difference if the square doesn’t come out correctly, so you shouldn’t be bothered by the exact measurements.
  3. Use any of the cutting tools to cut the foam into three pieces that fit the exact shape. Though the scissors and serrated knife perform well, the electric carving knife works best on foam.
  4. Take one part of the three pieces of foam and cut a circle at the center. Make sure that your dog’s size slightly surpasses the size of the circle. It will help create a hollow for the nest and act as the center of the three layers of foam.
  5. Use the center-cut foam to align the other two. When all the three layers get aligned on well, wrap them neatly using a bed sheet. Use a sewing needle and a household thread to stitch all the open edges. Congratulations! You have just completed making a bed for your dog.
diy dog bed mattress toppers
Example of a DIY dog bed made from a mattress topper and old bedsheets. (via

Bed Sheets and Blankets

This method does not differ from the above process we’ve just discussed making a dog bed from Mattress toppers. Follow the exact procedures but use a blanket instead of foam. Get the required size and fold the blanket to fit the size. Then wrap the bed sheet around the blanket. Use a sewing needle and thread to sew the edges, forming a hollow pillow-like pad.

After making the cozy dog bed, you might wonder where to place it within your house. Don’t worry as your house has many places to put your dog bed. The following suggestions will give you an insight:

  • The lower shelf of your side table.
  • A suitcase.

More beneficial as it can be moved easily and quickly to any destination. If big enough, it will offer storage for your dog’s toys.

  • Old inflatable stools especially for kids.
  • Old picnic baskets.
  • Reliable and valuable pieces of your old furniture. Use them to construct an elevated place for your dog bed.
  • Spacious and comfortable drawers from old cabinets.
  • Remove doors from the shoe closets at the corridors or hallways to create a spacious place for your big dog’s bed. Your dog gets to accompany you to work and has a place to rest while you do your thing. You don’t have to leave it alone at home.
  • The spacious and airy area below your window sill.


Always consider your dog’s behavior and character before deciding where to place his bed. Some dogs love to relax alone and prefer secluded areas while others love attention and opt to sleep near you.

With the above-detailed explanation, you don’t have to worry about how to make a dog bed at home. Don’t allow your dog to turn your couch into a bed, go ahead and make him a bed that will become his favorite lounging place.

Very large dogs may require an obviously bigger bed but it’s not just about the size. Indeed, such giant breeds will have specific requirements in terms of support and memory foam, so you also will ideally buy a purpose-built XXL dog bed.