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10 Best Vet-Approved Dog Foods

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Published on
Tuesday 20 October 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best vet approved dog foods
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With all the options of dog food on the market, it can be difficult for owners to decide which brand is the most beneficial for their pet. From specific targeting traits such as weight loss to a food that generally aids your pup’s health, there are some dog foods that are better for your dog than others. This is why we have compiled a list of the best vet-approved dog food for you to examine.

What dog food is more trustworthy than that with the approval of your vet? These professionals know what is best for your dog to help them feel great. Therefore, take a look through the top ten dog foods approved by vets to find the ideal blend for your buddy.

Please note that vet-approved dog foods are different from prescription dog foods.

10 Best Vet-Approved Dog Foods

We have compiled a list of the top ten best vet-approved dog foods for you to compare. Soon you will know the best dog food for your pup, and feel completely safe to purchase due to vet recommendations.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hill’s Science has created the perfect blend fr your dog if they have a sensitive stomach or suffer from skin problems. Most likely caused by food allergies, these symptoms can be treated with highly digestible ingredients from this mix. Also, this blend contains vitamin E & omega-6 fatty acids to help promote a healthy coat and skin.

Positive reviews flood the rating sections of this product. One owner boasts of the positive influence this dog food has had on all three of their dogs. Signs of allergies have passed and even their dog’s smelly flatulence is no longer a problem. Another bonus many owners have written about is they find their dog feeling fuller for longer and begging less.

Although many owners praise this brand for it clearing up their dog’s allergies, it has had some faults with aiding dogs with sensitive stomachs. Some pups have had runnier stool and even vomited after eating this food. Whether this is due to an allergy or the quality is argued about, this problem does exist in the critical reviews, although not frequently.

2. Hill’s Science Diet

Targeted for large breeds of dogs, this vet-recommended dog food is perfect for your big buddy. Every dog breed requires different nutritional percentages to aid their lifestyle and this is the perfect blend for larger dogs. Not only does it supply larger energy amounts for big dogs, but it also includes nutrients ideal for joint health and general growth.

Owners praise the quality of the ingredients alongside the overall quality of the dog food. Reviews mention the energy boost dogs have received after being fed this mix. There is also the noticeable benefit of dogs’ coats becoming shinier and healthier. Furthermore, a lot of dogs display better defecation habits and stools that are firmer and do not resemble diarrhea.

On the negative side of things, some reviews mention that their dogs experienced digestion problems. This has led to symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, and loose stool. Your dog can become dehydrated from diarrhea and many owners express their concern at this worry.

3. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Venison

Natural Balance created a wonderful blend of limited ingredients perfect for your sensitive dog. Perhaps your dog has an unidentified allergy, or maybe they just have a very sensitive stomach. Either way, this mix will help your dog to feel good as new. With its grain and chicken-free recipe, this mix is sure to help your dog’s tummy.

Owners have reviewed the product and nearly every review is positive. Not only do dogs with sensitive stomachs benefit from this mix, but picky eats also adore the taste! With so few ingredients, this mix has truly outdone itself to be tasty and beneficial to so many. Owners of dogs with allergies should definitely consider this blend due to the reviews alone.

As for the negative side of this, multiple long-time users have complained about a recent change in the formula leading to upset stomachs. Furthermore, owners have also complained about differences from bag to bag such as a change of kibble size. This can be quite frustrating for owners of smaller dogs as the kibble may be too large for them to chew easily.

4. Blue Buffalo Home Style Recipe

The home-style recipe created by Blue Buffalo offers natural ingredients that help to boost your dog’s immune system. This is due to the high amount of nutrients provided in the food mix from fruit and veg. This mix not only benefits your dog’s health, but also tastes great with the mix of fruit, veggies, and chicken.

Because of the great taste of Blue Buffalo’s Home Style Recipe, your picky dog is sure to gobble up this meal. Furthermore, it is easy to tuck any of your dog’s medication into these pieces to get them to swallow them easily. Furthermore, owners found that their dogs stopped producing such smelly gas with this brand.

On the other hand, multiple reviews say that their dog is not interested in the taste or smell of the mix. Therefore, be sure your dog likes this wet food before purchasing a large quantity. Furthermore, complaints about dents in the cans have been reported which has been said to lead to leakage of the wet food.

5. Natural Balance LI Diets Fish

This Limited Ingredient mix created by Natural Balance offers a great alternative to the common pet shop dog foods. It’s great for soothing dog tummies and avoids the most common dog allergies. Created with fish and sweet potato, this bled is tasty and healthy. With a source of natural fiber, your dog’s digestive system is sure to benefit from this food.

Owners adore that their dogs seem very enthusiastic about eating the food. Even the pickiest eater loves this mix with its great flavor combination. Furthermore, this provision is ideal for dogs with food allergies as it has been found to minimize and even eliminate reactions in many different dogs.

There has been a concern with a recent formula change. Dogs have started to go off this once loved blend and some owners have even reported worries about its influence on their dog’s health. The ingredient changes have alerted the FDA according to some sources. Therefore, be sure to research this brand’s ingredients before purchase.

6. Cesar Loaf in Sauce

Cesar offers a tasty mix of chicken and pâté to offer a loaf in flavored sauce. Without the input of grains into this formula, this is one allergen you do not need to worry about affecting your dog. This mix can be used for all dog types, however, it is ideal to keep smaller dog breeds in great condition of health.

The taste of this mix is one of its selling points. Customers mention how their older, non-food-orientated dogs are excited for mealtime when being offered Cesar. It is also mentioned that dogs have less smelly gas, more energy, and a much better coat. Shiner coats with minimal hair loss have been a huge plus of this blend, which is definitely something to boast about.

Quality control seems to be a reoccurring problem with this vet-approved dog food though. When buying large packs in one order, often one or multiple packs are spoiled or go off quickly. Although the food itself has been reviewed positively, this can soon be frustrating and lead to money loss.

7. Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach

This mix by Purina is targeted towards adult dogs with skin and stomach sensitivities. This formula is made with rice and salmon to provide great sources of protein and fiber for a healthy digestive system. No wheat, corn, or soy are included in this mix to avoid potential harmful allergens and keep your dogs safe.

Dog owners have mentioned how this food has helped their allergen-stricken dogs improve back to their normal selves. Itchy skin, hair loss, and a generally unhappy dog can all be caused by allergies. Purina’s mix has helped sensitive dogs feel better and quickly too. Furthermore, dogs have had healthier stools after consuming this mix for a while.

A concerning problem that has been mentioned in multiple reviews is the infestation of bugs in some bags. Storage and areas of delivery have been different in multiple reviews, therefore this appears to be a quality control issue. Whether the problem exists in store-bought bags is not mentioned.

8. Purina Pro Plan Savor

Purina has created the perfect food in combination with prebiotics to help your dog have a healthy immune and digestive system. High quality and a high percentage of protein are included as shredded chicken. Furthermore, this delicious mix has kibble and soft meaty chunks to stay appetizing for your dog.

This dog food has helped the skin and coats of many different types of dogs. From an irritated and flaky dog to a soft and smooth pup, this blend is sure to help your dog. This food is also said to help dog’s teeth with multiple users commenting on the reduced plaque after their dogs have eaten this food for a while.

Multiple users have expressed concern over the quality of the food for digestive problems. From vomiting, diarrhea, gas, and lethargy, this dog food seems to have either caused or not treated these issues. Therefore, we may be able to conclude that it is not great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

9. Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 Formula

With its high percentage of protein (a massive 30%), it aids with growth and repair for your dog. This can be a wonderful addition to high-quality dog food, especially for those recovering from food allergies. There are also nutrients included helping with your dog’s mobility and joint health. Even your elderly pup will feel the benefits of this blend.

Even for picky and non-food-orientated dogs, owners report that this mix encourages their dogs to eat and even enjoy their meals. This helps to keep dogs their proper weight as well as maintaining high health in a wide variety of areas.

Multiple users complain about the strong and unpleasant smell that this dog food produces. Some compare it to spoiled milk because of the pungent odor. This can be unpleasant for owners to keep, use, and for dogs to eat.

10. Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner

Pedigree offers its real beef wet dog food with a great flavor and texture that your pup will love. This mix is made in the USA with USA-based ingredients. There are a wide variety of nutrients provided to help your dog maintain a high level of energy along with a healthy coat and skin.

Owners have reported very happy dogs after eating this food. Its taste along with health benefits have helped dogs meet their potential. This brand is sure to help your dog to feel better again.

The negative comments concerning this food are the smell alongside dented cans. The smell is quite strong and unpleasant for owners and dogs alive. Furthermore, many deliveries were received with multiple cans dented.

What Types of Dog Foods do Vets Recommend?

There is no one type of dog food specifically recommended by vets. The main influential factors in dog foods include the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients, and how natural and organic they are. Therefore, vets will analyze dog foods based on the origin of the ingredients as well as what nutritional benefits each ingredient holds.

Furthermore, the amount of each food type provided helps a vet to identify the benefits and disadvantages a dog food brings. Dogs have certain nutritional requirements and exceeding or providing too little of a food group can influence their health. From carbohydrates to fats, and even fiber, each food group matters.

Vets will also consider individual factors from each dog food. Some ingredients are more likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog, therefore, vets may be less likely to recommend this mix. Veterinarians will also consider if the mix is GMO-free and grain-free. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and can refer to altered animals and plants with non-organic influences. Vets will often try to avoid these as they can have harmful elements included in them, regardless of whether the ingredients are meat, fruit, or vegetables. Furthermore, grain is another common allergen for dogs so many vets will advise dog foods that are grain-free.

How To Choose Vet-Approved Dog Foods?

There are four main factors to consider when looking at vet-approved dog foods. We have explained each one below so you know what to look out for when browsing the market.


Although we want to provide our dogs with the highest quality food, some brands can be far too expensive, and unreasonably so. But what is the best way to identify if dog food is reasonably priced? Firstly, the type of dog food will influence its price with a range of $30 between different types of dog foods. Regular dog kibble will be much cheaper compared to freeze-dried dog foods. Therefore, note that you cannot compare different dog food prices when they are different types of dog food.

The best way to see if the price of vet-approved dog food is fair is to compare it to other brands. Take a look at other brands in pet shops or online. Furthermore, the quality of the ingredients and production can also influence whether a price is fair. If the dog food you are considering provides high-quality ingredients with free-range animals and GMO-free ingredients, it is fair for the price to be increased.

vet approved dog food price
Kibble is cheaper than dried dog food.


As an owner, you should analyze the ingredients both based on the bag’s quality and what is ideal for your dog. From your dog’s preferences to requirements, there will be dog food that is ideal for your pup. Furthermore, providing your dog with higher quality ingredients, in general, will aid their health from digestion to healing.

Be sure to check the quality of the ingredients first. Check whether they are natural, organic, GMO-free, and look for any other benefits they may hold. For example, meat that comes from free-range animals has been found to be of a higher quality according to this study. You should also consider your dog’s preferences in food. If they hate beef and this is a beef-based food, then it would be a waste of money to purchase food you know your dog does not like.


Food allergies are more common in dogs than many owners think. From chicken to grain, these ingredients can cause your dog to feel unwell. The severity of a dog’s food allergy can range from mild to severe. Most commonly a food allergy will cause your dog to have an upset stomach, have areas of hair loss, a rash, lethargy, and general itchiness. So even if your dog is affected mildly, it can still be unpleasant for your pup.

Therefore, if you have identified an ingredient that your dog is sensitive to, try to avoid it. However, it may be the case that your dog has a sensitive stomach or you have yet to identify the affecting allergen. In which case, you may want to buy dog food with limited ingredients, specific for sensitive stomachs, and those that are chicken-free and grain-free. The last category exists because grain and chicken allergies are two of the most common food allergens to affect our dogs, therefore if you are not sure what is affecting them, try to avoid chicken and grain.


Whether your dog is underweight, overweight, or the perfect weight, this can influence the dog food you should be purchasing. Even though these are vet-approved dog foods, that does not mean that some are not more appropriate for your individual than others. Those that are overweight will often benefit from a low carbohydrate and low-fat dog food blend to aid fat loss. Whereas a dog that is underweight will often benefit from a high protein, fat, and carbohydrate diet. However, be sure to consult your vet for the reason their weight has fluctuated as it may be due to underlying health concerns such as a thyroid problem or a parasite.

But what about dogs of a healthy weight? Those pups need to have a well-balanced mix to make sure that their new food will not encourage unwanted weight gain or weight loss. Therefore, check the balance of ingredient percentages and compare them to the recommended for dogs.

underweight dog high protein diet
Underweight dogs need more protein.

Vet-Approved Dog Foods: FAQ

To answer any remaining questions you have, we have composed and answered multiple FAQs below.

What dog food brands do vets recommend?

There are many food brands that can provide your dog’s nutritional needs some of these brands are available in pet stores or even online. Some vets recommend dog food brands like Purina Pro, Hill’s, Royal Canin, and The Honest Kitchen. But if your dog has a specific condition or needs, it’s best to ask your vet personally so they can suggest the right dog food brand for your fur buddy.

What is the healthiest food for dogs?

The healthiest food for dogs is not one brand, but the quality of the ingredients and percentage of food types. It also depends on your dog and what specific requirements they need based on their weight, life stage, and health. Ask your vet for their specific recommendations.

Do vets recommend homemade dog food?

Usually, vets don’t recommend homemade dog food because of the risk of bacteria contamination. Also, some homemade dog food lacks vitamins and nutritional ingredients that can affect your dog’s overall health. If you’re determined to make your dog’s food at home, you can consult your vet or vet nutritionist to ensure that your dog food recipe has the right amount of healthy ingredients that can boost your dog’s well-being.

What nutrients do dogs need in homemade dog food?

To make your homemade dog food healthy and well-balanced, it should contain protein from animal meat, dairy, eggs, or seafood. Fats from meat or oil; Carbohydrates from grains or vegetables; Calcium from dairy or eggshells; Fatty acids from plant oils or egg yolks or oatmeal.

Is Purina Pro Plan vet recommended?

Yes, the Purina Pro is backed by Purina’s scientists including veterinarians, behaviorists, and nutritionists. The formula of their dog food has advanced nutrition and high-quality ingredients that are places to nourish and keep your fur buddies healthy. This is the reason why most veterinarians recommend it, also, they have a number of dog food variations that are specifically made for dogs with health conditions.

the healthiest food for dogs
Choose dog food based on the ingredients.

Vet recommended dog food always holds the benefit of being recommended by experts which is hugely comforting. Check out some today and see if you are tempted to purchase one for your pooch.

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