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9 Best Homemade Dog Food Recipe Sites

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Saturday 6 March 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best homemade dog food recipe sites
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A while ago, we compiled this HUGE list of the 50 best homemade dog food recipes. But you know us; we like to go above and beyond for our readers. So this time around, we decided to list down some of the best homemade dog food recipe sites that are either completely dedicated to dog food recipes or have a separate section on their site for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to tempt your picky canine with cordon blue doggy meals or trying to improve your pet’s health via home-cooked meals – our list of the best homemade dog food recipe sites will have something for you.

Some dogs suffer from allergies or tummy problems, which can be worsened through market-made dog food. However, nutritionally complete homemade dog food can keep you give your doggo the best of both worlds. All you have to do is pick a recipe that best suits your needs from one of the homemade recipes for dog food sites below.

Your vet may not be too excited about a home-cooked diet at first, but you can win them over by learning about your pet’s dietary needs in-depth by conducting thorough research or by investing in canine-specific nutrition books. Either way, not much should put you off from checking out the list we’ve compiled for you below.

1. The Dog Bakery

The Dog Bakery has been baking premium doggy treats for over a decade, and canines love their baked goods. Additionally, they also make fantastic doggy cakes to make your furry pal’s special day even more exceptional.

Nonetheless, that’s now why The Dog Bakery is at the top spot on our list. To discover the reason behind their illustrious standing in our list, head on over to their blog section.

Spoiler Alert! Not only do they have an excellent selection of easy dog food recipes, but they also have top-notch informational articles that’ll aid any dog parent in need. For instance, their article about why dogs should eat strawberries is an eye-opener.

2. Balance IT

What is the best homemade food for dogs? Trust us when we say; no one can answer that question better than Balance IT. Not only is the founder of Balance IT a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, but he’s also a co-author for an entire book on veterinary clinical nutrition.

And, the buck doesn’t stop there. Every recipe that Balance IT generates is tailor-made for your pet’s nutritional needs. Simply put, each recipe contains at least 40 individual nutrients that are thoroughly assessed to suit your canine’s nutrient profile. Talk about balanced homemade dog food recipes.

The site’s Autobalancer EZ feature allows pet parents to choose a few ingredients such as poultry, lentils, etc. and comes up with recipes with nutrient profiles, daily cost estimates, and additional supplement suggestions.

3. Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

If you’re a fan of raw foodism, then the Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes site will surely suit you.

Kimberly Gauthier is the blog’s creator, and a nutrition blogger for ‘Keep the Tail Wagging.’ What’s more, Kimberly turned to the raw food diet for her dog Rodrigo’s health issues. Rodrigo suffered from rashes, ear infections, itchy paws, etc. Thankfully, Rogrigo’s health concerns were gone with the wind two weeks after changing his diet.

If you want to benefit from Kimberly’s extensive knowledge of the raw food regimen for canines, then head on over there and choose the best raw homemade dog food recipes for skin allergies for your pooch.

4. Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs

Coming in at number four on our list is the Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs website. And, you’ll understand why once you visit the blog. Vet approved homemade dog food recipes aren’t exactly easy to come by. But, that’s where this site can help you out.

Additionally, Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs also has food charts, comparison reviews for the best dog food brands, and an actual list of allergens you should avoid in your pet’s diet. All in all, you don’t want to miss out on this resource.

recipes 4 gourmet dogs review
Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs have vet approved recipes!

5. The Canine Chef Cookbook

Even though The Canine Chef Cookbook finds its way on our comprehensive list mid-way, it’s still a strong contender for the best homemade dog food recipe website competition. Here’s why:

It features home-cooked dog food recipes, nutritional information about canine diets, tips & tricks for conserving time and energy, and so much more.

If you’re interested in cheap homemade dog food that still packs a wholesome punch – then this site is gold!

6. The Bark

The Bark is a magazine that started off as a newsletter in 1997. Now, The Bark is an indispensable guide for dog lovers. Apart from its award-winning publications, the magazine’s website features an extensive section devoted solely to doggy food and recipes.

From home-cooked kibble to pumpkin soup – consider this site your one-stop shop for all kinds of recipes. Just in case you were wondering, our favorite home-cooked dog food recipe on site is a close tie between bone broth and turkey burgers.

7. Damn Delicious

Damn Delicious is a blog run by Chungah Rhee, who kicked off her culinary journey almost nine years ago. Now her blog is acing at providing recipes for dogs and their owners – which is what we call an irresistible combination.

Not to mention, Damn Delicious features an innovative line up of canine recipes, the likes of which you won’t elsewhere. From puppuchinos to frozen dog treats, this blog has it all.

8. Wag the Dog UK

Clocking in at an even eight is the transatlantic wonder that is Wag the Dog UK. The site found its way to the world wide web in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.

Aside from doggy travel and shopping tips, the site also features a shop with highly useful canine knick-knacks. Of course, the site’s dog food section is no less impressive with recipes like risotto and rabbit stew. Be sure to visit here if you want your canine to experience a healthy gastronomical journey.

9. Pretty Fluffy

We believe in finishing strong, and that’s why the last entry on our 9 homemade dog-food recipe websites list is – Pretty Fluffy.

Serena Faber Nelson is the genius behind Pretty Fluffy, and she’s a writer, television producer, and dog enthusiast. She came up with the idea of Pretty Fluffy in 2010 as a place where dog lovers could meet and learn about all things canine.

It’s little wonder then that the site is absolutely priceless when it comes to home-cooked dog food recipes. And that’s not all; the site also features a mind-blowing DIY section that teaches you all about doggy blankets and outfits.

There you have it, folks – we’ve held up our end of the bargain by providing you with nine extraordinary options for homemade dog food recipe sites. Being a dog parent is a lot of responsibility – we get that. However, we’d like to leave you with one little piece of advice. Before you implement any changes in your pet’s diet, be sure to have a conversation with your vet about its pros and cons.

Not only will this assure you to move forward with confidence, but it’ll also help you plan out your doggo’s diet better. Apart from that, we’re sure you’re all set to commit 100% to your pup’s welfare. Till next time, stay paw-sitive.

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