6 Best Dog Repellents For Lawns

6 Best Dog Repellents For Lawns

Many owners know the struggle of keeping a tidy and healthy yard. But did you know that there are products that keep dogs away from certain areas? So what are the best dog repellants for lawns? Let’s take a look.

This dog repellent buying guide will take you through everything you need to know including the best products on the market, DIY dog repellents, and FAQs.

Do not get confused between repellents for lawns that are meant to repel dogs from forbidden areas, and fly repellents that are dog-friendly.

What Are Dog Repellents

Dog repellents are products that repel dogs from certain areas of grass areas to keep them healthy. Owners with dogs that dig or dogs that like to pee in the same spots until the grass dies may opt to use a lawn repellent to keep their lawn looking good. You can buy commercial dog repellents or make your own.

Types of Dog Repellents

There are a few different types of commercial dog repellents for lawns including sprays and ultrasonic repellents.

Dog Spray & Granule Deterrents

Dog repellent sprays are sprayable bottles of liquid that smell unpleasant to dogs. They should use natural ingredients that dogs are not attracted to, and never anything chemical or toxic that could upset your dog’s stomach if ingested. To use, simply spray the product over your lawn.

Deterrent sprays are typically used to stop teething puppies from chewing on furniture, but there are a number of commercial sprays available for outdoor use. Owners can also make their own ones at home with a few simple, inexpensive ingredients. This may be preferable as spraying will have to be redone often, as the scent will dissipate whenever it rains.

There are also granule deterrents that work in a similar way to sprays, but they are in a hard granule form that owners can spread around a particular area such as a flowerbed. They also dissipate after heavy rain.

DIY Deterrent Spray

Owners can also make their own deterrent sprays at home using pungent ingredients commonly found in the kitchen that dogs don’t like, such as citrus, garlic, olive oil, and almond oil. Simply mix the repellent ingredient(s) with some water and spray it over the area you want to keep your dog out of.

Some owners hide hot chili peppers around the area. They are especially good as they don’t attract pests and dogs hate them, but they may not be suitable for young or especially curious dogs, as hot peppers can burn their noses, mouths, and skin.

Other owners place cotton balls soaked in vinegar around the area, vinegar is a great repellent but cannot be sprayed directly onto the lawn as it can kill it. However, again, this requires some supervision for curious pups, as cotton balls pose a choking and/or internal blockage hazard.

dog repellent composition
Homemade dog repellents are usually made out of vinegar and ammonia.

Ultrasonic Dog Repellers

Ultrasonic repellers producing high-pitched noises that most humans can’t hear. They deter dogs from entering the area as they’re unpleasant to listen to. Most ultrasonic deterrents are activated by a motion sensor, but there are some handheld ones owners can buy to teach dogs where not to go potty.

They may be the better option for owners that are worried about tampering with their yards by using sprays or granules. And unlike sprays and granules, ultrasonic users don’t need to keep buying more of the product and adding more of it to the garden every week.

However, some owners don’t like them as the sound can frighten sensitive dogs and potentially cause them pain. Some dogs may also react aggressively to the noise if they find it frightening.

Alternative Options

If you don’t like the idea of using either kind of repellent in your yard, consider putting up a fence to gain full control of your dog’s outdoor roam. You could also train your dog using reinforcement as to where is an acceptable place to go to the toilet outdoors.

What to Think About When Buying a Lawn Repellent

This is what to take into consideration when looking for a lawn repellent for your dog.

Your Dog’s Personality

First and foremost, you want to consider your dog’s personality when looking for a lawn repellent. If they are nervous about unfamiliar things or have trauma that is triggered by certain sights and sounds, an ultrasonic repellent is not appropriate for them and could create a phobia of the outside world altogether.

Similarly, if your dog is young and curious, or just has an investigative personality, you may want to avoid granule deterrents or DIY methods that involve inedible items.


This is arguably the most important factor in choosing your deterrent method. Make sure you check the ingredient list of any spray or granule repellent. Watch out for anything that is not dog-safe and double-check any homemade recipes you see online.

Ingredients should be all-natural and non-toxic. Even though they are not supposed to attract your dog, it’s better to be safe, just in case your dog does decide to investigate.

Whilst the health and safety of your dog are our top priority, your garden’s health is also important! Make sure that none of the ingredients used will do any damage to your lawn or plants either.

You can check this by looking at product labels or product descriptions online. If you’re still unsure, you can always contact the manufacturer and ask.

Your Garden

Your garden is obviously important to you – or you wouldn’t be reading this article! If you are opting for an ultrasonic sound device, you may want something that won’t disrupt the appearance of your garden. There are plenty of green repellents that will blend right in and won’t detract from your yard. There are even some that come in the shapes of birdhouses and other garden ornaments that add a decorative touch.

dog repellents that are good
Scents like citrus, pepper, ammonia, mothballs, cayenne, red pepper and vinegar help repel dogs and keep them at bay.

6 Best Dog Repellents For Laws

These are six of our favorite commercial lawn repellents for dogs currently available on Amazon.

1. C&G Pets Urine Stop Spray

This lawn repellent by C&G comes in 500ml bottles and contains all-natural ingredients with no toxic chemicals. It uses citrus scents to deter dogs from going potty on the grass and has natural enzyme destroyers to get rid of old smells and bacteria from pet pee. It is effective with both dogs and cats and is perfectly safe for pets and gardens.

It’s simple to use; just shake it up and spray on the area you want to keep pee-free. It’s also cruelty-free, made in the UK, and buyers love the product.

2. Zovenchi Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

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This ultrasonic animal deterrent by Zovenchi has a built-in motion sensor that emits a frequency of 13,500 – 40,000Hz and flashing LED lights when triggered. It’s solar-powered, waterproof, and green as to not disturb the appearance of your lawn. The deterrent detects movement within a 110-degree arc and at a distance of up to 29 feet. It’s 5.39 x 4.33 inches and stands 17.32 inches high when on the spike that fits into the ground.

It’s very easy to set up. Users can simply insert the repellent into the ground or hang it on a wall or tree. Buyers seem to love the product with many reviews mentioning the fab value for money.

3. Careland Solar Powered Animal Repeller

Careland’s solar-powered animal repellent has three different sound effects to deter pets and other animals. Including dog barking, eagle barking, and gunfire. It also emits flashing LED lights to repel animals, whilst being non-toxic, harmless, and waterproof.

Careland pride themselves on their quality control and offer a 1-year full warranty. The product is an Amazon bestseller and reviews echo its effectiveness.

4. Careland 360° Smart Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Another product by Careland, this ultrasonic repeller has a 360-degree motion sensor that can detect animals from all angles. When movement is detected, the ultrasonic horn and strobe lights will make any animal leave your property.

It is solar-powered but can be charged via USB during times without much sunlight. It’s also weatherproof, humane, and the company offers a 60 days refund and 12-month replacement guarantee. Buyers seem to love the product and it has hardly any bad reviews.

5. Bonide Go Away Outside Animal Repellent

Bonide’s animal repellent granules humanely repel animals without causing damage to property or plants. It uses natural ingredients such as thyme oil and is easy to use. Users simply have to sprinkle a band 4 feet wide around the area they wish to protect.

The product comes in a 3-pound container and several reviews state how effective it is. However, some do mention the strong smell, so sensitive noses beware!

6. NaturVet Off Limits! Spray

NaturVet’s off-limits repellent spray contains a combination of natural herbs that keeps animals away from treated areas without causing damage to grass or plants. It’s made in the USA and can be used on or around grass, plants, patios, garden furniture, and fences.

Reviews are mixed but the positive ones cannot praise the product highly enough. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for a commercial deterrent spray that is all-natural and dog-safe.

Dog Lawn Repellent – FAQs

What can I use to keep dogs away from my lawn?

If reinforcement training or putting up a fence is not an option, commercial and homemade spray and granule repellents are some of the most popular ways to keep your dog away from your lawn. Ultrasonic repellents are also popular and effective.

Which type of repellent is right for me?

When choosing a lawn repellent, consider your dog’s personality. If they are young or especially nosey, you might want to avoid anything that could cause harm, such as hot chili peppers. Similarly, rescue dogs with anxiety issues should not be subject to anything that makes a scary noise.

You also want to make sure any sprays or granules used are dog-safe and non-toxic, natural, and won’t negatively affect your garden. If the appearance of your yard is a priority, you might want to stay away from any unattractive ultrasonic products or opt for one that remains hidden or looks ornamental.

How do you keep dogs out of your yard naturally?

Owners can make their own deterrent sprays at home using pungent ingredients commonly found in the kitchen that dogs don’t like, such as citrus, garlic, olive oil, and almond oil. Simply mix the repellent ingredient(s) with some water and spray it onto the area you want to keep your dog away from.

Does cayenne pepper keep dogs from pooping in your yard?

Cayenne peppers and hot chili peppers in general are very effective at deterring your dog from going to the toilet in certain outdoor areas. However, you need to keep an eye on them when they are getting used to the scent, as curious dogs may want to investigate. Hot peppers can burn the noses, mouths, and skin of dogs.

Do ultrasonic dog repellents work?

Ultrasonic repellents work with some dogs and not with others. They are not quite as reliable as sprays because different dogs react differently to the sound. They can frighten sensitive dogs and anger others. However, they may be the more desirable option for owners that are worried about tampering with their yards by using sprays. And unlike sprays, ultrasonic users don’t need to keep buying more of the product or adding more to the garden every week.

Those are our 6 best dog repellents for lawns. Will you be trying out any of our recommended products or have any tips for homemade lawn repellent? Let us know!