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5 Best Dog Pool Floats

Written by Viena
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Published on
Saturday 9 April 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
pool floats best for dogs
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Dogs have different sizes and reactions to water. And many owners fail to consider these factors before buying dog pool floats. Because of this, they end up buying floats that are not suitable for their family dogs. Here’s a list of the best pool floats for dogs, engineered and designed to be suitable to the varying needs of dogs.

This also includes answers to common questions relating to pet pool floats and tips on keeping them safe and clean. Let’s get started!

About Dog Pool Floats

A dog float for a pool is an inflatable raft that allows your dog to join you and your family in the pool. So they won’t be left out when you have fun times in the pool. 

Dog pool floats come in different sizes. There are also different designs and functionality to choose from. Some offer features that are not only beneficial to your dogs but for you and our family as well.

This can also serve as a toy for dogs if your dog loves being in the water. For dogs who are scared of getting in the water, there are also dog pool floats designed for lounging.

5 Best Dog Pool Floats

Here’s a list of the best dog pool floats to guide you in purchasing the perfect product for your dog.

1. SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

Keep your dogs safe and comfortable with this raft float. It can support dogs weighing 65 pounds and up. It has a patented Inner Spring technology. Even if you twist or bend it, it will still return to its original state.

This heavy-duty product by SwimWays is designed to be durable and puncture-safe. Your dog can feel comfortable and have fun in many ways because it is stable and easy to steer while on water.

2. Midlee Dog Raft

If you have a dog that weighs up to 85 pounds or less, this 59-inch dog pool float is the perfect buy. It is designed by Midlee. It keeps your dogs floating while you two are in the pool.

Midlee dog raft is made from vinyl that prevents holes caused by the dog’s nails. But we still recommend regular nail trimming.  This is a great pool float for dogs who love to stay comfortable and lounge around while relaxing.

3. Vercico Inflatable Pool Float

Vercico inflatable pool float is made for small to medium-sized dogs that weigh around 44 pounds or less. If your dog likes just enough water under its feet, this is highly recommended.

Made of PVC and oxford cloths, it provides protection from claw punctures. If you like traveling with your dog, this is the ideal product for you as it’s lightweight, easy to store and inflate. So your dog can easily climb onto this float with little assistance required.

4. Intex River Run Inflatable Water Float

This easy-to-use pool float provides both fun and comfort for your dog. You can easily steer the float. Then you can let your dog enjoy seeing different views at different speeds. 

Intex River Run Inflatable Water Float is suitable for varying behaviors of dogs in water – whether they prefer to lounge or play. Its features include a backrest for comfort and a mesh at the bottom to keep your dog cool. This product is durable and comes in many sizes.

5. Milliard Dog Pool Float

If you have a dog that weighs up to 220 pounds, consider getting this sturdy paw-shaped dog float. Made from durable vinyl, not only does this prevent punctures. But it also provides protection from wearing out, so you’re sure it will stay in shape or in good condition for long.

Sounds like a good deal, but there’s more. It also doubles as a holder for five extra-large cups, which means you can also enjoy it when your dog’s not using it!

pool floats for dogs
Pool floats are made for dogs of small to medium sizes and for dogs that have trouble keeping afloat.

What to Consider When Buying Dog Pool Floats 

Before buying a dog pool float, your dog’s safety must be your primary concern. One common mistake of dog owners before buying a dog pool float is not identifying the needs of their dogs. Another is not carefully reviewing the features of the products. So here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a pool float for your dogs:


One of the most important factors you need to consider is its capability to prevent punctures. This is a common issue. Dog nails are sharp. And dog floats made from low-quality material may end up getting punctured easily. To avoid, ensure that the float is thick, durable, and has multiple layers.

Size & Shape

Some dog owners have made the mistake of buying floats that are either too small or too big for their dogs. You have to be certain about your dog’s size. If you end up buying a small float for your large dog, they might not be able to lounge and relax while floating. 

On the other hand, your small dog may get even more scared of being in a pool if the float is too large for them. So, it’s important to find the dog pool float suitable for your dog’s size.

Weight Limit & Restrictions

The weight limit is usually indicated in the product descriptions, so you need to check it. Weigh your dog before purchasing a dog pool float. It will not be safe for your dogs if they are too light or too heavy for the float. It may cause the float to tip over and might endanger your dogs. 

quality of dog pool floats
Investing in pet-related items can be costly so it’s important to check the overall quality before buying.

Pool Floats for Dogs: FAQ

Feel free to check out our FAQ for more details about dog pool floats!

Why should I buy dog floats for pools?

This is a great way for you to give your dog and family a memorable experience during the summer. You’ll be able to take your dogs and allow them to have fun with you in the water

Also, if you have a dog that is scared of water, you might find it challenging to introduce them to water activities. But dog floats allow them to stay in the water. And familiarize themselves with the pool, thus making them less scared. 

Swimming is one of the best exercises for dogs. So having a dog pool float is indeed recommended. 

Is it OK to let your dog swim in your pool?

It is generally safe for dogs to swim in a pool. If your dog loves swimming, just let them swim, especially in the heat of the summer. It helps them cool off

But note that dogs would often fall into one’s pool and struggle to keep afloat and get back up. This could be dangerous if no one is watching them, so it is important to keep an eye on them. 

With dogs swimming in your pool, additional effort may be required. You need to keep your pool safe and clean. 

Does chlorine make dogs sick?

Chlorine does not make your dog sick. But you have to maintain a relatively low level of it in your swimming pool. As mentioned, you need to ensure that your pool is clean. 

Everyone, including adults, ingests small amounts of chlorine when they swim, but dogs can swallow more. Thus, making it more dangerous for them. That’s because they can’t support themselves in the pool, unlike humans. 

You need to supervise your dogs and ensure that they don’t ingest a lot of water to avoid health problems. In addition, chlorine may also irritate your dog’s skin. So you have to properly rinse them after swimming. And check for any signs of skin irritation.

Should you leave pet pool floats in the pool?

Do not leave your dog pool floats in the pool because it will be dangerous for you and your dogs. 

Pool floats are made of materials such as plastic or vinyl. This will eventually break down if left in the water. That’s due to several factors such as heat, sunshine, and pool chemicals. If you keep your pool floats in the water for too long, it will soon mix with your water, and you may end up ingesting it. 

Once you are done swimming, deflate your dog pool float and store it in a cool and clean area. It is a good practice as it can make your dog pool float longer.

How do you clean a dirty dog pool float?

There are three ways to clean a dirty pool float:

Soap solution: Mix one part soap and three parts water in a container. Dip your sponger onto the float and start scrubbing it.

Vinegar solution: Mix one portion of white vinegar and two parts of water in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution onto the float and scrub it using a sponge. Begin by mixing one portion of white vinegar and two parts of clean water in a spray bottle. Once done, thoroughly rinse the float and let it dry under the sun.

Baking soda solution: Mix 1 quart of warm water with a quarter cup of baking soda. Use your sponge by soaking it into the solution and scrubbing the float. Then, rinse it with water and let it sit out to dry in the sun.

It’s important to know your dog’s weight, size, and behavior in water for you to buy the most suitable dog pool float. Not being able to consider the important factors might lead you to the wrong product.

In addition, by identifying your dog’s needs, you will surely make your dog happy. With the right dog pool float, your dog can play or lounge in the pool. They can also bask in the sun comfortably, without you having to worry about their safety. 

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