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14 Best Dog Health & Safety Infographics Ever Made

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Published on
Sunday 12 April 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Dog Health & Safety Infographics
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Dog health is every dog breeder and dog lover’s priority. We want our pooches to live next to us for as long as possible, and we want them to feel healthy, right? So we listen to our vet’s advice, we read long boring science-based articles online (including here!), but there is something else you can do and it’s way more exciting!

WARNING: this page, because of all the infographics, may take a bit longer to load… but it’s very much worth it!

Top 14 Best Infographics About Dogs’ Health & Safety

This is part of our infographics series that started last Sunday with The 10+ Best Dog Food & Nutrition Infographics Ever Made, it went all over the web and we thank you for sharing it so much. It is a great encouragement! Here we do it again but this time, we handpicked the most engaging and captivating dog health infographics.

Enjoy… and share!

1. Important Facts About Your Dog’s Body & Organs

When I stumbled upon this infographic, I was so enthused that I knew it would be the first on this list. It is a comprehensive guide, that is giving your advice, common conditions and interesting facts about each part of the dog’s body: from their ears to their paws. It is all in there!

Important Facts About Your Dog's Body & Organs
I looked for the source to credit the author but unfindable.

2. Brush Up & Look After Your Dog’s Dental Care!

“Does your dog have bad breathe? Guess what, he probably has a disease that right now is destroying the tissue and bone supporting his teeth.” This is exactly how this infographic is opening up. I am sure it got you suddenly more interested in dog dental care, right? Ok, let’s have a look…

Brush Up & Look After Your Dog's Dental Care!

3. Pets, Dogs & Toxic Plants

Did you know there are over 700 plants that are dangerous or toxic to dogs? I did not. It is a hell of a lot of flowers and plants that your dog needs to stay away from. Most dogs instinctively know which ones to avoid but here are the most dangerous plants for dogs, some of them are poisonous and lethal, so take notes and mental pictures!

Pets, Dogs & Toxic Plants

4. Be Tick Smart

This infographics is small but informative, it tells you where the ticks are usually found on your dog’s body, the tick lifecycle and how they evolve. You should scrutinise your pet’s fur often just to make sure none are using your dog as a plate and a bed.

Be Tick Smart

5. Top 10 Most Common External Dog Parasites

Left unchecked, these external dog parasites can cause serious disorders including flea allergy dermatitis, secondary skin infections and even anemia. Using a topical flea treatment should suffice to stop fleas and other parasites before they become a serious health problem for your dog(s). To help you identify the threats, have a look at the infographic below, listing ten of the most common external parasites in cats and dogs.

Tick & Flea Control Product Recommended: [amazon text=Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies&template=titlepriceown&asin=B0002J1FOO]

Top 10 Most Common External Dog Parasites

6. Top 10 Most Dangerous Internal Dog Parasites

All dogs must be dewormed along with the regular use of a flea and tick control is a must. All the internal parasites in this infographic can affect dogs and, unfortunately for you, they are pretty common.

We recommend you to buy an affective dewormer for your dogs. Dog breeders should start using the dewormer (such as [amazon text=Panacur C&asin=B000296N7S]) few days before the bitch’s delivery and carry on the treatment on the puppies over their first few weeks and months.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Internal Dog Parasites
Via: pinterest

7. Care For Your Dog During The Hot Days Of Summer!

Summertime is few weeks away and there are precautional measures that need to be taken in order to keep your dog cool and healthy during these heatwaves. We, humans, may love them but the scorching summer days can hit our dogs hard – and they are potentially deadly. This infographic gives you amazing tips on how to keep your dog safe in the heat.

Dogs are so eager to please their owners; they often won’t stop playing until their bodies can’t take any more. Dogs can’t sweat – they can only pant, so they need to find other ways to cool down such as drinking water, seeking shade or laying on a cold surface to manage their body heat.

Dr Katrin Swindells, Murdoch University veterinary expert

Dr Katrin Swindells, Murdoch University veterinary expert
Care For Your Dog During The Hot Days Of Summer!

8. Some Tips For a Dog-Friendly Home (Dog Proofing 101)

The worst surprise you can have is your dog finding something you tried to hide, and see him coughing, choking or even collapsing few minutes later. There are indoor and outdoor hazards that you must defuse now before it is too late. This infographic will help you review some common sources of accidents for dogs at home.

Some Tips For a Dog-Friendly Home (Dog Proofing 101)

9. First-Aid & CPR For a Choking Dog

Every single dog breeder and dog lover should take a course in CPR for dogs. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a useful skill to have, hopefully one you’ll never need to use, but if it need to be done, you could save a dog’s precious life. Most of dogs choke because of tiny bones and toys left in the house, so make sure you do you best to prevent this from happening and if it still does happen, be ready to help your dog out, and save his life. You’ll be his hero forever :)

First-aid & CPR For a Choking Dog

10. Dog Fire Safety & Prevention

Your house should be fireproofed, and it is always recommended to get down on your knees to be like your dog and go around every single room trying to spot sources of fire and other risks. It is funnier than it sounds, and you’ve got to do it for your dog’s sake. We all love dogs, we don’t really like ashes, do we?

Dog Fire Safety & Prevention

11. After Fire… Water Safety Tips & Information For Pooches

All dogs dogs know how to swim, it is an instinctive reflex but many should not, and even more do not even like it whatsoever. Furthermore, puppies usually do not know how to swim. As a measure of precaution, always supervise your dog around water, and take some lessons if you do not know how to swim yourself. You may need to have a Baywatch moment and save your puppy from drowning!

After Fire... Water Safety Tips & Information For Pooches

12. Deaf Dogs Are Just Like Other Dogs…

…except that they can’t hear! They need as much love, as much fun time, as much tricks to learn and as much attention! You have to work on yourself and find way to understand your deaf dog but also ways to communicate with your deaf dog. It is not easy as you cannot apply all the knowledge and method you’ve learnt about dog training, but you can adapt them to your situation.

Deaf Dogs Are Just Like Other Dogs...

13. The Most Common Diseases in Small, Medium & Large Dogs

This is a big chunk, these three infographics designed by Flexcin International are huge but they do present you the most common dog diseases in small, medium and large breeds. It will take time to load but it is worth looking at them, very informative and quite detailed for an infographic.

Most Common Diseases in Small Dog Breeds
Most Common Diseases in Small Dog Breeds
Most Common Diseases in Medium Dog Breeds
Most Common Diseases in Medium Dog Breeds
Most Common Diseases in Large Dog Breeds
Most Common Diseases in Large Dog Breeds

14. Enjoy Christmas & Don’t Forget These Xmas Safety Rules For Dogs

Christmas is festive and fun but it also happens to be a period where your home changes quite a lot, and there are new dangers you must be aware of so your dogs don’t get injured, ill or worse. I know… It is not Christmas yet but it is about your dog health so bookmark this page and come back to it in December after you bought your dog a nice gift, or two.

Enjoy Christmas & Don't Forget These Xmas Safety Rules For Dogs

That was a lot, wasn’t it? We just found too many good infographics so we had to have them here even if it means going over the “ten” we wanted to have. Rules exist to be broken, right?

Please share on Facebook, Twitter, and come back next week for a new post in our series of the best dog infographics ever made!

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