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10 Best Dog Foods For Firm Stools

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Loose stool in dogs can indicate digestive issues and should be a cause for concern.
  • Common causes of loose stool include dietary changes, poor food choices, eating poisonous materials, ailments, medication side effects, and emotional distress.
  • When looking for dog food to firm stools, consider natural ingredients, no or quality grains, fiber components, low-fat content, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and other enrichments like taurine.
  • Canned pumpkin, cooked sweet potato, squash, or carrot can also help firm up a dog's poop.
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Published on
Monday 18 July 2022
Last updated on
Friday 13 October 2023
Best Dog Foods For Firm Stools
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Why is dog food for firm stools vital in pet care? Loose stool indicates that your dog is struggling to digest its food properly.

Aside from a foul-smelling mess, a loose stool should be a cause of concern. While diarrhea is one of the dogs’ most common health problems, frequent recurrence is not precisely in the realm of normal.

10 Best Dog Foods for Firm Stools

Hundreds of dog foods in the market proudly claim they can resolve bowel issues. Though, only a few follow through with this promise.

To help you find the best dog food for solid stools, here is a compiled list of the top contenders in that specific category.

Product NameDescriptionRating
1. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry FoodSpecifically crafted for adult canines with sensitive skin and stomachs.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
2. Taste of the Wild – Pacific Stream Dog FoodHigh-protein dog food rich in essential nutrients and prepared with real smoked salmon as the first ingredient. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
3. Solid Gold Leaping Waters Grain-Free Dog Food for Sensitive StomachGrain-free special recipe crafted from easily digestible salmon and functional superfoods.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4. Acana Singles Lamb and Apple FoodGrain-free, limited ingredient Acana dog food that can help your pets with problems in their stool.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Consists of precisely-balanced nutrients that can supply your pets with the most effective nutrition.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
6. NaturVet Advanced Probiotics and Enzymes SupplementContains healthy canine probiotics and essential digestive enzymes to boost your dog’s ability to break down food for optimal digestive health.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
7. Blue Buffalo Basic Skin and Stomach CareContains a dog-approved formula made of limited ingredients that supports the energy and nutritional needs of smaller dogs.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
8. Rachel Ray Nutrish Dry Dog FoodUses only six ingredients to help boost your dog’s digestive performance and aid them in overcoming their diarrhea problem.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
9. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Dog FoodSpecifically formulated for small breed dogs with high sensitivity and digestive issues.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
10. Wellness Simple Natural Grain-Free Dog FoodSalmon and potato blend dog food with simple ingredients that target better bowel management for small breed dogs.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin

One of the top choices of dog food for a sensitive stomach is Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. It has high protein content (21% minimum) and is rich in crude fibers (4% minimum) and probiotics that can help promote firm stools and healthy digestion.

Furthermore, canines receive extra vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid benefits for a shinier coat. All ingredients are natural and highly digestible to ease your pup’s upset stomach and encourage more nutrient absorption. It is made for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.


  • Contains prebiotic fibers that can support your dog’s digestive health and system
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Made using only natural ingredients for easy digestion
  • Rich with minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids that gives ample benefit to the whole body’s health
  • Inexpensive


  • Contains plenty of grains
  • Has beet pulp, which is not appealing to some breeds

2. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This high protein (25%) product is rich with all the essential nutrients that are good for the digestive system and would benefit your dog’s health. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food uses novel proteins and real smoked salmon as its first ingredient.

It is well-balanced and rich with antioxidants, probiotics, and essential fatty acids, which can strengthen and boost your pet’s immune system when combined. Since it is crafted with easy-to-digest ingredients, it won’t matter if your pup’s loose stool is due to sensitivity or other stomach problems ─ this dog food will knock that issue down.


  • Made of real salmon
  • Grain-free and contains probiotics and prebiotic fiber
  • Rich with high-quality proteins
  • Well-balanced dog food with essential minerals and vitamins for the whole-body health


  • Buyers complained about quality control issues regarding the product
  • Dogs might get bored with it after a short while

3. Solid Gold – Leaping Waters Grain-Free Dog Food

Solid Gold – Leaping Waters Grain-Free Dog Food is one of the best dog food for sensitive stomachs. It is a nutrient-rich, grain-free dog product that is jam-packed with simple ingredients; chickpeas, cold-water salmon, peas, chicken fat, and lentils. This product contains an extra unique blend made from 20 superfoods that are easy to digest.

You can trust this product to protect your adult pet’s gut health and immune system. This dog food recipe also includes omega-6s and omega-3s to give your dog that much-desired healthy skin and a stunning coat. You can give it to dogs of any breed size — may they be small, medium-sized, or large.


  • Rich with nutrients and provides probiotic support
  • Contains an extraordinary blend made of 20 superfoods
  • Omegas 3 and 6 for healthy coat, skin, and immune system
  • Has live probiotics and prebiotic fibers for optimal gut health


  • It is on the expensive side.

4. Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Formula Dry Dog Food

The Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Formula Dry Dog Food is a grain-free, limited-ingredient food choice for dogs struggling with stool issues. They formulated it using 50% fruits and vegetables with zinc and 50% grass-fed lamb meat.

You can expect that the meat is raw and fresh, which can naturally provide the nourishment your dogs need. The product also contains soluble and insoluble fiber levels from botanical ingredients.

These ingredient combinations help form and bulk up firmer stools in pet dogs. This dog food formula is exceptionally compatible with dogs with a bigger build. It is also perfect for adult dogs with medium and small-sized breeds.


  • Consists of 50% fruits and vegetables and 50% grass-fed lamb meat
  • Has good levels of both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Grain-free formula


  • Few reviews state that their dogs had an allergic reaction to the product
  • Some buyers expressed unhappiness as they discovered that it gave their dog bad breath

5. Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition In Gel Canned Dog Food for Mature Adult

Diets with high-fat content can lead up to gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea. If that is the case with your dog, your vet would recommend low-fat dog food like Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition In Gel. It is a gut-friendly dog food that offers delicious nutrition to pets struggling with vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, and other GI issues.

What’s great about this product is that the nutrition is tailored to the dog’s age, breed, and size. To cater to each dog’s nutritional needs, Royal Canin offers different formulas for each stage of life and breed size.


  • Good for canines with gastrointestinal problems
  • Has a low-fat formula
  • Contains digestible proteins that help balance the gut bacteria


  • Requires an actual prescription from a vet

6. NaturVet Advanced Probiotics and Enzymes Supplement Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic

The perfect dog food can serve as a real game-changer, and some cases call for special supplements. This is what the Naturvet Advanced Probiotics and Enzymes Supplement offers.

This product contains advanced nutrients specifically made to balance and support the dog’s GI environment. It has PB6 Probiotic Technology that allows beneficial bacteria to travel through the GI tract.

For dogs over the age of 6 weeks, this product is perfect for promoting intestinal balance and optimal digestive performance. The fact that it tastes like a tasty treat seals the deal.


  • Has six various probiotic strains
  • Treat-like flavor and taste
  • Formulated to support and balance the gastrointestinal tract


  • The product’s texture is sometimes too crumbly

7. Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care Dry Dog Food

As the brand name implies, Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food signifies a return to canine ancestral roots by placing importance on the quality of their dry food for dealing with loose stools. The product returns to the basics by including limited ingredients in its recipe, with each pitching in an extra layer of nutrition to the wholesome formula.

The recipe contains a pooch-approved formula: real turkey with brown rice, peas, potatoes, oatmeal, and pumpkin. These ingredients all support and balance out the energy and nutritional needs of your smaller breed fur babies.


  • Has real turkey, pumpkin, and oatmeal
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to chew and digest for small breeds


  • Only comes in 4 and 11-pound bags
  • Expensive

8. Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Dog Food

If you are searching for affordable dog food to firm up your dog’s stool, the Rachel Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Dog Food might be the answer. It is crafted using six carefully-selected ingredients, making a simple enough diet to help your tiny fur babies recover from the bouts of diarrhea.

Rachel Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Dog Food consists of a rich blend of probiotics and nutrients to promote a healthy gut and is free from any trace of artificial preservatives that can cause various sensitivities to canines. 

It has one of the most powerful formulas for loose stools due to its simplicity and exceptional nourishing abilities. Lamb meat is the first ingredient that supplies the amino acids and quality proteins your pup will need for lean muscle development. This is a tasty recipe that your dog will certainly love.


  • Includes lamb meal as the first ingredient
  • Rich with minerals and vitamins for whole-body health
  • Does not contain common allergens like soy and wheat
  • Formulated with fibers and probiotics that encourage a healthy gut 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Contains high phosphorus content that can lead to urinary health problems

9. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Reserve Grain-Free Duck & Potato Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Adult Dry Dog Food has an effective formula that boosts digestive performance. Crafted by a respected brand, this is certainly not one to be left behind in terms of quality and effectiveness. They prepared this using farm-raised ducks and other meticulously hand-picked ingredients that can reduce sensitivities and ease digestive system issues.

With potato as the only veggie for carbohydrate supply and duck as the single-protein source, your dog will digest this much easier and absorb nutrients better. Created specifically for smaller breeds, you can expect your pup to have a hard time resisting the tempting duck flavor, no matter how picky they are.


  • High fiber and low-fat content for a firmer stool
  • Grain-free with no artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • Packed with omega fatty acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Rich with essential minerals and vitamins
  • Has taurine for healthy eye and brain cells


  • Not fit for large breed dogs

10. Wellness Simple Natural Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Runny stool and allergies often come together in dogs, which is why Wellness created this Natural Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food to decimate and reduce this kind of problem! It contains crude fiber (5% maximum) and other easily digestible ingredients like peas, canola oil, flax seed, tomato pomace, and more.

Its formula perfectly balances crude fat, calories, and proteins packed in each small, bite-sized kibble. Keep in mind that this dog food is mostly for small breeds and offers a sufficient nutrient balance for their size.


  • Made of easily digestible ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption
  • High crude fiber content
  • No soy, meat-by products, and other artificial flavors
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics to encourage a healthy digestive system
  • Has well-balanced calories and proteins
  • Packed with fatty acids for a shinier coat


  • Only made for smaller breed dogs
  • Some buyers question the quality control of the product

What Causes Loose Stool In Dogs?

During these times, it is best to change your fur baby’s diet. Looking for the best dog food for firmer poop is a must if you want to save your pup from having runny, loose stool.

Neglecting to give your dog a healthier diet can lead to parasitic attacks that can potentially cause a loose stool. An allergic reaction from food can also lead down that path. Though most allergic reactions affect the eyes, nose, and skin, they can still also affect a dog’s digestive tract.

To give you more idea, here is a list of additional causes that can loosen your dog’s stool:

Dietary Changes

If you recently switched your dog’s food to a new type, their digestive system might need time to adjust and get used to it. It can result in a loose stool.

Poor Food Choices

Dogs eating dirty food or leftovers from strangers can increase the risk of loose stool. They could either rampage the trash for scraps or eat leftovers that someone played with within a nearby stall or restaurant.

Eating Poisonous Materials

Another likelihood for loose stools and upset stomachs is eating or ingesting poisonous materials like insecticides or toxic plants.


Diseases are another common cause of loose stools in dogs. Several digestive ailments and conditions can lead to diarrhea.


As implied, diarrhea is correlated to loose stools. Certain medications can induce diarrhea as part of their side effects. You must strictly follow the vet’s medical advice and prescription.

Emotional Upsets

Lastly, dogs are similar to humans in several ways. One such likeness is the ability to feel and express emotions. Dogs can also suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety. In some cases, emotional distress and problems are associated with loose stools and constipation. 

What To Consider When Buying Dog Food For Firmer Stool

The moment you notice that your dog is experiencing a loose stool, you must take urgent action. In most instances, you can address this issue by giving them the right dog food to firm up their stool.

Here is a brief outline and overview of what you need to consider if you are looking for dog food for firm stools.

Natural Ingredients

The secret to a healthy and happy pup is giving them food with natural ingredients. Dogs do not have an evolved enough digestive system (neither do humans, frankly) to break down large amounts of man-made and processed food without any issue. Unnatural fillers like artificial flavors and preservatives can increase undigested residue and gas.

Go for No or Quality Grains

Consider no grain dog food to help firm your dog’s stool fast. Although, most brands today contain some level of grains that are used to give additional carbohydrates, so it can’t be avoided completely. In those cases, go for whole-grain-based foods for easy digestion.

Fiber Components

Fiber is a crucial ingredient you need to seek out since it is technically the building block of the digestive system. It also promotes the absorption of excess water. Ensure that the dog food you plan to buy has high fiber content to encourage better nutrient absorption and digestion.

Low-Fat Content

Fats are complex ingredients that are hard to break down and digest, especially if they come in large quantities. Therefore, look for food that uses low or average fat content. 20% is the acceptable ratio.

Vitamins and Minerals

Loose stool and stomach problems can root in diseases. If that were the case with your dog, aim to strengthen their immune system and ability to fight off infections and viruses.

Look for food with essential vitamins and minerals. Enough supply of these can improve their ligaments, bones, and teeth. Certain minerals, especially magnesium and phosphorus, must be carefully balanced since high quantities may lead to bladder stones.


A canine’s digestive system contains several helpful bacteria that aid food digestion. Dog food rich in probiotics can add beneficial bacteria, which will help maintain a healthier gastrointestinal tract.

Other Enrichments

Aside from the ingredients above, there are other enrichments you need to consider for your pet’s food. Taurine, for example, can help the development of the brain and eye cells.

Best Dog Foods For Firm Stools: FAQ

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about dog foods for firm stools:

What do you feed a dog with loose stools?

You can feed a dog-specific canned pumpkin to aid for loose stools. It can also be effective for constipation and diarrhea.

What can I feed my dog to firm up his stools?

Aside from giving the best dog food, you can also feed your dog some cooked sweet potato, squash, or carrot. It will help firm up your dog’s poop. Also, avoid feeding too much treat as it can upset your dog’s stomach.

Why is my dog’s poop always soft?

A dog poop that is always loose can be an indication of a wrong diet or your dog is eating some food that is not good, such as table scraps. To solve this, make sure to feed your dog on time with a proper meal. If your dog’s poop does not improve, try to change its diet gradually.

Why is my dog’s poop soft and smelly?

Human food and too much treat can make your poop loose and smelly. Flatulence can also be an issue here if they are struggling to adjust to the food they are eating.

Does overfeeding a dog cause loose stools?

Overfeeding can also be the cause of loose stool in dogs. Not all the food that they eat is easily digestible. Therefore, their digestive system will not be able to absorb it and release it instead. It can happen to dogs at any age, but mostly to puppies with sensitive stomachs.

Time is of the essence if your dog is suffering from loose stools. The moment they let out the slightest sound of discomfort, you have only a minute to save your immaculate carpet from being damaged beyond repair.

If you notice your dog having a runny stool, it is best to take action immediately. Start by changing up your canine’s diet to firmer stools dog food.

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