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10 Best Dog Beds For Pomeranians

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Published on
Monday 9 January 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
10 Best Dog Beds For Pomeranians
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Pomeranians are one of the world’s cutest and smallest dog breeds. They have short stature, which makes them prone to joint problems. Also, they get lots of body aches. Like humans, they need a comfy bed too. If you are an owner that needs the best Pomeranian dog bed, then you’re in the right place. Read this article to find out.

10 Best Pomeranian Dog Beds

We all want our dogs to be safe and comfortable during their sleep, so finding the best dog bed for a Pomeranian is a tough decision. Hence, you don’t have to worry since this article listed the best Pomeranian beds. 

1. Bedsure Calming Dog Bed for Small Dogs

One of the best dog beds for a Pomeranian is this Bedsure product. It’s made from faux fur and wool, so it’s ideal for cold weather. It has a circular donut design with extra microfibers that provides long-lasting comfort. Also, it has a non-slip bottom and comes in five sizes ranging from 20 to 45 inches.

On the contrary, most customers complained about its design. They said that after washing the product, its fluffiness decreased. As a result, most dogs won’t use it since it doesn’t provide comfort anymore. Also, the sizes are inconsistent. Well, some people bought two small beds that arrived differently in shape and size. 


  • Provides muscle and joint support
  • It has an anti-anxiety feature
  • Supports pets up to 100 lbs


  • Its sides are thin
  • The bed doesn’t stay fluffy for long
  • It sheds some of its threads

2. Quicksilver Pet Sofa

The last one on our list is a unique Pomeranian bed. This Quicksilver pet product doubles as a sofa and bed for dogs up to 30 lbs. Also, if your dog likes to jump, then this bed is your main choice. It has a height of 12 inches off the ground, so it will be exciting for your dog to hop into that bed.

Yet, its main downside is also its off-the-ground design. Some of the reviews stated that non-active dogs couldn’t get into the bed. It turns out that the 12 inches height is too high for other dogs. Also, the cushion is very firm, hence it’s not suitable for senior dogs with joint problems.


  • It has side pockets for accessories
  • It has a removable and washable cover
  • It’s durable


  • The cushion is very hard
  • It’s a little high up on the ground
  • It doesn’t have an orthopedic support

3. Pet Craft Supply Anti-Anxiety Ultra Plush Calming Pet Bed

This Pet Craft product is certainly the best dog bed for a Pomeranian. It’s a soft donut-shaped bed with raised sides that provides extra comfort and security for pets. Another good thing about this product is that it’s a bundle deal that includes a dog blanket. Also, this bed molds perfectly into a pet’s body since made with a memory foam material.

This pet bed is a good product. Yet, some of the buyers weren’t quite satisfied. According to them, no blanket arrived in the package. Although the bed is soft and comfortable, its sizes are smaller than what’s advertised. Hence, it’s only good for small to medium-sized pets.


  • It’s made from vegan faux fur
  • It fits dogs of up to 140 lbs weight
  • It has both orthopedic and anti-anxiety features


  • It’s not durable
  • It has inconsistent sizes
  • The faux fur becomes mat after washing

4. Friends Forever Coco Pet Bed

If you want a bed that’s suited for small to medium-sized pets, then this high-quality breathable dog bed is the one for your dog. Like most beds, this one also has a round and comforting design. Other than that, it has thick sides for orthopedic and anxiety relief. It’s also both soft and durable. Lastly, it’s eco-friendly and machine washable.

This isn’t the best dog bed for a Pomeranian since some owners reported the seams went off after two days. Another thing, it doesn’t have a removable cover, so you need to wash the whole thing. Also, after washing, the bed became matted and decreased in fluffiness.


  • It’s lightweight at 3 lbs
  • Ideal for pets that weigh 25 to 110 lbs
  • It’s made from high-quality non-toxic materials


  • It’s flat in the middle
  • Sizes are misleading
  • Fluffiness doesn’t last long

5. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

The best pomeranian bed exists, and this Bedsure dog bed is one of them. It has a rubberized non-slip bottom that provides security as dogs hop into the bed. Also, it has a 3-inch dense egg crate foam that provides comfort to dogs with orthopedic issues. Further, it has a thermoplastic polyurethane inner cover that’s leakproof.

This product’s main disadvantage is its material distribution. It turns out that only the sides are made of memory foam while the rest is made with an egg crate mattress. An egg crate foam also provides support, but over time, it loses its consistency. Take note that heavy weights can also make the latter foam lose shape.


  • It’s lightweight at 4.72 lbs
  • It’s specially made for medium-sized senior dogs
  • It has a waterproof inner cover


  • The bed doesn’t inflate as advertised
  • It has faulty zippers
  • Its sizes are misleading

6. Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

If you want a Pomeranian dog bed that’s perfect for summer, then this one should be your first choice. It’s made from high-density polyethylene fabric that allows flexibility and proper ventilation. Also, it has powder-coated steel bars that act as a frame to ensure stability. Other than that, this bed is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Meanwhile, a few of the reviews don’t recommend this product. That’s because the high-density fabric is not that strong. Dogs weighing above 20 lbs were able to stretch the mesh material. Also, most customers complained about the rusted screws and bent bars that arrived in the package.


  • Its weather resistant and lightweight at 6 lbs
  • It can carry pets up to 100 lbs
  • It includes a steel frame


  • The fabric mesh is not durable
  • Heavy weights can bend the metal frame
  • It’s difficult to assemble

7. Petmate SNOOZZY Mod Chic

This Petmate SNOOZY dog bed is also one of the best Pomeranian dog beds out on the market. The best feature of this is its raised sides. This adds extra support to your pet’s neck and head. Also, it’s just the perfect size for both cats and dogs who like to curl up during sleep.  

On the other hand, its major disadvantage is its sizing. This product appeared smaller compared to its original advertisement. Hence, medium to large-sized dogs doesn’t fit. Also, some of the buyers complained about the fabric’s strength. It turns out that a 10 lbs dog was able to tear down its seams.


  • It’s a lightweight product at 1.21 lbs
  • It has a non-slip bottom
  • It has a high bolster for extra security and comfort


  • The paddings are not evenly distributed
  • The sizes are inconsistent
  • Its seaming is not durable

8. Bedsure Small Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small Dogs

Another one on the list of best dog beds for Pomeranians is this Bedsure orthopedic bed. This is perfect for senior dogs with joint problems. Also, it’s made from a polyester fabric that’s washable and removable. The best feature of this product is its dual indoor and outdoor usage.

Further, some of the products arrived damaged. It turns out that the memory foam was too compressed during shipment, that it arrived very thin. Aside from that, owners were disappointed with the sizing. Take note that the large size doesn’t even fit a large dog. So, you need to buy one size bigger to ensure it fits.


  • It has a waterproof covering
  • It’s made for crates and carriers
  • It has a non-slip feature


  • The waterproof inner liner is irreplaceable
  • It has faulty zippers
  • The sizes are inconsistent

9. Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats and Dogs

If you want a Pomeranian dog bed that’s also suitable for other pets, then this Furhaven pet bed is the right one for you. It’s made with an egg crate orthopedic material that provides comfort by evenly distributing your pet’s weight in the foam. It also includes a water-repellent microsuede cover for its sides and bolsters.

Meanwhile, some owners don’t recommend buying this product because it causes an allergic reaction. It turns out a few of the products shipped arrived with molds. Also, egg crate foam is a good material, but its shape breaks down over time and loses its consistency.


  • It’s made from recycled materials
  • It has an L-shaped sofa design
  • It can hold a weight of at least 125 lbs


  • It doesn’t have a non-slip bottom
  • Its fillings are not filled evenly
  • The seams are not durable

10. Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats & Small Dogs

This Furhaven pet bed is perfect for multi-purpose use. This product is for you if you want a bed that can be used as a nest, mat, couch, or canoe. Moreover, it has layers of mylar material that are great at reflecting body heat. Also, it has a water-resistant microsuede cover.

Not all Pomeranian beds are perfect. A few of this product’s reviews stated that this has lots of furs. As a result, they shed over time, and dogs can inhale some small particles of it. Also, even though it’s advertised as machine washable, long faux fur fibers became matted after the first wash.


  • It has a self-warming feature
  • It has four different functions
  • It’s machine washable


  • It’s suited only for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Some parts are choking hazards
  • Some items arrived damaged
Product NameDescriptionRating
Bedsure Calming Dog Bed for Small DogsMicrofiber and faux fur plush dog bed for weights up to 150 lbs. It has a non-slip bottom, provides excellent body support, and is machine washable.4.7
Quicksilver Pet SofaDurable sofa bed for dogs up to 30 lbs. It has accessory side pockets and a removable and washable cover.4.7
Pet Craft Supply Anti-Anxiety Ultra Plush Calming Pet BedAnti-anxiety, ultra-soft, plush memory foam dog bed for weights up to 140 lbs. It also includes a plush blanket, a non-skid bottom, and a washable and removable cover.4.6
Friends Forever Coco Pet BedSelf-warming indoor pet bed for dogs up to 100 lbs with high-quality bolsters for neck, head, and joint support. Also, it’s a washing machine and dryer safe.4.6
Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed for Medium-Sized DogsOrthopedic sofa bed with a waterproof inner liner that holds up to 125 lbs of pet weight. It has an egg crate foam sleeping surface, a non-slip bottom, and a removable and washable cover.4.6
Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet BedHigh-density Polyethylene dog bed with a steel frame that supports up to 100 lbs. It’s also weather resistant, breathable, and easy to clean.4.6
Petmate SNOOZZY Mod ChicHigh-quality Chenille material dog bed with overstuffed bolsters for body support. It has a non-skid bottom, it’s lightweight, and ideal for small pets.4.6
Bedsure Small Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small DogsOrthopedic memory foam dog bed with a flannel fleece cover for small to large-sized dogs. It includes a waterproof liner, a non-skid bottom, and also a machine washable cover.4.5
Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats and DogsAn L-shaped orthopedic dog bed that carries up to 125 lbs. It has side rails for neck support, and it’s made from medical-grade egg crate foam that soothes aching joints and muscles.4.5
Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats and Small DogsConvertible thermal pet bed for small to large-sized dogs. It’s made with Mylar material and plush faux fur that’s also machine washable.4.1
Comparison of the Best Dog Beds For Pomeranians

How to Choose the Best Bed For Pomeranians

Dogs also need a safe and warm place to sleep in. As owners, we must ensure our dogs’ needs are fully met. Hence, here are the factors that you need to consider before buying the best dog bed for your Pomeranian.


You can’t choose the best dog bed for your Pomeranian without the proper measurements. To do that, measure your dog’s nose tip up to its tail. Also, don’t forget to measure your dog from one shoulder to another. Then, to make sure the bed fits properly, add at least 6 to 12 inches.


Before buying your Pomeranian dog bed, check the materials first. Memory foam dog beds are great for dogs with orthopedic issues. It relieves pain and discomfort and at the same time, lasts longer compared to other mattresses. Also, the ideal thickness of a dog bed should be 2 to 4 inches.


Most dogs like to chew on stuff, and the dog bed is no exception. Pomeranian dog beds usually sold in the market are not tear-proof. Yet, you can still thoroughly look for beds made from canvas, Cordura, or PVC materials. Further, these fabrics are water-resistant, heavy-duty, and tear-proof. 


As pet owners, a dog bed with a washable and removable cover will do the trick. Yet, entirely washable dog beds are beneficial too. Also, take note to check the labels. Usually, cotton canvas is the most used dog bed fabric. Not only that, it’s durable, but it’s also machine washable.


The best dog bed for a Pomeranian should offer support features. Dog beds with raised sides are suitable for head, neck, and body support. Also, plush beds filled with fiber have anti-anxiety effects. You can look for self-warming dog beds for extra comfort during cold days.

Best Dog Beds For Pomeranians: FAQs

There are many pet beds available on the market. Yet, choosing a dog bed is still based on your canine’s preference. Also, if you’re having trouble choosing one, you may want to read these frequently asked questions dog owners ask about Pomeranian dog beds.

Do Pomeranians prefer hard or soft beds?

Most dogs, especially Pomeranians, like soft beds that provide support. Also, according to Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, Pomeranians are prone to joint diseases and bone fractures. So, these types of dogs need an orthopedic bed that provides proper body comfort, security, and support.

Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Yes, our fellow Pomeranians like to cuddle stuffies, blankets, or even their owners while they sleep. They are affectionate dogs that like hugs and belly rubs. Domesticated dogs have natural pack instincts. They snuggle to keep themselves warm and also to form a bond with their owner or pack leader.

What kind of bed do Pomeranians like?

Most Pomeranians like beds that fit their bodies perfectly. For instance, they love plush beds and blankets that provide warmth and anti-anxiety relief. Other times, they also like memory foam mattresses since it’s durable and yet relieve muscle and joint aches.

Is it okay for a Pomeranian not to have a bed?

There are some Pomeranians that prefer sleeping on flat surfaces, such as rugs or even the floor. Yet, as they grow older, their bodies also become more fragile. As a result, they will need the best Pomeranian dog bed that provides health support.

What size bed does a Pomeranian need?

Pomeranians are small-sized dogs that weigh up to 7 lbs and measure at least 8 to 9.5 inches. Moreover, the size of the bed that they’ll need depends on their stature. Well, a small-sized dog will need a small-sized bed too. To be precise, that’s around 18 x 13 inches.  

Although Pomeranians are active animals, it’s undeniable that due to their short stature, they’re prone to backaches. So, after a tiring day, they need to relax on the best Pomeranian dog bed that offers support and security. Yet, as owners, we must do thorough research before buying one.

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