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10 Best Dog Anti Chew Sprays

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Friday 12 March 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Anti Chew Sprays
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If you find your designer shoes or antique furniture in shambles because your adorable puppy can’t stop chewing on them, then it’s time to invest in a dog anti-chew spray. It’s a little puzzling to choose the best dog anti-chew sprays on the market. But, you can be 100% sure that these are among the most effective means to help curb your pet companion’s destructive behavior.

The best anti-chew sprays for dogs tend to be non-toxic, non-acidic, and even odorless. But, not all anti-chew sprays will work just as effectively for every dog. Any pet parent will vouch for the fact that their pets have different personalities. So, if one dog loves the smell and taste of one food, the other may hate the very look of that thing. Similarly, the scent and taste of one anti-chew spray may repel some dogs but, another canine may find it tempting. To know the solution to such issues, read on.

What are Dog Anti-Chew Sprays?

Chewing is a natural phenomenon for dogs. It’s vital for their healthy buccal growth. But, there’s chewing, and then there’s chewing the house down. It’s not for a canine to know the difference. The pet guardian needs to train their cute little fuzz balls to know that while it’s okay to chew on chew toys, biting down on the furniture is a no-no.

Anti chew sprays, also known as no-bite sprays, are training aids for pets parents. These sprays are non-hazardous, bad-tasting liquids that work to repel dogs from chomping down your furniture and other essentials. Most anti-chew sprays are perfectly safe for any breed of dog. And, many renowned vets recommend taking your pick from the best dog repellent sprays to teach your canine some manners.

How to Select a Dog Anti Chew Spray

As helpful as anti-chew sprays are, there is no concept of ‘one spray suits all’. As far as choosing the best repellent spray for dogs is concerned, the process is one of trial and error. That being said, some considerations need to be kept in mind when selecting an anti-chew spray for your dog.


Many dogs find the taste or smell of a specific anti-chew spray disgusting. On the flip side, the very same no bite spray may not work on other dogs who find the same taste or scent inviting. In general, most dogs find the taste of lemons revolting, so going for a bodhi bitter lemon dog anti-chew spray would be a sensible move. Remember, the point is to curb your doggy’s chewing habits.


When it comes to anti-chew sprays, you need to confirm that no elements present in the spray are in any way harmful to your dog. For example, Isoproponal (also known as rubbing alcohol) is found in some repellent spray for dogs. Rubbing alcohol is toxic for dogs, even in small quantities, and must be kept away. There are a few tricky ingredients such as peppermint, tea tree, etc. that are also dangerous for dogs.

Furthermore, keep a close eye on your pet. Dogs do tend to be allergic to certain ingredients, and you want to avoid anything that can kick off an allergic reaction.

The most critical aspect before buying a dog repellent is that you must educate yourself about the ingredients in the anti-chew spray. Don’t fall for the advertising of a product. Instead, invest a little time in researching its ingredients.

rubbing alcohol toxic for dogs
Alcohol is toxic for dogs!


As mentioned earlier, the usefulness of no bite dog sprays may differ. You may find that a few repellents work at times for long hours, while some are only half as effective. Other sprays may not work at all because your dog likes the taste. Going through a couple of no bite sprays is the ideal way to find the solution that works best with your furry friend. And, only then will the product prove beneficial in the training of your dog.

Anti chew dog sprays are not a cure-all for destructive behavior. If you think that an anti-chew spray will forever keep your dog from bad behavior, then you’re mistaken. Only proper training can help you and your dog in the long run.

Value for Money

No bite sprays are relatively inexpensive products. You can buy two or three products at a time to discover the one that works best for your pet companion. In practice, the best dog repellent will be one that will keep your canine away from chewing on furniture. Once you find the right no bite spray, you’ll realize why so many pet guardians advocate the use of anti-chew dog sprays.

10 Best Anti Chew Sprays on the Market

Many new pet parents find it confusing to pick and choose from a vast array of products. But, our comprehensive anti-chew spray list includes some of the top products in this category. All you need to do is figure out which one suits you best.

1. Grannick’s Bitter Apple Original Taste Deterrent Dog Spray

Formulated by a pharmacist over half a century ago, the Grannick bitter apple spray is at the top of its game. Its use discourages fur biting as well as hair chewing. Moreover, it’s safe enough to be used on red, inflamed skin lesions to prevent your canine from scratching a sensitive area.

The application of the product keeps dogs from licking or chewing furniture or fabrics. And, it is mild enough to be used repeatedly yet potent enough to keep your pet away. Some bitter apple spray for dogs reviews by users claim the product’s bitter taste works like a charm.

2. Fooey Ultra-Bitter Training Aid Spray

The Fooey ultra-bitter training aid spray works not just on dogs but most house pets. It instantly turns your drapes, shoes, or furniture into bitter tasting objects that hold no appeal for chewing purposes. The spray solution is odorless, alcohol-free, and contains a neutral pH.

The product is ideal for external application on objects as it leaves no stains. And, the all-natural and extra bitter formula presents a perfect deterrent for destructive behavior.

3. Vet’s Best Bitter Cherry Spray for Dogs

For over thirty years, Vet’s Best provides a gentle and sweet-smelling alternative to assist you in training your dog. The no-stinging and alcohol-free formula will keep your pet companion from licking or chewing itchy skin, stitches, or bandages. The idea is to provide help so that any wounds that your pet may have can heal faster.

The blend of lemons and grapeseed extract proves safe and soothing enough to be applied directly to your pet’s skin and the furniture as well (as it leaves no marks). Vet’s best bitter cherry spray for dogs is the best bet to discourage damaging behavior in your doggies.

4. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Training Aid

Designed by a training and behavioral expert of dogs, The Company Of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Training Aid is the ultimate tool to get your pup to stop bad behavior in mid-action. The hissing sound that emits from the training aid can distract your dog from barking, stealing food, chasing, or jumping up on furniture.

Dr. Roger Mugford, the creator of Pet Corrector, suggests that once your dog desists the unwanted behavior, rewarding your canine will reinforce positive actions. The use of a pet corrector results in positive conditioning of your adorable furry friend into constructive behavior without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

5. PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Dog & Cat Spray

This motion-activated spray with an adjustable nozzle provides a reach of up to 3 feet. The PetSafe SSSCAT spray is nothing short of a game-changer.

It can help keep your house pets (felines or canines) away from off-limit areas. The PetSafe spray is odor-free and leaves no-stains. And, its sensitive motion sensors keep pets away from trash cans, off the counter-tops, and furniture.

6. PetSafe Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray

The PetSafe Animal Deterrent Spray is perfect for dog lovers who want to keep their pets off the furniture. Apart from 30 years of quality experience and great customer care – this spray can help you train your dog by curbing its aggressive chewing habits.

Not to mention, you can also prevent a dog attack with the innovative PetSafe Spray Shield – without causing any harm to the animal. The compact can comes with a belt clip for portability, possessing a potent citronella scent to distract agitated animals from attacking and providing the carrier with enough time to escape a potentially life-threatening situation.

It’s the ultimate safety tool to carry while jogging in the park or going for a stroll with your doggy.

7. Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray for Dogs

No one wants their favorite piece of furniture or house plant chewed, even by their cuddly companions. The surest way to get your canine to stop is to get Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray. Processed at a GMP certified facility with FDA approval, this all-natural formula contains a superb blend of bitters that does not harm your beloved buddy but effectively puts a stop to the destructive behavior.

Oh, and did we mention the product’s 100% money-back guarantee?

8. Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Dog, Cat & Small Animal Anti-Chew Spray

Get your pup off from chewing, gnawing, or licking with a gentle approach rather than harsh training techniques with the Bodhi Bitter Lemon Spray.

Suitable for all house pets, the Bodhi Bitter Lemon Spray is a soothing plant-based solution for all of your dog’s bad behaviors. There are no side-effects, no stains, and no-allergic reactions from using the unique combo of lemon extracts and natural bitters. Moreover, you can apply it to all household items, from fabrics to wooden flooring.

9. Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray for Dogs

Four times the bitter taste, with the calming copaiba essential oil to soothe inflamed skin, Rocco & Roxie Extreme Bitter Spray is going to create a no chewing, zero-gnawing, and licking-free zone in your house. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about your canine’s chewing mania. Instead, invest in a bottle of this spray and watch your dog’s destructive chewing habits disappear.

Type in ‘dog anti-chew spray amazon’ to read up on Rocco & Roxie Bitter spray’s ingredients and money-back guarantee too.

10. Stop The Chew Anti Chew Bitter Spray Deterrent for Dogs by Emmy’s

Emmy’s Bitter spray is three times as strong as its contemporaries. But, you can be sure that it is gentle enough to be used for adult dogs or pups. The alcohol-free formula contained in an easy-to-spray bottle comes with an interactive 14-day training program to help new pet parents deter chewing and biting in your furry friend.

This product has also received rave reviews about its effectiveness and continues to be a popular choice on platforms like Amazon. Additionally, the Emmy’s Stop The Chew Spray also includes a one year manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.

DIY Dog Anti-chew Spray Recipe

Dogs chew for multiple reasons, not all of which are signs of destructive behavior. You see, pups need to chew for ease of pain during teething periods or when anxious or bored. Chewing is your dog’s, especially puppy’s, way of understanding his environment. Also, if your dog feels isolated or even trapped – chewing is the fastest way to calm his frayed nerves.

However, excessive chewing and biting on indoor items like furniture or shoes is damaging behavior for your pup. Proper training and some handy training tools such as an anti-chew spray are all it takes to remedy the situation.

But, some pet guardians shy away from non-organic sprays. So, the easiest thing for you to do is to go for a DIY dog anti-chew spray recipe. Now, if you’re wondering where on earth will you find a DIY no-bite spray recipe, then take a deep breath and read on.

Apple Cider Dog Repellent

When you attempt to make a homemade dog anti-chew spray, all you have to remember is that there are specific scents and tastes that dogs hate. If you are to repel your furry friend from the furniture, you just make use of some of the natural ingredients to keep them off from chewing and biting.


  • Two shots of organic apple cider vinegar – pleasant-smelling aqueous solution of acetic acid, popularly used in vinaigrettes, pickles, or salads
  • One shot of plain white vinegar – also safe to be used in cooking. And, used as an organic alternative to harsh chemical cleaning agents
  • One shot of water
  • One spray bottle


  • Add two shots of organic apple cider and plain white vinegar into the spray bottle
  • Add the water to the mix in the spray bottle
  • Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients well
  • Spray sparingly onto surfaces that your pup is prone to chew on

Notes:- Remember to test spray to observe your pup’s reaction to the smell and taste. Also, a patch test helps if the fabric is susceptible to staining.

Dogs do not like the smell of bitter apples or vinegar very much. So, in all likelihood, you will have an ideal solution in your hand to prevent bad behavior in your canine without resorting to inhumane training techniques.

apple cider dog repellent
You can make your own apple cider dog repellent!

Chew Sprays for Dogs – FAQ

Pet parents may find it exceedingly stressful to deal with their pet’s destructive behavior. You see, many new pet keepers feel that they don’t know enough about the intricacies of taking care of a precious life. But, that should not stop you from loving and caring for your pets.

That’s why we have compiled the queries most pet parents have regarding no bite sprays. Make sure to give a quick look-over to dispel any lingering doubts you may have.

What is the best spray to stop dogs from chewing?

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray is the best spray to stop dog chewing in most cases. Most dog repellents incorporate natural substances that dogs find repulsive. So, you’ll see products with varying ingredients, from lemon extracts to bitter apples. The trick about no bite sprays is that you have to find one that works best for your dog. As most of these products are inexpensive, it’s smart to buy multiple options to try on your furry friend.

However, you must take a good look at the ingredients of any product to ensure that there are no elements present in the solution that may be toxic for your dog. Also, when making use of a new product, always do a patch test to observe its effect on your canine.

What to spray to keep puppies from chewing?

Many world-renowned vets across the globe recommend using products made with natural ingredients. Therefore, steer clear of anything that is too potent or involves the use of chemical compounds. Some anti-chew sprays are gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin. If you feel that your darling pup is getting out of hand with its chewing habits, then go for a mild solution that is safe to be applied to the skin and is hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, chewing and biting on furniture is detrimental behavior that needs some form of training to cure. (Anti chew sprays are training tools but not permanent fixes.)

Hence, you’ll find that vets advise new pet parents to discourage puppies from chewing on household items by providing chew toys. Also, positive reinforcement such as giving treats when your pup stops chewing on a shoe when told is the best way to train your dog.

What to put on stuff to keep dogs from chewing?

There are several ways to keep your dogs from chewing on expensive items like your Afghan rug or custom-made dining chair. Puppy-proofing, also known as dog-proofing, the house helps in monumental ways.

If you restrict specific areas of the house where your pets cannot enter, you can rest easy knowing all of your furniture is safe there.
Many pet parents install a Petcube, a pet camera to keep a close eye on their canines. But, these solutions require your constant vigilance. Therefore, many animal behavioral experts suggest that the only way to curb destructive behavior is to teach positive habits.
You have to understand that your dog will chew and bite. So, teach it to bite, gnaw, or chomp away only at its chew toys. Using no bite sprays can keep your pets away from off-limit areas too.

Can I spray my dog with water to stop biting?

If you want to distract your dog from biting momentarily, then spraying it with water may work. But, if you aim to teach your canine to keep off the counter-tops, stop chewing and biting on the furniture, or licking away at its wounds, then you need to train your dog.
Furthermore, the water spraying tactic will only work so many times. After repeated spraying, your dog will get immune to the diversion and no longer respond to it.

Do dogs outgrow chewing?

No one can ever outgrow normal levels of anxiety. When dogs grow anxious, they chew. When they feel alone or abandoned, they chew. And, some dogs chew even when they feel threatened. So, there’s no way you can expect that your dog will ever outgrow chewing. Besides, chewing is essential for the dental health of your dogs (especially pups).

The only way to prevent the destruction of your home from the chewing of your dogs is to teach them that while they are welcome to chew endlessly at their toys, munching, gnashing, or chomping on other indoor items is unacceptable.

When your dog is bored and finds nothing to play with, then you will see that your dog will come up with ingenious ways to keep itself entertained. So, you can also work off all that extra energy in your doggy with regular walks and exercise.

Keep your dog calm to prevent your dog from chewing excessively.

Pet guardians who adore their beloved hounds know that as endearing as the company of their pet is, it’s also a whole lot of work. But, if you stop stressing for two minutes, and try to merge a fun element with every responsibility you carry out, even the most onerous task becomes a joy. So, enjoy the walks with your pets, try looking for ways to exercise that includes the participation of your canine, and shower loads of compliments to show your fluff balls that they are worthy and loved.

The calmer your pet feels, the less likely is he going to go on a chomping spree. So, try stress-free training techniques like anti-bite or chew spray to ensure your pet learns good behavior without any bad memories. Be sure to consult your vet for your pup’s aggressive chewing habits (if they’re getting of hand), as well. They’re likely to point you in the best direction to curb your canine’s excessive chewing.

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