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10 Best Carpet Cleaners For Dog Pee

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Published on
Thursday 11 August 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
10 Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Pee
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Sometimes, even potty-trained dogs can have little accidents. Besides poop, dog pee is a bit messy to clean. It stains furniture, and its odor can stick to carpets. Yet, we often wonder. How do we find the best carpet cleaner for dog urine? Also, can our carpets still be saved after all that peeing?

So, as a dog owner, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pee stains are easy to clean when you have the proper materials.

If you want to know the best carpet cleaner for dog pee, you came to the right article.

10 Best Carpet Cleaners For Dog Urine

Finding the best carpet cleaner for dog urine is a tough job for pet owners. Hence, you need to find a cleaner that effectively removes stains and odor. Well, here’s the list of the top 10 carpet cleaning products that eliminate dog urine.

1. Hoover Paws & Claws Shampoo with Stain Guard Protection Formula

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner for pet urine then Hoover Paws & Claws formula should be your top pick. It has a 2x deep cleaning action that penetrates stains and odor. Further, it has a stain-proof solution that protects carpets from future urine stains.

Hoover Paws & Claws Deep Cleaning formula is one of the best cleaners out there. Yet, it’s a little bit down on the scent side, a few reviews about this product stated that upon using, there’s no cottony fresh scent present. Well, customers were greeted by a strong chemical smell instead.


  • It has active stain guard protection
  • It’s chemical free. Thus, it’s safe to use around pets and children
  • It’s an enzymatic deep cleaning solution


  • It’s not hypoallergenic
  • It doesn’t have an oxy technology formula
  • The fresh cottony scent doesn’t last

2. Rocco & Roxie Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

The second best pet urine carpet cleaner on our list is the Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor deep cleaner. This product can be used on laundry, carpets, concretes, and even hardwoods. Moreover, it cleans urine and yet remains non-hazardous to pets and children.

There’s no such thing as perfect in the world of cleaning products. Well, some customers said that the smell of this product is harsh. It has a bit minty slash chemical scent that they couldn’t tolerate. Also, a few of the reviews do not recommend using this cleaner while other people are in the room.


  • Excellent stain remover technology in 10 seconds
  • The product is affordable
  • It is color-safe and chlorine free as well


  • It has a heavy chemical smell
  • Does not remove some stains on the leather
  • It leaves a greasy residue on wooden floors

3. Angry Orange Odor Eliminator for Pets

Well, if you want a new cleaner with a citrusy twist, then this Angry Orange Pet Odor solution is the right one for you. This product is effective in removing tough urine and poop smell. Moreover, customers also stated that it’s multipurpose and yet pet friendly.

This product works well in eliminating odor, but still, some customers think this isn’t the best dog carpet cleaner solution for pets. On the contrary, this product only works in removing odors but lacks the deep cleaning effect that dissolves stains. Further, others also thought that this bottle is a bit costly.


  • It removes the bad odor
  • It has an excellent scent that could go on for hours
  •  A little amount such as 4 tbsp goes a long way


  • It doesn’t include active enzymes
  • It doesn’t have stain removal
  • It can cause some discoloration on wooden floors

4. Nature’s Miracle Carpet Stain, and Odor Deep Cleaning Shampoo

This Nature’s Miracle Carpet shampoo can actively clean and dissolve unwanted pee stains. Moreover, this probably is one of the best dog carpet cleaners on the market. Further, it also has an odor-locking technology that removes bad scents.

The Nature’s Miracle product is an effective stain cleaner but like any other solution, it has a downside. Well, some customers said that the smell of urine kept coming back after the solution has dried. Also, others don’t recommend using this since it has a very strong chemical odor that can clog your nose for hours.


  • It thoroughly cleans up stains and eliminates strong odor
  • It has a deep enzymatic cleaning action
  • It has a low foaming formula


  • It includes Propylene Glycol which is toxic to cats and dogs
  • It has a strong chemical scent
  • It has a watery consistency

5. Resolve Urine Stain Destroyer & Odor Remover Spray Cleaner

If you’re tired of cleaning sticky stains, then this Resolve Urine Destroyer product might be the pet urine carpet cleaner for you. It has odor-neutralizing and remarking prevention properties. Also, aside from its cleaning action, it’s safe in fabrics and non-hazardous for pets and children.

On the contrary, some people had problems using this product. According to reviews, one application is not enough. Hence, the odor and stain are still there until you re-apply the solution at least twice or thrice. Moreover, customers also complained about the strong chemical smell of this product.


  • It’s perfect for deep spot cleaning
  • It also works as a dirt and mud cleaner
  • It’s good for both human and pet urine stains


  • It doesn’t have enzymatic properties
  • It leaves a white residue
  • It takes too long for the solution to dry on large surfaces

6. The Spruce Stain & Odor Remover for Pets – Natural Enzyme-Based Cleaner

The Spruce Pet Stain & Odor Formula is also one of the best cleaners for dog pee on the carpet. It’s a multi-purpose solution that deodorizes, cleans, and even protects. On top of that, its components are mainly plant-based. Hence, it is purely eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, some customers weren’t impressed with this cleaner. According to their reviews, the product’s spray bottle was faulty. Well, the nozzle happened to stop working after a few days of spraying. Also, the product only masks the urine smell, but it doesn’t prevent pets from peeing in the same spot again.


  • It’s an organic enzymatic deep cleaner
  • It has a good fragrance of apple, neroli, and orchid
  • It’s a 100% cruelty-free product


  • Its good scent doesn’t last long
  •  Also, its scent doesn’t prevent pets from remarking
  • It leaves a slight residue on the fabric

7. TriNova Natural Stain and Odor Eliminator for Pets – Deep Enzymatic Cleaner Spray

If you want an all-organic enzyme cleaner, then you better check out this TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover. Moreover, this is one of the best carpet cleaners for dog urine since it cleans and neutralizes odor and yet remains eco-safe. 

On the contrary, a few of the customers’ reviews don’t share the same sentiments. According to them, this product has an excessive chemical fragrance that induces dizziness. Further, this solution is not effective in treating long-term pet pee stains in carpets, instead, it leaves stains.


  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • It’s an all-purpose cleaner for different surfaces
  • It’s an enzymatic cleaner that’s safe to use around pets and children


  • It’s not suitable for cat urine stains and odor
  • It leaves stains on white surfaces
  •  Also, it has a very strong citrusy smell

8. OUT! PetCare Orange Oxy Tech Stain & Odor Remover

Another useful pet urine carpet cleaner on the market is OUT! PetCare Stain & Odor formula. Despite its strong deep cleaning properties, this product is safe to use around pets and children. Also, it has a refreshing citrus scent that can leave your house smelling nice and clean.

On the contrary, few customers thought otherwise. Well, some reviews said that this product leaves a greasy residue on wooden surfaces. Also, it smells good but it cannot cut the stinky urine odors. Further, its scent is not long lasting so you need to reapply two to three times.


  • It works for both pet and household stains
  • It has a built-in oxy technology formula
  • It neutralizes odor with its citrus fragrance  


  • It’s quite pricey for its size
  • It’s not suitable for leather surfaces
  • Its scent only lasts for 2 hours

9. CloroxPro Urine Stains and Odors Remover Refill

One of the best carpet cleaners for dog pee is no other than the CloroxPro solution. Unlike any stain and pee remover, this product is chlorine free. It has hydrogen peroxide thus, it is a deep cleaner. Also, this is suitable on surfaces such as tiles, sidewalks, and carpets.

Although this product works amazingly on stains and odor, some reviews stated that this has a strong chemical smell. Moreover, the scent only masks the urine odor but it doesn’t remove them completely. Also, few of the customers don’t recommend this since chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can cause vomiting, rashes, and irritation in pets. 


  • It has biodegradable cleaning ingredients
  • It uses hydrogen peroxide to remove bad odor
  • It effectively removes stains as fast as 5 minutes


  • It’s not hypoallergenic
  • It doesn’t have an oxy-tech formula
  • It can bleach carpets and wooden floors

10. REMOVEURINE Pet Urine Odor Eliminator and Destroyer for Home

The REMOVEURINE odor formula is one of the best carpet cleaners for dog pee on the market. It’s gentle on fabric and other surfaces yet tough on stains and odor. Moreover, this product claims to eliminate stains and odor in three easy steps.

Meanwhile, some customers weren’t satisfied with this product. According to them, this solution smells great but it doesn’t remove some urine’s pungent odor. Also, its scent doesn’t last long so reapplication is needed. Further, this cleans up new stains but with old ones, it can be difficult to do so.


  • It cleans stains and removes odor upon contact
  • It’s a multipurpose cleaner for all types of surfaces
  • It comes with an extra strength concentration


  • It doesn’t work on old stains
  • It doesn’t prevent pets from remarking on the same spot again
  • Its scent doesn’t last long

How to Choose The Right Carpet Cleaner For Dog Urine

When you own a dog, you’re entitled to a lifetime of pee and stain cleaning activities. Hence, you must pick a safe and efficient carpet cleaner.

Removes Old and New Stains

The best carpet cleaner for dog urine doesn’t only remove new stains but also the old ones too. Well, according to Home Guides, Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful cleaning agent in removing pee stains. Further, it has a disinfectant power that kills bacteria while actively removing old and new stains.

Safe For Pets

One of the concerns of a pet owner is finding a non-hazardous carpet cleaner that’s best for dog urine.  Moreover, based on ASPCA, almost all carpet cleaners are pet-friendly. Yet, they advised you to let the newly cleaned area dry first before letting your pets roam over it.

Pleasant or Scentless

A product’s scent is also one of the bases for choosing the best carpet cleaner for dog pee. Yet, somehow deodorizers have a bad effect on carpets. Well, the scented products may be good for the nose, but it unknowingly soils the carpet at a faster rate.

Removes Odor

Odor is sometimes very hard to remove. Yet, with the proper materials, that can be remedied. In choosing the best pet odor remover for a carpet make sure to read a product’s description. Hence, it’s important to look for ingredients that clean and neutralize bad odors at the same time.

Good Nozzle

Another factor to consider in buying carpet cleaners is their nozzles. Most customers complained about products that break upon usage. Hence, in choosing the best carpet cleaner for pets, read the feedback section first. Further, look for reviews and choose a cleaner that comes with a sturdy container.

Safe For Carpet Fabric

As a pet owner, you must choose a product that’s non-abrasive to carpets. According to Cleveland Clinic, all-purpose carpet cleaners are sometimes toxic not only to your health but to your carpet as well. For instance, chlorine causes bleaching that can gradually destroy your carpet’s fabric.   

How to Use Carpet Cleaners Safely

Carpet cleaners contain chemicals that dissolve tough stains. Yet, that can also be hazardous to you and you’re pet. As pet owners, it’s important that we put safety as our number one priority. Hence, here are the tips on how to use cleaners safely.

Test the Cleaner

The first step in using a cleaning product is to test its performance and effectiveness. According to Clean Fax, cleaning solutions should be tested based on their levels of foaming, concentration, and re-soiling tendencies. Also, to do that, start by finding the right dirty spot to clean.

Keep Your Dog Away While Cleaning

Humane Society stated that it’s ideal to first let the newly cleaned spot dry. Also, while doing that, dogs should be kept in another room. Further, Dr. Tim Evans, a toxicology professor said that precautions must be done to avoid a pet’s chemical poisoning.

Wear Protective Clothing

According to Clean Link, even with using mild cleaners, people still should wear PPEs. They added that while cleaning people may splash themselves accidentally with cleaning products. For instance, gloves protect someone’s hand from contacting potential irritants.  Also, wearing safety goggles protects one’s eyes from hazardous chemicals.

Store In a Safe Place After Use

The best way to store cleaning products is to lock them away in a closed ventilated room. Also, according to Mid Lab, some cleaning products have potentially flammable ingredients. So, it’s best to keep those products in a dry, clean, and cool place.

Carpet Cleaning For Dog Pee: FAQ

You may still be curious how a pet urine carpet cleaner removes stains and odor. Well, to find out, check out these frequently asked questions.

How do you get dried dog urine out of the carpet?

To remove dried urine stains, simply choose the best carpet cleaner for dog pee. Also, according to AKC, you can use alternatives such as water, baking soda, and vinegar. Then, let it soak for at least 5 to 10 minutes.  

Will a carpet cleaner remove dog urine?

The best carpet cleaner for pet urine can remove that urine stain. Easy Clean Solutions says dried stains should not be scrubbed by an ordinary cleaner. They added that only pet-related pee cleaners have the actual ingredients to cancel odor and stains.

How do you remove old dog urine stains?

You can remove old stains from your carpet by soaking the affected part in a pet urine carpet cleaner. For instance, soak that pee-stained area with an enzyme-based cleaner. Then after 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it and let it dry.

Does dog urine smell eventually go away?

Owners can only reduce dog pee odor when they attend to it. According to Simple Green, dogs mark the same spot. Hence, urine will pile up if you do not clean that area. Further, the stench can linger for months if not cleaned effectively.

How do you get a dog urine smell out of a carpet?

You can end the urine smell by spraying that area with the best carpet cleaner for pee that you can find on the market. Moreover, start by looking for an odor-elimination description on the bottle first before buying. 

Will professional carpet cleaning eliminate pet odors?

If you have difficulty removing stains on your carpet, then a professional cleaning can help. Make arrangements for a professional carpet cleaner to visit your home. But, before that, make sure to hire persons from a legit carpet cleaner company first. 

Owning a dog is fun. Well, that’s until it sprays urine all over the house. Moreover, dog pee is a potential carpet destroyer. It can be hard to remove those, especially if they’re dried up. Yet, choosing the best carpet cleaner for dog urine can help you solve that problem.

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