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Why Do We Love Dogs So Much

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Humans love dogs because they care and form relationships with humans
  • Dogs are incredibly cute and their appearance is adored by people
  • Dogs comfort humans and provide emotional support, especially during times of sadness
  • Dogs are natural cuddlers and enjoy giving and receiving attention
  • Dogs bring joy and happiness to people's lives and can be a perfect fit for any individual or household
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Published on
Thursday 30 July 2020
Last updated on
Wednesday 26 July 2023
why do we love dogs so much
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People everywhere adore dogs. From funny YouTube videos to petting a dog on the street, nearly everyone loves dogs. But why do we love dogs so much? Other pets are cute, affectionate, and intelligent. Yet dogs hold such a special place in our hearts that just cannot be replaced.

If you’re wondering “why do I love dogs so much?” Well, wonder no more because we have the answers. From their appearance to behavior, we have listed all the reasons that people adore dogs. Some are obvious and some may surprise you, but why not take a look?

8 Reasons Why Humans Love Dogs So Much

We have summarized the top reasons why we all love dogs so much:

They Care

Dogs are such sweet creatures. They form relationships with one another, humans, and have been proven to experience empathy. It has even been found that, like humans, dogs will yawn after their owner does which is another sign of empathy. But this isn’t all, it is their application of care that has caught our hearts.

When we buy our pups a new toy, they adore it. It doesn’t matter whether it cost a dollar or twenty, they appreciate anything we do for them (mostly!). Regardless of how we are feeling about ourselves, these little creatures don’t judge us. They love us unconditionally and every day we can come home to them wagging their tails and ready to play or cuddle. Furthermore, drama can plague us at work or in our relationships. Dogs don’t care, they are here to adore and comfort you and are not interested in any human conflict.

why we love dogs
Almost everyone adores dogs!

Just Look At Them!

Their cuteness. From the adorable Jack Russell Terrier to the goofy Great Dane, every dog breed has their own lovable traits which we adore. But let’s face it, we all have our own favorite breeds. Some of us prefer little fluffy dogs, those we can cuddle and carry with us on adventures. Others prefer the beautiful strength of a Rottweiler along with their adorable folded ears and gentle nature.

Who doesn’t love when they see a happy dog though? When they bow their front legs to indicate play or an old dog lumbers towards you, tail wagging for attention. Something about their beautiful eyes and happy nature is just adorable! Especially puppies, rare color variations, and breeds of dogs. Baby dogs? There is nothing better than miniature, happy, and sweet animals. But what about dogs with one blue and one brown eye? The more unusual the better, and we love them.

Dogs Comfort Us

The empathy and care from dogs is the perfect aid for any blue owner. Not only that though, but their nature is what makes them perfect for working service roles. From calming a child with high anxiety to calmly guiding a blind owner, dogs have benefited our life exponentially with their understanding of emotions.

All dog owners can recount at least one occasion where they have arrived home after a terrible day, and their dog has recognized these feelings of sadness. From a normally springy disposition, many dogs will calm themselves when they come to you to bring you comfort. Others, maybe those a little more confused, will bound over to you to cheer you up with lots of kisses. Regardless of which way they do so, these creatures know something is wrong and want to help. They do so because they care about us, and how can someone not adore and appreciate that?

They Are Natural Cuddlers

From stroking to spooning, pooches love to receive and give attention. You can sit on the couch and they will leap up to lay on your lap. Nearly every dog loves a good cuddle. Sometimes, you just need to be able to cuddle someone, and these guys are always more than willing to reciprocate.

This trait is also great for extroverts and introverts as they are happy to cuddle as often or as little as you like, it all depends on the breed and individual! Let’s be honest, sometimes a puppy cuddle is much better than that of a person, especially if you’ve had an argument. Scientists conclude that stroking and cuddling dogs can also help reduce your stress. They also found that the mental health of dogs and owners were benefited from cuddling each other and it strengthened their relationship. This is a huge plus about owning a pooch.

They Bring Joy

From cuddles to playtime, dogs bring us a happiness that not many others could. They are purely innocent creatures that live to have fun and love, and how wonderful is it that we can incorporate their company into our world? Getting a puppy allows us to watch our best friends grow, but a rescue friend offers so much love. Every dog is wonderful and can bring a smile to your face on the worst of days.

There is a type of dog for every person and household. If you have children, you can get a gentle but playful medium-sized dog. These can grow alongside your kids, support them during bad days, and play with them at the weekends! Whereas if you love to hike and live on your own, there is the perfect high stamina, nature-loving dog to accompany you on adventures. Every person has a pooch that appeals to them which makes them even easier to fall in love with.

dogs comfort us
Many dogs will calm themselves when they come to you to bring you comfort.

They Keep Us Engaged

Both mentally and physically, a dog can keep us engaged and stimulated. Simply playing with them for half an hour to an hour a day can help our physical and mental health. Those that suffer from anxiety and depression are recommended to own a pet as they keep you engaged, encourage you out of the house, and can help your overall well-being.

If you are bored at home, dogs can often help occupy your free time. Make sure to remember what a big commitment they are. But if you have the spare time to properly care for them, they can keep you busy, give you new interests, and adventures. You can spend a lot of time creating enrichment for your pups. Treats frozen in ice blocks or new toys hidden with good smells can keep them entertained for hours. And the joy they bring while you watch them for sometimes hours is immense.

Dogs Keep Us Fit

Dogs require daily walks to keep them feeling happy and healthy. These walks can benefit us just as much as them! It can free us from the confinements of the office on our breaks or give us some fresh air in the evenings. Furthermore, walks can progress to hikes or runs to further increase your health and fitness.

You can even consider making your doggy best friend your workout buddy. Playing with them in the yard with games such as chase, tug of war, and throwing a ball can keep both your pup and you fit. Combine play alongside walks for the best results. Remember to gradually build up from walking to running and hiking, especially if both you and your pup are new to it. But soon you will both enjoy it, and they will motivate you more than anyone with their waggy tail begging you to keep going.

They Love Our Cooking

How many times have you been cooking for friends or family and they have turned their nose up at your cooking? Not simply ignored your food but complained about it to you. It can be quite disheartening! But with your dog, they will most often gobble up whatever you have cooked for them. And even if they don’t you don’t have to worry about any insults.

Of course, this is just an added bonus of dog ownership, but it is sure to make your day when you put in the effort to cook for them. Always be sure to avoid toxic ingredients when giving them a bit of your cooking or cooking something just for them. You can offer them a little bit of your cooking, as a treat, or you can find some great dog recipes that are sure to be appreciated! This is also a great pass time for you if you are interested in baking and cooking.

Why We Love Dogs So Much – FAQs

To make sure this common question has been answered, we have searched for all the related questions and put them in a FAQ.

Why do I Love my Dog more than Humans?

Simply put, dogs are wonderful, offer unconditional love, whereas humans can be a lot more drama. With the day to day stressors, conflict, and confusion humans can cause, it is wonderful to receive companionship that is just fun and love. A dog will love you no matter the circumstances and be excited to play, walk, and cuddle.

The main summary is that humans can cause us strife and upset whereas dogs can be complex, but never malicious. They are far too kind to cause you problems of those kinds. Instead, you just have to worry about them being house trained and chewing on your furniture!

Do Dogs Know you Love them?

There is evidence to suggest that dogs do know when you love them back. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone and both us and dogs produce this when we look and interact with each other. They have also found to produce it due to empathy, so when you show happiness they feel happiness. This alongside an emotional bond being evident can be used to conclude that your do knows that you love them!

Furthermore, for a dog to develop a trusting bond with you, it is understood that it must be reciprocated by both parties. Therefore, dogs are aware that you are vulnerable and gentle with them as well.

Do Dogs Love us back?

Dogs absolutely love us back! Their oxytocin levels increase dramatically when looking and interacting with us. They are also much healthier when in good social contact with humans. Dogs will eat appropriately, play, and show more positive behavior when in confines with someone they trust.

Finally, dogs will willingly try to seek out our company and interaction because they enjoy it. They care for our company and feel safe with us.

How do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs choose their favorite person based on how they are treated. From the most cuddles, walks, and treats, these are the factors that can form a strong bond. However, dogs may have a favorite person or they can love their family equally, it depends on the breed and individual.

how dogs choose their favorite person
Dogs can love their family equally, it depends on the breed and individual.

There are so many reasons why we love dogs so much it is hard to summarize it into one article. They give us unconditional love and bring joy to us in so many different ways. The best part? These beautiful souls love us as much as we love them.

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