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Tools & Resources For Dog Breeders

Breeding Business Saturday 5 June 2021
resources, links, tools for dog breeders

Building and growing a successful dog breeding activity takes time and effort, but without the right tools, you are simply wasting your time.

Some are used by many, others are amazing discoveries, but all are of great quality and highly recommended. Make sure you signup (free!) on Breeding Business to join the #1 dog breeding community and enjoy great freebies immediately :)

Read through our DOG BREEDING 101 page, you’ll find some interesting resources such as free dog sales contracts, puppy checklists, dog ebooks, and more.

The Online Must-Have Tools

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Breedr for WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, it even has a 1-click automatic installation on Bluehost. Breedr for WordPress is our very own plugin to transform WordPress into a kennel management system: no coding required! Breedr is the perfect solution for dog breeders who want their own breeder website but don’t know how to get started. It’s easy!

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The Dog Breeder’s Handbook

Professional or occasional breeder, our comprehensive dog breeding handbook helps you start, run, manage and grow your dog breeding adventure from day one. over 200 pages cover everything from canine genetics to sales and marketing in 2016 with social media to the follow-up process and dog sports. It is our bestselling product on Breeding Business, and those who read it know why now.

Supplies for Kennels

Kennel Disinfectants

Dog breeding means having dogs, having dirt, and having to get rid of it regularly. 256 Pet Disinfectant is a great disinfectant sold in bulk, with fantastic reviews and delicious scents. They will not harm your dogs but we recommend using them while dogs are out playing and leaving a few minutes after rinsing to bring them back. Avoid using on grass or dilute it a lot to avoid turning the grass yellow.

Kennel Runs & Crates

Many dog breeders prefer their dogs to stay indoors with them so they would just need some beddings. But for the breeders who prefer to keep their dogs outdoors, a kennel run, pen, crate, or cage is necessary. Sometimes, many.

The Lucky Dog Welded-Wire Kennel is your best bet. Sturdy to endure big dogs and unpredictable elements, these kennel runs will be safe and spacious areas for your dogs to thrive while waiting for play time.

Make sure you buy or build a quick cover to protect the dogs from the rain when it gens stormy outside.

Dog Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are extremely important, they need to be large enough to offer clean water throughout the day, even in summer, but also have to remain hygienic and fresh. Electric and fancy dog water dispensers are great for occasional dog breeders, as soon as you have more than a few dogs, you need something simple but effective, just like theDog Water Dispenser 5.0 Gallons By Critter Concepts.

See our review of the best water dispensers for dogs.

Kennel Security & Surveillance Devices

A dog breeder’s dogs are everything to him! Dog are stolen for many reasons but it usually takes both the thieve’s determination and the dog owner’s imprudence to allow it to happen. This is why you must prevent theft and accidents before they happen.

If you want a cheap system that will mainly scare the thieves away, you should opt for an outdoor alarm or floodlight triggered by a movement or light sensor. As soon as somebody comes too close, it starts either ringing or flashing. Our pick here is the LED Outdoor Security Floodlight with Light Sensor simply because it does the bloody job!

For a little more expensive but safer system, the Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor does the best job. Expect an image quality of an outdoor security camera, not a fancy webcam to broadcast on YouTube! This has a great night vision but also streams to your mobile whenever you want. Plus, its audio detection can buzz you if your dogs start barking!

Whelping Boxes

A whelping box, sometimes called nesting box or birthing box, is where your pregnant bitch will feel comfortable enough to safely contain her puppies during their first days and weeks after birth. It must be warm, spacious and have an entrance for the mom only.

Although it is not rocket science to make one yourself, it does take time. If you want to buy one ready to use out of the box, we highly recommend the Plaza MagnaBox Whelping Box for its quality. The building process is quick and easy too!

Look at my post on what should be in the perfect dog whelping kit too!