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Neuticles (Fake Testicles) – All About Fake Dog Balls for Neutered Dogs

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Thursday 10 December 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
neuticles for dogs
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Any new pet-parent will tell you that the most difficult decision they’ve made concerning their best bud was neutering. But Neuticles may be the answer to your (or your dog’s) prayers. Neutering, also known as castration, is a veterinary procedure that most house pets have to go through. In fact, it’s highly recommended to neuter your dog if you don’t plan on breeding it.

But has it occurred to you that a neutered male dog would feel bad about the loss of its testicles? Gregg Miller certainly feels so. Hence, he came up with the idea of fake dog balls for neutered dogs AKA Neuticles!

In an attempt to save his dog, Buck, from suffering the physical loss of his testicles, Greg came up with the concept of fake testicles for dogs made up of polypropylene or silicon. The vet told him he had gone nuts, but that didn’t stop him. Before we continue to tell you more about Neuticles, and its conception, you need to know that there are different types of Neuticles available in the market. Let’s take a look into that, shall we?

Types of Neuticles

As we were discussing earlier, Neuticles are prosthetic testicular implants, and the first commercial implant in a dog was in 1995. Since then, a variety of types have been introduced.


The idea of Neuticles was Gregg’s, but he got Buck’s vet to jump on the bandwagon with him. The original prototype consisted of a hard-plastic type of material that was too firm. Greg said, ‘the first and only problem they encountered,’ was that the material used in the original Neuticle was rigid enough to make a ‘clunking’ sound every time the dog moved or sat down. Which was not ideal, to say the least, because who’d want that for their pet?

As luck would have it, some genius came up with the invention of solid silicone, and Gregg found the perfect solution for the stiff problem. And from then on, Gregg has not looked back. There have been over 500,000 Neuticle procedures performed successfully all across the United States. Not to mention, Gregg’s a millionaire in his own right.


The solid-silicone implants have pretty much the same texture as well as firmness as the natural testicles of male dogs. These silicone testicular prosthetics are not only available for dogs, but for any male animal that you may want to give the confidence of pseudo-studliness.

Recently, a male elephant in a zoo was suffering the loss of his privates. But he too had help from Neuticles. Gregg customized watermelon-sized, $2800 costing Neuticles for the elephant. You see, neutering is essential if you want to save your furry friend from testicular cancer at an older age – a fact that applies to most older male animals. The good news for you is that the Neuticles procedure, at an average, costs around $310. So you need not worry about the expense of this cosmetic surgery on your pet unless you own a giraffe. If you do own a giraffe, we’re guessing fake testicular implants are the least of your concerns.


Even Kim Kardashian got her adorable pooch, Rocky, a pair of these prosthetic implants. But as you can imagine the Neuticles Kim purchased were top-of-the-line. She chose Ultra Neuticles which are solid silicone too. Ultra Neuticles are 30% softer in rigidity and a little heavier on the purse.

You’ll find that these Ultra Neuticle dog balls are closest to the real thing. And the customers are generally super-happy with them. Ultra Neuticles have certainly encouraged pet owners the world over, especially ones who used to keep their dogs intact, to get their pets neutered.

Cost of Getting Neuticles

Gregg Miller’s project has made him a certifiable millionaire. But it was his earnest desire to help his pet out that resulted in the invention of Neuticles.

The idea behind Neuticles has always been to make possible a surgical procedure for pets that would encourage neutering and would be affordable to most. Another reason behind Neuticles was to make sure that neutering would not in any way result in causing an animal a sense of loss.

Price of Original Neuticles

The price for Original Neuticles is under $40 per pair. This does not include costs for neutering or implantation. And you may be sure that the original Neuticles have gotten much better in terms of material quality. But if you are a concerned parent, then you would be smart to opt for something very close to the real thing.

Price of Natural & Ultra Neuticles

The natural and ultra Neuticle models range from $80-130. These prices are exclusively for the pair of fake dog testicles. The price for neutering and implantation is separate and may vary according to the medical facilities and the veterinarian.

Gregg said, ‘when Buck had the surgery, he looked depressed and seemed to ask what happened to me,’ But if you get your pet Ultra Neuticles, you can be sure that your dog isn’t going to feel any difference in his body.

Moreover, you can relax about things like your dog getting into fights with other dogs or urinating all over your home to mark its territory.

Not to mention, because Neuticles have taken the stigma out of neutering, animal population control is improving. Every year, animal control has to put down millions of strays and unwanted pets. That’s why population control via neutering is a humane way of limiting the number of dogs.

That’s why, as a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to think about the welfare of your pet and the overall dog population. Nothing is more painful to an animal lover than the loss of an innocent life. And that’s exactly what you can prevent by getting your dog neutered.

dog neuticle price
Prices will vary depending on the kind of neuticle you choose.

Opposition On Neuticles

Neuticles were a humanitarian concept for Greg. However, many folks opposed prosthetic testicular implants as well as cosmetic surgery on animals. The general argument against Neuticles is that you cannot take consent from the pet to put them under the knife. Neutering is vital for the health of the pet, but even that receives lots of criticism. So, it isn’t much of a shocker that neuticles do have their share of bashing.

According to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, surgery on a pet that’s intended entirely for cosmetic reasons is illegal in the UK. Fake dog balls are not an option for every pet owner. Several prefer to leave their pets ‘au natural’ rather than going for neutering. Quite a few new pet owners aren’t able to gel to the suggestion of fake testicles when it comes to their dog’s anatomy. But there is no denying that Neuticles are gaining popularity at a steady pace. There’s a fair chance that Neuticles may be just as commonplace as neutering in the next couple of years.

Neuticles – FAQ

There isn’t a single pet-parent out there who can boast of being indifferent about neutering. Hence, the innovative idea of Neuticles can cause strong reactions. But that’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of FAQs on Neuticles. Make sure to go through these to put your mind at peace.

What are neuticles for dogs?

The easiest way to describe neuticles is to say they’re fake testicle implants for animals. Neuticles are for dogs, but it’s possible to customize them in size to suit any animal. These implants, costing a little over $300 if you account for the surgery that goes with them, can save your pet from missing its body parts. It can also help to make you feel less guilty about maiming your pet. 

Neuticles are not FDA approved. But the material used for Neuticles does have FDA approval, so you need not fear of your pet’s well-being. Not to mention, there aren’t any cases of complications in pets as far as Neuticles is concerned. The fact that Neuticles have gained so much reputation over the years speaks volumes about customer satisfaction.

What is the purpose of neuticles?

Neuticles are aesthetic testicular prosthetics for dogs that are castrated. If you don’t neuter your dog, it’ll end up copulating with a female in heat, leading to an unwanted pregnancy. Many dogs are put down every day because no one wants them. So, it is important to promote neutering in order to curtail the rise in the dog population.

However, many dog owners oppose neutering simply because they don’t want to disfigure their dogs. Neuticles are a simple solution such that they maintain your dog’s aesthetics despite neutering.

Do dogs miss their balls?

Gregg Miller, the inventor of Neuticles, says his dog did behave upset after he was neutered. While there’s no study to support the claim that dogs miss their testicles, many pet parents complain of behavior changes after the neutering procedure. These changes include loss of appetite, sleeping all the time, and hiding. Depressed dogs also show all these signs.

The loss of a body part is something that neither humans nor animals can ignore. That’s why there’s a strong belief by many in the dog community that dogs do miss their testicles after they are neutered.

What are fake dog balls called?

Fake dog balls are called Neuticles. They were created by Greg Miller, who was part of the Canine Testicular Implantation Project (CTI). This project included a team of veterinarians who began the development of the surgical procedure and the Neuticles product line. Over the years, people have called Neuticles by many names – prosthetic testicular implants and prosthesis for neutered dogs. Some even call them ‘fake dog balls’. But the fact remains, that Neuticles have one purpose – to give your furry pal his looks and confidence back.

So are Neuticles ethical and worth the price? Ultimately it is your decision, but be sure to do what is best for your dog.

7 comments on “Neuticles (Fake Testicles) – All About Fake Dog Balls for Neutered Dogs”

  1. Does a newborn baby boy have a choice when he is circumcised? The doctor gets a razor blade and slices off the foreskin without anethestisia. Neuticles have been placed in over 500,000 pets in all corners of the World with NOT A SINGLE COMPLICATION- NOT A SINGLE COMPLICATION OR PET OWNER COMPLAINT in 27 years. Since when has cosmetic surgery become a curse word? Good enough for people but not pets? GET REAL HATERS- if you dont like it dont buy it for your pet but dont you dare slam the upscale caring and loving pet parents that want the very best for their beloved pets.

    1. Gregg Miller

      Also…. Isn’t REMOVING a body part in the case of altering a pet “cosmetic surgery”?

  2. Melissa Davis

    Are these available in the UK? And can you give details of the vets who can place them please?

  3. J. Tyler Conner

    Gregg, I think that you have created a product which is of considerable value. If and when I decide to Neuter my Standard Poodle, Barron…..He will certainly get Neuticals.
    Thanks for your effort to provide a great option for Barron if he is in need!
    Disregard the Negativity, it is misdirected and not warranted.
    All my Best,
    J. Tyler Conner

    1. Gregg Miller

      Thank you. We are here to assist when needed. I do believe the haters are a victim of our culture. Since the neutering procedure created and used on pets TODAY in 1802- yes 1802- it has become our CULTURE to accept emasculation of oour male pets as BEING THE NORM. We have deviated from the norm with Neuticles-thus the nay sayers. With Neuticles your pet maintains his natural look, is perfectly safe and complication free and has been for 28 years.

  4. Melinda Dennis

    6 lb male Chiwahwah needs neutered and Have his canine upper canines. Appt with vet is for Jane

  5. Bterclinger

    “The solid-silicone implants have pretty much the same texture as well as firmness as the natural testicles of male dogs. “

    You dont say!

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