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10 Best Liquid Bandage for Dogs

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Published on
Friday 29 November 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
liquid bandage for dogs
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Liquid bandage for dogs is what every dog owner needs! The least you can ever expect is that your fur baby is in pain. Wounds, scratches, injuries, and hotspots are the worst sights to face.

It is upsetting to see your pooch in discomfort, and all you want to do is accelerate the healing process so that your friend is healthy again.

However, things often go unnoticed. A lot of dog moms and dads are unaware of the fact that their little baby is hurt. This is why I highly recommend keeping a close eye on your dog’s behavior and do not ignore things when you find something different.

10 Best Liquid Bandages for Dogs Wound

While scratches get healed quickly, wounds, injuries, infections, and hot spots can last for days. Further, the incessant licking and biting of the wound by your dog further make the situation worse.

So what is the ideal way out here? What are you supposed to do? While going to the vet should be your first approach, in the event, that you can’t visit them immediately, it is highly recommended to apply liquid bandages to provide quick relief to your dog.

Our Best Pick:

In these cases, we highly recommend using Vetericyn Wound and Skincare to clean your dog’s wounds, cuts, scrapes, and hot spots. It is a safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial liquid bandage that works fast and effectively. If you want to know more about what this product can give you, you can read ahead in this article! 

1. Vetericyn Wound and Skincare

Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care is a liquid bandage for dogs from Vetericyn. Claimed to provide antimicrobial wound and skin care, the product is highly effective in cleaning your pet’s cuts, hot spots, scrapes, and more.

It provides immediate relief from itchy and allergic skin. One of the best parts of this product is that it is completely non-toxic and safe to be used on your pet. You don’t have to worry even if your fur baby licks or ingests it. Further, it is vet-recommended. Although the product is great, its spray bottle might not work as intended, at times.


  • Non-toxic and safe even when ingested
  • Heals wounds fast
  • Suitable for dogs and other pets with allergies
  • Worth the price
  • Applies best to hot spots, inflammations, redness, cuts, scrapes, and other wounds


  • The bottle spray may not work at times

2. 3M Vetbond Tissue

No products found.

Looking for a reliable liquid bandage for your dog? This tissue adhesive from 3M Vetbond is what you need. The product forms a strong bond and polymerizes within seconds. It is available in an economical 3ml bottle which comes equipped with four reusable applicator tips for easy application. The bandage is blue in color. This helps you in keeping a check on the number of drops applied.

This liquid bandage works great for both humans and pets. The product works really well and can prove to be an ideal alternative to stitches, thus saving you from unwanted hassles. However, it is highly recommended to close the bottle properly, or else the adhesive might dry and become useless.


  • Suitable for humans and pets
  • Blue in color to easily see the drops upon application
  • With four reusable applicator tips
  • Dries up fast
  • A safer and cheaper alternative to getting stitches


  • It is slightly expensive
  • The liquid bandage can dry out once you fail to close the bottle tightly
  • The adhesives do not last long

3. Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment for Dogs

If you are one of those who won’t use anything on their dogs but only the products specifically meant for them, then this Sulfodone ointment for dogs is what you need! This first aid ointment can be effectively used on minor cuts, and scrapes. It works by preventing infection and relieving your pet from pain. It also provides a barrier against germs and insects. Additionally, the product is also found to be highly effective against hot spots due to scratching, and hair loss.

The product works fast right from the first application and provides immediate relief. What’s more, it is easy to apply and a small quantity of product goes a long way. However, the only downside associated with this product is its ingredient list. The product contains salicylic acid which might not go well with various pet owners.


  • Suitable for minor cuts, scrapes, sores, and hot spots
  • Creates barriers against insects and germs
  • Works quickly
  • Stops pain and prevents infection
  • Works on dogs with allergies


  • Salicylic acid, which can be unsuitable for some dogs
  • Strong smell
  • Unsafe to swallow and ingest

4. Remedy + Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs

Do the products made in the USA win your trust instantly? If you answered an exciting yes, this liquid bandage for dogs from the house of Remedy + Recovery is all that you need. The product is highly effective to be used on cuts, hot spots, stitches, and scrapes. What’s more, the product is waterproof. This helps in keeping the affected area clean and dry. It is important to mention here that it is one of the few products that form a breathable film on the affected area, thus allowing the air to reach the injury, and accelerating the healing process. What’s more, the product doesn’t contain acrylic, and you can be sure that it is a safe remedy for your little one.

The product works really fine and prevents the wound from opening up. It also ensures a speedy recovery. However, on the flip side, there is a probable problem with the spray pump which gets jammed and clogged very easily. As a result, you need to take numerous pumps to release the product.


  • Waterproof
  • No acrylic or plastic ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • With a breathable firm that lets air reach the wound
  • It does not sting when applied to the injury.


  • The spray pump can get clogged and jammed
  • It can be greasy after applying it to the wound

5. Miracle Care First Aid Solutions

Although there is an exclusive range of liquid bandages available in the market, a lot of them do not fulfill the set expectations. The dog just won’t stop licking and biting the wound even after applying the adhesive. If you are also sailing in the same boat, this first-aid solution from the house of Miracle Care is what you need. The product claims to have a bitter agent in it which discourages licking and contributes to quick healing.

Like various other products on this list, this product is highly effective in treating wounds. It provides immediate pain relief while providing breathable protection for quick healing. The product doesn’t sting and works fantastically.


  • With a bitter agent that discourages dogs from licking the liquid bandage off
  • It does not sting when applied to the wound.
  • With breathable protection to promote quick healing
  • A user reported that it only took 12 hours to notice a difference and five days to heal the injury completely.


  • Its viscosity is watery, so it looks like water spray

6. Vet Aid Sea Salt Wound Care Foam

This is one multi-purpose wound care foam that every pet needs! The product not only helps you take care of minor injuries of your dog, and other pets, but it is also highly effective against insect bites, sunburn, and acne and skin rash as well. Additionally, it can also help your pet in fetching relief from hot spots, thrush, pyoderma, and other conditions.

The product contains natural sea salt with no harsh chemicals. This is the reason why it is recommended by vets, and dog owners worldwide. Although the product is not exactly a liquid bandage, it, sure, provides relief against minor skin conditions.


  • Made from sea salt with no harsh chemicals and additives
  • A safe barrier against insect bites, acne, skin rash, and sunburn
  • It provides relief to your pet’s itchiness.
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and horses


  • It will not show improvements quickly

7. KeriCure Pet Liquid Bandage

Use KeriCure pet liquid bandages for dogs to soothe, seal, and protect your pet’s wound. The product speeds up the healing process by preventing dirt and bacteria from entering the wound. This is all thanks to the nanopolymer barrier technology of KeriCure. Once the wound heals, the bandage gets falls off naturally.

Not only this, but the product is waterproof and sweatproof as well. Thus, no matter what, it will stay intact on the wound for effective healing. This liquid bandage is effective against a range of conditions – sores, burns, seal cuts, bites, scratches, and more. The bandage is made of water and an organic polymer. Together, this combination mimics the natural barrier function of skin and facilitates quick healing.

Furthermore, the product is highly effective. It also promotes quick healing of the wound. It also prevents dogs from licking and biting the area. However, one thing that might disappoint you a bit is the fact that it doesn’t dry quickly.


  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • With a nano polymer barrier technology
  • It prevents dogs from licking and biting the wounded area.
  • Suitable for pets with allergies
  • Made in the USA


  • It does not dry quickly
  • The spray bottle can get clogged and jammed
kericure dog skin bandage
Product range from KeriCure, a brand producing high-quality liquid dog bandage.

8. Gel Collagen Wound Dressing for Dogs

Consisting of all the right ingredients, this liquid dressing for dogs is what every pet-owner needs. The product claims to be highly effective in reducing pain and bleeding. It, additionally, soothes and deodorizes the affected area and can be used on both large and small animals.

Moreover, this liquid bandage has collagen as its main ingredient which interacts with the wound and promotes healing. Additionally, it prevents bacterial infection and also rules out any possibility of scarring. Thus, no matter if your dog has hotspots, abrasions, scratches, heat injuries, or gunshot wounds – this first aid gel has got you covered. However, the only downside of this liquid adhesive is the fact that it might take a bit longer to dry.


  • It reduces pain and bleeding.
  • Suitable for open wounds and lacerations
  • It heals within two to three days, at least.
  • It does not leave scars on your pet’s skin.


  • It can take a long time to dry out
  • It can be challenging to make the product come out of the tube

9. Cardinal Laboratories Remedy and Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs

You can say goodbye to your dog’s cuts, stitches, hot spots, and scrapes because this liquid bandage from Cardinal Laboratories has come to save the day. This product from the USA is waterproof, thus keeping wounds clean and dry throughout the healing process. Furthermore, its breathing film allows air to enter the injured area.

This liquid adhesive also contains soothing aloe and chamomile to calm redness and irritation. Not to mention that it will produce no stinging sensation because it has no alcohol. Lastly, it is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds!


  • It only takes one minute to dry out.
  • Seal wounds from outside irritations
  • Soothes the skin around the wounded area
  • Prevent dogs from licking the injury
  • Waterproof, which keeps wounds clean and dry


  • It can be greasy.
  • The spray can get clogged or broken.
  • Unsuitable for bleeding wounds

10. Forticept Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel

If you are searching for another product safe to apply near sensitive areas, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, you can opt for this liquid bandage from Forticept, the Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel. It can treat cuts and scrapes; resolve skin infections, acne, yeast infections, and ringworms; and promote the healing of wounds, sores, and rashes. 

In addition, this liquid adhesive is also non-toxic and pH-balanced. It contains no iodine, alcohol, or other ingredients that might cause stinging, burning, or irritation to your furry friend’s skin. The only drawback is that it can be greasy and might produce stains on your dog’s fur. 


  • Proven and recommended by veterinary doctors
  • Safe to use around eyes, mouth, and nose
  • Enable faster and more effective healing
  • Reduce itchiness


  • It can produce stains on your dog’s fur.
  • It can be greasy.

What are Liquid Bandages for Dogs?

Liquid bandage for dogs is a topical treatment for minor cuts and superficial sores on a dog’s skin. The liquids used are mixtures of gentle chemicals that create a polymeric layer that binds to the skin. The outer layer protects the sensitive area by keeping germs out and moisture in.

When your furry friend is injured, you want to do everything that you can to stop the bleeding and to prevent the infection from spreading any further.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand that licking and biting their wound only makes it more difficult to heal. Often, standard bandages do not work for them and they end up chewing it, or simply refuse to have them on.

Thankfully, liquid bandages meant for dogs are available now. Although a new invention, this is the much-needed solution that all pet owners wanted drastically. Dog liquid bandages help your dog out, are convenient, easy to carry around, and provide immediate relief. What’s not to like?

How are dog liquid bandages different from human ones?

Quite predictably, liquid bandages for dogs use less harsh chemicals. They do not have any alcohol in them, which promotes faster healing while reducing any skin irritation.

Since pet bandages dry quickly, they act faster and do not give a chance to your pooch to lick and bite the wound. What a relief!

Although a great invention, it is highly recommended to apply a liquid bandage on your dog only when needed. It is best suitable for certain types of injuries – like a small cut in the area which keeps getting severe due to your dog’s movements. This might include the cuts on your dog’s ears, on top of the paws, behind his tail, and so on. These areas are prone to getting infected and applying a liquid bandage ensures that they remain closed for proper healing.

Usage of Liquid Bandages

As a general rule of thumb, you should use a liquid bandage on your pet only when they don’t need immediate medical attention.

Additionally, you should never attempt to treat certain medical conditions with a liquid bandage. These include:

  • Deep wounds that need immediate medical attention
  • Leaky wounds that secrete any type of discharge like pus
  • Minor cuts and scrapes which heal faster when left open
dog liquid bandage styptic
Styptic ingredients are important as they are the compounds stopping the bleeding.

How to Pick the Best Liquid Bandage for Dogs

Although a new invention, there is an array of liquid bandages available in the market which might make your decision-making process tougher.

If you are out in the market to provide some instant relief for your four-legged-friend who has was recently injured by purchasing some liquid luck, it is essential to focus on certain important essentials before getting started.

Dog’s safety

I understand your emotions. You cannot see your pooch in pain and that a single cut on his body worries you like anything.

But do not let this care of yours interfere with their health. As I already mentioned, short cuts should be covered for quick healing. On the other hand, deep wounds and serious infections need immediate medical attention and a thorough inspection of your vet. In cases like these, it is highly recommended to avoid using a liquid bandage.

More often than not, vets recommend liquid bandages when the wound is clean, minor, uninfected, or when there are not-so-serious hotspots, allergies, and abrasions.

Wound Bleeding

If the wound of your dog is bleeding, and your first instinct is to spray liquid bandage over the affected area – STOP! Be a responsible dog dad or mom and check the ingredients of your liquid bandage.

Ideally, liquid bandages for dogs must contain ferric subsulfate, aluminum chloride, and other styptic ingredients to be able to stop the wound from bleeding.

Synthetic ingredients for dogs

You do not want your dog to suffer from any allergies and infections because of the harsh ingredients and chemicals in your chosen liquid bandage. The safe bet here is to move ahead with first aid remedies that contain natural ingredients like natural enzymes for wound healing, aloe vera for soothing, and sea salt to ward off any infection.

Further, before buying a liquid bandage, ensure that all the ingredients in it are non-toxic and will not trigger any harmful infections and allergic reactions.

Dog wounds

If you are not sure and feeling confused about moving ahead with a liquid bandage for dogs, it is highly recommended to get your dog’s wound inspected by the vet. If the wound is deep and infected, the vet might advise you against using it.

Based on the type of wound that your dog has, check the liquid bandage’s prescription and see if it can be used for deep wounds, allergies, or hotspots.

Wound infections

Needless to say, your main aim behind using a canine liquid bandage is to accelerate the healing process. However, this is not what happens every time. A lot many liquid bandages for dogs do not allow the air to pass through the wound, thus triggering infections.

This is the reason why I highly recommend the pet owners to go for liquid bandages which are both waterproof and breathable. This will help you in eliminating any unforeseen events.

Is it Safe to Use Liquid Bandages on My Dog?

If you are a concerned and obsessive dog owner, it is natural to feel worried and confused, especially if you are a first time user.

But as it turns out, it is completely safe to use liquid bandages on your dog. But here is the catch: as pointed by a lot of vets and dog owners, most liquid bandages come loaded with chemicals which are not recommended. Thus, if you have to use a liquid bandage, make sure that there are no harsh chemicals.

Also, before you apply a liquid bandage, make sure that the wound is properly cleaned and you have dis-infected it properly. Or else, there is no point in using a liquid bandage for dogs. This is because it works by sealing the wound, and this might even trap the bacteria and germs inside, thus making the situation worse.

Additionally, use liquid bandages only on the small bleeding cuts which are prone to reopen with the movement. You might like to use them on their legs, ears, tails and the like.

Another thing that you must take care of it is to prevent your dog from licking the solution. Although liquid bandage dries quickly, for the time when it is wet, your dog might be tempted to lick. Undoubtedly, ingesting the liquid bandage is not what you will want.

If you are still confused, I will highly recommend you to take suggestions from your vet. In any case, your dog’s health should not be compromised!

When To Use Liquid Bandages on Dogs?

Thanks to the improved versatility that liquid bandages come equipped with, it is tough to generalize the things. There is an exclusive range of liquid bandages available in the market and each comes with its own specialty. While some are the right fit for treating deep wounds, the others are more suitable for superficial injuries.

There are others which are highly effective in treating hotspots and allergies due to their ability to soothe and reduce inflammation. Not only this, liquid bandages that can help your treat chronic skin ulcer are also available.

Thus, depending on your dog’s condition and keeping the specialty of your dog in mind, you can choose to go for a liquid bandage for dogs which meets your requirements.

Although most of the liquid bandages are safe to be used near the mouth, nose or eyes, you should still check the capabilities of your chosen product carefully.

Benefits of Using Dog Liquid Bandages

Dog liquid bandages are gaining popularity, all because of the right reasons. Let’s have a look at some of them:

They help in an easy bandage

As a dog owner, you will admit that there are certain parts of their body that are tough to bandage, no matter how hard you try. Tips of the ears, for instance. As a result, the wound keeps on getting reopened every time your body makes certain body movements. Nail tears and injuries are other instances.

In situations like these, a liquid bandage for dogs could prove to be an ideal solution. It is also easy to put, and stays in place!

Effective in treating long-term skin conditions

Certain chronic skin conditions like ulcers can take a long time to heal. The continual movement of your pet along with frequent licking and biting can also slows down its healing process and even promotes infections.

This is when liquid bandages help by providing protection from germs, dirt, and moisture.

Immediate relief

If your pet is feeling down and it is paining severely, you would like to provide your canine with immediate relief. Thankfully, a canine liquid bandage can help you here. This is because they contain a local anesthetic and are capable of providing immediate relief from itching and irritation.

Easy to apply

One of the best parts of a dog liquid bandage is that it is easy to apply. All you need to do is clean the wound and disinfect it. Next, go ahead and apply the bandage, and you are done!

They don’t have to be removed

What makes liquid bandage highly convenient is that they are less painful and consume less time when compared to stitches. Additionally, you don’t need to remove the liquid bandage. It falls off on its own. However, if the wound is deep, your dog might need to get the stitches.

As a responsible pet owner, it is also important to have a liquid bandage for dogs in your first aid kit. It not only provides instant relief but also helps in quick recovery!

Liquid Bandage for Dogs: FAQs

If you still have further questions about a liquid bandage for dogs, you can check these frequently asked inquiries below! 

Is liquid bandage safe to use on dogs?

Yes. Liquid bandages are perfect for healing cuts, wounds, and minor injuries on your dog’s nose, ears, paws, nails, or tail. Also, you can find brands that are natural, safe, and non-toxic. However, ensure that the product is exclusively for pets because human bandages can be ineffective for dogs. 

How long does it take for a liquid bandage to dry on dogs?

Fortunately, liquid bandages work instantly and effectively, which is beneficial for making your pet more comfortable and freer to move around while recovering from the wound. For instance, some products can dry out within one to three minutes, and some can take effect in a lesser period of 30 seconds. 

Can you put a liquid bandage on the open wound?

No. Liquid bandages are only advisable on minor cuts and wounds that require closure and stoppage of the blood. When applying these, you must ensure the area is dry. Moreover, it is best to put them only on the top surface of the dog’s skin and not directly inside the wound. 

How do you remove a liquid bandage from a dog?

You can get olive, coconut, vegetable, or sesame oil and put them on top of the liquid bandage. Patiently wait a few minutes to let it soak and remove the adhesives. After that, slowly peel the liquid adhesive from your furry friend’s fur. Nonetheless, you must ensure you are doing it gently so that your dog will not get hurt from it. 

Is liquid bandage just super glue?

You can consider liquid bandages super glue because that’s what people used to call them even before. Furthermore, like the latter, it stays liquid in the bottle but turns into polymer chains once exposed to the air and the dog’s skin. Then, the polymer binds to the skin to seal up the wound. Yet, that does not mean you can use any superglue on your dog. Safety will still come first.

Whenever wounds and injuries appear from accidents and unwanted situations, you must know that a liquid bandage for dogs can do wonders for you and your furry friend. Also, this adhesive can soothe the skin, disinfect the wound, and heal your dog instantly. So, you only need to choose the best product to let that injury go away in no time!

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