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Dog Shows, Sports & Competitions

Breeding Business Wednesday 5 December 2018

Dog shows are intimidating for most dog breeders because they are victims of the imposter syndrome. Meaning, most breeders although happy with their work are constantly feeling like they aren’t good enough, and their dogs aren’t worth being shown.

Let me tell you that now: you are wrong! But let’s start with you being right and your dogs aren’t worth being shown. So what, is that it? Don’t you want to hear it from a judge or other breed specialists and know what to improve over the next breedings? No dog is perfect, and dog breeding is a perpetual process made of errors, improvements, fixes, and challenges.

Even if your dogs are great and show winners, you still need to get your kennel name out there to promote the hell out of it. So many bad products with great packaging and marketing dominate the market. How many people think Coke Zero is healthy? You cannot just have great dogs, you have to show them to be acknowledged by peers.

Lastly, dog shows and pet exhibitions are the best way to meet and network with the right crowd even if you will encounter your lots of drama and politics, just like you would anywhere else.

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Published on
Thursday 6 October 2016
Last updated on
Wednesday 5 December 2018