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How To Dry a Dog Using a Dog Blow Dryer?

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Published on
Tuesday 28 March 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
how to dry a dog using a dog blow dryer
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Learning how to dry a dog using a dog blow dryer is not super complicated but there are some practices to avoid, and others we would like to encourage. When grooming a dog, it’s always best to use a high-velocity dog blow dryer after the rinse in order to get a clean coat, properly dry, and ready to be worked on.

There are several types of dog blow dryers that we have already reviewed but here is the essential:

  1. High-Velocity Dryers, or blasters, blow cold air at high speed which safely blasts the water off the dog’s coat
  2. Low-Pressure Dryers usually stand or cage dryers that blow warm air at a low speed
  3. Handheld Blow Dryers that are similar to those humans use in hair salons

Both low pressure and handheld dog dryers use hot air to dry the dog which can be extremely dangerous since the skin of a dog is very sensitive and gets burnt very easily.

Letting a high velocity blow dryer do most of the work will save you from wrist fatigue and also save you plenty of time. This article will show you how to use a dog dryer to quickly and safely fluff-dry any dog of any size. Each groomer has its own pet drying techniques but they all tend to be similar.

We have recently reviewed the 3 best forced-air dog blowers and we really loved the Metrovac’s Air Force Commander.

Must-Have Dog Drying Accessories

A lot of people wonder if they can use products and brushes before, during and after the drying. If you are a huge grooming salon you already have plenty of tools in your pouch, but if you are just home grooming your single dog, you just need these accessories to get started:

  • Large Hose — you will need at least one fat/large hose to attach to your blaster
  • Dry Towels — you are going to use plenty of towels for each drying session so stock them up
  • Conditioning Spray — helps detangling matted hair and softens the coat
  • Dog Bristle Brush — we do recommend occasional groomers to use a dog bristle brush to help during the drying process, but make sure it does not get too coarse against your dog’s skin.

This is a basic list of items that will be of help during the drying process; we all have our very own items added to this list but it’s a great start.

Forced-air dryers drying time
Forced-air dryers can cut drying times of the thickest coats by up to four times.

How To Dry a Dog Using a Dog Blow Dryer

Obviously, the first thing to do is the wash and properly rinse the dog — check out our guide on how to bathe a dog.


First, you want to remove any long, narrow, or pointy blower hose and instead, use the largest hose to get started. Be sure it is fully compatible with your pet blow dryer; they are usually delivered together. For fluff-drying a dog, we generally only want to use fat and large hoses to avoid blasting an overly concentrated airflow that would straighten the dog’s coat. For big dogs or dogs with an undercoat, you may

Place the dog on the grooming table and start by towel drying the dog until excess water is absorbed. We recommend the groomer to place a dry towel on the tabletop to soak up excess water from the feet while you are drying the rest of the dog’s body. Depending on how trained and familiar the dog is, you may want to put cotton in the pet’s ears to lower the sound of the dryer for the dog.

Always start drying the dog at a rear foot and work your way up the dog’s leg; this gives the dog some time to get used to the blow dryer by the time you eventually reach both the body and the head.

Such dog blow dryers blast at a high velocity so expect a lot of water to spray—have another dry towel with you to help catch spraying water. It will also significantly speed up the drying time.

The Dog Drying Process

The steps to follow to dry a dog’s body using a dog blow dryer are easy:

  1. Place the dryer hose right up against the skin.
  2. Use short up and down strokes (and side to side strokes.)
  3. Concentrate on drying from the skin out.

To dry your dog’s head using a high velocity dog dryer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fold the dog’s ears so they are always closed
  2. Dry the ears
    • Keep the air out of the ears
    • Never blow air directly into the dog’s ear canals
  3. Dry the back of the dog’s head

Not all dogs will allow you to use a high velocity dog blow dryer on their head and even less likely on their ears. It’s a natural reflex we would all have: noise and fast airflow are kind of scary and worrying. Work slowly and see what your dog accepts.

If the dog tries to pull their head away from the dryer, do not fight or force them. Let them go away and try again, slowly. If your dog blog dryer has a variable speed or two motors, you should always use the lowest setting unless you are well-versed and experienced.

Most dogs, with a little bit of time, will allow you to dry their head. If they don’t, try to dry their head from afar. Putting a lot more distance between the hose and the dog’s head might take more time, but it will get the job done eventually.

Drying a Dog – FAQ

Here are a few tips you can use to dry dogs more efficiently and more safely; they cannot be applied to all dogs so just use them appropriately.

What Is The Best Dog Blow Dryer?

There are plenty of amazing blasters available from brands like XPower, B-Air, K-9 Dryers, and more. However, the best b as per our own research is the Metrovac’s Air Force Commander. It comes in three sizes and has a two-speed motor to give the groomer more control over the airflow.

It also comes with a great set of six hoses to adapt to different types of coats, sizes of dogs, and gives you full control over the airflow. It is not very loud which makes it ideal for all groomers out there.

When To Use The Conditioning Spray?

Once you have washed, rinsed, and towel-dried your dog, you can use the conditioning spray onto your dog’s coat. Avoid any sensitive area such as ears, eyes, and genitals. Brush the coat a little bit after spraying the dog conditioning so it gets evenly distributed.

How To Dry a Matted Dog?

Instead of excessively brushing or clipping a dog that has some matting, you can use your dryer to help demat the dog’s coat:

  1. Put the hose right up against the mats
  2. Blow from the skin out to the hair tip
  3. Repeat until the matting slowly disappears

The important part here is to start with the fat hose in a position right up against the mat.

How To Straighten My Dog’s Hair?

If you want to straighten the dog’s coat using a high velocity dog dryer, you can do so by simply moving the hose a lot slower. That will straighten the dog’s hair and fluff up the entire coat.

It does, however, take a lot more time, roughly half an hour for poodles.

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