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How To Clean a Dog’s Bum

↯ Key takeaway points

  • It's important to know how to clean a dog's bum, as poop sticking to their rear can cause unhygienic conditions.
  • To clean a dog's bum, gather supplies beforehand such as a washcloth, lukewarm water, shampoo, round-tip scissors, and latex gloves.
  • Scrub the area around the dog's bum with soapy water and a washcloth or dog wipes, lift the tail and check underneath for poop stuck on hair.
  • Give the dog a bath with dog shampoo and use scissors if necessary to trim hair.
  • It's important to also know how to express your dog's anal glands if necessary using gloves, gentle pressure, and wiping away fluids.
Written by Khalil
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Published on
Friday 13 March 2020
Last updated on
Monday 5 June 2023
How can I clean my dog's bum?
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This isn’t something common and most people don’t really think about it. But that’s exactly why it is necessary that you know how to clean a dog’s bum. Because at times, you may see some poop sticking to your dog’s rear. This condition is not ideal as it can result in a number of unhygienic conditions.

When it comes to pet hygiene, most people go about the matter by using a combination of lukewarm water, shampoo, and a cloth to remove dirt. This is a pretty good way to clean your dog, but it is not always enough with dog bum cleaning.

How to Properly Clean a Dog’s Bum

Cleaning a dog’s bum is no rocket science and involves only a few simple steps. But as with everything, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to.

Step 1 – Prepare For the Process

The first step to cleaning your dog’s bum is to make sure you have everything you need for the process. The items you need include:

  • A washcloth
  • Lukewarm water
  • A good dog shampoo
  • Round-tip scissors
  • Latex or rubber gloves

Before you take your dog to the bathroom, assemble everything listed above beforehand. If you leave your dog alone in the bathroom to get the things, your pet will become uncomfortable and may altogether refuse to take a bath.

A foul smell can originate from a dog's dirty bum.
A foul smell can originate from a dog’s dirty bum.

Step 2 – Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable

No matter the level of preparation you do, if your dog isn’t comfortable and willing to take a bath, then they will not cooperate. So take your dog to the bathroom and ensure he is comfortable. with minimal anxiety. Pet him a little, give him a treat, and when he is ready, you can start to clean his bum.

Step 3 – Use the Washcloth to Scrub the Area Around the Bum

Put on a pair of rubber or latex gloves and prepare some soapy water by mixing shampoo in lukewarm water. Dip the washcloth in this solution and gently but firmly wipe the area around your pooch’s bum. Keep scrubbing until you successfully remove all of the poop sticking to your dog’s bum. If you don’t have a washcloth or soapy water, you can also use dog wipes for the bum.

While we are on the subject of how to clean a dog’s bottom, also pay attention to the area under your dog’s tail. This area is often left unattended by pet parents and hence can get dirty with dog poop stuck on their hair. So gently lift the tail up and clean the area.

Step 4 – Bathing Time

Got all the poop out? Nice, now is the time to give your pup a bath. Use a dog shampoo and gently massage the coat of your dog with it.

A word of caution: Only use a shampoo that has specifically been made for pets. Using human shampoos can cause irritation since they contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs. In short, give your pooch a nice bath and wipe away any excess water with a towel.

Step 5 – Use Scissors If Necessary

Sometimes the poop sticking to your dog’s bum is stubborn. In such a situation where dog poop is stuck in hair, you have to use scissors to properly clean your dog’s bum.

Trim the hair around the anal opening. While trimming be extra careful since the area around the anal opening is extra sensitive. Make sure to trim all the hair that have poop on them.

How to Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands

Have you often looked around on the internet searching: “Why is my dog leaving poop mark”? If yes, then it is clear you need to express your dog’s anal glands. Most of the time a dog’s anal glands need expressing. This condition is pretty uncomfortable for your dog. And this is the reason why you find your dog scooting on the carpet or other surfaces.

Here are the five steps to express a dog’s anal glands:

  1. Put on latex or rubber gloves
  2. Gently lift the tail up and place your index finger and thumb on either side of the anal opening
  3. Put pressure with both fingers. Make sure you are not rough while applying pressure
  4. Upon applying pressure, you will see a brown/gray or a black fluid leaving the anal cavity
  5. Wipe this fluid off with a clean cloth or dog wipes

If you don’t want to express your dog’s anal glands, your vet can do it for you. But I’ll advise that you learn to do it yourself. Assuming you are a busy person you can’t take your dog to the vet every time he decides to scoot on the carpet. In short, learn to do it and you’ll save yourself plenty of time.

How To Clean a Dog's Bum
How To Clean a Dog’s Bum

How to Clean Your Dog’s Bum – FAQs

The following are the questions that people ask all over the internet. Make sure to read up on these as these will come handy.

Is it Possible to use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Bum?

Baby wipes, for the most part, are not safe. You should always use dog wipes. You might be wondering: We use baby wipes on infants, why can’t we use them on dogs?

Simply because infants don’t lick their butts. Most non-natural baby wipes contain a chemical Propylene Glycol. This chemical is not safe for dogs especially those that like to lick their butts. Dog wipes don’t contain such chemicals so they are safe to use. However, if you use all-natural baby wipes then they are fine too.

Should I Clean my Dog’s Bum?

You should clean your dog’s bum. To elaborate on the above answer, let me give you two reasons as to why should you wipe a dog’s bum:

  • The hair around the anal cavity may have poop stuck on them
  • Uncleaned bum stinks

In the first case, if your dog has long hair more often than not they will have poop stuck on them. This may not sound like a problem but it is. If you leave this situation unattended, the dirty hair can irritate your dog and the condition may take the form of a rash.

Secondly, a dirty bum is as smelly as it is unhygienic. Nobody wants a bad-smelling dog. So it is best to regularly clean your dog’s bum.

How to Get Dried Poop Off a Dog?

To get dried poop of your dog you need to clip the hair and give your dog a bath. Start with clipping the hair. Take a pair of round-edged scissors and clip the matted fur around the anus. Be extra careful since this area is quite sensitive and even a little nick or cut can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog.

Once done with clipping, use a dog shampoo and give your dog a bath. Gently massage the fur and make sure to remove all of the dirt and debris. If you don’t want to give your dog a bath you can also use a mixture of dog shampoo and water to wipe your dog’s butt. Alternatively, you can also use dog wipes for the job. Whatever works for you.

How can you tell if your dog needs his anal glands expressed?

You can tell if your dog needs to express his anal glands by paying attention to the following signs:

  • Your dog is scooting on the floor or the carpet. Scooting is a process in which a dog will rub his bottom on a surface
  • He is licking his behind more than usual
  • There is a pungent and foul odor coming from your dog’s behind

If you notice any of these signs, your big boy is telling you that he needs his anal glands expressed. The best thing to do in this situation is to take it to your vet. If you can’t do that, then simply learn to do it on your own.

What Happens if you Don’t Express your Dog’s Glands?

If you don’t express your dog’s anal glands then the glands will get impacted. In this situation, they experience a buildup of fluid inside them and swell. This swelling can make pooping really painful and difficult for a dog. In other situations where the impaction is severe, the glands can even rupture.

Normally all dogs can express their anal glands on their own. But in a situation where they can’t manually expressing them is of high priority.

A topic most owners don’t initially think about when purchasing a puppy, but knowing how to clean a dog’s bum is still very important. Now you know the step by step process to do so at home and avoid extra vet costs.

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