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Dog Poop Composting – Benefits, DIY & FAQ

Written by Larese
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Published on
Monday 18 January 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
is dog poop good for compost
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In search of the most earth-friendly and conscientious logical ways to deal with this waste, is dog poop good for compost? Is it reasonable to let dog feces to go in compost? Adopting a pet takes a lot of responsibility from feeding, providing shelter, clothes, to proper waste disposal. As a responsible pet parent, your dog’s waste should not be put into a septic tank. Instead, it would help if you compost it properly.

With the increasing number of canines, waste excretions have been becoming a problem. pet wastes won’t just decompose naturally and safely within the soil, but how to compost dog poop? Let us share with you how to make compost for your dog’s wastes correctly.

Is Dog Poop Good for Compost?

A dog’s stool is good for compost, and an excellent way to dispose of it properly without contaminating sewers and septic tanks. However, it is not a good idea to use it in the backyard because it can get riddled with roundworms and other pathogens that are not environmentally friendly.

Dog poop is good for compost, but the process is not straightforward because most canines consume meat. Therefore, it is not suitable to add to a regular compost pile. Moreover, it is essential to note that the dog poop must reach a higher temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least five days to kill parasites. This step is necessary before putting the poop compost on any plants and flowers. Compost dog poop can be a nutrient for soil, instead of becoming a pollutant. However, it depends on how you do it. Each year, there are tons of dog stools thrown straight into trash cans and end up in sanitary landfills. What’s even worse is that it can also ruin our water reservoir when you throw it into septic tanks.

With proper ways of composting dog wastes, it becomes a nutrient that is vital in improving plants and trees habitats. Moreover, it is essential if the solid is lacking in organic matter and a low amount of chemical fertilizers. However, make sure that you know how to do it right because dog poops contain pathogens, E. Coli, Salmonella, and viruses that are dangerous for humans.

Can I Compost Dog Poop in my Backyard?

Dog feces are good for compost, but it is not suitable in any backyard. As mentioned, you need to have a constant temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all parasites containing dog waste. However, it is a difficult scenario when it comes to home composting solutions unless you have a machine that can do it. So, industrial and commercial solutions are still better options for composting dog poops in your home’s backyard.

Application-wise, dog waste compost must always be separate from other compost, and you should not put it on ornamental, and edible plants and crops. Some of the most recommended for composting dog poop are a compost pit, dog poop compost bin, vermicompost, and digester. However, make sure that you learn the most effective treatment temperature and pathogen-testing first before you use any methods.

  • Compost pit – It is about 1 meter deep and 1 meter wide with a cover
  • Dog poop compost bin – It is available at various pet stores and garden centers
  • Vermicompost – This compost application creates a separate worm bin from the red wigglers that eat your organics
  • Digester – It works like a composter that you have to bury in your yard, and available in most local stores

When it comes to composting dog poops, never include wastes from any unknown resources and if your pet shows signs of disease. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a garden or access to green waste, you can still compost dog poop through small compost bins in most garden centers that are commercially available. You can use composted material from these on your outdoor or indoor plants.

How to Keep Dog Poop Out of the Landfill?

If you choose to be more responsible in keeping your dog’s poop out of the landfill, there are many ways that you can contribute to nature. It can be through flushing through compostable bags, waste digesters, green bins, worm farming, and private waste collection systems. Let’s tackle each composting system.

  • Flush using compostable bags – One environmental way to keep the dog poop out of the landfill is through a flushable poop bag. The waste of your dog gets disposed of down the toilet, via the sewer system of the city. It’s greener, and it will smell better on your garbage cans
  • Waste digesters – A waste digester is all about the size of the bucket in the hole. You open the lid, put the dog poop inside, and add some water and enzymes once every week. As a result, the waste will liquify and return to the earth
  • Green bins (Biodegradable poop bags) – It is an excellent option if you live in a city high-rise with no outdoor space. You bag the dog poop and put it in biodegradable poop bags. No plastics used, and it will compost in a few years. It will still end up in a landfill, but it has a better shot at disintegrating
  • Worm farming – Worms feed on waste. Hence, it helps in eliminating the dog poop’s odor. Worm farming is the most natural, practical, and greenest way to compost and gets rid of your dog’s poop naturally. After a worm’s digestion, the worm poop is ideal to use as a soil conditioner, while liquid excretions are suitable as fertilizers in your yard and garden. However, it is still not suitable to use where you grow your consumable plants and fruits
  • Private waste collection services – This method is an excellent option for multi-unit residences living in townhouses or apartments. Some offer private dog-waste-collection services. You have to check if there is anything that does this service in your area

Dog Poop as Compost – FAQ

To be a responsible dog owner, you should know that dog poop is good for compost. It is not enough that you pick up your pet’s stool whenever you walk in the park or put it in a dirt pan. What matters more is the way you dispose of it. Do your part in protecting public health, and making your community a more excellent place to live against toxic elements from dog excretions. Finally, make sure that you clean your dog’s bum properly.

Is dog poop biodegradable? 

Since dog poop decomposes, it is biodegradable. However, it contains a lot of bacteria and viruses that are not good for water, air, and land systems. Apart from picking up your pet’s waste with a plastic bag, proper disposal is essential. Worm farming is one of the natural ways to do it. If you find it too messy, you can use green bins, waste digesters, and compostable bags instead. 

Without proper disposal, dog poops can become an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard. When left on the ground, the waste breaks down and washes into the water supply leading to polluted rivers, streams, creeks, and local waterways. What’s even worse is that pet wasters are carriers of bacteria, parasites, and other diseases that can be transmitted to humans. So, what to do with the dog poop? Simple, decompose responsibly.

What dissolves dog poop in the yard? 

Through the help of technology, there are now various dog poop dissolvers that contain enzymes to dissolve poop within minutes. For example, Doggie Doo Dissolver has patented enzymes that can dissolve pet wastes by simply spraying on it. The patented enzymes work great in dispersing the cells of the feces until gone.

Another material that you can use is Lime, which is also an excellent dog poop dissolver. Place it on the dog’s waste, and it would only take a few minutes before it dissolves the feces cells. However, Lime is caustic and can burn skin when you accidentally have direct contact with it. So, extreme caution is essential to avoid any unwanted spills.

How long does it take dog poop to decompose?

Dog wastes can fully decompose, but how long it would take depends on your dog’s diet and the climate. Most of the time, it can take a year to decompose a dog’s poop fully. Since dog breeds are omnivores, meaning they feed on both animal and plant materials, its feces will take longer to decompose. This situation is real compared to those canines that eat food filled with grains. 

It’s not necessarily good for its health to choose your dog’s diet based on fecal decomposition. You still have to ask your veterinarian for recommendations for your pet’s best food based on its individual needs.

Is dog poop good fertilizer for flowers?

Dog manure is not suitable for various reasons, but one notable reason why it is not suitable for flowers as fertilizers is that it has lots of bacterias and viruses. However, it is still possible to get some benefits from it, primarily if the pet only feeds on grains. Unlike cows and sheep that digest more plant fibers, canines feed more on meat. As a result, dog stools contain more protein and very little fiber. 

It is the reason why it has a more potent smell and looks a lot like human poop. Moreover, Dog poop is also less safe to handle as dogs can share human intestinal infections, and dogs often have human infections due to how close they live with us.

Second, dog manure’s nutrient profile is very different from herbivores’. Dog manure is exceptionally high in protein or nitrogen since dogs are carnivores; so much so that it would burn the roots of a plant. Therefore mixing it with a large quantity of soil must dilute it. At the same time, potassium in dog manure is lower, so it would tend to encourage herbaceous, leafy growth rather than flowers and fruits. Using dog poop on your garden would require a few more steps.

How to speed up the decomposition of dog poop?

Naturally, there is no way to speed up the decomposition process of dog poops unless you will be using a patented enzyme to kill the cells on the stools. Doggie Doo Dissolver can dissolve dog feces within minutes, and more dog owners have been trusting its quality. However, it can be dangerous on your skin once you accidentally have direct contact with it.

dog poop for compost
Dog poop is good for compost!

Is dog poop good for compost? Aside from cleaning and disinfecting the area where your dog dropped its poop, you should also be responsible for proper disposal. The poop doesn’t go away, and won’t decompose at least for another year. From composting to using biodegradable bags, there are so many ways to dispose of your pet’s wastes properly. You have to think smart and be thoughtful of the water reservoir and landfills.

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