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Dog Acronyms – List of Common Dog Acronyms and their Meaning

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Tuesday 28 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog acronyms
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Dog acronyms are abbreviations of dog-related terms. These are words that we come across every day in our lives. But only a few of us really understand what these assortments of letters mean.

Over the years these acronyms have become a part of everyday life for dog owners. You see them used everywhere. In competitions, in dog shows, on websites, food packages, everywhere. This continuous use has also played a role in their widespread adoption by common pet parents. So, without further ado here is a complete list of all the dog-related acronyms.

A Complete List of Dog Acronyms

The following is a list of dog-related acronyms that you may come across here and there. Some of these acronyms are funny while some are technical nightmares. While others are easy to understand and still there are others that are more difficult than calculus.

Whatever the case may be one thing is certain:

These abbreviations aren’t going anywhere so it best to keep this list in your bookmarks just in case. But before we proceed, here is how we are going to organize this list:

  • Organization abbreviations first
  • Agility titles for dogs
  • Obedience titles
  • AKC herding titles
  • AHBA herding titles
  • ASCA herding titles
  • Schutzhund
  • AKC, CKC field trials
  • AKC coursing titles
  • ASFA coursing titles
  • NAOFA coursing titles
  • NACA coursing titles
  • Ground/terrier trials/tests
  • Hunt test titles
  • Working certificates
  • American water spaniels
  • Hunt test titles
  • Flyball titles
  • Breed acronyms
  • Miscellaneous dog-related acronyms

Organization Abbreviations

Organizations that play a significant role in controlling and regulating this dog society of ours are often mentioned by acronyms. Some of the most important organization abbreviations are:

AKC: American Kennel Club

AAC: Agility Association of Canada

CKC: Canadian Kennel Club

NADAC: North American Dog Agility Council

USDAA: United States Dog Agility Association

UKC: United Kennel Club

Agility Titles for Dogs

Agility titles are like medals for a dog. Whenever you see a dog with an agility title added to it’s a registered name that means that dog has accomplished some feat in a sanctioned competition. Competitions are sanctioned by Kennel clubs like AKC, UKC, or CKC. For instance, let’s say you have a dog called ‘Thunderstorm’s Scooby AX’. For this dog their title Thunderstorm is the name of the kennel, Scooby is the dog’s name, and AX is an agility title. Got it? Let’s see the available agility titles.

NAJ: Novice Jumper With Weaves (AKC)

OAJ: Open Jumper With Weaves (AKC)

AXJ: Excellent Jumper With Weaves (AKC)

MXJ: Master Jumper With Weaves (AKC)

MAD: Master Agility Dog (USDAA)

SM: Snooker Master (USDAA)

GM: Gambler Master (USDAA)

PM: Pairs Master (USDAA)

JM: Jumpers Master (USDAA)

ADCH: Agility Dog Champion (USDAA)

ADC: Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)

AADC: Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)

MADC: Master Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)

U-ACHX: Agility Champion Excellent (UKC)

AD: Agility Dog (USDAA)

VAD: Veteran Agility Dog (USDAA)

VAAD: Veteran Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)

VMAD: Veteran Master Agility Dog (USDAA)

VS: Veterans Snooker

VJ: Veterans Jumper

VG: Veterans Gambler

VPD: Veteran Performance Dog

AAD: Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)

U-AGI: Agility I (UKC)

U-AGII: Agility II (UKC)

U-ACH: Agility Champion (UKC)

AX: Agility Excellent (AKC)

MX: Master Agility Excellent (AKC)

NA: Novice Agility (AKC)

OA: Open Agility (AKC)

O, S,: Outstanding, Superior Performance, prefixed to any NADAC title

NAC, NAC-V, NAC-JH: Novice Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

OAC, OAC-V, OAC-JH: Open Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)EAC, EAC-V, EAC-JHElite Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

NGC, NGC-V, NCG-JH: Novice Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

OGC, OGC-V, OCG-JH: Open Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

EGC, EGC-V, ECG-JH: Elite Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

NJC, NJC-V, NJC-JH: Novice Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

OJC, OJC-V, OJC-JH: Open Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

EJC, EJC-V, EJC-JH: Elite Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)

NATCh: Agility Trial Champion (NADAC)

Obedience Titles for Dogs

Just like Agility Titles, obedient titles mark the skill or the achievements of a dog. Dogs get these titles after performing at trials and competitions that are sanctioned by the areas specific Kennel Club. Obedience titles recognize a dog’s ability to obey it’s handler.

These titles are bestowed upon a dog by the judges who first test the dog’s obedience skills at trials. There are specific criteria of judging and testing determined by the kennel clubs. And wish to participate in these trials, you need to meet the requirements put forth by your respective kennel club. For instance, AKC details these requirements here. The following are the Obedience Titles used by different kennel clubs.

U-UD: Utility Dog (prefix) (UKC)

UD: Utility Dog (AKC, CKC)

UDT: Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog title (AKC)

UDTX: Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog Excellent title (AKC)

UDX: Utility Dog Excellent (AKC)

UDVST: Utility Dog title with a Variable Surface Tracking title (AKC)

VST: Variable Surface Tracking (AKC)

CD: Companion Dog (AKC, CKC)

CDX: Companion Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)

CT: Champion Tracker (a dog with a TD, TDX, and VST) (AKC)

OTCh: Obedience Trial Champion (prefix) (AKC, CKC)

TD Tracking Dog (AKC, CKC)

TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)

U-CD: Companion Dog (prefix) (UKC)

U-CDX: Companion Dog Excellent (prefix) (UKC)

obedience titles for dogs
Obedient titles mark the skill or the achievements of a dog.

AKC Herding Titles

As the name suggests the herding titles acknowledge a dog’s ability to demonstrate herding skills. The AKC offers 2 types of herding tests. One test judges a dog’s basic herding abilities and gives them a pass/fail. Then there are herding competitions in which dogs are pinned against each other.

Herding abilities include a dog’s skill of controlling livestock. These skills include Rounding the animals up, moving them in a specific direction in accordance with the commands given by the handler/shepherd. To get a herding title a dog must demonstrate these skills at a competition. It is at these competitions that dogs get their herding titles from judges.

HT: Herding Tested

HX: Herding Excellent

PT: Pre-trial Tested

HCH: Herding Champion (prefix)

HI: Herding Intermediate

HS: Herding Started

AHAB Herding Titles

Just like AKC, the AHAB (American Herding Breeds Associations) also give titles to herding dogs. These titles are more specific than the AKC’s since they also showcase the livestock(s) a dog can herd. So, to showcase the livestock, the tiles have at least one suffix in them. d – ducks, s – sheep, g – goats, c – cattle.

HTD3: Herding Trial Dog, third level

JHD: Junior Herd Dog

HCT: Herding Capable Tested

HTD1: Herding Trial Dog, first level

HTD2 Herding Trial Dog, second level

ASCA Herding Titles

The Australian Shepherd Club of America or ASCA also grants titles to herding dogs. Just like AKC, ASCA holds competitions and trials after which dogs are given these titles. The titles below always have suffixes d – ducks, s – sheep, or c – cattle.

STD: Started Trial Dog

WTCH: Working Trial Champion

ATD: Advanced Trial Dog

OTD: Open Trial Dog

RD: Ranch Dog

Schutzhund Dog Acronyms

Schutzhund is a sport to test whether a German Shepherd dog is ready for breeding or not. The sport is native to Germany and therefore the titles it affords to dogs are little understood here.

AD 12 1/2 mile endurance run

B: German equivalent of a CD and CGC test in one

SchH I, SchH II, SchH III: comprising three phases -tracking, obedience, and protection.

FH advanced tracking title

WH: watchdog title

KKLKoer’d: the dog is eligible for breeding

AKC, CKC Field Trials Titles

Kennel clubs like the AKC and CKC sanction field trials. These trials test a retriever dog’s ability to use their senses, intuition, and training to the fullest. The trials pin the dogs against each other and judges score them on the basis of skills like marking a fall, following the prey, retrieving the prey from long distances, and heeding the commands of their handler. After the trials have finished and the judges have made their decisions, the titles are then given to the dogs who displayed exemplary skills.

FDJ: Field Dog Junior (pointing, CKC)

FDX: Field Dog Excellent (pointing, CKC)

NFC: National Field Champion, (prefix)

CAFC: Canadian Amateur Field Champion, (prefix)

FC: Field champion, (prefix) (can be a professional handler, open class)

FD: Field Dog (pointing, CKC)

AFC: Amateur Field Champion, (prefix) (must be owner handled)

CFC: Canadian Field Champion, (prefix)

AKC Coursing Titles for Dogs

An AKC Coursing Title recognizes a hound’s ability to complete a course without any distraction. The coursing titles show the skill and the determination of the dog to complete the course without getting distracted. These course runs happen under the observation of judges who then make the final call about the title of the dog.

F.Ch.: Field Champion (prefix)

JC: Junior Courser (suffix)

SC: Senior Courser (suffix)

NAOFA Coursing Titles

North American Open Field Association also holds trials for hounds. The hounds who successfully complete the courses are then given titles to reflect their achievement.

Open field coursing is quite different to lure coursing. In open coursing, a hunter and their dog find and follow jackrabbits over a rough terrain. The ability of the dog to seek out the game and capture it is then noted and becomes the basis for the title.

CC: Coursing Champion

CM: Courser of Merit

NACA Coursing Title

North American Coursing Association or NACA also organizes open field coursing events. Open field coursing is a sport in which the dogs demonstrate their ability to pursue and capture live game mostly jackrabbits.

NACCNACA: Coursing Champion

NACMNACA: Courser of Merit

Ground/Terrier Trials/Tests

Breeds like the Terrier are naturally proficient at hunting underground. Therefore, Terriers have an instinct to locate and catch rodents and other animals that live hidden. So, to assess how good a hunting dog your terrier really is the American Kennel Club organizes the Earthdog contest. These contests are non-competitive and so your dog’s only competition is himself. As a result, the titles are awarded on the bases of the hunting skills demonstrated.

ME: Master Earthdog (AKC)

SE: Senior Earthdog (AKC)

JE: Junior Earthdog (AKC)

Hunt Test Titles

Hunting tests are not new. They have been happening since the 20th century. In these tests, a dog’s ability to retrieve is judges. How well does the dog mark the fall? What about the retrieve? Are they confident in their approach? Judges take all of these questions into account and at the end of the day, titles are awarded to dogs according to their performance.

MHR: Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)

WR: Working Retriever (NAHRA)

GMHR: Grand Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)

JH: Junior Hunter (AKC)

SH: Senior Hunter (AKC)

SR: Started Retriever (NAHRA)

MH: Master Hunter (AKC)

Working Certificates

Newfoundland dogs, among other breeds, are serious workers. They have been serving as lifeguards, for draft, for search and rescue, and many more roles for a long time. Consequently, Working certificates are a tool to judge a Newfoundland’s working ability. These certificates are acknowledgments that a Newfoundland excels at serving as a working dog.

The associations that award these certificates are Newfoundland Club of America for Newfoundlands and other organizations for other breeds.

WRD: Water rescue dog (NCA)

DD: Draft dog (NCA)

TDD: Team draft dog (NCA)

VN: Versatile Newfoundland (NCA)

WD: Working dog (American Chesapeake Club, ACC)

WDX: Working dog excellent (ACC)

WDQ: Working dog qualified (ACC)

WD: Water dog (Newfoundland Club of America, NCA)

WAC: Working Aptitude Certificate (Doberman Pincher Club of America)

WC: Working Certificate (various breed clubs, differs)

WCI: Working Certificate Intermediate (various breed clubs, differs)

WCX: Working Certificate Excellent (various breed clubs, differs)

American Water Spaniels

American Water Spaniels are a breed of dogs that are placed in hunting tests by associations such as the American Water Spaniels Club or AWSC. These associations sanction hunt tests for the water spaniels to judge their ability. After the tests are over the owners of the dogs are given certificates that indicate the dog’s title.

JWD: Junior Working Dog (American Water Spaniel Field Assoc. — AWSFA)

SWD: Senior Working Dog (AWSFA)

MWD: Master Working Dog (AWSFA)

SD: Started Dog (American Water Spaniel Club — AWSC)

WD: Working Dog (AWSC)

WDX: Working Dog Excellent (AWSC)

WDS: Working Dog Superior

senior working dog acronym
SWD stands for senior working dog.

Flyball Titles

Flyball is a sport in which dogs of all breeds can participate. The dogs participate as a team of 4 and complete the course. After the competition is over, the judges rank the dogs according to their proficiency in flyball and thus you have the flyball titles. The AKC awards these titles in partnership with the North American Flyball Association.

FMX: Flyball Master Excellent

FMCh: Flyball Master Champion

ONYX: Award (named after the first recipient) based on points earned

FGDCh: Flyball Grand Champion

FD: Flyball Dog

FDX: Flyball Dog Excellent

FDCh: Flyball Dog Champion

FM: Flyball Master

Breed Acronyms

These acronyms are used to describe the breeds of dogs. Some of these you may be able to guess due to their simplicity. But there are other acronyms that are very specific like CCR for Curly Coated Retriever.

GSP: German Shorthaired Pointer

GWP: German Wirehaired Pointer

LR: Labrador Retriever

OES: Old English Sheepdog

PBGV: Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

PWC: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

BC: Border Collie

CBR: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

CCR: Curly-coated Retriever

FCR: Flat-coated Retriever

GD: Great Dane

GR: Golden Retriever

GSD: German Shepherd Dog

To make sure we have covered every term you may be wondering about, we have composed these miscellaneous dog-related acronyms for you to check out.

HIC: Herding Instinct Certified

TD: Therapy Dog

TDI: Therapy Dog International

TT: Temperament Tested by ATTS (or other official organizations)

CG: Certificate of Gameness (American Working Terrier Assn)

CGC: Canine Good Citizen Certificate

CH: Champion (prefix)

ROF: Retrieve on the Flat

ROH: Retrieve over the High Jump

ROM: Register of Merit

HD: Hip Dysplasia (sometimes CHD)

ILPAKC: Indefinite Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds

LPUKC’s: Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds/mixed breeds

OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

ACVO: American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

BJ: Broad Jump or Bar Jump (context)

CERF: Canine Eye Registry Foundation

DJ: Directed Jumping

DOR: Drop on Recall

F8: Figure Eight

Now you can go to any forum or jump into any conversation and be a pro at dog acronyms. Maybe even teach your friends some!

dog related acronyms
TD is the acronym for Therapy Dog.

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