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Do Dogs Get Bored Of Eating The Same Food

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Published on
Sunday 21 August 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Do Dogs Get Bored Of Eating The Same Food
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Dogs, like humans, happen to love eating. But, sometimes they just won’t touch their food. Our dogs’ health matters to us. Hence, the idea of skipping meals can be alarming. It could mean they’re sick. Or, it could be because dogs get tired of eating the same food.  

As owners, we just want our dogs to be healthy. Yet, if they are picky, there must be something wrong with the food we give them. Moreover, we think along the lines of, “do dogs get bored with their food?” Further, to answer your curiosity, be sure to check out this article. 

Do Dogs Grow Tired of Eating The Same Food Every Day?

Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans. While humans have 9000, dogs have only 1700. Yet, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate food. Based on Amy Flowers, DVM, dogs don’t need food varieties since they only have a few taste buds.

Research in 2017 stated that dogs don’t get tired of eating the same food. But, they will most likely eat what they choose first. Moreover, canines don’t need to taste or smell the food before choosing.

On the contrary, pickiness occurs because humans give dogs too many treats or table scraps. VCA Animal Hospital stated that owners trying out many types of dog food often destroy a dog’s appetite.

Further, dogs aren’t getting bored of their food but if they’re picky then they might feel something. Certain conditions like anxiety, depression, and sensitivity can make your dog selective.

How to Keep Your Dog Excited About Their Food

Well, just because dogs like eating the same food every day doesn’t mean you will not make their food choices exciting. Moreover, if you want to know some ways to motivate your dog to eat, read the following tips listed below. 

Set Meal Schedule

It’s a must that dogs should eat the same amount of food every day. But, if canines get picky then setting up food routines can help.   

American Kennel Club stated that adult dogs need food at least twice a day. Still, that schedule depends on age and size. For instance, a 3-month-old puppy may need to eat 3 to 4 times a day.

Moreover, big dog breeds like Great Danes have high activity levels. Thus, they need 6 to 10 cups daily. Yet, small dogs like pugs need 1 to 1 ¼ cups of food per day.

Use Interactive Feeder

If dogs seem to get bored of their food then food preparation techniques can help solve that problem. According to Preventive Vet, an interactive feeder excites dogs and treats their selective eating disorder.

Moreover, Rebecca Caplan, a pet writer from The Wildest, stated that dogs like to combine playing with eating. So, varieties of food puzzles stimulate their brain and appetites.

Meanwhile, Richard Cross, from the Dog Clinic, stated that dogs like to hunt for food. Hence, an interactive feeder revives their natural hunting instincts. Further, it encourages them to exercise and keeps them away from boredom.

Make Occasional Small Changes

According to RSPCA Pet Insurance, dogs need a variety of food as they age. Moreover, Leigh Davidson, DVM, expressed that a dry food diet is acceptable. Yet, the gradual addition of cooked and uncooked meat, fruits, and vegetables can motivate dogs to eat.

Dogs don’t get bored of the same food but additional nutrients in their diet can enhance their appetites. Meanwhile, Hills Pet suggested that in changing a dog’s diet, a 7-day transition must be followed.  Well, that is adding 25% of new food every two days until you reach 100% on the seventh day.

Add Toppers or Treats

Portland Pet Food Company said that food toppers and treats stimulate a dog’s appetite. Moreover, they can come in different flavors such as non-gluten beef, chicken, or yam.

Meanwhile, Zay Satchu, DVM stated that toppers are designed to be added to kibbles or dry food. Besides, Jessica Romine, DVM, also made that claim. She added that toppers are used as supplements and should not be above 10% of a dog’s diet.

Further, according to Dr. Satchu, wet food toppers can increase hydration. Whereas, dry food toppers can be given simply as a form of a treat.

Feed Homemade Meal

For dogs not to get bored with their food, adding fruits and vegetables are ideal. Yet, pet owners should know the type of food that’s toxic to dogs. For starters, grapes cause kidney damage.

Moreover, a homemade meal should contain both protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, sardines are a good food option. But, if it’s not available, eggs are one of the best alternatives. 

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance said that a perfect meal contains fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Yet, some dogs have food allergies. So, Leigh Burkett, DVM explained that potatoes and lentils are good carbohydrate alternatives.

Should Dogs Eat the Same Food Every Day?

Joseph Bartges, DVM, stated that dogs don’t get tired of eating the same food every day. Also, he added that since the food has balanced nutrients, it’s okay for dogs to consume it daily. Yet, he suggested that gradual variations in their meals help excite their appetites.

Moreover, according to Dr. Flowers, if you found the perfect dog food for your pet, it’s better to stick with it. Further, she added that dogs will most likely have upset stomachs if their food is suddenly changed.

Besides, Bo Vanbeselaere, DVM, said that since they have very few taste buds, dogs don’t care what they eat daily. But, canines can still appreciate new extra flavor in their food.

On the contrary, Karen Becker, DVM, stated that a rotational diet is better for dogs. Well, that’s because that practice prevents occasional food allergies to occur.

Dogs aren’t getting bored of eating the same food. As a dog owner, that doesn’t mean you won’t try some variations. After all, dogs deserve to have special treats. Although they will most likely eat what you give them, it’s still best to consult a doctor about their proper diet. 

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