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10 Best Dog Doors for Big Dogs – Installation, Materials, Security & More

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Published on
Friday 25 October 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Doors for Big Dogs
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Buying dog doors for big dogs allows them easy access to the outdoor world. If your pooch drives you crazy and always wants to go outdoors at the wrong time, then buying one of these would be a lifesaver for you.

Installing a dog door cuts the hassles in half! Not just that, but it allows your dog to tend to its innate needs as and when it wants. That brings up the question, what are the best big dog doors?

Before we move on to answer that question, let us convince you why big doors are actually important for dogs. Although opening regular dog gates is quite straightforward for us humans, dogs require supervision, which can quickly get hectic for you!

So, here’s the list of the pros of getting a dog door installed:

  1. Convenience – your pet can go in and out without supervision
  2. Freedom – let your pup explore the outdoors with free will
  3. Escape-Proof – in case something unfortunate happens, your dog can safely move in and out of the house

Even though these are the major positives, the list of pros for dog gates is endless. Now, although you can quickly train your dog to use the door you’ve installed, getting the right size is crucial too. A large pooch might struggle to go out a medium-sized door. That is precisely why measuring your dog’s size is essential as well.

Thus, before you pick a dog door, make sure the door’s size is appropriate for your dog, otherwise, your doggo might not use the door at all.

How to Choose the Right Door for Your Big Dog

Next, let’s take a look at some tips you can use to pick the right dog door for your pup. Generally, every dog door has its pros and cons. Make use of these tips to ensure that the door you’ve picked fits both you and your dog’s needs.


Dog doors are made from a variety of materials like aluminum, plastic, and glass. Although metal might be the most durable, high-quality material, plastic doesn’t lag behind.

You should choose a door that allows your doggo to pass through easily and can withstand your dog’s strength. However, durability is still a major concern and should be an essential criterion in your selection.

Easy Installation

If you’re not a naturally blessed handyman, then pick a dog door that requires the least troubleshooting and can be easily installed. Also, make sure the product has appropriate instructions provided, so you don’t have to waste money on acquiring external help in installing the door. Some people prefer sliding glass dog doors over flaps; what is your preference?


One of the most pressing concerns with dog doors is security. For obvious reasons, you won’t be welcoming other animals or critters into your house.

It is highly recommended that you pay extra attention to the security features provided with your door. Again, make sure the product or brand you pick can only allow your dog to pass through. This might be achieved by installing microchip doors for large breeds. Other than that, the door should have a sound locking mechanism for the times when you’re not home or don’t wish to keep it open for your dog.


Energy-efficiency might be another essential aspect when purchasing a dog door. Since it is another opening for air to pass through, you might want to have a well-insulated gate.

Manufacturers usually take care of this by installing several flaps to the door. So this way, the house’s temperature doesn’t fluctuate, and the house remains well-ventilated. This feature is crucial for anyone residing in a place with extreme weather conditions (hot or cold).


As discussed, measuring your dog’s size is extremely important before purchasing a dog door. Door sizes vary and don’t cater to specific dog sizes. Instead, you’re required to pick the product that best fits your dog’s size.

Dog doors for big dogs cater to these issues extensively and have adequate space for your pooch to pass through. However, as a rule of thumb, you should measure your dog and add an inch or two to that measurement. This way, you’re always on the safe side of things.

automatic and electronic dog doors for large dogs
When possible, choose an automatic and electronic dog doors for large dogs. They are safer but they may cause a couple of issues here and there.

10 Best Dog Doors for Big Dogs (Reviews)

We know how exhausting it can be to scroll through products, trying to find the perfect match. So, to help you save time and trouble, our research team has spent hours to find the best big dog’s doors there are and curated this list.

Let’s get right into it!

1. BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

With the BarksBar Plastic Door, you can safely let your pup explore the outdoors as it allows easy access along with maximum comfort. The door also has a sleek design with a lining of aluminum and white plastic, adding to the durability offered by the vinyl flap. Not just that, but it is one of the best dog doors for large breeds and provides more functionalities like magnetic closures, self-locking panels, and a telescopic frame for easy installation.

BarksBar has released one of the most functional and reasonably priced doors to date. Pet owners had high remarks about the installation manual and template provided with it. What’s more, the dog door sets a sturdy outlook from the get-go, with an adequate magnetic attachment of the flap.

Some pet owners reviewed that the magnetic strip, which holds down the flap, fell off which caused issues.

2. PetSafe Insulated Pet Door

Tired of water seeping in through your dog door during the slightest rain? Worry not, since this energy-efficient and insulated door from PetSafe is the best there is for bad weather. Since the door utilizes a three-flap system, it is perfectly insulated and keeps the air-ventilated inside your home. The waterproof dog gate is made from durable plastic and is shipped with a snap-on closing panel which keeps strays out and provides excellent weather resistance.

Pet owners loved the insulation capabilities of the dog door. The weatherstripping around the frame and the insulated flap, between the standard two flaps on both ends, provides extreme functionality. Apart from that, it is also available in three sizes, which allowed owners to pick the most appropriate one for their pooch.

Some pet owners found the instruction manuals to be confusing. But if you’re a skilled handyman, it might not be an issue for you.

3. PetSafe Plastic Dog Tinted Door

Big doors that are both easy for you to install and comfortable for your pooch to use are often hard to find. This flap dog door from PetSafe is the perfect product you can get in that case. It is manufactured with a plastic frame and a snap-on closing panel which offers maximum comfortability and protection from bad weather. Not only that, but this door is available in four different sizes with the option to customize the frame as you like!

Most pet owners found installing the door to be quite simple. Other than that, it also comes with an adjustable height so you can fix it based on your dog’s size. Both the flap and the magnetic latches received adequate praise from customers in terms of functionality.

Video showing how to install a large dog door from PetSafe.

However, this flap door from PetSafe received a few complaints about the quality of the plastic flap. Some dogs were able to push through and break the door.

4. Namsan Automatic Lock Door for Dogs

Tired of dog gates for big dogs that are just not secure enough? Namsan has the solution you’re looking for. With a built-in magnetic lock and an additional latch lock for security, you can safely let go of the fears of intrusion. Apart from the security aspects, the dog gate also makes use of a special plastic that ensures durability. If you’re worried the screen might come off, you can glue the sides of the door so they won’t break that easily.

Pet owners were relieved about the fact that they didn’t have to keep the screen door open anymore. So, this glass dog door will allow your pup to explore your yard and get back in without interrupting you. The door’s size is appropriate for small as well as large dog breeds.

Some pet owners complained about the flap falling off every now and then. However, you’d probably be able to fix this with a little glue to the sides.

5. Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Big Dog Door

Installing big dogs’ doors can be challenging, and if you’re not handy, even costly. With this life-changing dog door from Ideal Pet, you can give your pup the freedom they need with little to no work. Durability won’t be a concern for quite some time as well since the product utilizes high-grade aluminum frames and polyvinyl flaps.

Large-sized dog doors are often hard to come by. This product, however, is available in three different sizes ranging from medium to super-large. Pet owners loved how easy it was to pick the right size and stick with it. These wall doors are also quite sturdy because of the aluminum frame, which doesn’t break away, unlike plastic flaps.

Even though this dog gate received immense praise, there were some pet owners that had difficulty arranging the flap since it was shorter than the frame. However, in such manufacturing defects, the company happily compensates for their mistake.

6. Endura Double-Flap Pet Door

Willing to pay for a product that offers a little bit of everything you’ve ever wanted in a gate for dogs? This wall dog door from Endura Flap is the one for you! The double flap efficiently manages energy and is built for the harshest climatic conditions. Although it is available in four different sizes, it is the perfect dog door for large breeds. It also offers a sturdy aluminum frame, robust magnetic locks, and clip locks for additional security.

Almost every feature of this dog door received praise from its customers. From excellent insulation to a sturdy construction of the door itself, this door is complete in every sense. Also, for people residing in areas where the weather shifts quickly, the magnetic seals keep the door glued shut which never blows open.

The only con with this product is the price. If you’re looking for an affordable solution, then this might not be it.

7. Petouch Pet Door

Keeping your pooch’s convenience and freedom as the primary concern, Petouch has released a fantastic pet door. It follows a pet-friendly design with a transparent flap for your doggo to see through the door. But not just that, with an automatic magnetic lock and reinforced panels, you can avoid strays from intruding into your home and let go of durability issues. Size issues? It is available in four different sizes for you to choose from!

Wind can often cause loosely attached flaps to blow open and make space for intruders. However, customers of this door raved about the quality of its magnetic latch and how well it seals the door. Since these flap dog gates make use of brush strips, they produce no annoying sound; another feature adored by pet owners.

Regardless, a few pet owners found their package to be missing a few essential components to install the product.

8. Large Breed Locking Pet Door by Weebo

Own a cute pooch but can’t find an appropriate door for large dog breeds? This pet door from Weebo Pets might be the match for you. It’s manufactured with a hard plastic material which offers durability as compared to regular plastic flaps which break away easily. Not only that, but the magnetic latches are excellent at sealing and keeping critters and unwanted animals outside.

Pet owners liked the weather-proof features of this dog door. With bristles and adequate magnetic closure, this big dog’s door is a good solution against bad weather.

Nonetheless, the product has received mixed reviews about its quality and the instruction manual provided with it.

9. Ideal Pet Product Air Seal Pet Door

Ideal Pet grabs yet another position on our list with a fantastic all-rounder dog door for big dogs. With durable ABS thermoplastic material for the flaps, the door can resist anything from bad weather to aggressive pushes from your pooch. Installation couldn’t get any easier as this door offers a template as well as proper manuals to help you set up the dog door in minutes. It is available in three different sizes – medium to extra large dog doors, for you and your pup’s convenience.

Most pet doors have a single magnetic latch on the bottom. This door, however, has two magnets on the bottom and the sides which keep the door shut when not in use. Pet owners loved this feature as seeping water, blowing flaps, or little snow-flakes are quite unwelcoming. Pet owners also loved the sturdy outlook of the door.

Initially, the weatherstripping might make it hard for your dog to open the door. However, it gets better after a few uses.

10. Gun Dog Heavy-Duty Door

Can’t find a product your dog can’t muscle through? Gun Dog’s heavy-duty door offers the ultimate protection. This door is made from a high-grade metal designed to last forever, safely alleviating all durability concerns. The door is also insulated wholly, making it energy-efficient.

Pet owners have a general consensus when it comes to the durability and sturdiness of this pet door. Be it an energetic doggo cruising through the door or a small pup aiming to chew the frame off, this door won’t back down. Owners didn’t find the product faulty in rough weather conditions either. What’s more, it can effectively resist water, heat, or wind from flowing inside.

A small negative with this door is the loud noise the flap makes when it hits the frame. If you’re not moved by that, then this product is truly remarkable.

Hopefully, our list helped you become aware of some of the best dog gates for big dogs and small ones alike. Getting a door for your dog is extremely important, both for your convenience and your dog’s freedom to explore the outsides.

Although the decision might seem unimportant to you, getting the right pet door is the only way you can ensure safety, both for your family and your pup. Before you make your purchase, remember that the perfect dog door for big dogs would consider security concerns like intrusion and lousy weather to offer you the ideal solution.

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