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10 Best Apps For Dog Lovers

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Wednesday 26 August 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best apps for dog lovers
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Luckily, there are so many apps for dog lovers to install and make use of every day! As dog lovers, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with fellow owners, vets, and walkers. Who doesn’t love to pet a cute doggie on the walk back home?

Dog lover apps aren’t just limited to social media applications – you can take notes, consult with vets, and even acquire services on some of the dog apps out there! Let’s say you’re busy tomorrow to walk your dog, simply hire a trusted walker from one of those applications and you’re covered. We won’t leave you to test all such apps on your own – so let’s discuss some of the best apps for dog lovers that we’ve come across!

Top 10 Best Apps for Dog Lovers

Like we said before – there’s an application for everything—logging, services, veterinary consultations, and even socializing with fellow dog lovers. Apart from the need, we’ll see if these apps are free or not, and on what devices you can install them on. Here’s a list of the best apps for dog lovers:

1. PetCoach

If you’re looking for reliable veterinarian services online, PetCoach should be your go-to application. The app allows you to post up questions related to your pup and trusted veterinarians and trainers then answer them. Since the application’s been in the market for so long, there’s a chance your question has already been answered – just search it up.

Can’t find anything to help your pup out or you don’t feel like posting in public? If it’s an emergency and you’d like immediate help – you can have a live chat with a veterinarian. You should instantly be matched with a vet and can discuss your issue privately. Other than the question-answer boards, you also get access to articles written by vets. Why do dogs behave the way they do, why do they love grass, why does your puppy bit your finger; their articles cover loads of such topics and can help you learn much more about your dog.

PetCoach is available for download on the App Store for both iOS and Android. There’s a web application for PetCoach as well. Fortunately, the pet phone apps are completely free for usage!

apps for dog lovers
There are so many apps for dog lovers that provide different services.

2. Pet First Aid

Our next contender is a life-saver (literally!) and can help you learn so much more about pet emergencies. Pet First Aid is published by the American Red Cross and is a self-help application for you to be prepared if something unusual happens to your dog. There’re loads of advice from renowned veterinarians for you to make use of.

Other than expert advice, you also get access to quizzes, videos, and articles on how you can take care of your pup. Mostly, you’ll be figuring out first aid steps under a given circumstance and identify toxic substances for your dog. There are also step-by-step tutorials on how you can medically take care of your dog, e.g. administer medicine.

The Pet First Aid app is available on the App Store for iOS and Android. Although the application isn’t free, it won’t mark a dent on your wallet. It’s available at 99 cents at the time of writing and is reviewed to be one of the best pet apps for iPhone.

3. Bark Cam

Love to post your doggo’s pictures on Instagram? It’s high time you chose an application that’s all about dogs. Our next app for dog lovers, BarkCam, helps you take cute pictures of your pup and post them online.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat, it’s just like that, but for your dog. Take up cute pictures of your dog, and make it pop with cute filters, stickers, and so much more. That’s not it – you can post this picture and share it with a community of over 4 million dog lovers and admirers!

BarkCam is the dog community app if you love to socialize with peeps online. Moreover, it’s free for download on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. Download it, take a picture of your pup, edit it, and post it online – you’re one step closer to your dog becoming an internet celebrity!

4. Rover

Rover goes one step forward and reinvents the concept of ‘Uber’ for doggies. The app allows easy access to dog owners to have a look around the vicinity and see if someone’s offering any service for dogs. For example – you might want to hire a walker for your pup if you’re heading out – that’s finally possible now.

It’s run by The Dog People who’re constantly looking for service providers and vet them, so you only get to hire reliable people. The app covers several services, some of which include:

  1. House sitting
  2. Pet boarding
  3. Daycare
  4. Dog walking
  5. Drop-in visits

It’s completely fine to not feel like the best parent someday, and that’s where dog lovers apps like Rover can come in handy. Not only can you ask for services, but you can also post up pictures, track your dog, and message anyone in the community with the ability to pay securely through the app. Luckily, the application’s free for both iOS and Android and can help you hire a sitter right away.

rover dog app
Rover allows you to find a person that offers nearby dog services.

5. Whistle

Are you the owner of a mischievous pup? We all know how eager they are to just sneak out of the door and make it hard for their parents to find them. Whistle is both a GPS tracking application as well as a management app for your pup!

You can finally let go of the worries that your pup’s going to sneak out without your knowledge. Whistle has two components – one is the device that is installed on your pet’s collar, and the second is the app. The device continuously sends out signals (GPS, WiFi, or cellular signals) which you can track on the application.

Whistle also logs your pet’s activities, rest, health, and can monitor the goals you set. All information is stored in the form of helpful graphs on the app so you can easily show all of those to your vet. It’s one of the best and most accurate dog log app to date! Whistle’s device is available for $79.95 whereas you’ll have to subscribe to their service for $9.95 every month and $95.40 for a 1-year subscription. Without it, your device won’t function properly. All the prices are mentioned according to the time of writing and may vary in the future.

6. FitBark

If you love Fitbit for yourself, you’ll definitely fall in love with FitBark. FitBark can help you monitor your dog’s activities, location, health goals, and fitness stats easily. It’s designed like a bone, goes around your dog’s collar, and sends out data back to the application.

But FitBark goes one step further – you can monitor your dog’s health stats and compare them with other dogs of the same breed. The dog behavior app even sends out notifications if there’s a change in your dog’s behavior. Based on those, you can decide if you need vet care for your pup.

This app for dog lovers also allows you to integrate it with your own Fitbit device and other monitoring devices. This will help you show both your fitness stats in the same application – sounds silly but is equally helpful. FitBark is free to download for iOS and Android. However, you have to purchase their activity monitor in order to activate the application.

7. Dogo

YouTubing long training videos isn’t always fun, which is where Dogo comes in. Dogo is your pocket dog trainer app. Whether it’s potty training or how to fetch, the step-by-step interactive tutorials will definitely keep you and your pup hooked. The app has over 60 such tricks to train your dog. We love the customizable clicker provided with this app, which makes clicker training a whole lot easier.

Apart from the detailed tricks, you also get to count your dog’s progress each day. This measure will help you decide how good your pup’s doing in this training program. If you’re unhappy or there’s an issue you’re facing while training your dog, Dogo also provides you with an option to talk to their experts and resolve your issues!

So, however complex your question is – feel free to ask Dogo’s experts about it. The dog training log app is available for iOS and Android, with a 7-day trial to test out the application for free.

8. DoggyDatez

Is doggy dating a real thing? DoggyDatez is a dog lovers app that makes it possible for your pup to find other dog breeders and owners, and help your pup go on a walk with other dogs. Joint walks can be great for you to socialize with other dog owners as well.

DoggyDatez has a whole network of breeders, owners, and pet lovers. Once you join this dog breeding app’s groups, you’re able to mark your territory – which is a certain area in which you wish to look for other dogs. This should help you see how many pups are in your neighborhood (within 200mi) and finally plan a date!

It is one of the best apps to entertain dogs and can even be called the “tinder” for dogs. It’s available for download for iOS and Android as well – sadly there isn’t any web version for it.

9. DogVacay

Often, we’re forced to leave our pups behind – whatever the reason, our furry friends also need someone at this time. DogVacay helps you plan such outings of yours by booking yourself a local dog sitter. This can possibly be one of the best apps for dog moms who have to head out for a while or can’t tend to their pups for a few days due to work.

The pet planner app isn’t just for long-term outings; you can also book a sitter to walk your dog if you’re busy. You can even have a short session with the sitter before you finally decide to settle with a sitter. Leave a review for other pet owners to have a look – this keeps the selection process clear and unbiased.

DogVacay is completely free for iOS and Android. Setting up this app for dog lovers like ourselves shouldn’t be an issue – it’s just like social media.

10. iClicker

IClicker training’s really effective, but it comes with one little problem; you actually need to buy a clicker. But what if you could download an app that imitates a clicker’s sound? That, in essence, is what iClicker does.

This app features several tutorials, videos, and entertaining sounds to attract your pup’s attention during training. So, whether it’s a new puppy or an adult dog who needs to work on some manners, this application should serve you well.

IClicker’s only available on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. Sadly, you’d have to find a different application for clicker training if you own an Android device.

dating app for dogs
You can use an app to find a doggy date for your pet!

Apps for Dog Lovers – FAQs

We’ve just scratched the surface of apps for dog lovers. Luckily, our top ten should serve you well and cover many different purposes for doggy apps. Next, let’s go over a few questions that might’ve popped up in your mind:

Is there a Tinder for Dogs?

DoggyDatez makes it possible for you to plan dog dates with other dogs in the neighborhood. You simply plan a walkout together, with your dog’s interacting and you can chat up with other owners. It’s a simple yet amazing idea where both you and your dog are able to socialize with others.

Other than DoggyDatez, you can find several other alternatives to it. Apps like Tindog is one – which is basically short for Tinder for Dogs. The idea is the same where you set meetings for doggies – dates!

How can I spy on my Dog?

You can track your pup’s location and activities using a dog activity monitor like FitBark or the Whistle device. These miniature devices tag along your dog’s collar and send out location data now and then.

You may even set up boundaries that if your dog decides to cross them, you’re alerted of such issues. Both the devices we’ve mentioned have apps for dog lovers like yourselves, to relieve yourself of this hectic duty of being on alert all the time.

Is there an app to watch my dog all the time?

FitBark and Whistle are two of the best apps for dog lovers to keep track of their dogs. You simply purchase their subscription, attach the device to your dog’s collars, and you’re good to go. Just open up the application, and you should be able to check in on your dog.

You can even set up monitor applications that send out real-time videos for you to check in on your pup at home. The application ‘dog monitor’ should be good enough for you to watch your dog at all times.

What are the most famous mobile apps for dog owners?

PetCoach, Pet First Aid, Rover, BarkCam, and FitBark are some of the best apps for dogs to play, enjoy, and socialize with. Moreover, their app developers make sure you’re never confused when it comes to the design of their apps. Some of these famous apps can also ensure your dog’s health is on point and alert you if something’s not right.

We’ve reviewed some of the best apps for dog lovers above. Before trying one, make sure you check out other reviews to see what other dog lovers apps you’d like to use for you and your dog to have fun!

Apps for dog owners can be beneficial for both you and your dog. They make life easier and more enjoyable for you both. So why not download one or two?

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