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The Importance of Passion in Dog Breeding

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Published on
Tuesday 24 February 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Dog Breeding Passion
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More than a responsible business, dog breeding is about passion and feelings. Something that is valid regardless of the business you are getting involved with is the drive, the focus and that intense passion that goes in your body and never leaves you. Passion in dog breeding keeps you going when you are low, when you are in debt, when you are not succeeding as well as you wish you were. You need to have the passion for the dogs you are going to breed but also an important passion for business.

Be Pawssionate While Dog Breeding

Dogs and pets are our best friends, we cry when we get them, we cry when they leave us, we miss them, we love them. And this is exactly what makes this business exceptionally interesting. Indeed, you love and get attached to your pets, you make them feel better, look nicer and think smarter. They grow with you and unlike anything else: they give love back to you.

Let me ask you a clear question: let’s say you are buying a male and a female to start, after a while you realise that they cannot mate. Are you going to sell them or keep them?

Dog Breeding Passion

If you do not feel the passion for your breeding stock, you may be going into the wrong business. Animals need you, they need your attention and your care, beyond the business.

Business or Pleasure?

If you just came up with a reply to the title, you are wrong. Very wrong. Very very wrong. It is not business or pleasure, it is business and pleasure. This is how you should see your new life challenge: raising wonderful pets, the best way you can, and making sure to find ways to generate as much revenue as possible to sustain your activity. Both are very much compatible and only then, you will find the energy required to work hard and enjoy every second of it.

Responsible Business is Fun

Now that we have established the importance of feeling that special thing with your pets, I have to introduce you to your closest companion: your breeding business.

[pullquote-right]More money does not mean less expenses[/pullquote-right]Breeding is easy to get into, it really is appealing and feels like a dream: living with puppies, dogs and getting a money from it. Great, right? Well, yes, but this is the ideal scenario. I am very sorry to break it to you but most breeders jump into this adventure and fail, miserably, because they have no clue about the business part of the adventure.

Do not get me wrong, not having a clue about running a company, finding the right price, studying your results and analytics is not that bad. What is irrecuperable is to have no passion for business, for trading. With the passion for creating and profiting from your own activity, whatever it is, you will find joy at learning and at solving problems.

More money does not mean less expenses, it means more quality puppies, more health checks, more respect to the dogs and let the client know about it so they know why the price tag is high. Quality is rarely free!

Never forget that passion is the strong and barely controllable emotion triggered by what you are intense about. It is vital to experience it in order to get started in dog breeding. Success does not occur overnight, passion is what will keep you waiting until success barks at your door.

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